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VALS System

VALS System

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Published by: Balu K Thomas on Jan 19, 2011
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Presented By: Atul Agarwal Balu K Thomas Dhiraj Bhabhulgaonkar


actionable strategies. and communications real-world. y VALS is the acronym for "Values. real-time. . The system identifies current and future opportunities by segmenting the consumer marketplace on the basis of the personality traits that drive consumer behaviour. y VALS is a marketing and consulting tool that helps businesses worldwide develop and execute more effective strategies. Attitudes and Lifestyles . from new-product development and entry-stage targeting to communications strategy and advertising.y VALS is a consulting and consumer research service. VALS applies in all phases of the marketing process. VALS consulting provides clients with tailored marketing strategies for targeting. positioning.

.y Original VALS system was built by consumer futurist Arnold Mitchell in 1970`s y VALS was formally inaugurated as an SRI International product in 1978 and was cited by Advertising Age as "one of the ten top market research breakthroughs of the 1980s. y In 1989. VALS was redefined to maximize its ability to predict consumer behavior.

3. . 2. Customers can be grouped in 3 categories: need-directed -consumers who make purchases based solely on need. outer-directed -consumers who make purchases based on their perceptions of the way others view them. inner-directed -consumers who make purchases out of some inner need. 1.y VALS is a system for grouping consumers according to psychological and sociological theories in order to predict their behaviour in the purchase decision process.


and selfexpression. achievement. and vanity play a critical role y . novelty seeking. Energy. intellectualism. self-confidence.Primary Motivation An individual's primary motivation determines what in particular about the self or the world is the meaningful core that governs his or her activities y Consumers are inspired by one of three primary motivations: ideals. innovativeness. y y Resources Different levels of resources enhance or constrain a person's expression of his or her primary motivation. leadership. impulsiveness.


As consumers. conventional people with concrete beliefs based on traditional. practical consumers. they choose familiar products and established brands. and the nation. . religion. functionality. and value in the products that they buy. they look for durability. They favor U. Believers are predictable. Thinkers are conservative. established codes: family. They are wellinformed about world and national events and are alert to opportunities to broaden their knowledge. y Believers are conservative. community.y Thinkers tend to be well educated and actively seek out information in the decision-making process.S. products and are generally loyal customers.

Achievers have goal-oriented lifestyles and a deep commitment to career and family. y Strivers are trendy and fun loving. . They favor stylish products . they are often interested in a variety of time-saving devices. Because they are motivated by achievement. Because of their busy lives. Money defines success for Strivers. Image is important to Achievers.y Achievers are motivated by the desire for achievement. they favour established. Strivers are concerned about the opinions and approval of others. prestige products and services that demonstrate success to their peers.

Their purchases reflect the emphasis that they place on looking good and having "cool" stuff. raising children. and socializing. Makers are practical people who have constructive and value self-sufficiency. entertainment. y Makers express themselves and experience the world by working on it building a house. fixing a car. skills .y Experiencers are avid consumers and spend a comparatively high proportion of their income on fashion. or canning vegetables and have enough skill and energy to carry out their projects successfully.

. hobbies. or attitudes y The VALS Survey questionnaire consists of 35 attitude and four demographic questions y The current VALS Survey questionnaire is the third version based on this kind of extensive empirical research. additional demographics.y The purpose of the VALS survey is to identify the VALS type of the person taking the survey y To find out about a person's product ownership. media preferences.

y New Product Development y Positioning y Communication y Geolocation y Policy .

y Applications: y VALS        Ideation Entry-Stage Targeting Concept Testing Focus Groups Features and Benefits Business Partnerships Distribution Channel Eg : A European luxury automobile manufacturer used VALS to identify online. mobile applications that would appeal to affluent.consultants facilitate successful product launches and help avoid costly mistakes y Understanding the needs of various consumer groups guides new-product and services development. early-adopter consumers within the next five years .

based on VALS. The resulting advertising campaign. y Relating features and benefits to distinct segment needs clarifies strategies for targeting and expansion. increased sales 60% in six months. .y Identify which market opportunities are strongest. y Applications:       Competitive Analysis Brand Differentiation Target Selection Proprietary Research Linking of Data Sets Customer Retention y Eg : A Japanese auto manufacturer repositioned its product line in the United States by using VALS to understand target consumer perceptions of its product mix better.

y Applications:  Value Proposition  Brand Personality  Creative Develoment  Channel Planning  Media Placement y Eg: A large pension plan provider to the United States conducted a custom research survey of its participants.y Understanding what motivates consumers illuminates how to speak to them in ways that will initiate action. incorporating VALS to identify which of its participants it could service electronically .

y Applications:        Segmentation Thought-Leader Identification Campaign Ideation Theme Development Communications Design Donor Outreach Public Relation.y Federal. y VALS helped a State Department of Conservation increase residential recycling of bottles and cans through its custom research study. and local governments and other policy makers can use VALS to understand consumer acceptance of and resistance to current and future policy: Nonprofit organizations can benefit by better understanding contributors and volunteers. . state.

. y Create richly textured consumer profiles or personas. y Understand the distinct communications styles of your best targets.y Gain a fresh perspective by getting "into the heads" of your customers.

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