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Al-Islam - Its Fundamental Principles & Teachings

Al-Islam - Its Fundamental Principles & Teachings

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Published by: AbdulHujjah on Feb 03, 2011
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Q. Is there a health service program in Islam?
A. Yes. It has the best of preventive and treatment systems, and
the most precise programs in broadness and comprehensiveness,
for it covers the health of the body and the soul, the wellbeing of
the individual and the society, and the fitness of the climate and
the environment.
Q. How does this system work?
A. Islam bases the general guidelines for health care program on
three policies:

such a massive body of attorneys”, it does not mean that there is a need for a
small body of lawyers, it is meant there is a need for none. - Editor.


1. Prevention; for this protects the individual, the society, and
the environment against the spread of disease and infections
to anyone of them, and that is through the following:
(a) through the prohibition of the causes of diseases and
infections such as liquor, narcotics, adultery,
homosexuality, and other harmful things; music and
practices that bring about anxieties; liquor shops, brothels,
and suchlike.
(b) through encouraging the etiquettes and traditions of the
individual and social way of life such as cleanliness,
bathing, h}ija>mah which is blood-letting by cupping,

which is the piercing and removing of blood from
the veins, fasting, marriage, use of body creams and oils,
use of herbal treatment such as so‘ut}223

, wearing kohl,
removal of unwanted body hair, particular manners of
eating, drinking, wearing of clothes, housing, sleeping,
and while being awake, and suchlike.
2. Treatment; and that is by referring to herbal medicine and
dietary procedures beneficial for treating diseases, all of
which are simple and easy. Such measures although may not
be comprehensive but they would stop diseases especially at
the outset of the disease. Detailed health care and dietary
programs are given in the books such as “Medicine of the
Prophet” and “Medicine of the Imams” peace be up on them.
3. Supervision: Islam supervises the welfare and cleanliness of
the environment and pursues its protection against pollution,
and also monitors the health of the individual and protects


h}ija>mah and fas}d are procedures for removing blood from the body in aid of
medical benefits. The procedure of h}ija>mah is to remove and dispense of ‘old’
blood from the body by cutting the skin in specific parts of the body. The
procedure fas}d is remove ‘fresh’ or ‘old’ blood from the veins. h}ija>mah is
encouraged by the prophet and is normally done twice a year.


Herbal drug used for sniffing.


him against infection. Furthermore it carefully monitors the
physicians, and fires in them the restraint of the conscience,
and the fear of Allah and His retribution. The Islamic law
holds a physician responsible for any misconduct, even if he
is an expert. This creates a strong sense of responsibility in
the physician such that he would not allow himself to be
complacent in the diagnosis and treatment, and in turn that
makes the physician more observant when diagnosing and
treating the disease, and prescribing the medicine.

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