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I. PILIHAN GANDA A. Orientation B. Description

C. Coda D.
Text 1: Identification E. Complication

Lawang Sewu is one of the famous 4. What kind of text is above?

historical A. Narrative B. Recount
buildings in Indonesia. It is named Lawang C. News Item D.
Sewu Descriptive E. Procedure
which means a thousand doors. Besides its
thousand 5. Where is Lawang Sewu located?
doors, it is also well known for the A. Bali Island B. Papua
fascinating Island C. Batam Island D.
stained glass windows representing the Sabang Island E. Java Island
Symbolism. The stained glass windows are 6. What is the appropriate title for
similar the text above?
with those of the places like The Hague and A. Karang Sewu B. Pulau Seribu
Rotterdam and also the Royal family. The C. Semarang D. A thousand
building doors E. Lawang Sewu
has numerous long winding corridors which
open 7. The purpose of the text above is …
out to the offices on one side of the office A. to describe a thing and its
and the characteristic.
other end of the building on the other B. to entertain the reader
hand. It is C. to entertain the writer
a famous landmark in the region of D. to retell about the Lawang
Semarang and Sewu.
a pride for Java. E. To teach the reader how to
visit Lawang Sewu.
1. Lawang Sewu is one of the famous
historical buildings in Indonesia. 8. Based on the text, ….is a pride of
The synonym of the underlined Java.
word is… A. Lawang Sewu B.
A. talented B. well-known Borobudur C. Mendut D.
C. beautiful D. attract Keraton E. Malioboro
E. sweet
9. “The building has numerous
2. Lawang Sewu means… long…”.
A. 10.000 doors B. 1.000 doors The underlined word has the
C. 100 doors D. 10 doors opposite meaning (antonym) with
E. 1 door …
A. tall B. short
3. “Lawang Sewu is one of … in C. low D. high
Indonesia.” (The first sentence) is E. big
what we called….

Text: 2

Ahmad Zakky is seventeen. He is a student of Islamic senior high school. Zakky is

intelligent and handsome, with a good sense of humor. His old brother’s name is
Abdullah Syafi’i. He is twenty-two. He works in a bank as assistant manager. He is good
looking, but he is not a very nice man. They love each other. Abdullah Syafi’i loves
money, cars, good food, and travel.
9. What does Ahmad Zakky look like?
A. Young and pretty
B. Young and handsome
C. Not a very nice boy
D. Not so good looking
E. Old heavy
10. The text tells us about …
A. ages
B. jobs
C. people
D. places
E. hobbies
11. Which of the following statements is wrong according to the text?
A. Ahmad Zakky is a student
B. Ahmad Zakky has a good humor
C. Abdullah Syafi’i is an assistant manager
D. Abdullah Syafi’i is not a very nice man.
E. Abdullah Syafi’i does not work yet.
12. The type of the text above is …
A. News item
B. Narrative
C. Spoof
D. Recount
E. descriptive
13. The synonym of “handsome” is …
A. nice
B. pretty
C. beautiful
D. good looking
E. intelligent
14. Which of the following statements is correct according to the text?
A. Ahmad Zakky is seventy
B. Ahmad Zakky is a student of State Senior High School
C. Abdullah Syafi’i is not Ahmad Zakky’s brother
D. Abdullah Syafi’i is an assistant manager
E. They do not love each other


There was a rich man who had

three sons. They lived in a large house
in the town of Keelung in northern

One day, he said to his sons, "You

are no longer children. You must do
something to earn your own living.
When I die, I am not going to leave
you very much money. I started with
nothing and made a fortune by working
hard. You must do the same. Now,
here is two hundred dollars for each of
you. You can use it to start your own

The three sons went off separately.

The eldest son met a hunter. He
thought that hunting would be fine
so he bought a gun from him for two
hundred dollars.
The second son met a basket maker.
He bought a set of tools from
him so that he could make baskets.
The third son met a doctor who
told him that he had a medicine which
could cure all diseases. He bought it
from him for two hundred dollars.
When the rich man heard what his
sons had done with the money he had
given them, he was very angry. "What
stupid sons I have!" He said.

One day, the eldest son tried to

shoot a fly on his father's forehead.
Instead, he killed his father. The
second son picked up his tools and
tried to repair the damage to his
father's head. The third son tried to
cure his father with medicine which
he had bought.

Everyone said that the three sons

were very foolish. They had spent all
their money useless.
15.What is the name of the city where the rich man lived?
A. Kelantan B. Keelung C. Kalimantan D. KintamaniE.

16.The rich man had … sons.

A. 3 B. 30 C. 300 D. 33 E. 333

17.Whom did the eldest son meet?

A. a hunter B. a father C. a basket maker D. a doctor E. a lawyer

18.Who bought a set of tools from a basket maker?

A. The second son B. The basket maker C. The eldest son
D. The third son E. The rich man

19.When the rich man heard what his son had done he was…
A. angry B. happy C. not angry D. not well E. ill

20.“Everyone said that …their money uselessly” (par.5) is what we called

A. Coda B. Resolution C. Orientation D. Identification
E. Description

Teks: 4

The Story of the Coconut Tree

(A Malaysian Folk Tale)

Retold by Nurhayani Abu Bakar

There was once an old man. He was very, very old. Some people said he was a
thousand years old! He was also very wise and he knew many things. Many people came
to visit him in his cave near the sea. They always asked him to help them.

One day, a young man came to see this wise old man. "O wise father," said the
young man, "I want to be useful to people. I want to serve them all my life. How can I do
this?" "That's very good," said the old man. "Here is a magic box. Do not open it until
you reach home. If you open it now something will happen to you. "Thank you, wise
father," said the young man. He took the box and left. When he was out of the cave, he
stopped. "I wonder what is in the box?" he said to himself. "I'm going to look." He
opened the box and at once he turned into a tall tree--a coconut tree. That was his
punishment for disobeying the old man, but his still had his wish because the coconut tree
is very useful to people.

21. What type of the text is used by the writer?

a. Narrative
b. Recount
c. News Item
d. Report
e. Descriptive
22. The Communicative purpose of the text is ...
a. to describe a particular person
b. to present a point of view about an issue
c. to inform the readers about the young man
d. to inform the readers about the story of coconut tree
e. to entertain the readers about the story of coconut tree
23. What is the first paragraph called?
a. Orientation
b. Complication
c. Coda
d. Resolution
e. Event

24. How old was the old man? He was ….

A. 100 years old
B. 1000 years old
C. 10 years old
D. 50 years old
E. 1500 years old

25. Why did many people come to his cave? Because they wanted to …
A. be helped
B. help
C. be help
D. helps him
E. helped

26. "I want to be useful to people.” (Line 5). The “I” refers to…
A. The young man
B. The old man
C. The young man and the old man
D. The writer
E. Some people
27. What is the antonym of “opened” (lined 9)?
A closed
B. widened
C. shortened
D. has opened
E. used
28. I’m going to ….” (Line 9). The underlined word has the same meaning with …
A. am able to
B. will
C. have to
D. has to
E. may
Teks: 5
Jakarta (JP). The number of people injured in the weekend earthquake in the
Central Sulawesi capital of Palu reached 26. The earthquake, measuring 5, 8 in the
opened Richter scale, also damaged or destroyed hundreds of buildings.
“Only 3 of the 26 injured are still being treated at a government clinic. In the
Sausu Trans village, the rest have returned home,” Mohammad Haerulloh, an official of
the Central Sulawesi Office of the Ministry of Social Services, told the Jakarta Post
Officials at the meteorology and geophysics office in Palu said earlier that the
epicenter was in the Gulf of Tomini, 32 kilometers east of Palu, at a depth of 32
kilometers. The office recorded 396 tremors between 5.30 p.m. on Saturday and 12.00
a.m. on Sunday. However, locals felt 47 of the tremors.

29. The kind of the text is …

A. narrative
B. recount
C. procedure
D. descriptive
E. news item

30. “The Jakarta Post” is a …..

A. newspaper
B. magazine
C. radio
D. television
E. bulletin

31. The text as a whole reports …

A. the weekend earthquake in Palu.
B. the profession of Mohammad Haerulloh
C. the damage buildings
D. the activities of the officials at the meteorology and geo-physic office.
E. the conditions of Central Sulawesi.

32. According to the text, which statement is true?

A. There were 36 people injured in the weekend earthquake.
B. Some people killed by the earthquake.
C. An earthquake measuring 5, 0 on the Richter scale.
D. The earthquake happened in the Central java.
E. Only 3 of 26 injured are still being treated at a government clinic.

33. Who is Mohammad Haerulloh?

A. a reporter
B. a news reader
C. an official of the Central Sulawesi Office of the Ministry of Social Services.
D. an official of the Meteorology and Geo-physic.
E. a victim of the weekend earthquake

34. “…was in the Gulf of Tomini...”(par.3). The antonym of the underlined word is ...
A. island
B. cape
C. sea
D. land
E. bay

Text: 6

Attention please…Attention please…!!!

A brown wallet has been lost. It contains

an identity card with the name: Ahmad Ali,
a driving license, an ATM card and some
money. It might fall at sQs MAN1S FM stud-
io. For anyone who finds it, please give it
to the owner (contact person: 0878 xxxx 1078)
or studio. A reward is waiting for you. Thank you.

35. The text above is in the form?

A. Narrative B. Advertisement C. Announcement
D. Letter E. Procedure

36. The content of the wallet is ….

A. a driving license, Ahmad Ali, a visa
B. a driving license, a visa, an ATM
C. an identity card, a driving license, an ATM and some money
D. an identity card, a passport, an ATM
E. an identity card only.

37. For anyone who finds the wallet, he/she will be given an/a ….
A. money B. Nobel C. reward
D. an ATM E. prize
Teks: 7
Job Vacancy

We are looking for hard working personals for the

position of:

1. Program Director (PD); more than three years

experience, graduate from
Strata 1, able to work independently, excellent
with computer, familiar
with music, and able to manage a radio
2. Broadcaster(Br); graduate from SLTA, able to
operate computer, familiar
with music, and able to work independently.

Send Curriculum Vitae (CV) with position code by

the later 2 weeks
From this date.

Human Relation (HR) Department

Swara Qolbun Salim (sQs) 107,8 FM
Radio Komunitas MAN 1 Serang
Jl. Empat Lima, Cikulur, Serang 42116
38. Based on the text, if
you want to be a
broadcaster must ….
A. be able to work independently.
B. be graduated from SLTP
C. be incapable to operate computer.
D. be unfamiliar with music
E. have 3 years experience

39. How many years experience is the Program Director (PD) needed?
A. eleven
B. eight
C. five
D. three
E. one

40. What kind of text is it?

A. Announcement
B. Advertisement
C. Letter
D. Brochure

41. Adel : “Thank you for everything, Aan.”

Aan : “……………………….”
A. Nice to meet you B. You’re welcome C. I’m alright
D. I’m sorry to hear that E. I’m happy to hear that
42. Nizar : “Fus, ……………………….”
Nufus : “Don’t mention it”.
A. how are you?
B. Would you mind coming to my house?
C. Call me whenever you want.
D. how do you do?
E. thanks a million for your help.

43. Fifa : “I like your new HP, Hani”.

Hani : “Thank to say so.
Fifa : “Where did you buy?”
The underlined sentence is expression of …
A. congratulation B. complimenting C. gratitude
D. sympathy E. introduction

44. Putri : “Hi, Syifa. Listen, I won the news reader contest last week.”
Syifa : “………………………..”
A. It’s good news B. I don’t like it C. Congratulation
D. I thank you E. Poor you are

45. Rasman : “Would you like to come to my house?”

Mistar : “I’d love to, but I can’t.”
The underlined utterance is…
A. Invitation
B. Accepting
C. Introducing
D. Parting
E. Refusing

46. Abil : “Rika, you know, we are the best of news reader of 107,8 sQs
Rika : “Are you serious?”
The underlined expression is …
A. sympathy B. complimenting C. introduction
D. surprise E. gratitude

47. One of the following expressions is expressing “surprise”, that is …

A. Oh, I’d like to B. I’d like to, but I am to busy this week.
C. I’m sorry D. Tell me what E. Well, that’s very surprising
48. Esa : “Where is your dictionary, Rida?
Rida : “ Oh, It ….by Nindy.”
A. has bought
B. is borrowed
C. sent
D. lend
E. was borrow

49. Wirna : “ Do you know that Indonesia …surrounded by water”.

Yossi : “ Yes, of course.”
A. is
B. was
C. been
D. will be
E. will have

50. Al Quran …by over a million people everyday.

A. have read
B. will read
C. was reading
D. is reading
E. is read