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Resources: ‡ Recruit and train ‡ Increase # of ‡ Increase involvement
‡ Funding parent leaders Parents in communities of parents associated
‡ National and local ‡ Provide technical who are trained by with FIP in their
program staff parent leaders on children¶s Education
assistance to
parent involvement
‡ Parents parent leaders
‡ Increase parents¶
‡ Develop and ‡ Increase parent Levels of involvement in
Collaborations: Disseminate
‡ School materials on Number knowledge on how to
become involved in their
their children¶s
education ± parents
administrators and
parent involvement
to parents
of parent children¶s education work closely with school
systems and seek
‡ Local organizations
‡ National
‡ Build leaders ‡ Build or strengthen
local collaborations at
Leadership Positions

relationships with
schools trained each site to promote
and sustain parent
‡ Establish FIP
Planning: ‡ Disseminate FIP Involvement
‡ Evaluation materials to local
‡ Program and national ‡ Increase awareness of
sustainability funders and and commitment to FIP
‡ Build
relationships with
potential local or
national long-term