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Ulangan I

Ulangan I

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Published by: LailyVodicka on Oct 26, 2010
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Nama : ««««««««««««««««««««.. No : ««.. ENGLISH GRADE VII Ulangan 1 I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d.

(Pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan meberi tanda silang pada a, b, c, atau d) (15) 1. Iva.: Hi, how are you Ika? 10. This sign means«« Ika: «««. a. Danger a. Thank you c. I¶m fine, thanks b. Smoke b. How do you do d. Thaks c. Don¶t smoke 2. Luthfi.: Hello, my name¶s Luthfi. d. No parking Fila : «««.I¶m Fila. a. Thank you c. I¶m fine b. Hi d. Thaks 3. Estri : Hello. «««..What¶s your name? 11.Rifqi : Look! The board is dirty.Yogi, Vendi : Hi. I¶m Vendi. ««««.,please. a. I¶m Estri c. I¶m fine, thanks Yogi : OK. b. How do you do d. I¶m Vendi a. Close the door c. Open the door 4. Waluyo: ««««««, Kiki? b. Sweep the floor d. Clean the board Kiki :I¶m from Nogosari a. Where are you from c. I¶m sorry 12. This sign means« b. How are you d. What¶s your a. Turn here name b. Turn right 5. Timbul:Yocky, ««««Dwi, my c. Turn left classmate. Dwi, this is Yocky. d. Turn around here Yocky : Hi Dwi. Dwi : Hi Yocky. a. He is my friend c. How are you 13. This sign means «. b. This is d. It¶s nice to meet you 6. Imron : Mom, this is Ridwan. He¶s my a. Park here classmate. b. Stop here Ridwan : Hello Mrs.Retno. It¶s nice to c. Don¶t park here meet you. d. Don¶t turn right Mrs.Retno : ««. a. How are you c. What¶s your name? b. Come in d. Nice to meet you, too 14. This sign means «. 7. Ms. Laily : Look! The floor is dirty. Dhea, a. Don¶t turn right ««.., please. b. Don¶t turn left Dhea : OK c. Don¶t turn around a. Clean the window c. Open the door d. Don¶t go a head b. Sweep the floor d. Clean the board 8. Rendi : Look! The door is open. Tri,««« please. 15. The students are noisy. Triyono : OK. Ms. Laily:««««««. a. Close the door c. Open the door Students : Yes, ma¶am b. Sweep the floor d. Clean the board a. Be noisy c. Don¶t be silent 9. Yogi«..a student in SMP 5 Panggang. b. Silent, please. d.Go outside! a. am b. is c. are d. do

Answer the following questions based on the following ID card (Jawablah pertanyaan berikut berdasarkan kartu identitas berikut) (35) 1.« g. Ika.. and Timbul ««. 60 = «««. What is the name of this ID card? 2. 4. Dwi and Cahyo study in the same school.. clever. his. 2. 91 =«« c.. «««. How old is he? 5.pets are cats.90=««. 88= ««. I «« a teacher. 11 = ««. diligent. Where was he born? . 77 = «««. Complete this sentence using the correct to be. is. ««. 21 = «««. What nationality is he? 4. 5 = «. Complete this sentence using the correct possesive adjective: my. IV. or its (Lengkapilah kalimat berikut dengan to be possesive adjective yang tepat: my. is. You««. our. Write the numbers in English (Tulislah nomor berikut dalam Bahasa Inggris) (30) a. 3. am. II.100=««.. 80 = ««. and I have the same pets.. 1 = «« d. h. your. j. i. her. our. Rendi.. their. 5. your.Nama : ««««««««««««««««««««. «««.school is SMP 5 Panggang. b. their. III.. Dhea and Ervi «« my best friends.. 4.new motor bike is Jupiter MX.. 79 = ««« l. No : ««. What is his name? 3.. IV. ««book is an English book. e. «««. o.sister is Rianti. or its) (10) 1. n. Rifqi. her. Kiki. 37 = «««. am atau are) (10) 1. Estri has an elder sister. 89 = ««.classmates. 9 = «« f. 2. I have a new book. m. Andhika buys a new motor bike. 5. Imron and I ««.. k. his. or are (Lengkapilah kalimat berikut dengan to be yang tepat. 3..

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