INTRODUCTION TO STEEL Steel is a very familiar word these days and needs no identification, as it is commonly used, just as iron

. As the decades or centuries have passed it has created its own identity. In this rapidly increasing world of technology and science the word steel sounds an important meaning. Steel in its basic form of iron has been used since ages to make tools and utensils. In the present age it is used in everything from needles to airplanes and from common household to large industries. It is rightly called there is a little bit of steel in everybody s life. Steel basically is an alloy of iron with varying percentages of carbon, sulphur, phosphorus and manganese etc. for its various applications. These elements give steel specific properties like hardness, resistance to rust and corrosion, high tensile strength,

ability to get moulded into different shapes these properties make this alloy important for diverse technical fields. aviation industry. the list is endless. pipes industry. construction industry. .flexibility. and many others. ship building industry. New researchers are being carried out at various research centres to take maximum benefit of steel with the ever-increasing population the steel industry is growing fast. Steel is used in utensils industry.