Distance: 122.

0 miles Drive time: 133 minutes
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From (A): 9302 Ocean Gtwy Easton, MD 21601 1. Start out on OCEAN GTWY (Going South) 45.33 miles 2. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto SALISBURY BYP/US-50 (Going East) 3.63 miles 3. Take RAMP toward DOVER 0.33 miles 4. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto OCEAN HWY (Going Northeast) 4.11 miles 5. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto SUSSEX HWY/US-13 (Going North) 18.92 miles 6. Turn LEFT onto SEASHORE HWY/SR-404 (Going Northwest) 0.02 miles 7. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto S MAIN ST/SR-404-BR/US-13-BR (Going Northwest) 1.50 miles 8. Turn LEFT onto MARKET ST/SR-404-BR (Going West) 0.45 miles 9. Turn RIGHT onto SEASHORE HWY (Going Northwest) 7.49 miles 10. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto MD-404 (Going West) 23.52 miles 11. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto RAMP (Going Northwest) 0.06 miles 12. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto OCEAN GTWY/US-50 (Going North) 6.61 miles 13. Take US-50 W RAMP US-50 W RAMP 0.78 miles 14. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto BLUE STAR MEMORIAL HWY/US-301 (Going Southwest) 8.13 miles 15. Continue on BLUE STAR MEMORIAL HWY/US-301/US-50 0.00 miles 16. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto 37 (Going West) 0.20 miles 17. Take MD-8 RAMP MD-8 RAMP 0.03 miles 18. Turn LEFT onto BUSINESS PKY/MD-8 (Going South) 0.08 miles 19. Take US-50 E RAMP US-50 E RAMP 0.23 miles 20. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BLUE STAR MEMORIAL HWY/US-301/US-50 (Going East) 0.36 miles 21. Take EXIT 38A RAMP 0.06 miles 22. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto THOMPSON CREEK RD (Going South) 0.04 miles 23. Turn LEFT onto FALCON CT (Going East) 0.06 miles 24. Turn LEFT onto BLUE JAY CT/BLUEJAY CT (Going North) 0.01 miles To (B): 115 BLUE JAY CT BALTIMORE METRO AREA, MD 21666

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