Summary of Oliver Twist

Thebooktellsthe story off thepoororphan Oliver Twist, whogrowed up in a workhouse.Whenhe askedonceformore to eat, theworkhouseownersoldhim. Mr. Sowerberry, an undertakeremployedbytheparish, took Oliver into his service.It was not a bad time for Oliver, but as Mr. Sowerberrysapprentice Noah ClaypoleinsultedOliver'smother, Oiverbeathim.Becausehe was afraid, Oliver escaped to London. There he fell in thehands of a Jewishcriminalknown as Fagin, whowantetto instruct Oliver to a pickpocket. Butthefirstrobberywentwrong. Oliver was arrestet. His victim, Mr.Brownlow, commiseratedwith Oliver and puthim up.Butwhen Mr. Brownlowsent Oliver forshopping, he was kidnapped and was forced to return to Fagin. For a verylong time Oliver spent his life in thehut of thethieveswithout an opportunity to escape. However, when he was shotduring a burglary, he could he save himselfto thedoor of a house, where he collapsed. Thehomeownerstendedhimhealthy. Oliver was allowed to live with them. He experincedthemostbeautiful time of his life. ButFagin was afterhim. He planned an ambush, but he was betrayedbyone of his people. Fangin finallyended at thegallows. In the end Oliver found out who his parentswerethanks toMr.Brownlow. He spent his lifethenceforwardagain at Mr. Brownlow.

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