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Well first of all my nameis FemandoBecerraand I attendJordanHigh

School.I havebeenat this schoolfor threeyears,I havesomehowmadeit this far thanks

to someteachersthat actually teach and like helping us studentsleam by going stepby

stepon what we got to do. Unlike other teachersthat just showup to get paid anddo not

careif we learn or if we havetrouble with the work that has beengiven. But out of the

three yearsI been here at Jordan I never met a teacheras enthusiasticand heipfui to

studentsasMs. Salazar.Sheis one of the bestand mostrespectfulteachersat Jordan,she

te11it how it is and speaksher mind out on what is right for us and what is not. Most

teacherscan not compareto her, becausewhen you are in her class is as if you were

walking into your homesomewhereto be protectedandspeakyour mind out with no one

to judge on what you say.Otherteachertreat us like we aredumbandwith no respectbut

Ms. Salazarkeats us way different;.she.issomeonewe all can trust'if we haveproblems

or troublewith any classshe.triesher.bestto makeus feel better.,Ms,.Salazar


me beiieveand achievemy goals in life of what I want to be and what mattersin iife,

someoneelse would have walk out on us but she has not, she has back us up in any

situation.Shehas taughtus a 1otin thesepassmonths,and we have learnedmore with

each passing day. We as a class try to show her and iet her know that her

accomplishmentson heiping us do work out and we just want to seeher happy.Now

sincethey want to fire her I do not think Jordanwould be the sameand you will be doing

a big mistakeon getting her fued becausesooneror late! she will be neededlike she is

needednow.GettingMs. Salazarfired wouldbe like loosinga big helphereat this school

becausefaceit hereat Jordanno teachercaresif we leamor not unlike Ms. Salazar.