Falls Social

Lulumahu Falls has various phases. It
begins with a lucious valley, along an
immense mountain landscape.
continues to trail surrounded only by
vegetation, birds, and the occasional
family dog. The hike concludes with a
beautiful waterfall. The SHRM Aloha
Chapter had an awesome time getting
active and burning calories for that
perfect summer body! That was a joke
since immediately after the hike, we
replenished our calories at Rainbow’s
Drive In! Nevertheless, we were ecstatic
to see so many members attend this

Check Out the
Lulumahu YouTube

“I’m glad everyone decided to go chasing
waterfalls! It was fun getting to know
everyone and the view was soooo beautiful!
- Dusti Yates
“It was a difficult hike but also a very
breathtaking experience!”
- Lilian Li, Executive President

Is there any sound more pleasant than a
child’s laughter? Definitely! It is the sound
of our SHRM Aloha members singing to their
heart’s content and having a great time!
The members had a wonderful time
showing off their talented vocals, socializing
with one another, listening to each other’s
karaoke favorites, and enjoying the pizza,
(particularly Maggie Hinshaw, seen proudly
displaying her pizza.) Alex (Alejandro)
Baclaan stated that he “had a great time
with some of the most amazing people!” He
especially found it memorable when
everyone was singing “Alejandro” by Lady
Gaga to him. “I used to hate that song, but
now I like it!” exclaimed Alex.

Executive Vice President, Jessica
Higashi, did an amazing job planning
this semester’s alumni social! The
evening began with receiving a name
tag with a super hero. Each super
hero was assigned to a specific table
where both alumni and students
worked together to develop a super
hero haiku!

It was great seeing so many SHRMies
in a single room! There were alumni
from various from all semesters
returning, hanging out with old
friends, and taking pictures with one
another! Also displayed on the
tables were past resume booklets
from PIN!

With Kai Takekawa

Our Networking with Professionals workshop was
extremely helpful in preparation for our upcoming
Professional Interaction Night! Kai Takekawa from Aflac
provided awesome tips and tricks on how to socialize
with a purpose! Networking can be intimidating;
therefore, it is important to do your research about the
event and emotionally prepare to socialize just like any
other event. Although we are students, we can still take
control of the conversation by asking questions and
directing the conversation to a topic of interest. And
through these questions, we can always learn something
from everyone we meet.

How to Be Professional

Warren Kwan
This month’s workshop featured
Enterprise Holding’s Warren Kwan!
Warren taught our members valuable
tips on how to present themselves in a
professional manner through the use of
body language and communication tips.
Members were particularly captivated
by his relatable story-telling techniques
and enthusiasm.
Our Director of
Finance, Clarissa Bermodes stated that
out of all of the workshops she has
attended, Warren’s was “one of the
most memorable and interactive!” New
member, Maggie Hinshaw, enjoyed his
examples of the “do's and dont's”
during an interview. Many of Warren’s
key points were not addressed in other
workshops; therefore, Maggie “learned
new things, and had a good laugh too!”

As a majority of our members are graduating either
this semester or the next, this workshop will be very
important in terms of figuring out what to do after
one graduates. Many recent graduates are unsure of
their future plans or are not aware of the realities
that lie ahead. Davis Yogi discussed valuable tips and
provided general guidance on what recent graduates
can do to set themselves up for success.

Bank of Hawaii is one of the largest
and well known banks in Hawaii.
SHRM had the honor to visit the
main office in the Financial Plaza of
Downtown. The members were
able to meet with a panel of
professionals: Matthew Hunter
(Talent Acquisition Manager),
Momi Akimseu (Vice President &
Manager, Community Engagement
and Events), and Keane Santos

These three professionals were able to represent most
facets of the bank and the members were enlightened
through the advice that these professionals were able to
share, their experiences working in their respective
departments, along with some tips for job interviewing
and resume writing.

What is ChefZone? Easily it is a food lover’s paradise! It
is also a branch of the Y.Hata brand, which sells wholesale
foods and various other products. The tour began with
the CEO of Chefzone, Russell Hata, introducing the history
and values of the company. Our members were then
taken on a tour of the warehouse to view all of their
amazing products. The Chefzone professionals even
organized a scavenger hunt for members to run around
the warehouse to find specific items! After competitively
running around and becoming acquainted with the
warehouse, the members were treated to a delicious beef
bao with kale and jalapeno mayo prepared by head chef,
Matt Small. The tour concluded with a marketing video
created for Chefzone’s 100th anniversary celebration and
advice from the Human Resources team. The SHRM
Aloha Chapter is extremely grateful to have received such
valuable career advice and to be given this amazing
opportunity to participate in such a memorable tour!

“What a day! It was
most enjoyable to hear
about their [Chefzone’s]
backstory and why they
value their employees
so much. This is quite a
unique business!
- Ariana Makini

This was the first time the SHRM Aloha
Chapter toured the beautiful Halekulani
Hotel. The tour was hosted by Kellen
Sasano and Scott Kaneshiro. The Aloha
Chapter learned about the history and
landmarks of that Halekulani. We were
then allowed to speak to a panel of
This was the first
time the SHRM
toured the beautiful Halekulani Hotel. The tour
was hosted by Daniel
Kellen Sasano
and Scott
The Aloha Chapter learned about the history
and landmarksRabago
of Halekulani.
then allowed
to speak to a panel of professionals from
varying branches:
Daniel (HR),
Rabago (Food & Beverage), Nicole Bonefant
Julie Galves
(HR), and Julie Management).
Galves (RevenueThey
provided valuable tips and advice from how
provided They
to navigate thetips
job market
and advice
how to to
the about the hospitality industry.
job market to information about the
hospitality industry.

The SHRM Aloha Chapter is so grateful to
have toured KumabeHR! This was such a
friendly atmosphere as the KumabeHR
team is comprised of fellow SHRMies, such
as Kristine Uclaray and Glenda Supnet. The
HR staffing and consulting industry is a
particularly growing industry in Hawaii as
unemployment gets lower and lower.
KumabeHR is especially unique due to their
specialization in executive recruitment and
HR consultation. In this way, other
companies can always rely on KumabeHR
to find high quality employees for every
organizational atmosphere.
Kumabe also talked with the Aloha Chapter
and inspired many of our members to
pursue their masters in Human Resources.


The SHRM Aloha Chapter had a wonderful
time admiring the arts at this community
ARTafterDARK was Launched in 2004 as the
Honolulu Museum of Art's monthly party
organized by a dynamic group of young
volunteers dedicated to exploring the arts.
ARTafterDARK is held on the last Friday of
the month from January through October,
from 6 to 9pm. When ArtafterDark was
first introduced 250 attended. Today about
2,000 people flock to the museum for the
event each month. Past themes have
included “Kawaii Hawaii”, “Afro Future”,
and “Plastic Fantastic.”

Every spring, the American Cancer Society
hosts Relay for Life at the UH Mānoa campus.
We are only a few of the 4 million people who
participate in this worldwide event. This
event CELEBRATES the survivors who have
overcome their battle with cancer. We
REMEMBER loved ones we have lost and
HONOR those who are currently fighting.
Finally, we FIGHT BACK and take action
against the disease.
The SHRM Aloha Chapter’s members
enthusiastically participated in this event by
walking around the track together to
symbolize the ongoing fight against cancer.
During the luminaria ceremony, we realized
that many of us have been affected by
cancer. Therefore, it is important to raise
awareness and funds to fight back at this
Initially, our members were
supposed to receive a T-shirt for their
donations to cancer research. However, Tshirts were unable to be provided but our
members are so generous to donate their
money anyway.

Every semester, the SHRM Aloha Chapter
hosts a four day Mock Interview for their
members. The purpose of this event is to
help members acclimate to the
professional atmosphere by promoting
professional development and networking
with professionals in various industries.
Our Director of Professional Development,
Chelsea Kadokawa, did an amazing job
coordinating this semester’s mock
interviews! The members were excited to
use the knowledge they had acquired
through the workshops Chelsea had
coordinated earlier with professionals,
such as Cindy Paguyo and Warren Kwan.
The SHRM Aloha Chapter is extremely
grateful to have such wonderful
professionals take time out of their busy
schedules to facilitate this event!

“Work all day, work it all night.” The SHRM XXL
Aloha Chapter did exactly that during their
Magic Mike dance performance! Although
weather conditions were not ideal, we still had
a great bonding experience and had lots of fun!
The purpose of Super Clubs Day is to bring all
the Shidler clubs together and initiate some
friendly competition. By playing as a team, this
helps bring the club even closer. Even through
the rain, our members continued to cheer on
the sidelines for our volleyball and football
teams. It was difficult to maintain enthusiasm
when we were not winning or when it started
pouring rain. However, this did not stop our
members from continuously encouraging one
another. Therefore, out of all of the Shidler
clubs, the SHRM Aloha Chapter truly became
closer together and that makes SHRM the
winner of Super Clubs Day.

Professional Interaction Night (P.I.N.) culminates all the knowledge learned throughout the
semester into a single evening. This semester, the SHRM Aloha Chapter’s P.I.N. was held at the
Plaza Club with about 40 professionals in attendance. The evening began with our members
networking with our amazing professionals, following dinner with professionals, and concluding
with two pairings with professionals for a one-on-one interaction.
Two awards were presented at this event. The first being our Human Resources Excellence award.
This awards the member that has attended the most SHRM events and has shown dedication to
the club and their personal development. Congratulations Dusti Yates!
The second award is our Diamond Sales award, which awards the member who was able to
fundraise the greatest amount in the club. Congratulations Tracy Yuan!