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SS a ay PS Ce ADMISSION FORM ‘Course applied for (in order of preference) 2.Parantage | || | | | 3.PermanentAddress!_|- f Bs Pett L 4, Address for Correspondencel_ | 5. Occupation of Father with designation | 6.OfficeAddress | [> | | 7.DateBirth | 8.Residential Ph.No. 9.E-mailiD______CellNo. 10. Academic information:- S. | Class Subject Max.] Marks | %lge No. Marks | Obtained A B © |Graduation’ 11.2) BPEE Notification No/Date b)BPEE S.No.As perselection list ©) Uni Notification No. Dated 12. That in case ! leave the College for any reason whatever before or after attending the classes for any period, then in that event I shall pay the fee for full course. Signature of Parent/Guardian relationship ‘Signature of the Student With name With name BEFORE THE PRINCIPAL ‘SSM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND POLYTECHNIC DIVAR PARIHASPORA, PATTAN, KASHMIR (To be submitted on Non~Judicial paper for Rs. 5/= before any Ist class Magistrate) AFFIDAVIT 1. _ Ihave sought admission in SSM College of Engineering under. quota. case |am selected by BPEE/University of Kashmir/AIEEE/or by any other $titution after my selection in SSM, | shall not claim any refund of fee. 3. Incase the BPE selects me on merit basis in SSM College of Enginetring after my selection under Management quota, | shall pay the fee for the new admission as prescribed by the government/University, irrespective of the fee already deposited under Management quota. 4, _ Incase I leave the College before or after attending the classes for any period, | shall have to pay the fee for entire course. 5. lunderstand library feeis non refundable. Deponent Guarantor