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-Social isolation strips away our humanity and causes us to revert to our

animal instincts to survive. All of our abilities and achievements, and

possessions are meaningless because they were given to us by God and can
be taken away by Him. They don't make us human. What makes us human
are our connections with other humans.
Every human has inherent dignity and humanity due to being created by God,
but that doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's reflected back to us by our fellow
humans, who act as mirrors that remind us who we are.
When we live in isolation for too long and don't have those mirrors and
reminders, we begin to lose sight of our humanity, and then lose the
humanity itself, becoming more like animals.
What also makes us human and separates us from all other animals is our
ability to be altruistic and self-sacrificing, and our willingness to be that way.
But again these abilities can't exist in isolation. Without other people to be
compassionate and sacrificing towards, we can't use those abilities, and our
mind turns inward since we are the only object left to focus on.
Eventually this leads to neurosis because we weren't meant to only focus on
ourselves, and we didn't evolve in isolation. Our brain is wired to interact
with other people in a daily basis, and when we don't do that, it begins to
break down and fill the social vacuum that isolation causes. This leads to
negative thoughts, anger, sadness, and depression.
Can love exist in isolation? Of course not. That's why even God Himself is
never alone. Even before He created us, He was always in communion with
and interacting with Himself, because He consists of 3 persons in one Being.
That's pretty much impossible for us to understand, but it's true. That's why
it's called the mystery of the Holy Trinity.
God created us in His image, therefore we too constantly need people in our
lives who we can give and receive love to and from. Without those people we
have no opportunity to experience love, and without love we're empty inside
and quickly deteriorate mentally, physically, and spiritually.