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180 The Saturday Review. [Feb. 19; 1859. tho jaliabianis “ Airyia”—in wih nothing of the ror goee CLS dtanean be doer." ds lier ns tls wns Somtegup at intervals and gong down again, or beng put down, fd peopled by sree tht has bstone occupation fhe which i alng tpampled on. Tn this they lve, and move, and have th Heine, To wk them how of whers they are sulycted tothe proces inion os an inst o eso ax ab attempt co rob thems of an Hneet raihovd stat tiebestto be content oleavetho mystery Unvolned: Therein, iowere oncsalactory enturein te pseu Eontitionof iis curious bubnot deisble people wie int they Srovery niuch reduced as to numbers and respectability. Te Bou Ac pes et Raper greta they of uh 8 ‘mode of life, or they have got tired of it, ‘and the race would be Dprvity nome extinct not ¢hut {he cies aul provincia Toys of Inga inve en spfido for producing peculiar breed Or ule. ostedo-veck, sonehee-onslogows fo tie Ameresn Ioaterey Tein for those thet‘booke ike Nngent's Aoianeck aro ranted, ond all Lhngy conaidrod, iis questionable whether the Miterfernes ofthe Goversment sm svelte matter ix igoiied or egnabiey eopesialiy yeu it i svolectd Hatin ada tothe fiom. tha? Bnyleod Se thrampling on. them” these, fxn riot bate agotver vine = Rogland i trembling a oem. f'n remedial measure c'realy reqaived, noiang would answer Spotter i toserive and Togalize tho ination of th futione Hgts Idlenoe ina ch bottom af the miaeie pad theobriodk ahaa isto eupply a congenial employment. PERIODICAL, WRITING. JYPE BEESTOND WoMR seconded t's 4 er Ta whieh he repented and explnined the remone he had already urged inthe Cumbvidge Exsope for eeaing our a3 {distinct profesion, ints whyeh-mion Of al esses should e per: Sunled to’ cater avomedly and openiy. We do wot wisi at present to resume the diacuason of subjeet which has so many Files andlends into sp. many fines-of inquiry. Dut as joute “bu'ieiny if nots dine aod secogaiaed profeasion, isa eset 98 Secupetion in wich tonay persons pos Cis time’ end by mick they em ter livellaoodt many bo worth while to conser _tvhssqunities tho seeuration demands, end: whe’ prospects i Tnolds out. Peviodea writing, howeror, sof very vious iiuda, fnd'periodieal ysters ro of very. vasioun enpitations ad as ‘our space forbids ua to take more,than « single portion of a vast field, weshall coho ons revsarksto calling ait presenta set torien who Lave reoered whataccording to tbo Enghsh standard, Joa igl and sonnd Cieations and Who aim at misting Poly i Yeviodeals of «high character.” Men generelly drift ino, rather Ehan select, thie'gseupution but hove ao aleays parson who tne sendy, or are beginning, to fall nto st, nado at some pero of dei carver svauld- He to ask themselves or their more Sipetenord. friends what ie before them “fn aliompliog: nswer the qucetion, we are addressing a vory limited elaea but His one with whieh'we have especially #2 40, and we think we ‘ay be rendering euch persons & service if we enter frankly on] ~. Binubject which fe, ¢8 thom at Jas, of the higher fatoret. “Mis: Whackeray bis said, that nothing ia so easy as to bo a author ; for you have. only to get pon, ik, and Paper, and your lock iatoade ia enmpleto. Yon fit dows ond writs, aod When {Your writing is finished, you. are the muthoe. you wieked to be. Hue Me. Thackeray was probably Cifking of a author whose higha aro very gat get oery aap tt fala from th pen Tint once drew Becky Sharpe, Ici eater to ald down to write ‘hen fo write, snd. i is ensier fo write thaa to get the mating published. A young saver alwaya finds atttaves some time Zid trouble io get his apticles Fegularly accepted by a ret-clnes periodical. ‘Phe delusion that aay ono ean ‘wrie|so very sisple D'thing 99-0 leading sviiclo or h. roviow prerasle widely, end othing hut experience will convincea beginner of the diflculty. Borne tery fa person, afer golog through the wutine of a good education, can inte almoat at ones ; but they tre either met Sho, singly ged by natn hare hal ongoing Ine society tbat hes sharpened’ and. polished their sntellect, oF they writ well rom a poouiaefusliy of composition, hushare no overol gong on owe yry well fx ordinary nen, haroves, Hhore isa absolute necessity for a long spect taining in jour. nlism before the bighestexcelloneo ie attained, and we may coy That, without an exception, the very best writing ie always fuse ‘oft ma who bas had long practice. It ie obpicts ins this ‘mutt bp 0 wehon wo consider that the syle fe ee ‘saa part Br good writing: sad (het sichnou of ditaion had gant of TLE Us educa equally euentih 1A sondage neces tf those who ere susiogs to énlet on the oesupltio of ering of Pies es tie 8 ae ome ot relog Joule to: meced, “a irge majority wil ty leah tea Seainss elo "DM geo odantocy Ot fouctaln as goer Petal pis ole: grofecicas eta} ML tecab athe eee Uiiget a chance: J cltore. are on the look-out for rei forcomeate of strongth, and “Nill wilisgly gem fale eal Ho era (us Oo nasa pretibial fee oe yt ourEaEL Gs incon trays 12 eaiibea betas hoy wide Bree amenity ot 0b, tak sai Wier eaeeatt cess Eke aot titel abject brcsees theccaaljectroce Woe met take aot and ate the"ches cto mates Tu faprers thought on paper lean ned thot the sxpreation ere elves even from practised writer will often sosas poor as coms I fs pated wh tho unoxpreted thought of che reader anda clever Eis fel Oat ao much more be aid ou nay of ths pe: Imineat polit o: itary topics ofthe day than rapt (o pemuade himself Lat be could sy: liven it he ftiemptt fo write what lo chinks, it may probably tate some Une an expereney to corvines iin ‘of tho ‘empllnes of trong) Docuae he ees his ovo, Wuexprated thougils in i Compaition, "How quickly he mil pate tbrough (be neces Araitiog will depend'on hit abilities nd ie industry ; buy ay overall, somo training mat be wadergone, and all trakung [volves some dimppoinisenta (9 bo incured, aod ‘maby Git ce tue srmotited. Tet a bowerer, auppoto (bat a persons established is ponitonexayerodieal weiter. What are te practi advesages Ena dihdvantages of tet postion We aout may Gat if we take a burvey of other professions gonerelly, Ne adventepee es Ugh considerable. Ht tre dt the’ wiles probe ingot enol gent, TT he dtornined : if and ie reaslute in doing Ink est for periodicals ony of the Highest] cosy hit income fom writigg, may poully.not edtoed four houdted syesr. ‘Dub fon ho meg bef 09 ¢xin tee infone gt six of gevensinl-tsenty, whew in'toet dee roteaps men ate spending rer thaw soesving move, and Uere is uo other calling under tho sun by which suc an income itso plaumnatly eamned® The tino the seer ie almostenleay lis ome engaged on suber of thegresto atarat thin “is hevpropon fojoninianes wily th bese curent Lteratase— in Wits wag. of bearing poliies dicussed by men ho, ie witfia the sangeof ves! idence; wid above all he ie fron Inte 'tht son pankdship of men wo have pido tare hopes thi tft nko Lech alive in him all that hes most ston to eleri,and who enable ito preserve in Inter ie thote ibis of iotimate aad aqual croyaionship whieh or the ma Flew and pesbaps tie most asf, fue of tho days o hs Tntegifi, Ke hog tho amt of jerensing”baovledge and, be ‘sonielisintllect oa way chet press ents tht are de Sito and inmedits, aot ofthe ligheabeharscter. Generally too, Uperah vo las pascd eucessully through the protrcied and ‘apontife cours ofa good English education io ether ponscteed sFoomp prirns meu or ie 4 shaver in tho serenurs of the fplandid tndowmenta Wich dave enticed the great scaly of ‘agla eorning. "The aldon f bie professional some qret Inne thé commend of all tbat he eam reasonably wut i ere aioe {amuried, and if he Soarsien he will probably Tough the beppleet pte, of buman exstonoe "that of lve jn tudeprt of coliage wher thero le very stole hope and very ide unsety ‘Bul tho tino wl of éourse zome when eich sn. inoome il seem razr, and Foresoatoly,Ghero is geacrdly a auipmer 0 follow fue Writer's epring----Thore iso roooguisad. pel of Aratotment, but aa!'a Sailer of fact adrunbement comes. ‘Through ue of mnty channel, cach in itself ancora, aa te geeune pl income’ Mtlerbiy ceria o b6 pot hi ay. ilkes fore srt of edllorshig'e fered him, of some Goferi= dnenf of elugstonal appeintnent, or sone cig cess faa soeondaby pofeuion ecards hispatienoe and perererance. If sec Poe rau he le nd ere es Hikes for lnndéed a yearat tet hell inal prota bev ibe ap of tmkng hk howrat year lug ele fay ‘We ope fs dese direct tora of Boney, Bees our cette to colder writing a «profnsion, and sta lot ae of © pro- fetsion pio Wiking of te money to be medecin i Ur cates a owe poi PANS pati tet so polls toynd ihe colar wager ttl ny y unl Hoa By wonk avers a fo necessary tn fen tle muctnfsl an cope. to go realy: Poyocd thi ‘dest levalon,, He will seis contermporariesrho have been succesful iat ine Bossom into bop, aden, and med Et Garaget whe Pe romain comparatitey potare ned cm sabres hls renting camper ene aed The cdot iit bie puoome has somo caries’ and. bean ob tained here plenty) and it hop of nmnturoto derve any Evileton from the miaortuies of other, ho may chet bite Eit-niip sedeatiog Siow many teneieed clergymen, sal how ‘any edptains in the army aud ory, fd it lade to insotaia f degeok gure that he dec OF & Gompatiaon with mea ab Iutaly ustesseaful-starvidg trates ond putsonleslewenani, ‘ith erry merit abd evoryspecen of dk under the sun Sant Waksil segemsrs te opeck peri Uooante to ate ae Sure thd ey exit ent of novel: andprky beet” een an tereunohi-peiraly outsapeous, to ond seally propose feck that bert of eatapargn wiih hiniell Tn mo caon out of ton, a wsiter in the position of which wo hare bepnspenkiog Se calla to the bar and thes greatly fois sian. He aioe retried wpe suomi Sonroalin’ is Sore of a asia lcdeed proton thea ita ‘presenti agin neta bo dered: Sie aco pute hima 2 Uerrsed of advancemeut ithe byepaths of the lw, and there Ja 0 rotaon wy he sold ab Minbal out of sdeecomeat fa thovpelh tad. eis uot olen that very susseteol lagers ato ‘ariod pu th oceufutios of willing long after thes ell, but inan| of exeeplonal courte, perseverance, and bili, ‘night ence siege nse (omen ah tecilly it he used Baniament ex” the ests fo profesional a a ‘Tho greatest gain, however, 39. nolthor in the rary, that aid, that he‘ Feb. 12, 1859-] The Saturday Review. 181 ment—it is in the opportunity afforded for pursuing legal i ase mie 8 pes aal nea, mie ene See Loe eere eee Te ee ae eat cite Bi peach yeh brine vad ga ae Keen sec ror cum td gh ee eer ent sn an operate came nd oa rainy lng te teem : cwuRen Rares, ME, BRON, nie roeat Richt, pce, spent, with Mi teinority wit ne ‘classes tho subject of Chureerates as among "thos of mixer importance "and be,-as a Dissenter, vr ight to be Titoned to when fie assures ‘up thal it "i uc re 4 matin of euiend th pesuary impriaee Inybody."" And yet with his eutious fell in going wrong, the idanaey of fruth whiok he hos got hold of seit more of less {han the hole truth. Te ia more chan tho teath, if he means to epeat what wes sigmatized ts Lard Derby's sbarpest taunt to TED oppononls of Churcherates-—tné mo other than sca ele tents ave at work jn the opposition to them. It se less than ‘he truth if ho asks us to believe thes ite only a squabble on a point of etiquette, Undoubtedly he ia right, if he means to uy Hat the old ground. of vesistaneo to Churel:rates, and, indeed, the whale asfeet of existing dstent torards tho’ Curly has Jnsousibly. changed. ‘Sime was hon Dissenters objected to Ghorel-tates beenlaa they vere & oontssbution to the cause of Maticbeisty steeple-houses were religions abominations, and mon eve Dimon tense ng ited pul cory rier Cae To Keep up, the synagogues of Satwa, ‘his wan Gh old felin Saiy ekprewed se ie id langunges But ia days of Pointed Goth nveting-houses, chants dn conventieles, ad bells and aans-amd even qurplices te denotsinalionl and steeple chapels, Sreen no Longer be eu that st is question of principle.” Aud bal tat i tpe etn principle is torbe set down ao.mcte seat nent, Me. Bright is wat to be contradicted. Bobie it ao? The old principle which instigated oppos fo Chureh-tate ie lost yet what as superseded it may Uo more n'a wore seatiment. Te may be a real, substantial priveiple, {hough beld loosely and unconaeioualy by Those who profess to te eetuonoed by i Tedueed: to ite eimplest elements, te ob- Faation to Ghurch-rétes isthe objeation to pay for otber people's Hiigion.” And. this, choogh it may bo euly alinginess in come Tee Ta path ere’ sentiment; aud it de @ prueplo altogether {elepondent of slatiatis and elon, A pape unt presen to ‘esuent bring oot ho fat tht ihe io aouttibuted ‘by property, but that the propecty which. pays Ghurevates in all But o scanty minority of fastanees, pos- Seesel by Cuorchien.” Tt ha -been, shown, moroover, that the Aevuver of parishes ia whieh Chussherates have boon success Fly sessted ts infinitesimally amall, Those Ietarns prove like. AAIY Ghat after a quarter of eontary of agitation, ou tho very geet imate, 903.00 is anitally conlbuted, end mostly. by Churehmaes, to Chuveherats. "But allthis does not touth the principle, which We hold to be averp nilone,. The abolition of Church-ratasjlova as naturally, fobacr or laa kom the Toleration Ast of William and Lary: wiueer water ultimately reaches the sea. Given the legal er, and Chorch-ratet must go, And har 38 th fallacy in ake augotpout that if in tha oneo-you edit cho serupley, real or Hunulated, of the minority, you aro bound in eonsiatency to reeo- fr hee cotten ty ie dont th Foot rs enough to say that tho law does not recognise the tecoplon bouh ena, of pnkonte ea ‘he Liwhulness of Boyeatreet, but that the Ee igo conten linn declared, man's sight not to belong to tho Ghrateh, aod all tat follows ome de, Uh, of the recon Blue Dookie nok that i estabiacs, as dooe, tho menses au pe cpanderaree of property on theside of te Churchman, Tee abalone hope et, al eat ab vaatialyia tue Chutchmen's ovnlands. "Tho tendenoyet things “2 couimulation rather then to total abolition, If Churetimen Je the mont part pay Chanch-rats, would bo simple tyranny on "Ss pt of seta ony has Cy lal ok shure Tend to redebmm thom if they choose. ‘The principle of the Copy- Hold Rofeasehtacment Act bas ast‘ presedent whial Che land Sonera toayit they please aval thawealves of. «Xabi ia not {obo eoneesed Wat the pore just published culs both ways. ‘Raceriatang that Churcieate ie unquestionably, burden on ‘audio the suonnt at lena of go0,0002. 4 year, the landlords may. Ahemselyes, a2 in Henry Ville hn, greop’ ot the substantial jaurelirate is not only + Tg of wacooionl abolion, TF they dp vo, and i aay chem for commnutation jn rejected by the country party, Churel Sregatone wil be in fll should tle tine hortaed sic of ‘ringwe bere Reaed so nach falLingo decay and ruin, Teil hot bo at any rate the Get Une Gat the Church fs found ite ea en Taio hon ad Ue ncureient post ft the Church i a burihen on real propesty may be extended fom Oburetrates to ikse and rent-cunges) “his is one point on which the advocates of Ohursh-rates ma even get bo Cincy pine Thete fe another in whieh they wil frievously iatuke eis own intoresia it they fais on a com fromise Wich is sanetioned. by the venorablo and seepectable nono Goovrns A cote of tat hoy fen eg. gested thet elope he shoul bo drawn between the Fate necor. try for the repairs of the fabrien and contributions for the ex- Dosses of worstp, And i is quite posible tht Dieenters may Hope di eggetion, ot thy wil do oon for an oer Object of thee own, ‘To make the elnreis ia this way publio property will bo to establish the priniplo that they azo only for TicTaomaon use of the vhole peoples and ebozelmen wil not Jong rotaa, for th special and exalesiyo uaa of ono hud, build Jeme to the opeiey and maintenance of which alt religions Sa A250 oe ata a veh is the como property of all the ratepayers, all the fetepayert il ci to"ue Te may be, abit abroad, Church of England in the morning, Romanist in the afternoon, fod Baptist tn the evening,” Mee Duncombe has already given Folica of measure embodying thia very prieipe, and doublens Tor thin very purpose. ae we ue renind Dieter a tion raised by them agaiare the. proposition for & formal pro Sin of not belonging to the Evabtabed Church being accepted fava lense fromthe ob gation to pay Choreh-rate, fitand av. May ating af th cemans ineaey ey lave accepted this propontiion, itis quite plain tha ilo gal creda a the nate of keting ‘man is tDissonter he considers ity or be ought 19 consider Iino diograce—formetly he sed to boast of the priv ‘Roylows sometbing of {he kind must bo adopled. This perfectly monstrous that Dissenters should blow hot and cold— Mould conselentiouslyelsim to, be relieved from the peenniary Burthon, aad yet should couseietiously claim to interfore tho Punish voniny. Mr, Rocbock sead very propor leere fo this point s for nights ago folie Dissenting colleague, Mtr aad, by reminding hima what sights of terrence 4ith the Prete concern of Churchmen Disentess certainly didnot Ps Kego“Teit is ello imperlinence in Mr. Tadfeld to gies hia {dgment on what prayers or preachments the Chore ould Heid or abolish itis simple tyranny fo claim, ae. Dnsentere ‘flor doy allo ave voi ae on the internal manage ‘ent of funds from the. obligation of contributing to which ‘ey claim, and vith justice, 0 bo released. ‘Suire we are that the solution bf tis matter is practically ia the hands of Chyrehmen. Abajdoning, aa they must do, the o ‘lui fo compel 2 man to pay foe a religion ho does not prof Charehmen will, on the strength of the recent refuime, press with, eat foree the argument drairafrom the sight of m man encan- ering his property if Le pleesed, and in spite of Mort Acts, for a° purpose which, if he is f sincere member of the Church to whith he professes to belong, ought to be dearer to him than drainage and manorialrights, If the Churchman may exeamber his proporty for these material ends, why nob encourage him to a to for tho higher oberts of prototing domestic fo and social disunion, and of laying for ever the angry spectres,of re- Tigious strife by thechoup expenditure of redeeming the principal fin which is reprerented by tho insiguificant anual expen Aitake of compulsory Charch-rates num NantOnAd GALLERY AND THE RovAL ACADEMY. ccs ice, haces Mea Gully ik ndtv, a Iago nna Calin gi eg Ma greed ee aa ot eat ikl The atin Acar treet nee alee cere Rie es erie litte ae Pen ieee ae caangcl plo he tal ata is ten a pte ores fe ae) SP Byres na lr ation Gallery's building avaible for fhe Navonal afer’ letaray bay davolved on Ut ery Minister to nose uabalanced simbition wo owed tome years 050 he act whieh hus; more than any other thing, tended to embroll nd to delay tho ottiement, Se many events now crowd them- selves {utd a few auoatbs that the wajority of the. world has fy is timo probably clean forgovten thai. the Chancellor. of Lye Mechoguct who, somo yeas» ago, sought 4p. distingul Izaself by the bold stroke of lavontiog in a speculative. Aten down. among the Brompton swamps, was the very same in Bian who atood up on Tuceday to! congralato bimeal and Tip ballon on, hnvlag. ent, the” Gordian Hack by throving Broinpton and tho worldoverbopre, and clinging. to old-feohioned ‘Trafalgnr-square. We are nol, however [rae oak rastlly aocops oat tteus gift-horse in the mouth, ‘the dispute by (ho obvious and sensible expe