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dhe dlighland ¢'ling Whee Assassins: Calme sisi. Jano Mee Fela rhein rang site by Asn Ratledge Par abd Tod Rosen ve yon men apis Irn the bays tly? partspatine Objects Sua Nt sel and ht me" Opinions Vary on Post Retreat Spirit ‘The goal? To work together and Improve reins vsthin the omimants 2 ite ovr a year ago, 2 goup of high sland sds stool senators and acy zeal othe Poconos frat day program ogniané ty Dr Willam Parker fo conjunston wit roe SEALE (eho Commun Aton fr Leming Exe tienes) ter etuning fo the ees at stents seemed more seeping of ech ober tthe sca Imesphere wae nde of re pls tudes. Since the, Lee tat tide ha emned”cn- tinaed Kamp, etre parte The spt aed the bus ride home el there an Keg develonng Wile Kamp feds stents hve remembered the es of the retreat, sophomore Steven Trail pres diferent vw ad thks ater est old be beneficial. "Ugh after thereat, things were bet tt” heote, Two month ter the retreat. the Seven from the pt decade atacted's ivese group st ‘erin. “But afer the reeset, nobody ral cael Blackwhte rlatanahips are bck to wat hey were Siperitendent Austin Cubs ce teste of te zat sl has pole emoton ats longterm feet "Things af ging moc south before he reteat," be commented." i the hgh schol evry Imoning a there seems tobe 2 warm camaraderie Snoop iffernt regs. The Ines are ot as aly Asm athongh theyre hte Despite the postine ests being presersd. Gute te gave se," think tat Dr Pooks oop "ad a obligation lo come ack amr the feeling Planted the seals” Gum ied the fr of Student projets sucha the tatheom dean an the studenten couse guide book But be reales tht ‘ome projects cali nat be acomplia dae oa ck etd interest "The program to bel sor eiae with tee arocery shopping did't get vey far ease Senor inns did resp” explied Gumbe. “Eat Slot thee projets can til wor terse stents tina, Early Graduation Provides Benefits he procedure forex gration es the ear potty weet 1 Gradting cary wort lang as you have a obo some plas ned up” sated Rachel Lei, 1) criygradate. “Thad gen venting onl out of HPS and seas ready to ave lina Hyman who pads thie aor, dst ae ot pl ‘ined Hyman. “Talo wnt some time of before ing to calle, fina dsm To grt eae 2 salen must pople—on ote hy pag es ‘ecommendatons then goto Prine Willa Donabue, wt makes the Not everyone i apeoved” Eras ‘int ont Some stdets on ave ‘rough ered or relent. "In Caran Lain, who pada this time, bt i a ating expres ‘ih HPAS so the people ine time, oan plans on ong othe Ce tone Business. School. Zoldan revealed,“ wat to go ist Dla Prvesing and since I competed ll my reqemens T decided to xt Bach player send anther payer to Rl. The Player tt tape the nae of he re tos det td ‘hon the tage wth tt dar oly, However, sce simotaneonty staking the player. seach players tes wells hemting. Target ae nse by the ade, ‘eee Ned Pol, a al ls tbe reported oi, igiaed Pak "We were nbigaed with he pe td we thought woald ring ie oh to tesco,” planed Pollack, “It's seting to rlene bed, And the gue sot rng. Sm aig stations fd being pursued. One of the fst wicme wa senior Dav Zapolsty. "The une holy bon fal got recall Zap). twa up 1 Dob Sommer nd sl, "augt your target et Bo? ei, Not all players have achieved Ur gol wey. Sots howe elore sol and shot Bi se et ae Junior Wile Passat re os aeste ester Sg ea ne morning bt ad oan Bi plan when sb was late fo sco." tok rst cam Ne FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1501 Lurking Spies and Hired Killers Overrun School Relieving Boredom ing sil and espionage to et hi a,” Pas ‘an wo wal lve ato ths wine Bart of he Aus come to Highnd Pak tn Swartmoe more, we ply with tenn bl,” expiaed lun aoa ely rings tthe seo ‘Game Probie on Seo! Grounds ‘Me administration snot approve he game ‘les. "When Tee the puns in school, I ake them ay "ve warmed people and depended on word of mouth fel de tocol sata Sift" matted takes Ino at tet motes, moe hou thse ‘man canned "THe no oto ote ne pe ue im concerned wath i pote fori, pa tary to te eye” The cer tipped darts stk armies rom the peck dws, bat ny eps the dat shuld trike the fae hina abo cane ed wth the psy ofthe gue leading to roe eros confit “Someige who ot involved oul ‘rw in: snerpeations sul edo sos ae mets” Sitfan fd he players resort her. natant Ans pe es Sid poor Lr Monee" dont soe an apne dng inthe ames eal fon a ng 3 Tm tale. In Brief... Honor Society Named ‘Thirty seniors wre ltd tothe ational Honor Sait. Tis un ssl ge hate wl be peed ore by preset, Mele rise ‘represent. Jody Ringe seta, Te Kamp tresses Van Doren Other soy members ae im Ate, Mike Berbeine, Evan Gal Amico, Steve Factor, Mike Fertenaogh, Mary Claas, Lis Golden, red Gordon. Mara Haser Howard His Mike alld Chi Jason, Katy Jr, fb Karon, Nina Kes, Caine Lal. Mare Laine deane Mal, Tn Nguyen, Karel Rasa, sa Rie, Alloa ute Pars, Pal Stil, Am Shen, Solberg, Denise Tas New AFS Student en et thigh school ad fount American Fed Sevice erie extane tant Jose as of Monterey. Mexico, who ‘Te pope in Hy der ofthe sb et Actors Rehearse Play Cole Porters Ks Me Kate, a musa structured around prdacton of Witla Sakspeare’s The Taming af the Shrew, ute a rete. Sponsored byte Highland Park Borough Arts Conse ad he HPS ‘rama Depriment. Rie Me Kate estres community members, stents sn arly. Dart Raber Steves and Masa Director Fern Akon seule ity prem at tonrd sow des rom March 14 Ph Batic, Debie Kinch apd Bre Ber al fom Highland Pat, td Dane Neo, resent of Fast Branoick led the cas donors Beanie (Godon sn Wie Passo ded speaking les, as disease teacher OPINION: Midterm Pro/Con ... page 2. FEATURE: Flying Se eke page 3 SPORTS: Winter Recreation for all Budgets/Overtime . . . page 4 PAGE TWO, "THE HIGHLAND FLING. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1981 dhe dlighland Fling Cony ea Sper ar! Tote Manan erin Lana ray Er Tod Rien It’s Hard to Believe shard to believe hat only one year ago a celebrated group of seventy stents retreated to the Poconos. Their goal wast rai storm new ways of improving our school andthe seventy divided Ino several commites. each acing its own separate project. A ter returning the comttes otlined thet pln before the school nan assembly, Understandably, we hoped fr new innovations that would make our schoo! nicer. But as usual, sich great expectations se dashed, Within year af thee return, leoramitees have stop- ed meeting and functioning and virtually nothing was accom plished ‘The reason fortis issimpl. The programs lack leadership: no student has successfully said, “AU right gang, let's get ourselves "working" Although some students talk about a revival of the com rites, experience shows thatthe necessary leadership wil not ame frm the student bods. Istead we mus ok higher to some- ‘ne who hs sven intrest in improving our school who attended the retreat and whos regarded asa natural leader. Superintendent ‘Austin Gums is our man. We call upon him to reeanize the Pocono ommites, perhaps through a general meeting of the interested students. Once revved. we hope you monitor the commites progress and keep tel projects fl gear. There's ots that canbe [improved in ou schol and innovations sould be jst around the Heating System Needs Revamping Opinion: Laure Penis Changing aston ke ranting fom Flr to Alka and tack gan every frt-fve mints, Wy ‘ne sme rooms oat tat the windows must be opened ttle ters are unbearably col? Casein pnt On ane 25 the temperate rom 28 as aly tn the windows open. Dn the alin com 21 the temperate ered on Janay 12 wat 2 i FF Ths efieney wastes precise and cost our porets» bole tae Why the sds Hetng Flom 9 inti? Four bli was desgned ds time wen thers of uel wat iia Glas was ued for esthetic ‘pees allioagh it por isu. The one walls ‘room 1 and the Mba are campased sng pane ‘indo, exp to the reine note wid Tn he Tie repect: thes fly ie secs wing alos the df come ros es Second, de to the ste of a0 open capes, ot oor te constant in se allowing wind tener. This tevin with hee doors an the dos at the rt nf the baling de othe wild a pak ing a. Wile esting sme raoms aut, some a he iusooms ate unbearably Hot According to Junior Wendy Sternberg "Daring fist peri room can have Is windows pena sil bes god 9 degrees" The enon for ths that bles ner he pin oo Neat ‘te ene bang. When “night eat” (58 to 6 degrees) ‘este "et 1 0 Begs” he et ri inthe anguage wing as pumped trough the bling asin some ooms to evry ht in the moring. Open Ing windows oly makes the syste err more coe The solutan to these problens is 10 epee heating system The pin the eh ene replaced by Shins plat alles "ermal ane” Foyer ea be Sorted where thre ate dors to preset te wind trom ctr he bldg All a thes solutions requte Ut things teeing dane, Owron.a primary ae of heat lose It ser, wae Tepe. Furthermore, a ording to Principal Wii Donahue. oer ese ‘ng aiden rhe Montgomery exo te mth “here two thing al tents a do. We can stop sing the gyn dor ad ter dr that ow wind ito the mbao_ Al, we ca preserve or ah by desing ppp Senor Sean Sg sa. "T wer tee ot {our yrs tose an remove em whe get ond ut them ne get ald That's how thet. "Te sca’ eating syste at reset elie, Sssene teacher. Jon Chan 6 caren on sab teal esearch on nergy problem. Chapa pei {ed tht with he sre orto orgy, ool wll lowe rng 81000 ths yard to tein. Te elt i may ates ave made Faculty Forum by William Donahue Principal What sets Hiphland Park High ‘sol prt frm ote igh bone? {Teese i the retin 09 the rt fhe tans, acy sa and ounitton tht ech atl part ff the tat edratina process To DCs nota ie them atte, but eter eae a ‘eta at del tao wet ol. But sii tJ 0 tote o oder the pr of al ow. thee eld, othe hallway and Cafeteria oon the gous fw rst work harder ores ou lp “eather and nthe ed ep ‘This can be exgese in many si ple ye sac showing cone hn fr others. heli 4 hep the align grounds clan, ng ot othe ale, an eagle fects tions ust ke ous 19 can do this, we can make a fend pace beter aculy Forum cane fst othe opinion page The alma llows he a ‘ints an aca vee the concer ad epnos- Any member fhe ‘ministration o fey wishing exes views in Faulty Fora shoald ‘THE PREPARED, STUDENT ‘pinion Reta WB Shoo exis that eer ay teach nd ‘aa pupis ma ern. Vrinas eds oi for ‘determining whether ents ar ht pected. Among these ethas might be Ise Foon tet, “pop” quizes. question and {wer pers. ne dcsns daily ome rk ssgnment, nd of cone calming Colman sets, 5 most pups ow, reno ted slo witness tough ‘ten ts equal regen tts tine (Chiming scvibes serve avai) of pur poses Among the mst Inport Is at they PRO ert teachers to obtain lance on speci nd of infrmaton and to ascertain wether students mastered specie subjet mater, com epee. Tes atts naditnts prt tng teal to seve lee on abt. permit the deveopment of ete al to meet the neo of ini stents and flamer, Tey ai teaches tomate mone ‘complete evsaton of ac ste’ progres tnd give opportunites forthe student to Semorstrte lsd ecg ened dr ing the semester, nborstary ls, shop sha sl Nets oy, ts tie period lo gies the stuen opportunity undergo 4 paccal experience in pertrming thse tps tact Are Midterms Necessary? ‘Throughout te years vemantored tater fcc tout clnatingatvibes Sten ‘spay aeinoppstion othe wie they ae In school but ater graustion they coe fo fe that uialig ates were aslo them Slt eligi student eopaon of the vale of culmiaig acts sw hat ‘Toe mt revent stats avalble (Cass of Tian insted that 95 thes were of sabe to them. Cnsooens, While the perception of the salve of the ‘inating atts programa om cto ‘foratoa vain Kighand Park High Soa Tn summary, Tve presented he eri a ie od ime "Tere sx mah heer way to ave the snow in your reat, ower, Cros-Cauty sing rasa ntl vestent 0 $8 tT for snot apes, Bt fer at, the expense minal. Cros ‘Coty sng ns bem coped to lngdstce rangi the ype fecenton it pres: Aod ding slag in some winter wonderland can Poe te srw some increible sews of mature hat make al the Sent and sles wel wort i Treating adsleig bth fe simple ways of plying a the wine tons, Dowson Prk offers bok sting and sledfing when the estes pets Mat ie winter evening canbe spent uingaround Treinen psn he ots dow l There are plenty of trys tokecp outa pally ace daring the winter nts, aries ‘Sievery water boet sbi dt hin, ol ve mnths oil Sly “The sport changsoer has oot af Waren Tv a» rat time this ‘When I coached freshman football. it been as hard a T thought it woald, ‘Oovioaly. Ware's tueage has 10 it yar expend Faene Ib roren more tha suet, the she mit the same me worn Dl wack nyt fs amped ot toa wth yor fresen sh sopoares oda mec record. “Tempted afr ftre jee They ae hee oat THE AVENUE | “cen” Ginos ‘CUSTOM LETTERING ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR SUBS & SUNDAES gins Youlgotorthe food. _ numa wulT PAYS TO GET TO KNOW US. rm 920 RARITAN AVE. [eae vour | anil ane | | er somerus | a sitann: ere FOR NOTHING r- (C7 | | { { 1 1 ! ! ' ' ' ! ' ' ! | 1 1 1 1 1 241 RARITAN AVE. 545.2585 Le L