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List of Accounting Careers

Every year, different colleges and universities from all over the world produce
graduates with different college degrees. It only means that every year, the une
mployment rate increases and very few newly-grads land a job. It is very importa
nt to choose the college degree that you re going to take to ensure your professio
nal career in the future.
Among the top college courses of degree is accounting. Accounting involves diffe
rent tasks which include keeping track of income, assets, liabilities, and a lot
more. You can learn more about these tasks if you choose an accountancy course.
In accounting, you will learn a lot of things like how businesses and companies
work. Successful businessmen are accountants one way or another. You see, accoun
ting is essential in businesses. It is a way of evaluating the business situatio
n, whether a company is losing or earning profits.
In short, the business language is accounting. All business activities are quanti
fied through accounting and this is where all business reports are derived and l
ater on, communicated to the management level. What career opportunities can you
expect if you re a graduate of accountancy?
1. Public Practice if you become a CPA, you can do public practice. You can give
your services to clients in exchange for an affordable fee. Usually, CPAs work
in partnerships and they offer their services to businesses, governments, and ev
en to individuals. The job responsibilities of an accountant in public practice
will usually include auditing, taxation, management advisory services, etc. You
can gain a lot of work experience in this field.
2. Education accountancy graduates can also teach after they get their methods o
f teaching. They can become a researcher, reviewer, and a professor. If you choo
se this profession, you can learn a lot of things. You can clear out certain acc
ounting issues, conduct research, and then distribute the results.
3. Government service
you can look for job opportunities in the state or federal
level. Government accountants are responsible for tracking costs, budgets, and
analyzing the various government programs that involves huge amounts. Being a go
vernment accountant can give you the chance of improving the conditions of the p
oor however, due to political influence, your will experience bureaucratic imped
If you want to become a government accountant, you have to think twice because t
he public usually think differently of those in position. But it doesn t really ma
tter what other people think as long as you re doing your work honestly and effect
4. Commerce
accounting groups are maintained by corporations, whether big or sma
ll. The groups of accountants prepare and organize all the financial statements,
handle tax issues, track costs, handle international transactions, and a lot mo
After years of being a member of the accounting group, you will have your chance
of becoming the department head or you can be promoted as the cost accountant,
budget officer, chief accountant, or even the company auditor. The size of the c
orporation determines the various responsibilities of the accountant.
Now you know that by taking up a course in accounting you will be offered a myri
ad of opportunities in the future. You must be able to choose the right career p
ath. Before making a decision, you have to consider the responsibilities and nat

ure of work of a certain accounting career.

Choose the one that you like most and one that you re passionate about.