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Peace Corps Botswana Welcome Book | January 2008

Peace Corps Botswana Welcome Book | January 2008

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Peace Corps Botswana Welcome Book
Peace Corps Botswana Welcome Book

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Batswana place great importance on conservative dress

in the workplace. The norms of professional dress mean

slacks, shirts, and, often, ties for men and dresses or skirts

for women. (Nice slacks are acceptable for women in some

locations.) It is seen as a sign of respect for others when you

dress “smart,” and how you are viewed by your colleagues will

be highly dependent on the way you present yourself. Tennis

shoes, sneakers, or Teva-type sandals are not appropriate

footwear for work. Although jeans and T-shirts are acceptable

as casual wear, it is more common to see men wearing shirts

with collars and casual slacks and women wearing skirts or

slacks with blouses or casual dresses during non-work hours.

Sleeveless tops with spaghetti straps, tank tops, and low-cut

tops are not appropriate for women outside the capital and

larger towns.

All Volunteers should bring at least one business outfit

(i.e., a suit or jacket and tie for men; a long, conservative

dress or skirt for women). There will be occasions that bring



Volunteers face-to-face with senior diplomats, traditional

authorities, and civil servants, for which professional dress is


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