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Savitri Subhanbi Khan du Chattel. "A Dream of Indra"

Savitri Subhanbi Khan du Chattel. "A Dream of Indra"

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Modest and sincere book of Sufi poetry "A dream of Indra" by Savitri Subhanbi Khan-du Chattel, written in 1938 and published in "Lévesque" (Suresnes, France). Interesting that on first page of book written "No copy right", it possible to say this book are one of the first examples of public domain books.
Modest and sincere book of Sufi poetry "A dream of Indra" by Savitri Subhanbi Khan-du Chattel, written in 1938 and published in "Lévesque" (Suresnes, France). Interesting that on first page of book written "No copy right", it possible to say this book are one of the first examples of public domain books.

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These poems are to be understood, symbolical. Hazret Inayat Khan says, the soul expresses itself not complexity, but in a simple form. M. K.

A dream of Indra has come on earth as love. A dream of Indra has come as harmony and beauty. The dream of Indra is perfect in these three attributes.

Sidi-Bou-Said. Jan. 1937

The Spirit of Christhood. God made a Garden with his own Hands. He planted various trees in this paradise. He looked for a gardener who would nurture his trees.

God made a harp, with his own Hands. Every string was a note of the soul. God looked for a player, whose fingers, W i t h love, would harmonize these notes.

God created the W o r d , which was Light and Breath. He wished this W o r d to be transmitted on earth. That his Light may illuminate the dark minds.

Christ bowed humbly before the Master of Masters. Requested, give to me the garden with the trees. Hand over to me the harp, with the various strings. Entrust to me the W o r d of your universe. W i t h your Help I will bring forth the flowers, W i t h your Music I accomplish the symphony, W i t h your W o r d I will bring eternal Life ! God answered : My Spirit shall commune with your Spirit. My Love is one with your Love, W i l l dwell in the hearts of my children.



Hazret Inayat Khan. W h i l e playing the vina, Hazret approached the Gate of God. And God was listening. The player while playing sat down near the Gate of God. And God was listening.

The player started to sing the song of life. And Cod was listening. Then Cod requested the player to enter in his Gate, And asked what is your wish ?

0 Cod, I see so many flowers broken on my way ! Teach me that magic Song, That all those flowers may regain your Life again.

Christmas. Christmas day again appears. Christ's Name is held by pious lips. He the Saviour of the world. But till to day not understood.

As a Shining Light He still appears ! W i t h outstretched Arms He is waiting. To receive all the weary souls. But how few understand his Being !

His Arms full of flowers, He is bringing. As the promise of a new spring. To this ungrateful world, void of love. But yet out of his Love was born a new morn.

Hazret Inayat Khan. W h a t scent is hidden in the air ? W h a t rose perfume caress my face P Sacred steps I hear on earth. Approaching is a Sufi Messenger.

A call, a song is heard in the space ! He is the remover of dusty veils. He is the bringer of the Truth. At his gate are waiting weary souls.

God, Christ and Prophet Mohammed's Names are his Shield ! All Messengers He respects, none is forgotten. The ignorance is scattered, a new light is born !

Hazret Inayat Khan. Spring has come, with Love and Light ! Spring has come, after much pain and strife ! Spring has come, after the blosseming of the heart !

Spring Spring Spring Spring

has come, His steps have touched the ground. has come, with wings of Love and flowers followed. has come, when his glance removed the cloud ! has come, after the breaking of the dawn !

The Sword of Prophet Mohammed. The Sword of the Prophet; the Sword of virtue it was ! His Sword has cut the vices from the Truth. His Sword was the bearer of happiness. And has brought a new culture !

His Sword came from Heaven. Blessed It was from Allah Himself. Where-ever the Prophet went with Every where prosperity, It brought !


The Was Firm This

Hand which carried this Sword, pure and full of honesty. and soft was this Hand, blessed Hand was a Healer.

Every Musulman must wear this Sword. It must be hidden in the heart. Their whole life they must remember, This responsibility and this honour !

Why ! W h y still ever mourn the past ! Hold in thy heart the promise of the dawn. W h y shed such bitter tears ? See the sunrays of thy pilgrimway. W h y cherish all the pain ? Hold to the compassion of Cod's plan ! W h y remember the thorns upon thy way ? Hold the roses of this day !


Flying are the thoughts from me, As the speedy breeze. Scattered they are, as autumn leaves. Have my thoughts brought joy to me ?

Flying are my thoughts from me, As drops of a fountain stream. And my thoughts are taken By the patient sea.



Khawaja Nizamudin Aulia. Your holy Shrine is guarded near Delhi. All creeds are attracted as the lark to the sun, To your Durgah which is exalting and healing. You are protecting this beautiful town. You are the Dweller in the garden of bulbuls. Your love is cherished as the dew on the roses.



Khawajah Moinudin Christi. To Khawajah Caribanawaz. Merciful One and Compassionate. Approaching is Subhanbi at your Gate. At your Sacred Tomb I am kneeling. My head is touching your holy Feet. From wordly pain the heart is healed. One of Allah's diamonds, is your Being. Exalted One and purest One. Thousands folds your Name is praised. From your stream of love I am surrounded. Your magnetism holds me fast. And your call my soul has answered. I feel the flavour of your Thought. The Reminder of Allah's Love. Your Heart reflected Allah's Light. W e came to you for compassion.

Chapaner. Dec. 1933

Jumamusjid. The sun is slowly rising over its ruins. The rays shoot forth their everlasting glory. In all the corners is lingering peace. But over the past glory Jumamusjid mourns !
Bulbul means nightingale.

Once it was created with hands of love. Once it was built by hearts full of devotion. W h y then in ruins, has it fallen ? Devotion has left this building of stone !

The sun has risen, an aureol of light, Surrounds jumamusjid as ever. All that is earthly may disappear, But Allah's Name will last for ever.

E. India. 1934

The Tombs of peace. W h a t a peace around these Tombs, There were the saints are resting. Near their feet the scent is burning. The air is filled with the fragrance of the roses.

At their feet, humbly, the pilgrims are kneeling. Their lips are murmering sacred words. The air is filled with their chanting. These sacred tombs give peace to the soul.


Once vibration was the space. Then the W o r d was spoken. His Breath created the Universe. From deep sleep of Self The awakening of consciousness was born. W h a t ever his Glance was touching, W a s creating life ! Form and without Form his Being.

Taj Mahal. Born of the heart of the lotus. Inspired by the Mind divine. Builed through the devotion of man. W a s erected this building.

Invisible Hands and yet visible. Constructed this dream of reality. A witness to the Cod unseen. And men are moved by its beauty.

Spelbound is the nightingale. The rose forgets her fragance. W h e n the moon is caressing Taj Mahal. Wrapping this beauty in her silver veil.

Pawager. Cooling is the breeze, scent fills the air. More then anywhere else, is the lustre of the sun. As the veil of the bride, so light is the air. O tell me what mystery is every where ?

Steadily higher we are climbing. Our goal is to reach the sacred Tombs. Is it that hidden hands are helping ? In His protection we reached our goal.

Pawager. Far removed, surrounded by the silence. Haughty and remote in its beauty. Gently caressed by the whisper's breeze. Looks down at the valleys Pawager.

This mountain is carrying a double crown. This mountain is twice holy and sacred. A Devi and Pir have left there their bodely gawn. And worrying souls find release from their burden. By every step we climb to the height. Is left some thing of our egos. Invisible hands are helping our feet. But faith must be carried in our folded hands.
Suresnes. 1934.

The Temple. 0 Cod, where is thy temple ? 1 am constantly seeking thy Dwellingplace ! I am seeking thy temple in the space. The answer came from within; The temple is to be found at every step, The temple you find in your heart. I am within and I am without, Know whatever you touch is my Temple ! Personality. O Cod unveil thy beauty before my eyes ! Where can I find thy Grace ? Where can I hear thy music play ? Grant my prayer, I am waiting ! From within the answer came and it replied. In nature is my beauty unveiled. Whatever you meet is the music of my life ! Personality is the Grace, for which you must strive ! The Dervish. W h a t is this thrilling in the air ? W h o is approaching so late in the night ? A singing is ringing so fine and pure ! A dervish is approaching with his sitar.

A necklace of flowers around himself, And flowers around his instrument. He sings, oh listen to the voice of my heart, W h e r e is the Beloved hiding Himself ! A garland of flowers are his songs. To the Beloved he offers these flowers. The Beloved is hiding Himself in the calix. And the fragrance of them is Cod's Truth.
Sidi-Bou-Sai'd. Feb. 1937.

Sirar. Play my sitar the mystical dance of the soul ! Is not your music a call from the higher sphere ? And every note an expression of the soul ? Tell, did you not catch your sound from the world unseen ? — My wood and strings express the joy to be. — My music is a link of earth and heaven. — My sound wishes to exalt the Soul unseen. — And He realizes Himself again in my being.
Sidi-Bou-Said. Jan. 1937.

W h e n I was sitting at his feet. And listening to his sitar ! I was lost in his magical notes. It was so each note was answering to a soul. Rose perfume was felt in the air. Earth was forgotten through his melody.
Suresnes. 1935.

Musharaff Khan. Absorbed in the music of life. Tuning himself in the world's strife. He plays soft notes from his lute. The flowers are listening near his foot. The whole atmosphere is wrapped in his music.

Far away his eyes are fixed. Not seeing the outer space. In music he himself is raptured, In the Infinite he makes his trace.

Silence. Nature is absorbed in its silence. In this stilness, one hears a music play. Still no leaves are rustling, no sound one hears. And in this exstacy of peace, Nature has many things to say.



The Master. W h e n He is awaiting, why to be so anxious ? W h e n He awaiting, why to fear life's experience. Take up with courage the task of life. He is awaiting for you, after the world's strife.
Sidi-Bou-Said. 1936.

W h a t is love which never showed love. But what is love when one is involved in love ! Those who never gave love, do'nt know about love. But who have given love, are themselves love.

Soul. 0 my soul do not wonder at Your prison house. W h y not experience life's tastes ? W h y lament that the sky is no more your own ? Turn your prison house into space !

W h y tremble that all became limited. W h y shed tears about the prison bars ? One day also they will fall into pieces, And soon your soul will be free as before !

Sidi-Bou-Said. Feb. 1937.

I took my seeking heart in my hands. Holding my heart as a compass. — 0 tell me, where will you lead me ? It answered, I seek for happiness. My heart passed through many a desert place. It went to riverbeds, but found no water. It sought for flowers, but they were faded. The heart was nearly dying on its way. But the heart found the real Source in the end. By the compassionate One the heart was led. Hazret Inayat Khan was the bringer of that joy, W h i c h develops the heart towards the real Coal.

Beloved. W h a t silent song did you sing in my longing ears ? W h a t perturbed my whole being in exstacy ? Your silent song opened the door of my heart. Thy magic words made me shed so many tears. Every tree whispered thy words to me. The desert of my heart turned to a garden of flowers. Beloved, my whole live long I searched for Thee ! W h y had I to wait so many years, tell me ? But at last I found the pearl of my heart.

Waning moon. W h y all those tears on the roses leaves ? W h y are their hearts so bleeding ? In silence even is the breeze. No birds are thrilling their song.

The beloved is leaving them, His last kiss has caressed them, He bade them good bye. He has left them, o say why ?

Spring. Emprisonned in the garden of love, is the breeze. The roses hold him fast by their fragrance. And the dance of the light makes him forget, That the world is waiting for his cooling breath.

The breeze only sings before the queen. He forgets that the world is waiting for his song. The whole garden is wrapped in the beauty of the spring. Even the birds are silent with the music of the breeze.

The rising sun. Wrapped in the light of the beloved, By his bloomy lips shyly kissed, The lark rises high in the aether.

In the freedom of her being, Loved by her beloved one. Caressed by the winged breeze, Her song jubilates through the space.

Sunset. Good night, o sun good night ! My heart's longing holds thee fast. You are setting, slowly leaving me. But my love holds thee still fast !

My My But My

outstretched arms wish to detain thee. whole being bid thee farewell. my longing eyes hold thy light. soul prays come back to me.

W h y , o why hast thou left me. Dim seems the world without thee. My heart is pained without thy light. How lonely is the earth without thee.

Thy Thy My Tell

rays have kissed the earth, glance has caressed my eyes. soul has dansed at thy sight. me, why didst thou leave me ?


The evening sky after sunset. The whole day you sent us gray clouds ! And your temper was so naught ! Cray was your face and gray your gown. Tears were in your eyes, the whole day round. W h e n I became impatient and quarelled with your mood. You looked so haughty and cold ! But see before the sky was kissed by the night, Your face became beaming and bright ! You changed you dress in a light green cloth. And a shawl of purple around your loins. I wondered, are you dressing yourself for me ? It was for some one else, you never saw me.

Suffer all things and rise above all things.

The lover. First you were hiding your gentle face. Your curls were hidden in a light gray veil. Your eyes you shut from my sight ! The light of your forehead you covered. Your little graceful hands you are hiding. And your dancing feet are lazy ! So many days you are cruel with me ! — But what do I see ? You arrange your curls with perfume and m You wrap yourself with a golden dress ? Your little feet are dancing ? You stretch your arms ! But not at my sight ! And my heart is pained for ever.

The hidden sun. You are caught in your bad mood ! Thick clouds of whims you have gathered Now the wind is playing you tricks ! The rain is clattering in the wood ! W h e n I was placing at the gentle rays, My burning love, my constancy. W h e n I was praising your glorious light You played with me, you scoffed at m e . You have unchained the heavy clouds ! You have unchained the whimsical winds You have unchained the dropping rain ! And what now ?

The playful sun. W h e n I wish to see your face. W h e n I like to catch your rays. You call at once the fickle clouds. I find no more your trace.

When I When I You call My eyes

wish to adore your brilliant face. wish to wrap myself in your rays. at once the blowing wind. are covered with the sand.

W h y be so cruel with my burning pain ? W h e n I am longing to hold you fast. You mocking send in my face; the rain ! I am ashamed, I told the secret of my heart.

W h y can I not hold you for some time ! W h y run away from my longing eyes ? W h y show your wrath to me ? But know, you are emprisoned in my soul.

Nature. W h a t is this fragrance which my heart enjoys ? W h a t is it that toucheth my longing eyes ? W h a t is it, that my being exalts ? It is Cod's nature which my soul delights.

W h a t is this murmur of the sea ? W h a t is this song which caresses my W h a t is this rustling of the trees ? It is Cod's nature which speaks to me.

ears ?

Cod is hiding Himself in the wood. But from me He cannot hide his shining Face. Wherever I look I see my Beloved's trace. 0 Beloved do not hide Thyself any longer. Thou hast revealed Thyself to me in Thy nature.

Sidi-Bou-Said. Nov. 1936.

Sunrise. In the view of light is lost the flying night. By the caress of the dawn darkness turned into light. By the kiss of the morn, nature started to bloom. Awakening followed, drawn in his boon.

Sidi-Bou-Said. 1936. Nature folds its beauty in the arms of night. Protected in the veil of the moonlight. W i t h praying hands the flowers are dreaming. Over nature the breeze, as a happy sigh, is lingering.
Sidi-Bou-Said. 1936.

The rain. W h e n the rain, the rain is dripping down. W h e n the clouds are lingering quietly. W h e n from the trees, the tears are gliding. Do not think that they are mourning. It is the song of rain, which give them exstacy.
Sidi-Bou-Said. Nov. 1936.

Autumn ? How can you speak of autumn, W h e n the butterflies are dancing in the air ! How can you speak of autumn, W h e n the deep blue sky caresses the sea ! How can you speak of autumn, W h e n a silver gauze are wearing, the mountains. The ever changing sea has become a lake of peace.

Jan. 1937. My little flower, tears like diamonds, Are lying on your delicate leaves. W h y did you shed these shining tears ?

Through my pain these shining tears I shed. Through losing myself, the Self I found. The light from within, then appeared.

Sidi-Bou-Sai'd. Nov. 1936.

W a s it a swan on the Mediterranean ? W a s it a boat with silver wings ? So long it was some thing to admire ! W h a t does it matter what it was !

The dawn. W h e n through the night, the dawn is breaking W h e n with a smile appears, the morn. W h e n from his Breath shoot forth, the sun. The whole nature rejoys his coming.

Sun ! Sun you are my Healer, my delight ! W h e n I am raptured in your light, Then all my worry starts to flight. Comforter, none is left of my plight. W h e n my soul is caught in your light !

The Master. W h e n behind a cloud the sun is hidden. Do not worry ! W h e n over the ground, sweeps the storm. Do not worry ! In your heart, He is hidden. Call Him softly by his Name. He will take the fear away.

Soul. At the feet of the lake the lily is dreaming. To be a lovely flower she is wishing. Does not see her own sweet and pure garment. Forgot to mirror her beauty in the waiting lake.

Mystery ! Sky ! when you wear you mystical garment. In an unknown joy, then is my state. Do tell me the secret of your being ! — It is, that He has entered in my gate !

Sidi-Bou-Said. Febr. ]

W h e n we look on the surface of nature, How perfect and beautiful it is ! The sun is playing with the curls of the waves. The insects are kissing the flowers. The breeze is gently playing with the leaves. But what is beneath all this beauty ?

In nature is hidden so much distress. A silent groaning is heard, life lives on lifes. W h e n I am in grief and my nabour too, W h e n the child is weeping and suffers too. W h e n nations are fighting against their brothers. Then what is this life, where leads it t o ?

This life has two faces, and which is true ? But Cod answers, do seek for peace. On earth W e wish to know the effect of pain. This life is a play of light and shade. But know I live this life, my Life is two. I live on my Life and I am true !

Fire worshippers. Fire, fire every where. Fire below, fire above. Fire on the left and fire at the right. And all were adoring the fire ! The Master came and looked around. Where is the fire, every where he looked. W h e r e is fire, when there is no fire in the heart ! W h e r e is light, when there is within no light !

The clouds of worry. O Sun, the clouds have covered your face. Tell me how can you ever come again ? Nothing, but nothing is left of your trace ! W h y do you claim, to be the Powerful One ?

The answer came and said' W h e n I let for a while, the clouds play. Do not doubt about my way ! The clouds do know, they are my slaves. W i t h my command, their power fades away.


Do not wait for tomorrow, live for to day, And make the day as beautiful as you can. Make the earth for others Heaven every day, Accomplish your duty fully in every way, Take every day as an opportunity, But do not ask from any one, roses !

W h e n I see the rocky mountains with their faces rough and fine, it does remind me the human beings, who are bound and chained on the wheel of life'.


W h y still to mourn when the joy is near, W h y see the clouds when the sun pierce through, W h y shed tears when the smile appears, W h y dispair when hope comes near. Faith is scattering all life's fear.

W h a t do you speak of joy, it is a fleeting thing, Happiness can we, realize this here on earth ? My heart, my loving heart, how many times it was deceiving W h e n one holds one's ears, to love's song and was thinking, I found my destination, my happiness on earth. W h e n I was seeking on my way for love, W h e n I was seeking my happiness on earth, No answer came and life as rocks so rough. So many tears were shed in lonely days. Then when I thought this life, this life is vain, A call came from above, I am your love !

Every What God's What

where I see this Great Moulder. ever his fingers touch is fine and pure. glory left his footprints here. his Eyes caress become fruitful for ever.

This life is but full of illusions, But in my heart I hold the beauty of the rose. This life is just a pilgrimway. But my eyes are admiring the shooting forth of the ray. This life is but an unreality. But where I go, I find God's beauty !

Joy, my joy, keep Safe and at peace Unite with me, joy, On the horizon of

close to my craving within. and so begin my vision thy dance,


Joy, you are my guide and my precious light. You lift all barriers, joy, my lasting pain you put to fli No barrier remains between my love and me. You are the conqueror, joy; you are the king in me.

To day you are king over everything. In thy embrace take all space.

Approach of autumn. The branches of the trees are gracefully dancing, Each one of them singing its own melody, And the flowers send out their sweet perfums, But threads of autumn catch the leaves.

The sun shoots forth his glorious rays, The trees repeat the murmur of the breeze, A light intense sparkles on the flowers, But threads of autumn catch the leaves.

Wonderful to see summer's display Of love, grace, of mystery. Each has his joyful word to say, But threads of autumn catch thee and me.

Crocus. Awakened ? Where am I ? W h a t is this world ? W h a t am I ? W h a t a light around me ! W h o am I ? Full of fragrance is my being; On every leaf light is shining. Is it a dream, or am I something ?

Delhi. 1934.

Impatience. Under the flourishing mangotree I am sitting. The beloved has promised to pass this way. The children are happily dancing and singing. Even a mystery the leaves are whispering. W h a t is it, that of joy every thing is speaking ?

By the branches are caught the flying rays. The birds are hold by the glittering light. By the love of the flowers are imprisoned the bees. The lake is caressing the lotus leaves. The palmtrees are ready to cool the beloved's face.

But what is The light is Quieter and W h y o why The beloved

it ? the beloved is not yet coming ? passing in a silent way. quieter becomes every thing ! is the sun already setting ? has not yet come where I stay.

My eyes become heavy by their tears. My heart is speaking a painful tale. The lake becomes restless by my fears. In my waiting hands I am hiding my face. The night covers me with his gentle veil. I wish to go away atlast. Suddenly by my beloved, I am held fast !


Odysseus. Odysseus Ulysses hear thy inner voice ! W h y to kill all what is good in thee ! Take thy soul as a torch of life. Take the higher Self as thy Guide.

W h y to kill the friend superior ! Every deed has to be answered ! Nemisis judges every deed ! After having conquered, Troy, the town of desire, Thou warst lost in the deep waters of self. Many giants barred thy way. Thou defendest thy friends, thyself from earthly woe. But atlast thou surrendest thyself in the greater Self.

Patience. W h e n I looked at the playful river, I asked, will you be so restless for ever ? — In the embrace of the ocean, I learn patience.

W h e n the storm wraps me in its exstacy, W h e n I hear its music in my ears, W h e n sound after sound thrills through space, It sings it song seek patience !

When I I asked, Are you — We

looked at the waving trees, for what are you waiting ? praying to heaven ? request for endurance with

patience !

O cloud, tell me the secret of your life, It seems to me you are in strife ! The answer came, I fly through space, Without rest, I seek after-patience !

The Tree. W i d e outstretched her arms; in patience. Bending her foliage towards the earth Giving her cooling breath to human beings. Her shadow caresses the playful children.

The rustling and whispering of her leaves, Softly they are waving in the cooing breeze. Cod has sent her to serve the human beings.

The Moulder. The earth has been ploughed, Is bleeding from every wound. She did not wish to become soft. But a powerful Hand did mould ! In its pain it cried aloud. Soft Footsteps wandered over the ground, There where was once pain, flowers came out !

Scatter o clouds of illusion. Enter o Reality in my heart ! At the Gate of Love I am waiting. The Beloved approaches with the crescent moon.

W h y to mourn over the past And what is done, is done. W h y to shed so bitter tears And what is done, is done. Give a smile to every rose And what is done, is done. Forget the thorns on the past And what is done, is done. See God's compassion on thy way And what is done, is done.

A lily stands in the meadow, So pure and glittering with light. I saw it waving from my window, But when it came near to my sight, Many tears were hidden in her calix.

I was comparing you with the « happiness ». Thinking no sorrow ever touched you ! But when I saw these diamonds of tears I understood, that every when meets pain, also you !


The flower. Hidden in its little heart, Keeps it its fragrant thought. Holding in its little hand, Keeps it a brilliant diamond.

Aloud, the little flower dreamed, In the night I heard. Allah in all Thou art hidden, By thee all is held.

Suffering. Why What Why After is there so much suffering ? is the very cause of it ? even plants are suffering ? the innocent deer, is the lion.

Cod where is thy justice ? Where can I see thy goodness ? W h y then, thy Name, we must praise ? W h e n the earth is full of pain ?

O human being remember this. That you are yourself the cause of pain. You are the doer of good and bad. Your conscience is Cod, it shows you the path. Human being let suffer human being.

Pain. Life in the chaos of self. Striving after fame and illusion. Hunting after that which fades again. Mostly out of these strivings are born pain.

Life is Maya is but a play. All earthly goods seem worthwhile to obtain. All hands are stretched after some wealth. But in the theatre of life what does remain.

On the horizon the eyes are fixed. Trying to find its very end. To hold all seeming pleasures in the hand. Out of most of these things are born pain.

W h a t is life ? Life is Maya of self. In the Cosmos is hidden the Only One ! W e must strive to hold his Vision. Then in the end of pain we find happiness.

Realization. 0 ! Mysterious heart, thou causeth me pain ! All the love in my heart I thought in vain. But when I studied the silent nature, 1 found out of its pain, was born, divine structure.

Also nature was in pain once groaning. A chaos of fire, steam and stones. Then came a deep stilness, a closing the A vegetation grew over the scars and cliffs.


Nature was longing for harmony and peace. After the struggles; were born beauty and Love. Out of pain was realized a new life. For divine Love, human being, must pray and strive !

The jalous one. Rustle, rustle softly with thy branches, Murmur quietly the beloved's name : O, do hide before the moon your brightness; Swing gently, leaves, or all will be in vain, To-morrow the beloved will not come again.

0, my little river, do not chant so loud, Do not show your happy tears to the cloud, The pebbles on the way will tell your lover's name; Remember, if the moon will catch your lover's fame, O then, you will wait for the beloved in vain.

0 my sweet flowers, cover your shining eyes; Hide your faces from the listening breeze; Do not tell your love to the neighbour trees; Do not tell before the moon your lover's name : Beware, to-morrow the beloved may not come again.

Let only the nightingale sing his song, So you may dream of the beloved face without fail : Without dreams the night will seem to you too long, And, know, your visage will become, O, so pale, A t dawn ! Wrap yourself in your golden veil !

To one who feels alone. W h e n I greet the flowers upon my way I whisper to them — O my companions, say, W i t h you, I am not alone, I am not alone.

As I wade through the crystal river, Its gentle touch upon my feet, as ever I see I am not alone, I am not alone.

W h e n I climb the hills and rocky mountains, Viewing the grandeur of the One-remains That joy — I am not alone, I am not alone.

As I stretch my hand towards each waiting tree, Feeling in all its leaves its exstacy I know : I am not alone, I am not alone.

W h a t brings me to this gladness ? And fills the air with fragrance ? The ground springs open — it is He, W h o pressed His lips on every flower and tree.

Snowdrop. It has open the door of its dark chamber, And stands, in what a glory; in what light ! Solong with darkness struggling, Creeping day and night towards an unknown land; Always feeling in its little being That there was waiting something bright. Hearing something exalting something bright Always calling, at each moment of its plight; And when it thought : — Frightful ! Now here I must remain, where now I stand !


The leaves of the rose are flushing, A deep red is covering the velvet leaves. The beloved is lightly approaching. In her chastness; she dare not kiss his

lips !

Autumn leaves. 0 we are not sad to disappear. Our life is not yet past. It is just a transformation. Next year we live in another form.

The rose. Its little head is drooping down, Its beauty is already past ! W a s it not yesterday that life began ? W h y does life's hours yet fly so fast !

Soul. Co on sleeping my little seed, sleep on ! Hide thyself in the bosom of the earth. Lose thyself in Cod's Glory, dream on ! W h e n thou awakenest, a new life begins. But the mark of thy dreams, will lie on thy leaves

Already approaching is the night ? Nature wraps herself in her evening gown ! A night song, the breeze already is singing ? The trees are gracefully and softly swinging ! The flowers heads are already bending ? Their fragrance in their calixes, they shut !

The rose. W h e n I am so beautiful — W h y must I pass away ? — Allah answered, in Me You will always remain !
Sidi-Bou-SaTd. 1937.

W h e n the storm perturbs the sea. W h e n the wind bends the trees. W h e n the lighting enflames the clouds. W h e n are falling down, even rocks. Does it not remind you of a soul tasted on earth ?
Sidi-Bou-SaTd. 1937.

Dawn. Decorated is the sky with a golden sign. Unseen hands are preparing his coming. Some mystery is in the sky ! In nature is felt a quivering, why ? The firmament glorifies his Name.
Sidi-Bou-SaTd. |an. 1937.

The rose. Yesterday my rose was admiring her garment. She thought, no one is so beautiful as I ! And my beauty will last for ever !

To day tears are dripping on her garment. Looking and wondering at her changed dressed. — 0 my beauty is bereft !

I answered to my rose, Do not worry about this garment, Every one must once change that dress !

Every thing annihilates in this life. And your beauty, You will find it again in his Court !
Sidi-Bou-Said. Jan. 1937.

The rose. Her little heart, she has opened, And in it, diamonds are got. The fragrance she spreads all around, Is created by her personality.
Sidi-Bou-Said. 1937.

The Rose. Do not worry for thy beauty. Do not think on the hours flight. Leave tomorrow for to morrow. Admire your loveliness with modesty. All beauty is due to God alone. See to day the sparkling of the light, On your robe so dainty ! Do not look with avidity, At the garment of your sister. Each get colour, beauty of that sphere, Inorder to fulfil the purpose of to day.
Sidi-Bou-Said. 1937.

The flower laments that the wind has taken, her robe ! The tree said, nothing is lost, do not mourn any longer Out of your pain a fruit will soon appear.
Sidi-Bou-SaTd. 1937.

Perfect you are my little flower. The structure of every leaf is beautiful. Light shines through your little being. God must have kissed you while you were sleeping. In miniature is reflected, in you, his perfect creation


Drinking the dew of heaven, the rose with folded hands, Waits patiently of her lover's coming. And her fragrance she is shyly spreading, On purpose, that the beloved may find his way !

Violet. In a little corner, hidden in the wood, In all modesty, spreads around Her delicate fragrance, unknown, there it stood.

A holy man walked through the wood Saw it kissed it, said, oh little flower, May men learn from you in this very hour !
Sidi-Bou-Said. 1936.

Ego. W e like to mould our life, as we are wishing. And all our wishes must be fulfilled ! W e do'nt realize, we are a limited being. W e must listen to Him, who knows every thing. All life's wishes must become in his Harmony. Then life alone can create beauty.
Sidi-Bou-Said. 1937.

Surrounded by pinetrees and flowers, Surrounded by singing birds. Caressed by the sky azure, Is not lonely the little mosque.

Suddenly while nature is slumbering. The air is held by a ringing voice. Nature and men are awakening. Soul has heard the Name of Cod.



A voice is reaching far in the air. And I was wondering what it was ? It was so mystical, and touching my heart, And I was wondering what it was ?

Again in the evening it was the same ringing voice ! But then the meaning came to my ears, And now I knew why my heart leaped of joy ! Because it was the Name of the Owner of heart and soul !


15 March.



little wild flower.

W i t h her arms around my neck. You were crying, little girl on my lap. You told me, you belong to me, Take me with you to your land. Tears were dropping from her cheeks.

0 little flower, I said to her; You bedouin with your golden heart. You wild mountain flower near the sea, Away, very soon you will wither W h e n you leave your country.

W i t h her little hand she pointed out, 1 belong to you, and you to me, I must go with you, she held me fast. I kissed my little Habiba. I may come back one day to you. From you, I am not separate. Your little heart belongs to me.


Orpheus. Not broken then the seven cords ? No, still ever more his music lives ! Whose sound has saved so many drifting souls. His sacred songs reminding them Of the source original from whence they came.

Orpheus. Eurydice, my Eurydice, when I went down in the underworld. I did not hear thy gentle voice, thy graceful steps. Eurydice, my Eurydice, when I looked back, thou [disappeared. Only a glimpse I saw of thy radiant face. I called thee back from the east, the west, the north and [from the south. I requested thee from the mountains, from the riverside. No sound is heard; all seem dead to me; only my music [breaks the silence. But atlast I recognised thee in myself.

Jesamine. I loved the Beloved so dearly, That I approached Him gently W h i l e He seemed asleep. But while carefully kissing his Lips He opened his Eyes. My being was transformed white and taintless, My heart became full of his Fragrance !

Dance on my rosetree, thy dance is full of grace ! In Allah's garden perform your joy ! And spread your fragrance through the breeze ! The loving hearts will be caught, by thy ecstacy !



Camels. Peacefully they are advancing, Facing the thirst of their land. Under their feet the sand is moving, So often the death they have to withstand.

Only thistles are found for the hunger. Struggling they are with the burning sun. A reward is waiting for them, o seldom ! Nothing they ask then some water.

Peacefully they are advancing, W i t h their burden on their back. Facing the thirst of their land. Yet they are helped by the hidden Hand.

The Rosary. Hundred and one beats, I hold in my hands. Sacred and touching they are. Each of them is as a shining star. Each beat contains their mystery.

My rosary thou art precious to me. It was the Guide who gave it me. Thou hast revealed a new world to me. And Thou hast enriched life's hours to me !

25 Oct. 1937.

Faith. Faith doest thou play hide and seek with me ? W h e n I seek for thee, thou hidest thyself in my doubt ! W h e n I try to hold thy lofty garment, It slips away from my waiting hands.

Faith, my Faith, my Faith how Yet thou

faith the mystery of my heart. faith the rock in all my torment. many tears I shed on thy garment. art waiting with hopeful hands.

Faith thou art the longing of my heart. On thy altar I offer my flowers. At thy altar I spill my painful tears. W h y see I thy face so far and so near !

Tell me, o faith, will the time come once, That my fingers can touch thy Being. Can I once unveil thy beautiful Face. Can my heart at the end fulfil her longing !

14 Oct. 1937.

My wings, where are my wings ? W h o has cut my wings of Life ? As two white spots they are lying.

In my sleep they have been cut, O my wings of paradise ! W h o can attach again my wings ? Only by the Hand of Cod.

23 Oct. 1937.

Indurance, symbol of the patient lake. Patience, symbol of the waiting rock. Concentration, symbol of the lustre of the planets. In silent struggle as the listening wood. How much you must have learned in these retreats.

25 Oct. 1937.

Sacrifice is asked from life. Through sacrifice came life. Silence broke itself into activity. This activity gave birth to life.


Simla. High I am standing on the mountain. And down is beating the pulse of life. Far o far my eyes penetrate through the horizon. One mountain after the other touch my eyes. Could I ever lift the veil of the horizon ? How small am I and how tremendeous is life !

Love. Every day on the altar of love, I bring my flowers. Every day I bow at the altar of love. And when I asked about my love Where is your ending ? It answers with a smile to me. About your love, it will increase.

W i t h a wondering heart, I am answering, W h a t do you know about my love ? It smiles and answered softly; W h a t do you know about your love !

Love is divine; it comes from Cod. He is the Spark in your being. And every one has that love, But too many have it covered.

W h e n people would cultivate that Love. The earth would change its face. The human being would know that peace. W h i c h they brought once from heaven.

Nature. Of course it is the fragrance of the flowers Their colours an expression of their souls. For Cod their love, their gratefulness. Cod's reward is hidden in their grace.

A graceful dance are dancing the trees. A hymn is singing the whole nature. The eyes catch the rays on the wings of the birds. The moon is holding the caress of the sun.

Beauty. W h e n you kiss the flowers on your way. Do not forget their fragrance. W h e n they smile in your life's hours. Do respect their beauty. Hold in your heart these lovely days. And forget life's bitter pains.

Autumn. Autumn leaves, so beautiful, are spread on the ground. Past is the splendour of their life ! But not yet they accept their destiny. They have gethered all their vitality, Still in their last sigh.

Little it needs o human being. To be disappointed in life. just a prick of a thorn is disturbing, And we shed tears on the rose's leaves.


Life is annihilation ? But did not God annihilate ! Life is sacrifice ? Is He not daily sacrificed ! Life is crucifixion ? W a s He not crucificed ! Life must be a knowledge of self, To unveil the mystery of life.

The Breath of Cod. The earth is breathing under my feet. Its pulsation beats near to my heart. How ever could you say it is without life ! Our life can only live on life.

How could the babe draw live from a dead earth ? How could the flowers draw sustenance from it ? W e and earth are penetrated by the alpervading Breath. Life can only attract live !

Beloved. Beloved why is my heart W h y doest thou tarry of Seest thou not that the W h e n it sees the shower so full of pain ! thy coming ? moon is quivering, of my tears !

I am waiting for thy coming, I am waiting for thy smile. I am listening, listening to hear thy gentle step. W h a t is the glittering of the sun, without the glance of [thine eyes ! And thy voice is as the whisper of the bamboo.

The perfum of the flowers reminds me thy breath. The curls of thy hair are the curve of the rivers. Thy tender hands remind me the palmtrees, W h e n they give their blessing to the earth.

Be not so cruel, hear my sigh, my Beloved. W h y must I shed such countless tears, why be so hard ! W h e n I place my love at thy lingering feet ! Wilst thou atlast listen at the song of my heart ! "

Beloved. Waves, when you kiss the Beloved. Do not forget my name. You are hiding your pearls. In your joyful embrace, To offer them to the Beloved.

How happy you are my waves ! Your treasures they are countless. The pearls speak of your past tears. The red corals are the witness, Of your expecting state !

I can offer nothing, My hands are empty, My feet are tired. But my heart holds the longing, To see the Beloved !

Truth. Truth, thy robe is nature, Truth, thy veil is the sky, Hidden art thou and manifest, Still only a few see thy Light.

W h y do we not see thy Face ? W h y to be hidden in the space ! W h a t is the reason of this enigma ? W h y not have faith ?

The answer came from within : Near thy crasp, is Truth. Truth is nearer than thy being. It are the meek ones who see Truth

Joy. 0 my joy why to be hidden, W h y to mourn over life's pain, And remove my heavy mountain, W h i c h makes my joy to detain.

No my joy do not longer linger. No longer I will be the slave of pain. Enter in my gate of hope and remain. I wish to receive my Beloved with joy.

No o world become as dust before my eyes. I will not look at thy ugly face. Thou art a burden, the chain of chains. But I will behold the treasure of my choice.

Cyclamen. You are so beautiful, a joy for my eyes. The green leaves are carefully painted. A silver hue is spread and shines. Over your leaves so delicate.

Your Each Your Also

rose tinted flowers are full of light, leaf of it, if dancing. flowers are graceful, through your twist. through you Cod's love is speaking.

Innocence. O wait my little seed. Be not so impatient. You are still protected By the arms of mother earth.

O wait my little seed. Still you are wrapped, In mother's tender kiss. W h a t will be afterwards !

O wait my little seed. Till your heart will be opened, Through his will and time. Then your purpose will be known.

Easter. Easter the resurrection of the soul After the crucifixion of this world. Flesh has died, but soul alive ! A new life started in the unseen world.

Heaven and earth are now one. Christ did not die, is One with Cod By his sacrifice and crucifixion. He has become a Light of the world.



Rama who can explain thy power. Not the power of worldly fame. But the power of thy love. Through that love the world changed. Sita was the ideal maid Her compassion challenged with thy love And her name and thy name. W i l l be for ever linked together.



Thy magic flute, shri Krishna, Attracts to thee the worried souls. Thy magic power is extended, Even to plants and beasts. And the whole nature chants shri Krishna.

Buddha in Thy deep set silence. Thy peace speaks to the worried hearts. Thou art the giver of ultimate peace. In this unstable and changeable life.

W h i r l on o wind of fancy, Take with you the dust of life, Clear the way of glitter. Uncover the real purpose Before my inner sight.
Dec. 1937.

Gloomy is the sea to day; The sky has wrapped it in their tears. The sea is listening and motionless. Cannot understand why the sky so gray !

O waves, why do you rise and than fall Because we wish not only to pay homage to The sky, but we wish also to bent ourselves Toward our mother earth !


W h a t would he say ! Quiet my heart, do'nt speak any longer. W h y to remember the name of Him. W h o has taken my heart in a twinkle of an eye !

Quiet my heart do'nt show your bitter tears. He might mock at the longing of my heart. W h y to remember him, his love once for me. He might tell it to the flowers of my heart.

Quiet my heart, do'nt show me the way, Where is living, my beloved. Near his house I might be attracted, W h e n he would see my love, what would he say !


Spring. A dream is lingering on the petals, See a kiss has brought them light, undreamed. Waving softly on their tender stalks, Fragrance they spread around, every side.

Out of deadlike sleep of winter. After the repose of many a months, Again her garment nature is painting. Joy it is spreading every where. Where ever the eyes are wandering, Divine wonder, they are drinking.


The picture of the soul. The sky is hidden behind the clouds. The rain is clattering on the ground. The rain is dropping down as tears. Bending are the branches of the trees. The wind is haunting after their leaves. But the sun shall still again appear.


Hyacinth. The hyacinth is sending its fragrance to me. She is whispering her secret in my ears. She prays bring to the beloved my tears.

My beauty and fragrance belong to him. I am nothing without him. And my live's hours are only for him.


The Light of Cod. The rays of the sun pierce through the clouds. An aureol of light surrounds their beings. They never thought they could be so fine ! But they forget, through Him they got that Light !

W h y to be so proud of world's fame ? Is it not better to be proud in God ! To wander in his Light brings real fame.


W h a t is this ladder before my eyes ? How it is straight up and high ! How ever could I climb on this ladder of life ! It will be too great a struggle and strife. I will dazzle on the great height. W h a t is the purpose of our life ? To climb and reach the height.


It is a blessing to live for others. To give courage to them who lost their hope. To heal the helpless in their distress. Although it is a forgetting of self. It is even helping Cod on earth.


Reason o reason with your reason. But what is the end of reasoning ? That it is not the reason which has But in the end the heart conquers reason.


31 Dec. 1937.

Time. Time thou standest before me, In thy most beautiful garb. Surrounded art thou, with glittering light. Thy smile gives me interprise. Never alike is thy face ! I run after thee with hope and doubt ! Tell me, time, what hast thou brought to me ? Bitterness and sweetness, playest thou with me ? Thou art a great mystery from the first step of my life. Time thou trainest and modelst our soul. W h e n thou tumest the page of our life, Have we learned from thee ?











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