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Foundations of Technology

Syllabus Spring 2016

Worcester Technical High School

Mrs. Kathryn Harlan
School Phone: 410-632-5050 ext 4155 (WTHS)

School Email:

Room: A434


Foundations of Technology prepares students to understand and apply technological concepts and processes that
are the cornerstone for the high school technology program. Group and individual activities engage students in
creating ideas, developing innovations, and engineering practical solutions. Technology content, resources, and
laboratory/classroom activities apply student applications of science, mathematics, and other school subjects in
authentic situations.
1. Technological Inventions and Innovations: Inventions and Innovations are a result of evolutionary
technological development and systematic research and development.
Lesson 1: The History of Technology
Lesson 2: Inventions and Innovations: An Evolutionary

Lesson 3: Advertising and Marketing Effects on

Lesson 4: The Role of Research and Development: A
Problem-Solving Approach

2. The Engineering Design Process: The Engineering Design process is a systematic, iterative problemsolving method that produces solutions to meet human wants and desires.
Lesson 1: The Engineering Design Process
Lesson 2: Collecting and Processing of Information
Lesson 3: Design Principles
Lesson 4: Criteria and Constraints

Lesson 5: Prototypes and Modeling

Lesson 6: Applying the Design Process and

3. The Designed World: The designed world is a byproduct of the engineering design process, which
transforms resources (tools/machines, people, information, energy, capital and time) into usable products and
Lesson 1: Energy and Power
Lesson 2: Construction
Lesson 3: Manufacturing

Lesson 4: Information and Communication

Lesson 5: Agriculture and Transportation
Lesson 6: Telemedicine

4. Systems: Systems are the building blocks of technology and users must properly maintain, troubleshoot, and
analyze systems to ensure safe and proper function.
Lesson 1: Core Technologies
Lesson 2: Systems Model

Lesson 3: Reverse Engineering

Lesson 4: Troubleshooting

5. NASA Integrated Transportation Systems: (Optional) NASA Integrated Transportation Systems has
students apply concepts in the Foundations of Technology course to the process used by NASA to solve
problems and develop solutions.
Lesson 1 Space Exploration
Lesson 2 Intermodal Transportation


Homework/Current Events------20%
Design Journal/Warm-Ups------16%
Quarter-marking period------100%

Lesson 3 Transportation Cycle

Lesson 4 Decision Making and Management

Quarter 2------80%

Foundations of Technology
Syllabus Spring 2016
Worcester Technical High School

You are to purchase and bring the following items to class each day:
Pencil, eraser, pen
Notebook w/ Sleeves
Flash drive
1 Day Late- 10% off
2 Days Late- 25% off

3 Days Late- 50% off

4+ Days Late- Will be graded but 100% off


All school rules will be followed as outlined in the student Handbook/Agenda.
Additional Procedures are as follows:
1. Bathroom- All students will sign in and out when given permission. Student will not be allowed to leave the
first or last 10 minutes
2. Inbox- All materials that I ask you to hand in are to be placed in the correct Inbox
3. Absent Work- It is your responsibility to find out if you have missed any work. Please inform me of what
you missed before or after class.
4. Drills- In any case we will leave and/or enter the building together as a whole class.
5. Preparation- It is expected that you come to this class every day, on time, and ready to work. Develop a
nightly study routine. This course is heavily reliant on project work which has specific deadlines. Assessments
are based on the theoretical concepts used in the projects. Make sure you are keeping up with your assigned
project material.
Homework is assigned for practice and repetition. It reinforces classwork. Classwork is graded based on the
quality of participation in class discussions, group activities, and individual assignments. Group work is a
requirement of this class.
Projects will have a deadline for completion. Projects turned in late will result in a reduction in grade.
Completed projects will be maintained in an online portfolio notebook.
Tests are given at the each unit. These will be announced well in advance and the questions will closely follow
the outcomes given at the start of units and reinforced each day.
I have read and understand the expectations of this course: