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Plan Title: TXT U L8TER

Name: Katelynn Moreau

ID# 15

Behavior Contingency Plan (BCP)

Undesirable Behavior Targeted: Students are using cell phones in class during group work time. Not only
does this hinder the individual students learning, but it also impacts the collaboration of the group as a
Desirable (expected) Behavior Targeted: 100% of students will place their cell phone in a designated spot in
classroom. The spot will be a taped off desk with numbers on it that correspond to each student in the class.
Each day a student places their phone in their spot before the start of class they will receive one extra credit
point on a project of their choice.
Types of positive reinforcements - Reinforced when & how?
Immediate & delayed R+ should be related to the final activity being earned.
1. Immediate R+ Each day a student participates by placing their phone on their designated slot. They will
receive a sticker on the desk for that day.
2. Ongoing R+ A digital game sheet with the ranked amount of points for each person will be texted out to the
class at the end of the period.
3. Overall R+ - The class is currently working on creating visuals that represent theme and tone in an assigned
poem. When the class meets their goal of raising 120 points, they will receive new and unique art supplies
to create their poetry visual presentations in collaborative learning groups.
4. I will quickly administer immediate R+ by using time when the students are working together in class to place
stickers on the cell phone placeholder spots. I will then easily administer ongoing R+ by plugging the new
numbers into a quick spreadsheet and using an automated daily system to send out the text update.
Interactive Learning Activity: 110.34. (3) Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Poetry. Students understand,
make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of poetry and provide evidence from text to
support their understanding. Students are expected to evaluate the changes in sound, form, figurative language,
graphics, and dramatic structure in poetry across literary time periods.

The students have been assigned a poem in collaborative learning groups to analyze and create a visual
presentation that represents tone and theme. Each day students collect points by putting their cell phones in a
designated spot. The points can be used for individuals to add credit to any project of their choice. When
the class collects 120 points (full participation for a minimum of 4 class periods) they will receive new art
supplies for their group like paints, brushes, and butcher block paper.
Teach the Desired Behaviors:
I will teach the desired behavior by modeling it for the class. I will create a slot on the desk for my cell phone as
well. I will place my cell phone on the desk every period just like the students do.
Teach the Plan: I will teach the plan at the beginning of the poetry unit. I will also record myself modeling the
plan and I will send the video to my class.
Provide options: Possible implementation of this plan could culminate in a challenge across class periods.
Once all of the classes accumulated a specific amount of points together, we could hold a Socratic seminar
where students talk about imagery in their poets work.
Necessary Items: Tape Stickers Excel Teacher cell phone Mass text / data program Art supplies
(painters, brushes, butcher block paper) Poetry packets Collaborative learning group assignments
YouTube video