Material for the blind Scraplift : 1 photo 4x6 Vertical 1 patterned paper with a little motive : paper A 1 patterned paper in camaieu with a bigger motive : paper B. 1 dark cardstock in camaieu with the patterned paper. Paper C 1 light cardstock : white, ecru or kraft. Paper D. A felt pencil of the same color as paper C. little embellishments as half beads, brads, buttons, rhinestones. 2 : The paper A is the background of the layout. 3 : Cut the paper B at 10x6. 4 : Secure the paper B on the paper A at 1 inch of the top of the layout and 2 inches of the left edge. 5 : Cut a strip in the paper D 2,5x 11. Emboss it (or not..) and glue at 7,5 inches of the top of the layout. There is no space on the right of the layout. Make a faux stitching on the top, on the left and on the bottom of this strip. 6 : Cut a scalloped strip in the paper C and glue it under the paper B. Embellish each scallop with a little embellishment. 7 : Mat the photo with the paper D and cut it with fantasy scissors. Stitch a faux stitching around the photo on the mat with the felt pencil. 8 : Mat the photos a second time with the paper C. 9 : Glue the photo at 3 inches of the top of the page and 1,5 inch of the right edge. 10 : Make a title with 2 different font and glue the title under the photo on the paper D. 11 : Write the journaling on fine strips et glue it in the left part at the top on the 2 papers A and B. 12 : Glue a embellishment under the journaling straddling the paper B and the strip C Your page is finished. I am glad to see your beautiful productions. Patricia, SSC Design Team

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