80 Reasons I’m Grateful that you’re my Mom By: Rabbi Jack Kalla www.e-gazine.blogspot.

1. You carried me for 9 months. 2. You went through the pains of giving birth to me. 3. You entered me into the covenant of Abraham on the 8th day. 4. You changed my diapers. 5. You fed me. 6. You bathed me. 7. You clothed me. 8. You took me for haircuts. 9. You respected me and took me to a better barber when I felt I needed better haircuts. 10. You were a role model by teaching Hebrew School. 11. You bought me the bike I really wanted for my 13th birthday. 12. You encouraged me to push myself at my bar mitzvah. 13. You took me to tennis lessons. 14. You picked me up from playing tennis. 15. You drove all over to tournaments with me. 16. You made me stay at camp when I didn’t want to. 17. You always answered the phone when I called you at Montefiore Hospital. 18. You get concerned about me when I don’t call. 19. You’re great with the grandchildren. 20. You love my wife. 21. You always believed me when I said I was sick and had to stay home from school. 22. You stood up for me in junior high basketball. 23. You didn’t yell at me when I got thrown out of Little League games. 24. You did take my tennis rackets away from me when I crossed the line. 25. You never told me that I didn’t do well enough on a test. 26. You let me drive your car whenever I wanted.

27. You taught me to care for others. 28. You made me a proud Jew. 29. You always bounce back quickly when we don’t get along. 30. You aren’t afraid to ask tough questions. 31. You never (really) discouraged me from living in Israel. 32. You never give up hope that I’ll return to America. 33. You visited me everywhere I lived. 34. You tolerated being on the boats even though you hated it. 35. You bought me kosher utensils for when I visit. 36. You made us light Chanukah candles on our vacation in the Baja. 37. You make the best banana bread. 38. You make my shirts so white. 39. You never said anything when I played my music too loud. 40. You encouraged me to have good friends. 41. You are so proud of me when you take me to the Alzheimer’s facilities. 42. You took care of my cat. 43. You keep coming to Israel even though it is very hard. 44. There is always food for me when I visit. 45. You understand why I don’t visit with the family more often. 46. You left work early to take care of me if I was sick. 47. You send me newspaper clippings of things you think I’ll find interesting. 48. You went to Parents of Children in Israel meetings. 49. You showed me how important it was to be part of the Jewish community. 50. You encouraged me to be a counselor for the youth group in Reno. 51. You buy the kids Purim costumes at the post-Halloween sales. 52. You encouraged me to teach Hebrew School when I was in college. 53. You were so proud of me when I didn’t play tennis on Yom Kippur in college. (Sandy Koufax gets an assist on that one.) 54. You made me feel so special at the Walk-a-Thon by putting me in a police car. 55. You let me stay over at Jeff and Judy’s. 56. You always get me great shirts.

57. You put up with my messy room. 58. You cooked for the Sunday night family/friends get-togethers. 59. You let us have a dog. 60. You took care of me when I had knee surgery. 61. You’ve never said anything negative about Dad in your life. 62. You gave me Grandma Small’s quilt. 63. You take me shopping for presents for the kids. 64. You think of fundraising contacts for me. 65. You brought Lynn to visit in Israel. 66. You take such good care of Dad. 67. You gave everything you had to Dave when he was sick. 68. You kept all of my things, even though they clutter the garage. 69. You come with Dad to pick me up at the airport late at night. 70. You smile every time you see me get off the plane. 71. You don’t complain that there is only one place to eat breakfast where we live. 72. You took the kids on a boat ride they never would have gone on. 73. You let Dad make us so many beautiful things, like boats and mirrors. 74. You leave me with a hug and a tear. 75. You bought me contacts when the glasses weren’t cutting it for tennis. 76. You bought me the very first Pong game for Chanukah. 77. You always remember birthdays. 78. You always remember anniversaries. 79. You always ask me when I’m coming to visit. 80. You had this wonderful party and gave me the opportunity to reflect on all of you’ve done for me since even before I was born. Thank you.

Source: http://www.aish.com/f/hp/pa/98223249.html