Afrikan 365

January 1
1804: Haiti Independence Day; 1st Afrikan Country !ain its independence 1863: "#e $%ancipation &roc'a%ation takes effect in (Confederate( "erritory 18)8: *'ondike ("#e +'ack Hercu'es( is ,orn 1-10: Harriet &o.ers /e%e%,rance Day; dies in C'arke County0 1A at a!e ) 1-15: Jo#n Henrik C'arke is ,orn in 2nion 3prin!s0 A4 1- ): Ja%es /ee, is ,orn in 5ic#ita0 *3 1-31: 6rank 7ars# is ,orn in 7o,i'e0 A4 89e!ro 4ea!ues: 1-43: 6rank Crai! /e%e%,rance Day 1-50: "ra;is 1rant is ,orn in C'ayton0 A4 1-56: 3udan Independence Day 1-58: 1rand%aster 6'as# is ,orn in +rid!eto.n0 +ar,ados 1-60: Ca%eroon Independence Day 1--0: Da;id Dinkins is s.orn in as 9e. <ork=s first Afrikan %ayor 8A'p#a &#i A'p#a: 004: $'%a /e%e%,rance Day; dies at a!e 8 in +oston0 7A of acute respiratory fai'ure fro% co%p'ication> of dia,etes 00-: ?scar 1rant /e%e%,rance Day; ki''ed ,y a +A/" pi! in ?ak'and0 CA

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