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Essay: Manners in Business

Good manners are important in any aspect of life, business is not an
exception. Respecting certain social and ethical rules creates a friendly
environment in any organization. Also, respectful relationships with partners will
assure trustworthy business connections.
Applying manners and ethical rules in business involves choosing the most
suitable solution for your company that will have a positive influence on the
community and your partners. In many cases it is very hard to distinguish between
the most profitable solution and the ethical one. Any business has a wide
application of manners. Any company should take care of its employees. This
means that all their rights should be respected. Another important aspect is
relationships with clients. Company that takes care of its clients and listens to its
wishes will certainly be more successful on the market. Ethical behavior includes
other subjects such as loyal competition, minimizing any harm to the environment
and helping the community.
In order to inform all the employees many firms chose to apply special
ethical codes that describe each aspect separately. This helps new recruits to know
how to deal with certain problems. The Coca Cola Company released Code of
Business Conduct in 2009. It covers all the controversial subjects that may appear
as well as individual responsibilities of employees. In the beginning are mentioned
the most important points: 1. Act with integrity; 2. Be honest; 3. Follow the law; 4.
Comply with the code; 5. Be accountable. According to the CEO this code assures
that the company does the right thing. Another good example is Facebook. They
want to ensure that their personnel acts according to their Code of Conduct. The
company managers say that playing clean ensures trust between investors,
shareholders of the company and simple users.
In conclusion, ethical codes are important for developing a company. They
solve many issues that otherwise could create serious problems. Manners matter in
business. Companies that follow this principle are successful and reach new goals
very fast.