“Let this Bible doctrine of the Lamb show to us what God thinks about the Lamb.

In one way or another right through the Bible it is Jesus as the Lamb who has the preeminence. All other disclosures whether through Pentateuchal Law, or Israelitish history, whether Psalmodic of philosophic, whether prophetic or doctrinal, whether visional or didactic all are subservient to this onward moving unveiling of truth concerning the Lamb. Supremely friends our Bible is God's testimony to the Lamb. Should not our own testimony be in line with God's? Should not the Lamb be the outshining center and dominating accent of all our Christian preaching, and evangelizing and witness bearing?” - Sidlow Baxter

The Bible Doctrine of the Lamb
1 Peter 1:18-21 - Sidlow Baxter Passage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Ge 4 Ge 22 Ex 12 Le Is 53 Jn 1:29-36 Acts 8 Rev 5 Occasion Able's Lamb Offering Abraham's Lamb The Passover Lamb The Sacrificial Lamb The Suffering Lamb The Lamb Announced by John The Lamb as Taught by Philip The Lamb Enthroned in Heaven The Lamb in Eternity Emphasis at the Event The Necessity of the Lamb The Provision of the Lamb The Slaying of the Lamb The Character of the Lamb The Personality of the Lamb The Identity of the Lamb The Christhood of the Lamb The Resurrection of the Lamb The Heavenly Enthronement of the Lamb The Eternal Kingship of the Lamb Theological Emphasis Propitiation Substitution Protection Absolution Expiation Complete Removal Individual Salvation Redemption Government The Eternal Glory The Lamb Lamb for Sin Lamb for an Individual Lamb for one Family Lamb for one Nation Lamb for all the Elect Lamb for all the World Lamb for the Individual Lamb for all History Lamb for all universe Lamb for all eternity

1 Pet 1:18-21 The Lamb the Redeemer

10 Rev 21-22

~ These notes taken from Sidlow Baxters sermon on the Bible Doctrine of the Lamb, Part 1 ~

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