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Membership Application Date: ____________


(Please Indicate Changes(s) from last year)

Last Name:____________________________ First Name: ______________________ Age: _____

Address: _________________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________ State: _______________ Zip Code: _____________
Home Phone: _______________________ AMA Number _______________________________
E-Mail _______________________________________________ *for Newsletters and important club info
AMA Classification and Woodland Club Fee (Check all that apply):

□ Juniors, ages 00-14 ($5.00)

□ Seniors, 15-19 ($10.00)
□ Open, ages 20 + ($40.00)
□ Family Plan: One “Open” family member at full price, all additional family members dues are
half the above listed rates.

Are you just starting out in this hobby and would like free flight training? □Yes □No
Club activities you would like to get involved with (Check all that apply):

□Flight Instructor □Contest Director □Club Officer □Technical Support □Newsletter Editor
“I agree to comply with Woodland Aero Modelers (WAM) Club Flying Field Safety and Operational
Rules which includes employing/abiding by club safety guidelines and demonstrate proper flying
protocols. I understand that my failure to comply with the WAM’s field rules, by-laws, or any
activity deemed detrimental to the club may constitute grounds to be dropped from the club’s
membership roster.”


Officers Use Only

□ Treasurer ______________________ Date ________ □ Other _______________ Date: ______

□ Secretary ______________________ Date ________ □ Recorder ____________ Date ______