Now yellow balloon dad. Ganesha started smiling.Effect of Balloons !!! In a small town. The balloon was tied with a string and Shankar left the balloon in the air. there lived a balloon seller named Shankar. the balloon grew larger full with energy. red & yellow. It rose higher & higher in the sky and reached to a height. . His bag was filled with balloons coloured green. Ganesha said. His son Ganesha was watching his father. filling gas in the green balloon. which could not been seen.

.Contd«. Ganesha said. Shankar took out a yellow balloon from his bag. filled the gas tied the string and left it in the air. The balloon rose high and then the gas in the balloon gushed out and the balloon burst. ³Now red balloon dad´.

Shankar took out a red balloon from his bag. filled the gas tied the string and left it in the air. Now the string did not support. The string got loose and the air gushed out and the balloon fell to the ground.Contd«. .

We all are balloons and we can grow higher only if we take the gas within us and the string with us together. If any of the three do not support we cannot raise high to achieve our goals. neighbors and relatives act as the gas and string. We cannot grow to heights without guidance and support of our colleagues and subordinates. we are the balloon. then our friends.Impact of Balloons in Everyone¶s life«. . we are the balloon.. If any one tries to separate either the balloon will burst or it will fall to the ground. If we are talking of family growth. gas is our colleagues and string is our subordinates. If we are talking of social growth. A family can be peaceful and grow high only if all these are together and go in the same direction. If we are talking of career growth. the spouse is the gas and children are the string.

to grow in all dimensions. . have your gas and strings together.Learning Lesson« So.


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