When the reason I am standing by the crabb family I have stood for the gospel, when it seemed I stood

alone But through the heartache and frustration, I ve kept my focus on the thrown So many times I have recall, the saviour s words so true If you won t be ashamed of me, I won t be of you And so I proudly stand, until I see The face of the one who gave everything for me

When the reason that am standing Stands in front of me And every battle that I ve fought Will fade from memory I bow before his mighty thrown Fall down on my knees When the reason that am standing Stands in front of me

The road have not been easy

And at times I ve lost my way And so often i have stumbled Just searching for the light of day The circumstances all around me I taught I ll surely fall The whispering of doubt and fear Told me you will lose it all But he kept me with his amazing grace And someday soon I ll have the chance to thank him face to face We will join the millions Every kindred tongue and race And every child of god that day will look upon his face When the hero s and the martyrs who died on the pagan side We ll all stand together and declare that Jesus is lord .

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