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: 10 January 2010 : 10.00a.m – 11.20 am (80 minutes) : 36 students : High Intermediate : Students have the poem ‘I am’ before. : Poem (“I am”- John Clare) : Writing : Reading, Listening, and Speaking : Tone and Mood

Objective : By reading this poem, students should be able to enjoy reading literary works especially this poem Specific Objective: By reading this poem, students will be able to understand the persona’s point of view in ‘I am’ Behavioral Objectives: By the end of the lesson students should be able to:

1. Write a personal response to the poem with proper justifications in at least 5 sentences 2. Justify answers for both questions on tone and mood of the persona in the poem.

Lesson Stages Induction (3 minutes)

Teacher’s Activity
1. Teacher attaches 2

Student’s Activity

Teaching Aids Manila Card White board

Rationale This activity is to teach the tone and mood of the poem

manila cards on whiteboard where there is a sentence written on each of them (Refer to Appendix 1)
2. Teacher asks the

students how they feel when they read the sentences. • How do you feel when you read these sentences? • What comes to your mind when you read these sentences?

1. Students share how they feel with the teacher • I feel sad readier these sentences. • These sentences sound very pessimistic

Pre (5minutes)

1. Teacher uses the

1. Students tell

LCD, Project or

sentences to teach tone and mood. For example, she picks the phrase ‘I’m crazy’ and says it with different mood and tone. She asks the students how it sounds.

how it sounds. For example; When teacher says it with low pitch and with a sad mood, students say that it sound as though the person is sad

This activity is the teaching part in the lesson.

2. Teacher shows a

video to the students(Refer to appendix 2) 3. Teacher brainstorms the students on what they understand by watching the poem • How do you feel when you watch this video? • What do you understand by watching this video

2. Students watch the video 3. Students give their answers • I feel sympathy for this person. He is ignored by his friends • It seems that the person is lonely and he sounds suicidal

This video tune in the students’ mood into learning this poem. Brainstormi ng session is necessary to see how far students understand the video. Teacher adds up if necessary

While teaching (50minutes)

1. Teacher instructs

the students to get into their respective group.
2. Teacher gives a

1. Students get into their group

• • • • • •

stanza of the poem to every group. There are 3 stanzas. Two groups get same stanzas since there are 6 groups(Refer to Appendix 3) Group 1- Stanza 1 Group 2- Stanza 1 Group 3- Stanza 2 Group 4- Stanza 2 Group 5- Stanza 3 Group 6- Stanza 3

2. Students receive the stanza

3. Students in group answer the questions • In the first stanza, the tone of the persona is low and he is in a sad mood In this stanza, the persona is trying to tell that his fiends ignore him In the second stanza, the tone of the persona is somber and he depressed. He feels desolated. This represents his mood. He tells us that even the person he loves the most ignores him In the third stanza, the

3. Teacher gives the

instructions. Each group needs to work with 2 questions below the stanza • Question 1 – What is the tone and mood of the persona in this stanza Question 2- What is the persona trying to tell in this stanza

This activity is to assess the students’ understan ding on what the teacher taught in the pre stage. The first question assesses them directly on tone and mood and second question helps the students to see the stanza from the persona’s

persona sounds suicidal He says that he wants to live peacefully and get back to the Creator.

point of view

4. Teacher asks each group to present their work.
5. Each group

4. Students present their work

should justify the answers they have with the lines from the poem

5. Students justify their answers

6. Other groups evaluate their justification and give feedbacks

6. Other groups give their feedbacks • Group presents the points clearly and their arguments are justified because the arguments are supported with line from the poem. For example, they said in third stanza, the persona sounds suicidal. Their justification is in that stanza he says

that he wants to get back to his creator which actually suggests that he wants to die.

7. Teacher then asks

Group 1,2, and 3 to assume that they are the persona and write a diary based on his experience while group 4,5, and 6 pretend that they are his best friend and write a letter to the persona responding to this poem(Example of a diary and letter, refer to Appendix 4)

7. Each group writes the letter or diary as they are assigned

Post teaching (7 minutes)

1. Teacher asks the

1. Students write the

students to write a reflection on the lesson of the day and pick students at random to share their reflection with the class

reflection and share with the class • In this lesson, I learn that there some people who are like the persona in ‘I am’ poem suffering out there. So, as a good human I should offer them my ears to listen to them and help them to some out from their loneliness

This activity helps the teacher to see how far the lesson gives an impact on the students. Apart from learning, she want to confirm that the lesson has instilled some good values and generated realization among the students

Closure ( 5 minutes)

Teacher recalls the on the importance of tone and mood in poem and how they affect the poem

Appendices Appendix 1 Two Sentences (For Pre Stage)

1. My friends ignore me. 2. My lover’s father rejects me and people say that I am crazy. Appendix 2 Video Appendix 3 (Poem) Stanza 1 I am: yet what I am none cares or knows, My friends forsake me like a memory lost; I am the self –consumer of my woes, They rise and vanish in oblivious host, And yet I am, and live with shadow tost Stanza 2 Into the nothingness of scorn and noise, Into the living sea of waking dreams, Where there is neither sense of life nor joys, But the vast shipwreck of my life’s esteems; And e’een the dearest --- that I loved the best---

Are strange—nay, rather stranger than the rest. Stanza 3 I long for scenes where man has never trod, A place where woman never smiled or wept; There to abide with my Creator, God, And sleep as I in childhood sweetly slept: Untroubling and untroubled where I lie, The grass below --- above the vaulted sky. Appendix 4 Example of a diary. Dear diary, I feel so lonely. My friends ignore me. Even the person I love the most ignores me. I hate this world. I hate this life. I do not want to live her anymore more. I want to go off. I want to go away from this cruel world. I want to go back to the creator and live peacefully. Example of a letter Dear John, Do not come to a conclusion that everyone ignores you. I am here for you John. I am your best friend. Please feel free to talk to me. I am here to listen to all of your problems. I have been here always but you did not realize it. Sorrows and triumphs in life are common. We should swim against it. No worried. Life still has its beautiful moments for you. Take care

Your best friend

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