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6065 Memorial Drive Account Number: 4877490003
Dublin, Ohio 43017 4327584
Invoice Number:
Statement Print Date: 6/25/2008

Please pay by: 7/11/2008 Please pay by:

Emergency Outages and Service Requests

Total Amount Due: $337.24 Centerpoint 1-800-332-7143

Previous Balance $537.10
Dynowatt Customer Care
Payments Received $537.10
Balance Forward $0.00 M-F 8:00am - 7:00pm EST
TOTAL CURRENT MONTHLY CHARGES $337.24 Toll Free: 1-877-DYNOWATT (1-877-396-6928)
Amount Due $337.24 website:

If you believe this bill includes unauthorized charges, please

contact us at 1-877-DYNOWATT (1-877-396-6928) to discuss
these charges. You may also file a complaint with Dynowatt,
2225 West Southlake Blvd. Suite 423, Southlake, Texas 76092.
Please see next page for a detail of current month charges.

Current Month Charges:

kWh Usage History
Energy Charge (1297 kWh @ $0.25179 per kWh) $326.57
Monthly Base Charge $4.95 2800

Non-Recurring Transmission & Distribution $-0.08 2450

Applicable Taxes $5.80 2100






08 08 08 08 08 08 07 07 07 07 07 7
n ay pr ar b n ec ov ct p ug l0
The average price you paid for electric service this month Ju M A M Fe Ja D N O Se A Ju
(excluding taxes) : $0.256 / kWh

Important Messages:

Please return this portion with your payment. Make your check or money order payable to Dynowatt.

Account Number: 4877490003

Invoice Number: 4327584
6065 Memorial Drive Due Date: 7/11/2008
Dublin, Ohio 43017
Amount Due: $337.24
Amount Due After Due Date: $354.10
Amount Enclosed: $
Check to donate to the Dynowatt Help program

$1.00 $5.00 $10.00

606 BAYWOOD ST Dynowatt

SHOREACRES, TX 77571 P.O. Box 4851
Houston, TX 77210-4851

23 0500003372450000337240 4877490003
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6065 Memorial Drive
Account Number: 4877490003
Dublin, Ohio 43017
Invoice Number: 4327584
Statement Print Date: 6/25/2008

Meter Readings and Consumption Detail:

Readings Service Period

ESIID Meter No. Begin End Meter kWh Usage Billed Demand Begin End Service Address
Constant (KW)

1008901010624122841100 I53884495 2736.00 4033.00 1 1297 0 6/6/2008 6/20/2008 606 BAYWOOD ST

Number Summary:

Understanding Your Bill:

Explicación del recibo:
Right to Dispute Bill – If you believe your bill is inaccurate or you wish to dispute all or part of any bill, please contact Dynowatt at (877) DYNOWATT. If you
are Detail:
not satisfied Detail:
with the decision or do not receive a decision within 10 days, you have the right to appeal to the PUC – Customer Protection, PO Box 13326,
Austin, TX 78711-3326. Telephone (888) 782-8477. Hearing and speech impaired individuals with text telephone (TTY) may contact the commission at (800)

Texas Office: Dynowatt, 2225 W. Southlake Blvd, Suite 423, Southlake, TX, 76092.
* Mail payments to: Dynowatt, PO Box 4851, Houston, TX, 77210-4851.
* Mail notes and letters in a separate envelope to: Dynowatt, 2225 West Southlake Blvd. Suite 423, Southlake, Texas 76092.
* REP Certification: 10078.

If you are having difficulty understanding your bill, please call 1-877-DYNOWATT (1-877-396-6928) during normal work hours (8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Eastern
Time). One of our agents will be available to help you.

Si tiene dificultad entendiendo su cuenta, por favor llame al 1-877-DYNOWATT (1-877-396-6928) durante nuestras horas de oficina (8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Hora
Este - Tiempo Uniforme Oriental). Uno de nuestros agentes le podra dar asistencia.

Energy Charge – Charges for the production of electricity.

ERCOT System Fee – Charges for administration, ancillary services and congestion associated with the state's electric grid operator – The Electric Reliability
Council of Texas (ERCOT).
kW (kiloWatt) – (1) A measure of demand for power during a present time – minutes, hours, days, months; (2) 1,000 watts – Ten 100-watt light bulbs use one
kW of electric power.
kWh (kiloWatt-hour) – The basic unit of electric energy for which most customers are charged in cents per kiloWatt-hour.
Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) Charges – Charges as billed by your TDSP to Dynowatt for delivering electricity to your meter(s).
Charges for Applicable Taxes – Any Federal, State or local taxes associated with the sale of electricity.
Adjustments – Charges or corrections made to your account since last bill.
Late Payment Charge – A late payment of 5.00% will be applied to any unpaid balance if payment is not received by the due date.