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Seasons Greetings from Christopher Paolini

Seasons Greetings from Christopher Paolini
Seasons Greetings! I am writing to you from my home in Montana, where I’m
currently snowed in. From my window I see the soaring Beartooth Mountains, which inspired my fantasy series, the Inheritance cycle. Sometimes I imagine the dragon Saphira soaring among the jagged mountain peaks, her blue scales sparkling and reflecting rays of sunlight at the snowbanks around her. I’m currently writing the conclusion of Eragon and Saphira’s adventures, a project that has taken me over ten years. It’s hard for me to imagine getting up in the morning and not thinking about it. And yet, I can hardly wait to be finished, for I have many other stories to tell. In my office is a long desk, and if you could see it you would probably smile, for it’s covered with piles of books, new books ... like presents yet to be unwrapped. Once my manuscript is finished, I’m going to immerse myself in words, not my own, but others’. Although I have little time for reading, the Iain M. Banks sci-fi books have recently captured my attention. His creativity and world building have astonished me more than once. And I’m looking forward to launching into Tad Williams’s Shadowmarch series.

I wish you the very best and hope you find quiet moments to relax with a good book and, for a time, venture into another world.

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