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History of Plastics
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Data to the History of Plastics (1)

1530 Recipe for a plastic made from Milkcasein

1832 First Raincoat made from natural rubber
1835 First production of Vinylchloride and observation of its
polymerisation by sunlight (Victor Regnault)
1869 Invention of Celluloid by Brothers Hyatt (USA), Patent for
the first injection moulding machine (1872)
1872 Winning of a synthetic resin made of Phenol and
Formaldehyde („Pre-Bakelit“)
1877 Anker-box of bricks made from Casein-synthetic resin
1905 Further development/improvement of the Celluloseacetats
(reinfrocement of airplane wings)
1907 Production of the first full-synthetic plastic made from
Phenol und Formaldehyde (Bakelit)
1910 Begin of the industrial Production of Bakelite
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Data to the History of Plastics (2)

1922 Hermann Staudinger forms the expression

„Macromoleküle“ (1935 theory accepted, 1953
1927 Discovery of a splinter proof glas composite (Acrylic
1928 Begin of the production of PVC in US
1933 First production of Polyethylene at difficult conditions
(heat und high pressure)
1935 Discovery of Nylon (Polyamide 66)
1942 Patent of Hans Beck (D) about the screw of injection
moulding machine of the nowadays type of construction
1949 Development of Styrofoam
1953 Production of Polyethylene at normal conditions by
discovery of the Ziegler-Natta Catalyst
1954 Production of Polypropylene
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John Wesley Hyatt

Inventor of Celluloide and first injection moulding machine

* 1837 in Starkey,
New York
+ 1920 in Shot Hills,
New Jersey
ca.1872 Production of
Celluloide in Albany

Billiard balls injection moulding maschine

Were turned on lathe machines Type HH16
and belonged to the first procucts made Performance 10-12 g
of Celluloid. Constructed in 1922-23 by
brothers Eckert
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Hermann Staudinger
Discoverer of the Macromoleküles

* 1881 in Worms
+ 1965 in Freiburg d. B.
1922 publication of the Theory
of the Macromoleküles
Demonstration of his discovery, 1953 Nobelprice
the Macromoleküles

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Perlon and Nylon

Mai 1940

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