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Subjective: Readiness for When the Within the 8˚ Goal met. Within
“Okay na ako.” As Enhanced systems in the shift, the client - establish rapport - to facilitate the 8˚ shift, the
verbalized by the Therapeutic body respond will maintain cooperation as well client maintained
patient Regimen related well to normal health as to gain pt’s trust normal health
to normal health medications and status and status and
Objective: status. treatments it remain free from - accept client’s - it promotes sense remained free
- received pt. lying results to good possible evaluation of own of self-esteem and from
on bed ĉ ongoing health. Thus, our complications. strengths or confidence to possible
IVF of D5LR 500ml body is ready to limitations while continue efforts complications.
@ 190cc level, regain its normal working together
infusing well to functioning. to improve abilities
right arm - to maintain high-
- conscious and - help client’s level of well-being
coherent needs, potential
-ambulatory problems, and
- ĉ non-productive sources of stress - to prevent
cough possible
- ĉ good skin - identify complications
turgor contributing
-ĉ good capillary factors that may
refill need to be
- on soft diet improve now or in - to broaden ideas
- ĉ good appetite, the future that the pt may
consumed all food already have in
served - provide order to reinforce
- ĉ normal bowel suggestions to the positive behaviors
elimination pt for sources of
- voiding freely ĉ support that will
yellowish urine help reinforce - to note changes
output enhanced that can affect the
- afebrile behaviors pt’s condition
- take and record - to assure that the
T: 37.1*C vital signs body receives
P: 72bpm accurate amount of
R: 25breath/min fluids and
Bp: 110/70mmHg - to regulate IVF as electrolytes
- to promote
optimum wellness

- provide health
teachings such as:
☺ increase oral
fluid intake
☺ instruct
proper disposal of
☺ emphasize
the importance of
proper hygiene
☺ review the
manner of
preparation and
storage of foods
☺ advise to - to serve as a
avoid eating street guide in doing self-
foods medication that
- instructed on
home meds