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Obama is NOT an Article II Natural Born Citizen and therefore is NOT Eligible to be President The President and Commander in Chief of USA Must be a “Natural Born” Citizen — U.S. Constitution, Art I Sec 1, Clause 5 No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President ‘The Law of Nations, Vattel, 1758. Used by Ben Franklin John J George Washington, Tho Per the British Nationality Act of 1948, Obama when born in 1961 was a British Subject at birth. Obama's Father was NOT a U.S. Citizen, ‘nor was he an Immigrant to the USA,nor washe even a Permanent Resident of the USA. Article Il “Natural Born Citizen” Means Unity of Citizenship and Sole Allegiance at Birth - by ony AbuzC! Esq. Arce "tra an Cia” ses fe 2 Tee oe meray ast pon Theda hose pros labo fring wit cmt alcgance sal Seay tomy hms Unity of ein ad sk a il esi eon nck a hs a ‘tains a oni y net Grek atl wach he Fong Fab Sasa See, te two. St iz tht he ctl by mtr a A Catalog of Evidence-Concerned Americans Have Good Reaso to Doubt that Putative President Obama was Born in Hawaii Read why here : BLOG: http://puzo1. me com * http://www, Sma org Slcgines sd yay toad emegaly ens nse ai lena Ho Types of US. Citizens influences wach fit of com ee tar = Cotsen cipiiy Ie inert ol unde ta a sn to whan opty egos media ol te rocaey wing infec atin abe Prien Unity of izes a ste legis ot ie ‘Shae tnt alr Ca” he Lino Sete Neuse cane tnd cece ete etee i eval withthe sole pero de he ‘ers th an ig a es Ca {hte equrona, des no suse asi00 repr say, cus sel ty sec Comat Che the Miery Sensual clit and ita hold ‘teecriea eves n Help’ Protect Our Liberty 1 Ss.000 $500" ‘S3WILNOLONIHSYM 3HL / TTOZ ‘LT AUWNINVE AVONOW

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