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ee —_._@_ e@ ses/t gm WAR DEPARTMENT ‘The Adjutant General's Office Washington December 11, 1982, AG 314.73 oB-I SUBJECT: Organization History. Chief, Historical Section, Army War College. 1. Report is made of theredestgnation of tht Sperenton mstenion ae the 736th Ratlway. para’ ae OR-T-SPek dated December i, Rata Ratiadton, GHG Troops. as conatituted ns an Organ unit and allotted to the Second Service Comment by Teble "A", Tables of Proope pertaining to Arpendix G-%, WOMP, published In Suly 1973. The Rnginecr Railway Battelton vas redestgnnte Fuginesr Pet clion (Aailvay. STpeceaagl AF Lr ere Henleaere TAM oe aah Toe LOK PO Battnlson wns redeniennted the 736th Enetnecr Intialion ant aastaned to = Secona Service Conmand ver AG 370,2 (daz—h1) ¥ (Ret) Nar, dated Fehruary 1S", The Mooth Engine-r Battalion (FR) was reeliocrtaf nnd aesiened fo eetors oontenl Lines east of Buffalo (iuffeic to s)hany) vith Hend= quarters at Puf2elo, Hew York rer Af 320.2 OR dated Februsry 16, 19225 allotted to Buffalo District, Ho. Kew York Reserve Area per AG 327 OR dated April 5,1937. 2. It 4s desired that any additional historical data be trans- mitted direct to The Quartermaster General at the earliest practicable date, and a copy of action taken be furnished this office By order of the Secretary of War: tant General. Copy furnished: ‘The Quartermaster General .