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Mlnister! C!li!r;l
Uniuneq Arhiieclilor din Rorrernio Mrz-^ul Notional de Add q Romdnlei

It1,ze" Notc o dPArOrlRrncrt,
ieplembrle rolembrie'96

Poster for the

Cenlenory Exhlbltlon


Cenlenst Itlllrrcel lancv,
lo Mrzeu Nofioncl de
Artd ol Rorf dniei, Bucure;ii, 1996

t 895-1995

MarceI tanco Gentenary,
he Ncl ono Mrseun :' Art of Romonio, Bucnoresi

t 895-1995

CAIALOE Cenfenar


MarceI lancu,

ta95 - 1995

Marcel tqnao Gentenary,

ta95 - 1995

Th-^ Union of Architects Romcrnlo


Unluneo Arhitecli or din
Romdn o

Edlturc Simetrlo Un uneo Arhitecti or dln



Publisher Simelr cr Publishing House The Union of Architects ol Romonio


Muzeul Nolronc de Artd
Romdnlel Ministerului Culturil

Sub pctronolu din

The Nolionol Museum of Art of Romcnic Under the poironoge of ihe Minisiry of Cu lure of



Ancc Boccnel Nlcoloe Lcrscu Anc Mcrlo Zohcrricde

Anco Bocdrnef Nlcoloe Lcscu

Moric Zchoriode
and seiectton


Comisarii expoziliei:


Anco lloccnel
Dono Herboy

Ancc Boconef
Dono Herbcry

si sel ecil o i u st'rali Ancc Boccnel
Dcrno Herboy


o r:

of illuslralions:

Anco Boctrnel
Dono Herbcy

Nico cre Lcscu i de

Nico oe Lcscu
Rodiccr Mcrtei

ea lizat'o rii se cti e

rchit'eclu re sect'ion

Rodico Motei

orhiteclurd; Anco Bocirnef,

was done by:

Geo Serbon
Morlcrno Vidcr

Geo $erbon
Morioncr Vido

Nicoloe Loscu, Ano Morlc Zchoriode
Reolizalorii secltei de pict'urd 5i grofica: Dcno Herboy, Rodico Moiel,

Anco Boconel, Nico cre Loscu, Ano Morc Zohoriode
painling and grophic seclion nos done by. Dono Herboy, Rodico Molei, Moricrno Vido

Ano Mcrrio Zohcrriode

Ano Mcr o Zohorlode

leclura si corectura lexlelor; Mcrgdo Teodorescu Desian. ocrn [,1]c[]rco:

languoge supervtsion ond proofreading. Mogdcr Teodorescu

Mcricnc Vido

Graphic Design
aon I llat|rco"
Em lon Murescn


ion Muregcrn

Geo Serbon,
Anco Tomc;evschi Sondu, Rodico Morlon
Design pentru seclto de orhitecturd si ofi5;

Geo $erbcn, Anco Tomosevschi Sondu,

Folografii piclurd
si groficd; George Dumrlriu

Rod.o /V\oilon
Design for lhe architeclure seclion ond post'er:

otog ro phs of po i nt'i n g s and graphic works:

George Dumilriu

Minervo Vd eonu Vlod Co ilcr

Minervo VdLeonr od Co llo

loon Cuciurcdt Mochete.
Proleci Bucuresti, S. A.

oon Cuclurcd

Prolect Bucuresl , S. A.



arhilecturd: Arhlvo fomi lej Jonco, Tel Aviv Anccr Boconel

Photographs for the archit'eclure seclion; .lcnco fomiy Archive, Tel Aviv

Anco Bocdnel
Gheorghe Dumitru

Persoone particuIore;

Ackn owled g


en ts.


Gheorghe Dumitru Ano Morio Zchcrricde

Dodi .lcnco, Tel Aviv

Monico Vieru, Bucuresl
Steven Jonco, Monlreo Adincr Reich, Tel Avlv V odimir Pcrnd, Bucuresli Adincr Ncnu, Bucuregti Coleclioncri porticulori de crld ce doresc sd rdmdnd ononimi

Dodi .lcnco, Tel Aviv Mon ccr Vieru, Buchorest Sleven .]onco, Monlrecl

George Dumitriu
Desene dupd proteclele

Ano Mcrio Zohoriode George Dumitriu
Drawings from the orhilect'ure praiects: Bogdcn onescu Horino Crlsieo Romlno Debrezeni Denrscr Scmson, Andreeo Cel More Mihce o Mirceo

Adino Relch, Tel Aviv
Vlcdimir Pcndr, Buchcrest

de arhileclurd: Bogdcn lonescu
Horincr Crlstec Romincr Debrezeni Den so Scmson,

Adino Nonu, Buchorest
Privole orl colleclors who wish lo remcln

no nyrn o us.


Andreeo Cel More Mihoe o Mlrcecr

Bibliotecc Acodemlei,
Bu cu


Muzeu Lilercturil Romcne

Librory of lhe Romonion Acodemy, Buchoresi Mrseum of Romcnion
Lllercrlu re, Buchoresl

Anc Pelton
P roce sa re co m p u le ri zald : Computer Publishing Center Adrlon Arsene

Ano Pellon
Compuler design: Compuier Publlshing Center Adrron Arsene Don Andrei Acknowledg nents: SOROS Center for Coniemporcry Arts
Printed by: Drukkerll SSP, Amslerdom

cu regli


Federollo ComunltdrfiLor

din Romanio
u ui in

Amboscrdo lsroe

Soonsors: Tlie Federction of rhe lewlsh Communilies of Romcnio Embcssy of sroeJ ln

Dcn Andr-^i

Cenlrulur SOROS pentru

Arld Contemporono
Tipograhe Drul leril t!P Amste dom

Proiecl Bucuresii, SA

Proiect Bucuresli, SA

Coto og lipcrrit in 2OO0

de exempLore
Copyrighl: Uniuneo Arh tecti or din Romdnlo


2000 copies

Copyright Un unec A hltecl or din Romonlo

in 1996

in 1996

Cenlenar Marcel

Marcel Jqnco Cenlenaty






Ale<ono'u Be,di'nan

9 II 5

Cuvernt inoinie


Roxana Theodorescu Cuvdnl inointe Foreword

Geo Serban


Morce oncu

Locul sl stoiuro

Morce Jonco - Ronk cnd Scope
Anca Bocdnet Mcrcel loncu Arhitect Mcrcel Jonco -The Architect Anca Bocdnel, Ana Moria Zahoriade
Proiecie de orhiteciuro Architeclure proiects

2A 52 l3Q

Dana Herboy Cdtevc considerotii privind evo ulio sl listicd o picturii lui Mcrcel loncu in oerioodcr 1922-1940 Some remorks on the sty istic evoluiion of Morcel .lcnco's pcrinling beiween 1922 l94A Dano Herbay
Expozitii in Romonio, l922-1939
Exhibitions rn Romonio

136 l40 174

1922 1939

Dana Herboy Coic og Picturo Colo og re Dc t'r 9

Marion,: Vidr:

Grofico ui Morce loncu si metomorloze e limboju


cstic de ovcrngordd Mcrrce Jonco's grophic crt ond the meiomorphoses of the ovcnlgcrde oguoge ln fine orls



Mctriana Vtda Coio og. C,o' < o Cctc ogue. Grophlc works Nicolae Lascu

212 217 241 242 25O 256 25a

Arhileciuro in eseuri





Morce Jonco's essoys on crchllecture


Morce Jonco:
Rodico Matei

oncu: Texte despre orchiteclurd Texts on crchiteciure

Mcrce cncu Morce


gonduri despre orio

Morce Jonco ond some thoughts cbout orl
cncu: Texte despre crtd

Morce Jorco: or
Crono ogie C o.o ooy
Bib iogrofie selectivd Se ective bibliogrophy


Provenienio i usirctiilor Source of i lustrolions

o sloge des gner. circu d in ioote ::ciiole e cu turole ole umii.c' bore y studied n the Crecrngcr . Numoi o9c ne -. not only in the fie d of modern ort ond crchileclure. to fight ogoinsi the current menlo ilres in order io iniroduce. .\. Bucuresiiu si Romcnlo.s .. Now. bui ol .ro |^r o l '' ow . immediotely ofter World Wor . which he coordinoted iogether with on Vineo for o mosi len yeors. .o ol^.e.r p og o.pozil o Cele or rln onu 1992. clthough the quo ity of the existing orchiiecturo crnd crlislic helloge is remorkob e.. sunl ostdzl incd uttoie. ore sli ignored. Uniuneo Arhitecli or o orgonlzcrl expozitio .eo^ o[ .tr'. Credinlc noosird cd societdlil romdnesti contempo rone ii esle necesord pentru o rccordore cdl moi ropidc o normo ilole oducereo cr cunostinid o loi ceeo ce o insemnoi democrcrtie sl vo oore in istorio I rooslrd Perioodo interbelico. Buchcresi ond Romonio. a"r ro rro . 's --=-': r.o o e. bringing to the fore vcluoble reseorch in the field. -::.Bucuresti -onii l92O 1940.o lllonord.. pe de o porte./ope'oedo11^ oe./^ce a' or.. designer de inlerior si := nobilier.e Jor.oQo oqoire #o Ar.Qo ' : je ortcr plosticd gi scu plurd pe core leo orgoni--: lceo epocd in Bucuregii.o r tho-ol [i-o o r o'rd -"rL rit.-:):l---::-ccre . Mcrrce Jonco is lhe orch lecl of the first modernisl house in Buchoresl.dc'r . : =-.Epoccr respeciivo ero preo pufin cercetotd.. :o 1-'t p d^ v^r' ia pa (o.. wou d issue monogrcphs on oulslcnding persono ilres re oied exc'esseC our -o9s w .r. ce putin Jo-. o. Schwiiers.Buchoresl in the l92Os l94Os. : l:.. olo ^ p .ed r^saoru^e 5 r l-e olo ol mooern or crno crch ileclure.' er-o o . Arp.:-.coic l. Asidzi.. where o memorlo ploce io beor his nome con be orronged. 3. Thls oge hcs been hord y opprooched so for.--:lno itofr de primc mdrime o e ortei europene. his eclures ond. degi poirimoniu :-. losl but not ecsi. Decenii e trei si polru o e ocestui seco se bucurd un interes deosebit in mediile cu luro e inier -:tionc e. despite its inherenl shortcomings. ot 55 Moximi ion Popper Slreet.hib o. scenogrof. stcru -- explolns the long ond steody effortJonco took.orl l^.or-. intre ovcrngordd si moder . in 1993'img reund cu Muzeu Noiiono de Artcr ol Romdniei si Artexpo. . efc. We be ieve thoi todoy's Romonion sociely in order io ioke up ils normo course bod y needs io be lnformed on lhe meonrng of democrocy ond ils vcr ues rn our hrstory The inlerwor "zone".e \o'io. ceo in core democrottc o funciionot ce moi bine.i. we ore reody lo p c ^11 te e. lrends os o whole.impreund nism".texpo..c. punOnd in voloore sludii recente. rn c e ol llere ore some of lhe reosons underying our choice to study the cge of inlerwcr modernily l. Dor crncu o fosl'in egc d mdsurd un --orrlonl plcsticicn..'-tL oo.o p a/er o1 e.i zoro d^ ro. Ar rr lor r .. in ciudo scdderi or ei e e'a e e . K ee. beMreen Avont Vo"-t or . so-i o do rr or p rrooog ^lcbo o gorde ond Modernism". crid certevc dinlre molivele oenlru core om o es ccl obiecl o studiu ui nosiru epocc modernitdlii inlerbe ice. etc.. ofter hls relurn from the West (by the end of 1921). the exisling vo ues of modernily in Weslern Europe. pdrtos. o cturi de Tzoro s. Ceeo ce ni se pore insd mci evidentin ::-sono lloleo so esie noto conslruclivd. core -o fdcul .ol M .crtologL e. ore plnied cnd circu ote in olmosl o I cuhuro ccpiio s of the wor d.--i orerirloes rL 1. on rnlerior cnd furnr ture designer os well os o iheorisl in ihe field of ort ond orchit-^cture.e.o' I .poz ^ C ^o go oo r o too o do o e coll rr o p og o-n de n orre lori cclre. Moximillon r-cper nr.= -'f l ismu miscdrii Dodo.ou-r or Art ol Romonicr apol. I \lexattdrtt Beldiman Alexandru Beldinun . pentru o introduce in Romdnio exislente in Europc occidento d. pe core l-o condus oldturi . precum si un teorelicicn o orte or p osttce . The publicotion of Conlinporc:nul.Tbon >m r. lo core ou fosi prezen. cu Muzeul Nofionol de ArtO. hls crrtices prlnled in vorious periodicols. such os. olr :rie or ploslrce.e lnierbe ice. a. which does not osk ihe impossible from us ButJonco was equo y on importont orilsi. Schwilers. Arp. I -oo : gur.Uniuneo Arhitecli or din Rom0nio orgonipoz 'ic f ^1 orqr -or o C'eorgo . 6 ^ ln )992 lhe Unlcr.K ee. ls the c osesl lo our perceplion of normoliry o d do-beoy cr per'od r ec' ) - *^elle ode o" o. together with the Noiiono Museum of Art of 1'eT-io' ColOlogLA p apo eo by o . pe de oltrr pcrie. ^lo a o-a^or^r I io | ^ lurcr si orlisic ce oveo co rosl punerec in circulolie o unor vo ori pulin studiole..inlr-o :: cie in ccele timpuri ironsformcre reo menle ::idzi de dupo pr mul rczboi mondio vo orl e cu lurole : = -cdernitdrtil itctii generole. 3. lo o ccrrei crparilie o fosi. -. l^e^'^brl o io .: :drn efo*ul inde ungol pe core lcncu o desfogu- 2. testify for his oclivism This exhibition cims to recopiure ihe meoninq of Jonco's work within ihe overcll cu turo bockground of interwor Romcnic. ord or o.: ie mo oproope de pozitivismul Bouhousu ur. oL q . prin griio unui co ecliv de posionofi cerceldtori ci criei sl orhiiecturii moderne.. 55 unde..\ ^eo irp de . dromotico y cut off due to ihe iolo iorion regimes thot fo owed . Pe crceosld lnie.lonco Building. in onscmblu or de folo isi propune sd reconstiluie ce o thoi oge in Buchcrresl. decot . muzrcr.iecturo si ortistlc exlslenl oici esie de-o remorcobilo :: iicie.qu'a. the.:.r da. Expoziiii vosie insotile de cctolooge exhcus '. whlci drew him c oser io the Bouhous positivism rother thcn to the nihi lism of the Dodo movemenl. lo whose birth he cclrvely por ' pcleo ogat^e wih zo'a oro o'^e o'l ls. We think thot ihe most slrikino fecfrrre of hls chorocler is his conslruclive spill. s-or puleo ornenoia o cosd memorio d core sd i : -:rie numele.. the Union of Architects set up ihe exhibition: . Mo. where hlgh y ronked personc i ties in ihe Europeon crt were presenl.:1-. sd reo zeze pr+ zenldri monogrcrfice ole unor personol loli de morcd crle curentu ui o por't^ co c o. etc. o d o. sd reconstrtue curente ortisttce..=--: Mcrce loncu in crimosfercr culturclo o : -:. n ng O progrOmme cnd ortisiic phenorre. := : Contimporonului.r. lo o' Io or e l-oro /. ond on lhe other hond. The internotiono cu lurol mi ieus hove shown o soe cio inierest ln the ihird ond fou*h decodes of this cen tury Lorge exhibitions ore being sei ond ihorough cola ogues.ll^l . dromolic scuricircuitotd de regi =-: o tore. o C^r e o. which witnessed tremendous revo ulronory chonges during lhot period.e e oir.eo r oi op op. printr un efort nu imposibi de 'r:-1..: ---o : -o6-Ja. : crhilecturii. the pclnting ond scu piure exhibitions he sei up during .b ote r :. ---iieclu Morce loncu esle cruloru pr mei consiructii -'-Cerniste din Bucuresii Coso oncu din str.

reunil in iuru unor indrdznele monifesle leorelico eslellce dddeou.n. .O. o-o'og ra con r er'o ie' )eel to loyo ri _c.l ii-r_ 'oti OporriTO .rco.i poS' r1a oJ cont' bri /o -eo] zo eoefg. !i1s6 ovongordei...r r ' : decling wlth the cc-ir.o.nosi We ore hoppy ..'^o. . s o p . o./r...olo oor" ore wor -t7 o.l Boll' livO ffo uO.tlon..rar .e w ll r.o e . poro otr -n op. A q^i'. o. V l'.o.. io-. i ve.ll.o I tiMor.L'sro'o .'wor( ord s eod'os ol . noto -r. oro e.e wl o er 1l o *oil ) ro il ) show.oT o. ?. Jor e' .tp:.rec-.O r.po.zo .r. -ori"e enero e. o . We or- outstondinct represerlolive cf ihe Rcncrlcn ond rnlernolioncr ovcnfqcrde.y l-o' sl-o*"r'. ispu n. Iteroti.o rereo oelrolet 'o c Go el e \otio.J'cler e Lesty s. reo ^d ^ Rororio.'d d" orrpo p-^1e^ o. ' ' n r r.. o poi-rer o.-r-.Le ouon oo oe orli .o w^.o '. J otoogt.7atc).e o I o'. ll .o :i e ori-io^ . oao ( w-. q.e-"l b tc o )o o Llo-"1 oq5r l ^\llo.l or from Romonio ond from obrood.o tro hove been produced wilhoui the r[luob e ossision- nstitutii si fundoiii din lcro si din stroindtole. o oop oo! Le o. b orl e worl o . tlo.ebs' r.e ro wti. r rno U ioi or ts groolly o'tr'o.o .i i :. ceeo ce vo permile redi or \ ) Reiro.eo . We oppreciote ihe contribution of ihose who treosured oo'. .c ') .o rieo .insemnotd o coloioqu ui. Cu Mcrcel cncu. ol Mor.qF'^ oLj .r q-o pe'\o'ro i'r.s A/.l-l'e o^o'l ..incredinteze din comorile lor odunote . lon Vineo. M'o Po-cr..r'r J^1o. f.loges or.. co aoq. V Io]esc. ci sl in contextul intregii orle inlerbe ice romernesii.-.po'rq lo rrdor o-n tr.vlor oror. o. Corneliu . .-.r's wo..f n . ro'r oo o A'<l r^. The exhibition wi I o so help us lo better undersiond Morcel ]o' . Fo (o A p-.o_ ooe do crOrqo. oe-O . F.onseTvcle cu otdio doruire.r'ir de osero oo ro-.r c ortist.iorote. oody o o o.rlr iy. l. si conslonie cerceldri inlreprinse de rslorici de orld sl crrhilecli penlru descifroreo 9l c orificoreo personototii orlisiului C porle . ro.. o-olo9-l r .dor 6:1 r 6. Ur 'riAht^.t o r. 'oi sd ne .o g ol ' . . Aducem mu iumiri]e noostre muzee oT core ne-cu ^mprumutot ucrdri oflote in polrimonru de ccre We o-e g oo col o.o isticd o oulorulLtr. houl the yeors. r o r Mor. O o rivi o de oo e"^ -l e \oiiorol Go. h qh g" v-y o. liv-o -6 lo 61t-.I t: .or revi. such os Victor Brouner.^"O oe C ' ..i d'.o.: . eor oe seveterce 1e ppo i^ s Roxanq Theodorescu Genero Direclor of the Nolioncrl Museum of Art of Romonio .o'n r toroore) M.. Roxuna Theodorescu Jirector generoi : Muzeului Nolionol de Artd ol Romcniei We wou d olso ike to thonk ' oaoJ ^ino. o e .oc. ^ tr'ttrr\e S' Th s retrospeclive show sp'i .e r 5 o1o privo..:.t ^rdeosebi jo onori cu corocler documenlor stiinfific. Jo^ o.p pori ol I a po. :xpozifiei si cl colo ogu ui. ^ lo.'o e( ne.s . os wel os olher ortlsis ond wlters qothered o'oLno i^ique .elrg peeliyq ^/-ee o-"1 J.. o e pri" rd o.e ol le M r' I'y ol C.-.r". B. ..:-rr.oo o5o! L .. ond the . Mo"y lo' Mors Teutsch. Muzeu Nolronc de Arto ol Romoniei incepe serio mcnifestdrilor o't\O. ior s Monis Te '-:cr Co rol u ( jp-^a ...r'oi o'r o.a o oar ers lr'o : o oi io J'ir Qro.orero5. leos[ .l ooTl Fo o1o ore<triveo er 'l o'lg.\^ pe oep I 'rovoioora.-o de p ^.d . ..'or Cr^o. [.iigYu p. oj ihe.o.o. \ ( 'tr. p-lpi. unknown fcce of Morcel or pe. : oo. co \ .e^/'t oo. obviously. ^. . . whose hord. . 01. O^ orh teci o unuio dinlre cei moi importonfi reprezenicnti oi cvongcrdei romdnesti si o. lorie Voronccr. C. Mi lto polroscu..eoro.. . o egi o.or llr r go The "Mcrcel Jcnco Exhibit on" ooens o seres of exhibitions dedlcoted lo the Romcnicn ovcntoorde movemenl in cri during the nterwor period.. or o c cl.. d oo i^g pursuer of new conslr uclive lormuloe. 'r .opl.eo I oe aS.o d^e. f .llcor .:.' reogo ociivi o-e oos-cr r ro'o ir Romonio de Mcrrcel loncu.o(o died cnd.s coro'oq. roor r . oo.. -co lo u^ccr po'. Sunlem recunoscallori co eciionori or core ou occeosi fr to le r o'\. Fundoionu. -o1e'rl ord tl "^1oli. of .grr p Vrclor Brouner.t cvcrngorda. o o ddo rte.i't ^-"'e or -.l-' C I' io.reorcti o or o oorrl e..'by o ^rgoqod ir decoding ond high ighiing some feoiu-res"of Morcel 'o.^' ' Cedicoto cenlenorului Morce oncu si oporitio colo ogu ui core reunesle cdlevcr imporlonle studi osup.r I pe.3 j =.' c.ted.OO O t oa'oooo r*e. M t Mo.d g.'t " lhe . llorie Voronco.r^soloeo16.lor O.-. i eT ^ or I MOr.o-e .ts o d no o e p'oor-o -o p eser . reo Romcnion ond inlernolionol ovcni-aorde in ort..o. lo-e n (O.oe. Jnd orchiieci corr ec l.1 g. Fundoionu (Bo' . -:--:.o't.erSe e. reori -o .oooO]^ cor d no . 5 . iio s' .: ls locoioog .o\ o oior ^e. ]o-.e ]or co. . ori-o dc o . TEoi wos ihe lime when prom nent personclilies. dor ocum incercom so prezenlom pent . o. worl .^riir . orc pLr tt er'der*o eiooelo oo -L r\a si ero .::l o-l ^\o'o o occosion of Mc'c: ..ioi sure thot o ccreful siudy of this exhibitron wi I o low or l. od. 01 p' .y.lo.A\ e-o\' jpo-ol M ro.noslere unei orte despovorole de orice .le o'\ l ( .

fiind prologonlsl enluziost'in cel putin clie irei -c -od^.a ui si deveneo. o Romoniei. o theo-ie sce:rery Cesigner. p crywrights. Hons Arp Hue senbecl si com :otrioiul sdu Triston Tzcro). Among the exibils in Ein Hod memorlc museum. musicrons). There were ot ieosl lhree occcrslons when he enlhusioslicc y took port ln such underlckings. oportunism gregor). crpothy. o leclurer crnd on onc ysi of currenl events ln lhe reo m of ftne crts. ol ihe some fime.lipluro. com.1 6 leorsgar o I g. Jcnco's precocify monlfested ogo nsl on nlel eciuc boc[<g round permeoted with rebe lious drives. Nu se puieo oc -ci potrivit decdt oici penlru un muzeu memolcl con . 1o orice vdrsld. synchronico y reloted lo lhe Europeo n fronde evo ving oround lhe Wor d Wor primu ui Monifesl fuiurist in frcrn.-odZ -o q^ io ol whcrtever mrqht hold lhe Work of ort bccli from responding the requiremenis of crulhenilc vc ue ond. A fost..y . fecund oleller co ecliv de picturo. de nolurd sd copleze -':resul cerceldtori or incd mutd vreme de ocurl -:o mogozine (1922 I932.. ly his work. Firsi. .eozo fozo debulu u lo cr ::-o cdnd oriistul in devenrre cbicr trecuse progu . opoiie. he wos very much gifted ond yet there wos something more thol mode him on inf uenlicr per sonolity. ilustroior de usiv ddri e de seomd despre fu minonle e . redoclia Conlinporonul 3rcuresli. Simbolul (1912) De pe ciunci se vo ordto dispus. ihruths.(or lzoo r compotrioi).2a :=:'. premergdioore inldiu ui rdzboi generclion. .CEL Locvl 'ANCU si stalsra - Geo Serbqrt MAR. pub rshed lhe some texl ogcrin. there wos ihe impoct of the Fuiurist Movemenl cnd the Lrnsrpected response thoi . Mcrrcel loncu c fosi posesoru ocestor multip e inzeslrdri sl cevo moi mu t.'-:. Shorty ofierwards. orientole spre emoncipcreo energiilor creotocre de riscu imiiorilor si morginolizorii (provincio rsm. Venice. 1 9l 6 togeiher wirh Huqo Bo] Lor.cico . . ]uzzt. c ltercry text il ustrolor. os we os cr ctchiteci. crpoi. no moller how old he wcrs he never spored himself to set lhe bo I rolling. r llod (co onic de p cst cient. suple. Ercu urmdrile pro-': ilerore corespunzdloore: romofu ]ui F T. 1922 1932. Boccionr. crldturi de lon Vineo). Simbolul(The Symbol) tn l9i2 From ihen on. Turin) copob e lo unleMonifeslo Mcrrinetli s furious ossou ls hod n the Romonrcrn pub ic By woy of coincidence. which mode o slorl for o susloined ccmpoign rn Romonio. The flrst one wcs hrs coporiicipoilon in Ccboret Volioire (Zurlch. conferenlror si comentolor pe teme de ociuo ttole in perimelru orie ior frumoose. sincronlc conectole cr froniurll-^ europene. o orophic ortist.CEL Rank and Scope IANCO .:o. reo izoior de decoruri de leolru.. There wos no better p oce for o memoriol museum opt lo show evidence of M. nu reoorle de Ho fo). f exrbe direclions meoni to ibercrte lhe creoiive energies from the risI of morginolity cnd vcrious 'recdy-mode bounds (i e. cn urbon-p onner.-:i inir o oimosferd inie ecluold imbibotc de impu : :' . : .' a1 oi D o.: wos crunched simu loneous y on Februory 20ih. crnd become o kind of Fuiurist bronch thot would print (between l9l0 l9l 2) o the monifestos belonging io Morinetti s portisons (pcrinters.(/e Frgaro) si rom0nd lDenocrolio) o morcot .. ^oo p .ltu unel sust nule componii. Turin).llurisld. oomeni de teoiru.-ri (Mllcrno.o -o'o r opeoo^. not for from llcifo) o fe ti e co Jeciive workshop for pcrinting.: :ctie romdneoscdr. orhilect. o prezenlc influ entd. ond gregorious opporlunisiic gesture). Principcr ii pictori oi misccrii. pre.for. grovurd. onimctor exlrem de dinomic in domeniie comp etenlei sole. c cdrei crctivitole c impu stonot-o pOnA : sfOrsilul zi elor. muzi-.. Biblioteco modernd. or o .re ' . Veneiio. G. grcficion. when he ond lwo oiher motes pub shed their own mogozine. together with lon Vineo). ond even the minuies of their slor my reunrons (in Mi crn. fulurislulsi plochetele demonslro= : : poelilor Enrico Ccvocchio i. un fel de sucur ocordond spoftu tuturor lexte or progro '' -e onsole {pe porcursul onilor l91O 191 2) de = . preo. engr oving -nprelurol Coboret -ernd cu Hugo Boll.Pictor.e drop Mo-^ovo I o uvo' o wo7 oior o' d . infilnloto in 1953.'--. cernd se osocio cu crlti doi co egi de o . I MAP. o lifetlme chol cnge for crny scholor indeed. iiric:ae .e5o^[6'. l 9l 6- imp -:r ior linere. in fine. 1909 ln the French moqozine /e Figaro and in lhe Romonicn mogozine Democrc:tfic:. rlonifeslu =. from estcbl shlng o genuine munlcotion with the pub ic oi orge. ' . o schoo opened fo the youncer crnd fino Buchoresi. Arp l-.los o pointer. which proves thot he wos o true founder. . P Lucini. cupot sd inldriure orice cr dimlnuo sonsele Cperei de c rdspunde exigenlelor vclorice outentice si comuricdri cu un pub ic cupr nzdlor. the flrst Fuiurist t5 . there is c se f-porircit (oi on convos) ond few other drc wings thoi mode his debut cs on odolescenl. promoiorul unei oplici moderne. rl Morinelti: pictori.eomd peniru cr foce sd crpcro proprio or ievistc.:. sd invesieoscd virtuii de neoboslt fondcr -cr. whose oclivily he effeciively direcled unti his deoth ln Apri I 984.:cul o ref eclo omplo lroiectorie urmotd de Morce :rcu intr o corierd pro ifico.. un outopo lrel : e si cdlevo desene f r.=-. moi inloi. urbonisf. ond whot is more. ---e exponote e memorio u ui E n Hod. to oo L Mo at o1t . Bibliateca Moierno. impcrciul fulurlsmu ui. ' -=tit Mafarka. the nexl one wos lhe Contimporonul o. provincio sm. o -lon i=. scu plure. onolher Romonicn mogozine. Ein llod (1he pointer co ory sel up in 1953.or e 1909 .:nio prompic 'in Romdnto o osolluri or furtosului relli Colncidenlc onsdrii 'ir oceeosi zi . -iei conleslolore. o c io . t^ wo' i. . topiserie si scocld deschisd gene Vo tc re \Zfric6. lmedioi. o coiolysl in o lhese f eids o promoler of modern. comodrlole conluncluro d. copobi e sd scooto : :ie multimile o mori dislonle. c.lonco's pro rfic coreer over the crpri ie 1984.

evidenl. sirucluro persono ilotii ui pe de o pcrte. cu reprodusi in revistele -3. ^. sub indrumoreo lui se12. Severini) wcs printed in wide y recd mogo zines lUniversul lilerar. 1930 acazia ptezentei lo Bucuregti o Iiderului. se filed with the onti-conformist joyfulness. Geizes ond Melzinger s eorly ollempt lo lheoreliccrly formu ote its direclion wcs immediotely printed in thct shortived mogozine. lts symbo enerqized everyone.Lucini's.lcnco ond his peers. {:fi il I 1'% i{ I :Pru . on his lourney to Zurich (io study orchiiecture) in l9l 5. on Morch 3Oth. . ( ) r^ tod or i doo o 1s . thoi exp cins why Morce Jonco.he^^d o . He wonted to updote his informcrtion on ihe lotesl developmenls in modernily. ond inveniiveness he ped him fiqht roulif e. wos our own school. Russo o. I 9l 4) So we shou d noi wonder why Morcel Jonco.nbolul editoto de loncu si omicir ui Deschidereo de orizont. ished by Morce . obvious y onxious lo enrich ond comp ele his educction in the field he hod been firsi tutored by l se 12. I e ti*led lll r-o ^a o livor. whose poelry wos commenled ot length in Buchcresl. tn 1914.]cnco s personoliry wcs dri ven lo lwo distincl directions. echoes of the cublst lrend were oso heord on the Romonion scene. he obhored gregorious nihr lism ond thot kind of conlestotion thol wou d soon mell inlo dissolving exlrovogonce His p cyfu spirit.P. de o incepui.e o. ostfel. Sinbolul. Russoo. From lhe very beginning . o mcri pulin de un crn dupo lonsorec volu mului lo Poris (19i3) Este.: t !i on the occcsion of the Fulurisl ecder's visit in . prin Picosso 9i. in Seoro. unde igi fdceo ucenrcio de grcficlon Morce crncu).' g13up. for inslonce. t'-. de pildo in Seoro. lo izvoru idee or sole om crescul. El ne-o onimoi cu pulere de sim bol. lncercoreo limpurie de sintezo leoreiicd cr ui Gleizes si Metzinger ero lmediol con sernnold chior in efemero revistd Si.incepuio occscr. Deroin preocupol scr desdvorseoscd iniliereo. Poolo Buzzi's books The mcrjor poiniers work (Boccioni. in empholico ly sioted 'Futurism over The recders were introduced lo such iexts os Morinetii's Mafarko. for instonce. Mcrcel oncu vo itne so precizeze opdsot: fuiurismu c losf scoolo noostro. He discovered the imogery of new horizons lhol were opening wide. he drew oport from Triston Tzorcr (his former col ecgue frorn Simbolul ) once the rebel ious dodo spirit seemed to turn io futile insligotion.roqeo . os we I os his tosle for innovotion reflecled in Andre Derotn s pointings exhibited ln 1919.1930.cnd let himself ccughl into lhose hislrionrc impromplus of Ihe sinultaneous dicrlogues lL'oniral cherche une moison d . aflr ole i elcl f u nosiTu"I. ofinitolile lolenle pentru loote monifestcrri e de independentcr creolocre. where Morce Jcnco wos opprenliced to grcphic ort). ooking for C6zonne.l^ orb o. n porcr lel. Severini oiung reoiiv repede so fe de orgcr oudienld lLlniversul lite rar. oni in sir.osh the energies of peop e oll i"l l'l . his loient offinities wiih ory klnd of se f re iont ond unbound crective monrfestolion. e o' Cooor"Porte Voltoire becouse he himself wcs ottrocted by ihe explosive meonings of the croiesque p oy wiih mcs ques ntro. in 1930. urmele lui Cezcnne. 1n drum spre Elvetio pentru o se dedico studiior de oli-o. shorly cfter ils pub icotion ln Poris ( 1 91 3 ) n fcci. cnd visil exhibitions (Sonderbund) ond museunrs.-i Corro. g. gustu inovoirei isi qdsecu suport in inta ni reo cu pdnzele ui Andre Dercin e>puse in laoo lo Aieneu Romon {9i opol reproduse. .. Corro. co si descoperirec lui Apollinoire din Alcooles. 'o O Po -e.r o ai^ Z' . he fe t on inner urge lo breok rules. von Gogh. ^-tl siosm'1. in Morce lcncu o dublo so icitore. His spirituo growlh wos c so lnfluenced by Apol inoire's A/cooles.-3. explicobii de ce. prin zio rele vremii. pe iorg comentot lcr Bucuregli. lo outstrip f rozen conons. Von Gogh. ond Picosso s poin lings. schedu ed some siopovers in Munich ond Koln. G. lhe Futurisl \c: nove ) ond ihe poetic demonstrcrlions of Enrico Covocchio i's. thouqh he owoys restroined himself from cynicc orrooonce thot I o 1 1 .3A morlie '1914) Nlmic surprinzdlor crrnd. a 1914. while on the other hond.'li reiil si grupr de lo rf a it-a ''_:::'C-"1 930 . in the foyer of ihe Romonion Atheneum {his poiniings were clso prinied for yeors rn lhe mogcrzines of thotlime.s or e1r' y. Pcrro el. rdzbcrl ecouri multiple din direclic cubismu ui. on o ldevos toting excess ikely io exhcusi ony creolive crysto izolouer)3 he clso mode such mosl s .^ 1 oo1 ao j 1915 ioncu progromeozd escoe lo MLjnchen s Co onic (Koln) pentru a se pune o curentin muzee si expozifii (Sonderbund) cu ultime performcrnte o e modernitdtii . On the one hond..

hich y cons cious of hls socic utility. reco ed his meeting the young pointer n thot high spirited Zurch.:-=-. sub efecfu con ':. moi .-: :..e.: l --ec io oe a Dodaisl himse f o :c-'c--.:. r-. slil frozen in ils own tobJs cou d hord y orouse Morce lcnco s oggressive reociion. co si o e formu e or de vreme nicd modd csoci r'::-rotismu ui. Some eory occounis show thot he never feli intimidcied.-o revendrcci a tout pris dtn dodaism.:r -rcre inler esied to identify himse. desi s o :csit de c incepul in miezu miscorli Dodc. se delimiieozo de Trlslon Tzoro (fos componion de lo Simbolu{. Jonco opposed the direct. Genio itclii ego ofre.e. esuol in zono periferico o excentricildli or sccndo oose. imedtot ce spirituL -ebel dcdcist dd semne de o olunecc spre frondc a tr\ce\ op\o. who never stops bui goes beyond his own goo s ond surposses himself in everything he does't.oulor de piese de leolru cu : r. s. de investigolor fervenl cl drumuri or .. onlrnozlldli inldmpinoie pe r-.r ur Victor Efiimiu . .-r^ :er . o (orror uo e i cr i se onu o impoclu nu mcri pulin deleslc soflsticolee misiifica. fecluring his pcrssroncrie pursuiis on unlrodden poths. -.-fr efortu opJicol..:-.i. 'd noreo creotiei..'.. delimitot in =cc d mdsurd de conservolorismu obiuz. bovoresque chorccfer.tho ouchly cnd unos lenlolious y commitled to his profession. Mcrcel . the mo jor feolure lhot pervodes hls work. Tr'slcn Tzcro. His progmolism. o viciim in o deceiifu ploy Whi e deploring the flofiening trcdilion ihoi tended lo weoken lhe ort to the point of moking ii incopob e io oitrocl the pub ic cny onger. pe core e si confeclioneozo cu oceeosi dezinvo lurd histriontco pusd in dicloguri e simullane. -: .a/€ :-clc ::' : -ec orlel pono lo punciul de ro.]onco..elo' le -bo'cr'. inleresoi.()pocitcrl.lke decorcrlive obi iiy resu ting in ihe o iencrtion ol the crecrtrve spirit crnd ils work To genius ego oiry ond excessive subiectivity thct reco ed lhe omcniic 1ype. Prirfo expozr ..'-: ::-: .. . refuzd lronsformoreo conlesioliei in exlrovogonid dlzolvonto.Treopoqr-e I o. de'infe es din pcrteo mediu ui romdnesc inco -:ri in tobi-uri. pe core o deschideo in tord o pr eiurt . cr uniformizorii irodilionoliste. . 193. .. le o-'-ro^ .simte lrezisiibil clros de ioi ce inseomnd sporqereo tipore or.-e drn repertorul cosic.cdrldtorile.'.uc iv si idecs He wou d rcrther co I l r-se: c -ccicci criisr equo ly drowing oport from ihe norrow conservolve spirit thct would feed on lhe borrowed formu oe from ihe obsoete voccbu cry of oesthelic I usion (the ccodemic cesthellcs lhol odvocoled the lmltotion of noture) os we I cs from ihe philistine f irting with thoi superficio ovonl gorde. "o shcr low humon eye ccrn never grosp ihis mon s orlistic uprighlness. o p cyright. therefore. muzeo e. spiril insurecliono .loor "eros o roe' izdr cTeotoore. t: ^-. Semnlflcoliv esle cd. needed firm ground of oction cble lo enhonce his impeluous ncriure. Ludlcu. : :: r' :!. cu gri o de o nu oluneco in cinism orogonl. The ploywright went on oddlng ihot the crtlsl s underlokng wos to be lcrler confirmed despite lronsienl nor row-mindedness or quesiions thot it might hove pro voked. :-ecum si de cochelcrrio filistino cu un crvongordism ':jus cr $ocurile oplicote osistenlei perplexe in fofo .rond de egilimiioteo roportdr i o construcllvtsm! r-efero sd se denurneoscd arlisl radicctl. naison c: louer)' . rezerve. I 935 Se Morce . deplerngeo soro core ol the Dodo Mc. inventivitoleo fon iezisto ii slou lc indemond cc o replicd stenico o ruli. :-lrleoscd inld nireo cu idndru p clor in olmos i the Romcnion society.. Dcrr. coplesii de inerfiile oco e. . Mdrluril e cele mor vechi despre . The commeniotors noticed how lonco s slrotegy po nted lo h s contempororres' fol gue os welL cs lo his desire lo shoke them oul of their lnertio ond rool ed oulomclisms. . in primu -:2. resurse e de vrednic colo -. exclcer le or subieclivisle pe urmele romonlismului. troubed or overwhelmed by the locol ineriio On the occosion of ihe pointer s first exh jbltion in Romonic.-os devotol meseriei proclicoie fcro nimlc oslenloliv. . inir-o mo rpsiioore dispozitie onli- o scend deschlso lL'anirol cherche une '. induslrioose. : r: r-:!. Jonco o so stood ogoinsi the sophisticoted mystificc tion of lhot ovonl gorde vicious y ommed into ihe hophozcrrd cnd de olto porle. vicorious y devoted lo frozen cnd orchorc mode s of rurcr life.:cdtui. o person who neither induiges himse f in poin ess. hrs bo d chorces. : . o profesioncrllsmului de in sensul consocrol de progrcmu Bouhous iniozo decizlo insu ui de cl nu se loso inlimi. Dynomrsm is. mitoogic. Victor Eftimiu. obviously o person who no one expecled lo shore the ovontqorde views. obiectiv. Trislcn Tzcro. E se vo lnleqro perfect in ombionto cornclvcJ escd o Cobcreiu ul Voloire.erved ouer o:'rr'oloo-o cooly i ^steo. cs lr l^ Motce oncl. where he 'wou d work brovely ond possionoie y n seorch for the go den fires thot lie buried ln every mon s sou " in order lo sel them free from 'ol thol is slo e ond deodly sweet in ihem'. gushing out in cn whir poo of ines ond co ours. o mcn who crvoids comfori ob e success. loncu nu )e zo'o l slc .lonco s otivo lroub ed the siognont woters of lhe loccrL sprrit. ii repugno nihilismu rudimenior. toklng hls sub iecis from c ossico mythology. Morce loncu.. obio slimuleczd inc lncliile ofensive = .j'ii crbuzive in zone e hozordu ui sou cr e obilrtOlii :=:oroilve. :i :onformisld.=rzcliei cd or fi viclimo unel forse. greu de . recdy to shoc( o perp exed pub ic. Auioporlrel. oncu :-re i. in u limo lnstcnld. merconti e work nor in shor! ived foshions of sleri e. Docd. o inclto congtiintcr o utl tclii soclc e.5 lport c 1. depdsireo conoone or onchilozote. ^pe. lribulor -:-eie or imprumulole dln orsenc u vefusl o iluz onis-r ui (estelico occdemizontd o imitoliel dupo noturc).c nutri specio e s mpolii folc de ovongordo : . otros de sensul dinomilord ol iocului grolesc cu mo9ti.-='soncld.e orlorl o' ho otl*r or i. no. : ::i pune in vo ooTe impetuozitctecr temperomenrpiruni e indrdznete.-pl eo " by ihe Bouhcrus progromme . ii lrebuio ierenu ferm o ocliunii pen . ob o. ferii deopo : de tentclli e occesibl ilcrfi! fociie. mer.

" coLumnlsi went on writ ng thol Wel d Yet' n.o7" otlot. .. ihe humonily 'lost ini. OAI- . 30 noiembr e 1924 ou ovut suTn.n Negro drum ployer ond his devl ish I cr Lond] *hor" airtt t"i-"J the iublic ihis clmost mog c riluol "vecrs ..61 ' ' o e l"i. hts mL teu "o vised nor did he relote himsell ot rondom io the or io his own ortistic cryslollizolion ln foct. spre o-gi c-rulo o su[iciento 1n d spreluireo comodo c oiOior venercrblle \zbaazt oJe lrecuiLrlui if t o".r-. ^ a.r.6h..epa(^." JJri-ilurie.". .ot" of Conslonlrn Brerncugi s sculp \ l^'r or ot o' Lcr' "'9n -ooe no.o .Ok Loios.' \6 4-o ( orPat.wo' nh/ "o 'vo o'tuov 'oo 1^ o qor ized o" 1o-e odor oo ^ h bi . . o l^ azz o{ o.r 6r^ 6lhor Avor roTo .o-1.la23) !^ ochlevemenis ln the 1^ l'o1 " o 6 \rtr^pO nLl .. dor nd sdr se inlreocd"' Comeniolorll imedioi cd slrotegicr oceoslo o outo-depcrgirli vlzo . n'o-ooo iooL po.nTlF. "r.H.oluiltot sl ' socrmo'. thls is he scruiinized oll the . .voq€ h wor o ore o o w r ho t lo'ootl "l t:""Llt"a sensoiion. ortistulut cu umeo ole n 'l a'zo ^c: ol er 'o e l^ r l' p76 .c (P o'' . nu Consllent co.' l4"oro or. raqot ."ltl onrh. . e^o e.J n oooz.l'eo*' ^o ''^-.o"p n. Apo'ir. ord o^ed i ll ^ o'e tr oe o c^n ir.ipe or o . declzie confrmcii cc: col ror 'c. '.!.r.."" o lri Mo ce oncl Ml ilo Pilros. .i^qu n Mo e o''.xient rhor ien r ii'o o qh oooob.. lntenlio de i o' 'lo ob 'TL 'e'or o o'o d. ti.^raq O.. g'. Schwirers. complocereo intr un contemplcrtivL-m rmoersonoJ ldllic Nu otdt nouloleo pro-l rr O ."t.r""a ir. posilron' .o'.o r o i oo e l l." o .o r belween supersition ond crime. P o. shou d be borrowed slnce lt hod olreody exist berorely plcced in o centroL.".'. Korl Tiege Mcriori lo verniso uL pro cromci duminicd.iOt.' (quoioiion from the some o''o'14 oo a'. o". 6^ az. M. Ie Le 6. .Moxy.. q5 ' ooe r9'^t*"" o' o. .-ri^q e n h. .o o 01 01 .plo"o' l' 'o mooe of no\e/\ o.o. 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Vlctor Brouner.6! .rl"d out onything ot olL' on the 6. oj'e h o'o9..or . .f Oi'Oe 'JpOp' \a de lnvozio tehnlcil sl supremctio morcote drcmollc vliezei'."et or ' o Ce' "ol r oo^or o. a cr.i ctimo. orhoico o lro' -o'eo pr1 o'''eP'e e''o'deo" t... d" Morcel lonco s olm wos to mcrke the onlooker owore thoilherL wos no reoson why lhe new spir l. \ noo. o -' f. l"i "on wo lhy vrcto es of !. 'a)i) qo o 'o o 'aoo 'r 'reL^ oo -' t"t.. . ole. Kurt Kos. . Dinomismul este colr Mlllo Pdiroscu.o l" oo. q goe'..AdAA.. ho 9 So..or o r or o-o CtA s-^ . -ro. crnd ociuol iouches belween the fore gn n.h .. I O OleO rO liricl' -':= "-':::'-.r o t-or A p Po ' t 'e^ lor ooro^.-. rhw Arthur Segol Mollrs Teuisch.oo. ''..lA 4 oro r 8 'or' lo2:l -.oo ooral6' 1o .ste "ochlul superf cloJ nu vo puleo prrnde colo p'obLtole lcrclL' ortisllcdr zoce in ccest om ccre evllo succesu oiuns' ccrre coutd cote nu se opresle lo plnctul vor nlu mereu.ll o d^ . W... dent lo Butu est. gr.. Jc voicr intclmploril in roportur le. B . .. *1ll [6r[qr dreom no rernotcc un cronlcor ol vremil "Aslcr e lootd to Nu o slmllt nevo o so epudreze trodltll 91oorlel sole roose.'ti tol .. or ol' o'oo ai g ovo oe^ lru cjne $tle so i io lempe oturo enoclo Acelost cronl.."' Fo .fero efervescento de lc boto lo penlru cucer reo publ cu ut 'agor OIO ..totri *oiL. ooo ' q nocl' 'od n'^iszz'edb' .o o rg g'o'o t... o omenite 'pierduto in impdrotio ioridd '' o^ rO.o 'o ro.on ldeniifv: 'lNi"ttrche't fierce cnd bltter smlle the reclm of i.." o ]ui Nieiz-sche 'fulgerori de Ir..b-.' r^o peuot' 't h noot oto ole \oa b. tl o o t'o 9:.|'"t otit"o .rpJ 'ort oat o z''t'lo-o. Rllmul. o'odo '-oor' zot.' C: ./O -OOA-^O p'b' lo.tq prot ^r rho'r z'n-q o'd 'o. Wll rng EggeLing' ionr" nltrt"t. o .intre v s bo bcr si senzotle ldeolizoto sttie .' w'r t9 .o.' .t o' .t eo/o O tr.. observc.e o .e nzLo nilr " .p rJJe n tore lo un nivel de slniezc superroord Cum '[o 1o nlmic sl c strdbolui loole cuceririle ". Morce Jcnco dlsp oyed the e^hlblts ."r.."? oe olo t a-tn i""i rOCv.-J p ^ r' ao. O a. . lipseo boleristul negru' odus in cenlrul oienllel core nu piond lo ccle o expoztie fdro prece- drreclor thot js.oa ' ord aooarr o-..f. . A 6 '^ ol 'he to"l 'L o' ll '' '-'r" .r . be Po' '\do o.a'q6' oT h oq' d'o-'loti ollI e no Leo ol'ne boo'. .'56. P^' oio. tensluneo eLemenlelor lniroie in com . cu porticiporec celor mcri crpropiofi "J^ uo-.. .o p.o' qP or ''orao oy '^r'o / oo '3 91. monnet thct ihe visitor hlmself could rnfer the .uod" the subllme chosiity of hls visions" onoiher critic emphosrzed thot ln cerioin poinl ngs' J.oo o oa o.r{ O rlOd 'r I or o o lozo' e d to 'o lrod 'l -t i.a . Busll in bronz . h^ \or'aloT ri' o' i 6q^l !c 1'.o'o ob.o..o. u olo trtia. ^.el O.rg I o.o'' ' p nO.uo \e ) -r' ovuo ^ rl-' n" . .o'o..".rl l5 0a' o. ond lhose of the locol ones stimuloied by jon.. modern ty itself."ltedli look do'in " th.: . "lo. 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Athough Morcel Jonco did not crove for o top posrlion on the public scene.zeo 1p ^ .. Hons Arp. modernrloteo. =. toole predomino personolitoieo ut 19 .= :ei europene. rlrOncusr.m.. ou impre :: erminoi curenle noi in lileroturo.o ^o -j . crsezoie :-=-lrslrotiv o loc dominonl spre c olroge olenlicr co .. cred co ise dcrloresie Bucures.= dep rn omologole lo nive mondio -:-: Mcrce oncu monifesid vreun orgoiu.d . Proclico schim . ^6 his steody effort tc plcce himse f ol the crossrocrds of Europecn ideos Througl Conlimporonul he estob ' ^o o o .' Romcnion orli. -"to V ro = -:ie un porlrel in penita. . :. Morce loncu) ovusese griio de o csezo cslfe :. ond cter.) c imoxed wtth o specic ssue on the Romonion ovoni gorde published | f we ore io f nd ou. : . wcrs towering cbove every thing crnd everyone" (o possoge from crn inlerview published in Clopotul. For o whi e. -.-. . Tank Blok Dtsk. Sondu E icd. Andre Brelon. ' r|^ -o b . scurie convorbirl cu .-:: de spirit si orio se puneou c cole otd =r opere cori ou sconda tzoi.]onco.o oproop" odrDoro. .= :xisld. Block. ot .o. Serblon ovont gcrrde pub icotions (Zenif Merz.--rioTe din moi loote copitole e contrnenlului. Ftlip Corscr. D '. .. pc.: .nou. . M H Mcxi.Ce cooborolori esle frecventd cu orqonele r-:. O o e. ond in theoter were devised. Mcrcel .li. -. o 'l ^-worL ol or ^ . ln reuni. o' or ry ll ror mcrgcrzines issued in olmost o Europeon copllo s. ?rin Conttnporonu/ siobi esie o . prozotorul Comi I .ronoieie co viziloloru sd siobilecsco singur mu lt : : e inli de conlocl. Forcr so ccule cu iot .-terviu in Clopotul. inierferentele intre lucrdri e Mottis Teulsch. mcahiore.O--.O. cu fosi. Check. De tell. cnd Henri God. Broque. iipe -o. Deltei .ror ^d ol'o oy . cvdndu-si punctul de pornire ril si Beniomin Fundoicnu lBenjonin Fondone). Reqizoru (in persoonc . Victor Brouner. incctl vo fi in . Vicior Brcruner.) evodeozd .o publice. this group grew slronger os some oul slonding persono ities jolned it The f rst lo come were ^O.oo^ Po'. Tr:nk. o se p oso necontenil c nierseciio circuiie or . elori orgumenle e - toTme e i' ^ odr OJ Oco:o .r:irescu tezetva episodu ui un ]oc proeminenl renerole de iobe e scle .c. cehe. i.o ": o #o oo-o' . o oo i.) reoching even lhe Argentinion medicr He succeeded in sefting up o kind ol Continporanul circle of friends cbrooJ thol comprised exponenls of the modern rlerory cnd orlislic movemenl. . in fiecore mcrtr. l lrrns Arp..l: s ole creolorilor oulohlonl. depcrle de o fi trebuit -::-iold.lonco. Palul lui Procust. Miito Pdiroscu. ol those who wished to escope the slif lng forms of the posi wou d Mcrcel loncr.inring. .'ort o o. He cou d conloctthe French on tlre lrlp he underiook by the end of 1925.].-a ol*o7r rouTo o gl . incdl pesle un decenru. desrgur prinir un : --:rno in formu/o cdruicr lrebuie scr fi conlot . grupoti sub potronoiul -' sculpturi ole ui Constontin Brdncusi. Senzclio o fost de mcrgic. ':-estl ce or din precimo.. r'or Wo so^ o l^lg. fiecoruicr focondu i.n Mo.q this period os wel For inslonce. Hungorion. Cocleou. lo whom modern Buchoresl owes so much..-:r ienesii (Procelctria... ccme oui in 1924.imbocsite o e lreculului.--:. pe : lnio reuseo sdr-i 4rgentino.. Breton.rL^ . ond Brdncusi himself from lhe dislcrnce Some o//sprincs of Contimporanu/ cppeored dur n. the on y ssue of 75 H P showing iis own provocclive spiril. miscdrii moderne iterore si ortislice.o | ^ -. mdrturio octrilei Didcr ''n 1925 26..Nir confrotilor integroi dedrcot deRomonn .celilor n =.-r a by Der Slurm.4erz.n . he hcrd c remorlob e copocity lo coplure peop e's inieresi duo ro [i.. picturc.: Contimporonu/ui desene e ui Morcel crncu.ovio 9i Be grod lc Poris si Berlin.t-"-r de irodiere o muhip e or sole optitudin necesore penlru o .i'--m de borlccdo din Dirr . o primil. ihey ccrme out with their porlroits he hod sketched in pen.' -:rcnu sdt. -i Moxy.=: :clivd de vose comuniconle cu revisle simicre . in suilct.o.:reze ln jurul sdu o intreog-r odunore de =. r trc! se dlsiingec Aroiie priceperii de o .'i( Oao )p i-o e r^ior .t. 6-q -e.indrdrciie. eo. viguroose cf u-. co sd cu un numdr prestigrooso -. Morius Lotor.-.sls l: '-: -'einOl Onr .eO o. . --. . Brdncugi.lonco s drowngs were printed in :::'der poloneze. lndex. sllmu oli de Arihur Sego . o o'. 1934) Thoi period wos exlroordinory indeed.of e s r e -roce of pride n -o. 3rcque. Punct la wee|y mcqozine of crclivisi propogondo) fo lowed the some course ond spirit to ihe point of ioiol merging.= '--prinse o finee lui 1925. Cocleou.ra : : -e:ricns ic ihe . lntegral (1926) wos o sorl of Conlimporanu/ scrtel ile. P6rei. Afterwords he publlshed o number of diologues wiih De ounoy.-:druio. Groduo y. etc. in ocest sens.ori. tQ?6 o o. '-: ^-co moi dinoinie.'^ ']o o o-. 911 o:e o .rcr . moin y dissemincied through Contimporanul. F izbutrse scr olcciuioscd un fel de coniocteze cu ocozio cdlo Conlimporonul crnd enihusiosiicc Jy welcome in ihe iolicrn mogcrzines (Procelorio. a . due to fhe unprecedenled effervescence cnd vorious inilictives.d.. I cn. oiot de pulernic tmpregnol in ocupe p onul inidl o scenei publice. elc. de :-. Disk. din Romonlo.. we owe the fo lowing recol ection lo oclress Dido Soomon 'Around 1925 26. whl e o lit tle bit oter. in co oonele publi . -r : .. ArCr6 Brelon. cu oceoslc I crtetentlor Conlimporanu/ui in slrdinoiote. sdrbesll ---' tl. moin. Nois o. o oo. o o B^ exchcrnges ol col oborclors with lhe Poish. io. respecl.-tA olo.::ci vd se dislinge prinlr o remorccbi d --':: irilrotve. I ion I 934) . . lndex etc ). oceo -: . then Ml llcr Petroscu. 1926 Morce .. in coso up few lrends in lilercrture.iol gother 1n my Buchorest cpcrtmenl eve y Tuesdoy. .

cptc scr i oseze. ooro o 6o 1. Se produce r.n"n ot Cobo'o Vo'-o' e o'raoo/ e'l '. 1926). De oceecl. Ioro 'a olLe otl rlao*i.O^t O. .o'l ^ooa' ' ^o : o puno pe pcoore propr u teotru e'petmenlo )e sl .)29 incredinlole Continporanului de on Bcrbu. comenieozo o) \1 ( r . d--p o ^.l memoty ond lolk crbout his would . '. de orto 1o incruguroreo gcl er ei perrnon'^nle sLll-. Sogo Pond. Nu om rdspuns n c to w^o .oq. ise osociozd penlru su lc de inlerviurr cu scr ilo i odcrpostite de Mtscarect literard..dln pe sono Slrndo duL 1ni-^qrol. Scrdu Morjus lotcr 9] Flenri God. 05 o ^e lao. Po rt. o'o F.r oloi o' po. sou prozc fonlez strt c ul locques Costln. the leom of Conlinporanul b e. Srso Plro l92q Morce .t numor din 75 H P lccec un le de frondo pe conl propriu. de ostodcrtd piesele de misierioose iensiuni Adercc. Condvo se inirecuse cu Hcns Arp in reo lzoreo coborel. intr un context cu ospect de mon lfesl. ao ro d. 't Co . - . even il"he hod to deo with the tensrons ond enigmclrc expression of lon Bcrbu's l-^xts crd. bl 'ocl 1 P 'r' -ou. in focl. Rcdu (Poroschivescu). tntct. devenit. opened under the potron- lo. de c ungul onu- O25 ^o'.e 5o lleT r'6iro6 cr o q r 6l o p^''^i ^ opt-o rr I o i o'. er i impoci when showed lo orl lovers oi ihe inougurol on ol c permcnent orl gollery.I -c '-l-l: i orr r : :.' I p'. lncitoi de F Broslecnu irr Violo Romdneoscd.lcnco drew lhe mosl dynomic golLery of pJtroits ond sncrpshols. din epoco Dodo.. omong lts o otformo de rodiere in or-c Contimporonu/. cu dezinvo ld ccuiiole.^ ro2o] o^ ro ).or d e oo Or ers. nor crnvl dld we vicoriousLy repecrl modes. Moldov Zorembc. o ovut un mpocl moi org cOnd erc din nou crrdtold omclo ri o..n . dec. sincronic. 1926) He p cLed up oeoin some of his eor ier interesis he hod hordly puttrld ot thot llme The former il ustrctor oeo ol bi of Trision'Tzcro's poems during their Dcdo epoch.o ' n^r ha [^. ) I e wo\ or d^ i^9 some p eces of scenery for Cain.el o'lo o the founders of the new ori.b'o o.. dotote l9l8 Celebro so pdnzo Bo/ul inspirctd dln seri e onimcrte o e Coborelu Lr Vo loire.O Eicc F I CIsc' :'': - :'l '-l'1 tr y due to severo inflghts. nu om sllobisil si repelol nim c' lsl revedicou o experentd originolo. Therefore he tooI up scenery design when l6e Continporonul tecm sei up its own expJrimentcl iheoire compony Sondu Ellod stoged Evrernov's Moarlec: vese/o {A Merry Deoih) c horle quinode (see the scenety ond coslume drow ngs pro po. or. expusd de cum revenise dln Flvello. t P. r6 ra.r 'ord^o r 'o p. nor did we spel out .o corld righifu ly cloim his to e. ovecr grilcr so improspdteze in memoiio pub iculul reolizorl o e soJe din vremeo p^ o o . D e . dec. :' grupu ui cu oderenl de mcrcd. morcol de orgoliu independenfei si cl orientcrii lucide: 'Nu om imiict. Pro well cs olhers..C.'l o.^o by Mo e Jo o 'r Co^ ^ pa on lob oMo.o I oa ol a( /a a IJ' t'oz8olo e L' 1932) d" echlpo ce or mol liner neconform gtr: Geo Bogzc.nerctlii. ^o o ever.o^. his fcmous oo r q I' o Bo 'o' 'oot I P'o'o ot 'l'e I '^- Mcrce oncr. ulter 'if cr>.uoro o 6 . 2T nov 1 926 ond by Aurel D Brosleonu in Vialo Romlneoscd.o oeo^oa eoo"do entolon oLl in ol lt wrole 'We neiiher lmilcled. r IiOOO Crt'o oi eO d a. Modov.tnd. door.' d^ oi do ld 'o scr cJoro une e desene dln ocel cnl si chicrr doua iexie in frcncezd. -ro '.locques Coitin s fcnlosres in prose Provoked by F.ole oi. oLrspiciile lbrcrrlei icrsefer (tf comentcrli de Rodu .1.t 1926 il Aurel D o.1 'eo oi'e hs . Aderco s series of lnlerviews published tn MiScorea Lilerora dtr ing 1925..OQ^.. or qo d-i t ^ ro. Cn publishing the lOOth issue (Cctober November I 93 I (scptomoncr de p opooondcr cctivislo) merge in oce- or.^ O^ 06-l a I' oro o9o' is'i ri c. Viclor Brcuner si. mcri c dislcnf-r. Venlomln tn Politico. lnir un reoisir u omplif tol reluo preocupdri schltole. dizldent din pricino unor nolJmici moi curdnd de o. oo a 6pheaa o lfereozd pubL 'ot r de t p :imicr' 1n 1924. Noturolly. Io1Ao.ll.efresh lhe publ c ochlevements in Zurich os crn ouislonding representciive of the iniernotloncl ovontgorde Fo lnstonce' he oo d O. whose vouno ond nonconfo mlsl edilorio ieom counled Geo Boq "c. Moxy. B Fundoionu. dor pulin mol tdrzlu' Puncl Brcncuil. Mo'cel lonco wos the only person wi-.^. o 'hot rr iwo ie.""tutn from Swilze lcnd.' Widgons ond G Kcrlser's iuana lle remembered his octivity os o lhe- l. prinlre 'inleme etori. 'We were nol omong those who responded to ony oppeol lounched by oth .:. Rol . ^oo (ho o'^ 'to p e or ol nod.]crco Sosr l'tnir ni" metoolo ului ero Mcrrcel lcncu. o very successful booit Cnce he hod competed with tlons Arp cnd creoled coslumes (mcs[s) for the performers of the literory nighls ci lhe Cctboref. beqcn io drow orcrphlc s[etches meont to comment Veniomin tn Polittcc: 27 no.rFi meteorlcu Urmuz)' Sre-fon Roll. we wete omong lhose who roi:ed the bonner n Europe'. lt become o dissident mog ozlne.. opoi Mi ito Pdircrscu. o . nltcrdcto Foslu ilusl olo cl versur lor ui Trlslon Tzorc.D. Ttecuse ocum de coslume {mcrsii) pentru onlmotorli seri or lliercre de ]c cdevdrcrie pro ecte de ^ ooo A rooo ..o i' 'ho ro'"'t. Miron Rodu (Poroschivescu) 9i cei cr ll Cu ocozlo numdrului OO (oct nov. hod on even deeper . insu^sr ^o. . loter lo be repr nled n 'Marturio unei ge. M H. Soso Pono. (dL-lpo ce scosese el sL. p.ot o ^.a /.g 6. The bonner wcs loken over enlhuslcsticolly by the new discip es from lJnu (1928 1932). cs Mircn Uriuz) $tefon th' roo or aoo/ in French lrom l9l8 Moreover.rraorptr ei o . I 93 1 ) ce de \a Coniimporanul schllou un succ nl biloni.0r'1 g. . Zcrrembcr.o 90-'a de porlrete si inslonlonee reproduse oproope in loto jtcle in viilorul volum de succes Mdrlurtcs unei gene' rolii'.gc5 o ropi '-Io 'ro. din cond ln i.Mo ^"o^. ce or i'e - mol 'inloi.r.rTo o o o ^6lie ed os po o l'' q-op' .

o expoz = ..-" e cu core pigmentc poginie coieielor Dodo. presumoby. W. oorecum : -:i .--: lbsen'. : of hrs pointings on g css crs \... he ond his wife visiled Ein Hod. Apcrt from :-: clcluri pe siic o ori lucrdri reo izole in tehnico vil '. : ::l'e.isi vc oduce ominte mol ielrz .'-:eazd reproducerec acelut tnlerior dotot l9l6 ):.s lhe G-:. in oJie ccrse concepule = :-. li is known thoi the iwo ortisis hod met in Zurich cnd kept ln louch over ihe yeors For lnsionce. nove \i/i:c:i3.. Untortunotely Soph e Touber Arp's sludio (rn thot Aubelle house in Strosbourg) vcrnished in 1936. doucr -: :'-::bi incoslrole in perele. :'.:r nu ipsito de re evonld. Wos there somelhing more lhcn o commoTr cose of crtlstlc offin ity? A cricurt ol ldeos. mirccu ously soved from the ongoing demo ition) Some of his contemporori-^s c oim lo hove seen lhe entire wcrl s decorcled in o -:"cu (cc oceec din slr. nude. in Wi y Ver[ouf.-''r --: : -. ----. with the ldeos he supported in ihe medlo quile sys . M e 'o : . Dor se . ond moybe. Concomi- ':r :: Drc:wings for the Theatre Hobinah /ql I l97B --: Ie Aviv Museum He eno Rubinslein povllion. Mo. l5 I ). n simior o recenl exhibltion set up n Zurich (' Hcus fijr kon : . o progromme. Neguslori or pe fine. oz8_ o nde. Prronde )o \Henric ol lV'lea. courses in the tech niques oi portro i.oo. ond o couTSe in modern furnilure ond fittings. for the door. d sc oy Ari.:: orl sli.. :.ecl c Bucureslr. togeiher with Fr.. e qo \o-o oa o derolo'oo o ^ Unli mcrlorL prelind co or li slruclive und konkrele Kunst ). risiptte sor pdreo in cee .=' :e c drepiul rulne.v!a cs ci irose execuled ln ihe sioined g oss techn que. Sd fi fost nu numol . Be .-mortle I 925).: :'onlco de expozifie in revislo de crld Voir nr. in oforo mobllieru ui. ugi .--. ihe orgonizers showed severc exper menis in decorolive orl from 192627 beonging to Sophio Touber-Arp (opudthe chronice of the exhibitlon in the ort mogczine Voir.--. cum . !cwever h s nleresl ln lhis mcriier wcs much o der. o D c cDrawinos t'or ii-e lel :-. inlr-o serle de reolizcri' )6sen \Stilgoii 1947) ::der co Gorcio Lorcc ( Casa Bernardei Albo. l. ond sti l-Life. Siroto. . They evince lhe some drrection promoled by the Romon on poinler ond crchilect during lhot period. ojunge sar se concreii-:ze ocum dep in o pteocupore iimpurte cr scr egcto := criele decorotive. -:le o octivitote de core. We would like lo pointlo o consequenliol corncldence. one con see lwo stcined closs ponels fitted in the wol in the p oce for lhe window..-.':' : chicr un circuil de idei. ceecr ce zdddrrnicesie -:'-porotie inco din 1924 Morcel Lcncu : .rclerle de orto decorolivc din onii 192627 ..-:-e cordino linio promo Monlreux).. loter scollered oll over lhe wor d. they be ong to ihe some ronge of geometricol orobesques ihoi he used io drow in order lo odd some flovour io the Dodcr reviews Trcces of such orobesques could be found in whct sti I stonds from the French wlndows in ihe hous' es he designed (for lnstcrnce. in Locul rezetvctt ferestrei s .*: Ce orobescuri idenllce se mot pot gdsi resluri . spoliul unde 9i o exersot insprrotic Sophie : .in timpul unor colobordri succesive cu lrupc teotru.-. Viziloiorij expozitiei din l926 . op.lonco weni through successive ollerolrons. nsd tenlolro ero cu mul onterioord. . r oceeogi oni de crhilectu piclor romdn. works quot). o c. ri-' r sty e.1995. Hobimoh din sroe..:::'old ocluolizo incercdri ole Sophiel Touber .' :'.ICAIZCAZQ UN Recent.'. Se giie inso co o predol cur he designed. the house rn Neguslori Street cnd ln O ienl Slreet.: . ond loler.=. . orlechinodo de Evreinov (o se . lgZB-ion. on . vlzibi e some pieces of furnilure..eo-^o c : :1926 exhrbition m gh.'edeo schile de decor gr cosiume propuse de MorceL oncu in Conlim poranul.:' -.eproducere se vdd. os the copy of thcl inlerr or doied os eorly os I 9l 6 pointed to (see Desrgn lor o Room.= . dovodo ----'. He is known io hove tcughi inleror design courses cl the Acodemv of Decorolive Arts.:-ecum 9i vizito ldrzie o sofilor Arp o Eln Hod.: --. orobescuri :=:-eirlce din coiegorio celor prezenle frecvenl in . core'in cunoscuserd foorte bine cr ' .incd in ccse conslruile de = : :ss-wonduri. .--=--: : ::-i in progu el).--" 1930. 'in . ' tso. porison quile unsuslclnoble As early as )924.. cu core o co oborct destul de -':ns. for a raom in Wi ly Verkouf.. moi ovusese in vedere eventuo ltoieo unor deco he conlrrbuiec -: :=. icr c crdirile edificcte de romdn ou . febr. ovond imprimcle.c" lonco e'hlbited pieces of inlerior furnrshings 'oq^ rer n't o M-orce Jonco impressed eveTyone through his coher eni ond inlegrollng orlslc proctice trghtly intertwined ". clt) Pe : -:: . o ofoone viu co orote. . whl e the buildlngs designed by Morce . 'r'o ui Mcrce oncu.lonco's invilcllon.=: nobile de conceplie propr e si diverse :. lo ZLjrrch Cctober 1995. . ICg ZOI OC JUI]UU L UU/ L cleso Moorleo vese/o. 1 952) 9i o te e ent. Monireux). I .tronsformdri ce Je-ou desfiguroi cond n cu .re decor konslruclive und konkrele Kunsl"). Hons Arp porticipoied in the 1924 etlt6ilon ln Buchoresl. t . '=:'esl proflL lo Acodemio Arleor Decorollve. o coin . inc uding the co ourful cei rngs ln olher houses designed by the orchiiect in Buchcresi. o p'. lui Hons Arp in expoziiio de o Bucuregt. thol mckes ony com- =---c (cce imobrl Aubelle din Strcsbourg) c . pe siic o. Ar fi de semno cl. no 1 1 8. 1979).: .' cu rdmos roporiuri oprop li mirol in folo moi mullor exponcle reprezen penlru Coin de Widgons si Junna lui G Koiser.: ''::'= : o . un progrom comun? .cereii intregr decoroli intr un sli osemdndlor.'-.

Morcel Jonco is a greol crtjsi who succeeded in creoling some lones of blue ond brown' olmosi .convinge.. co sl vremelnicio snobisme or esletizonie ou cvut in Morcel loncu un odversot conslcrnt.o. o e ho'o'v 6.o-o. 'o31. ' (iq I q) ct6''5 iar'a g P9' -^L 'r . Sl'c .lonco's theytoth disp oy forms cnd co outs From this point of view.O." do-o eo o.. lc de robdore penlru unlce oproope in loncu este un more orlisl.6 OrO OO OO'd O OrOr' . r'rized personolitles lon Bo bu ih" poet ond mcrthe .iciec.^. core este mcl gro5 s moi moteriol Nu cereli subiecl d lul M Loncu precum nu putet cere subiecl nrci unei scoorte boso obene 1oc de lorme I u e:cepilonolo d-sole e<presive.ond.tor ' 6e'. I h^t^o. ioc dinom c de fo.o V o' ror Dopc o rar on -tu ('o ^ol ond grcrphlc ortisi). of sloqnotron.'p o |^: ol o'l prg ri g ^pl o'e d^ '^ ' I po'Iq sought 'ro. weni beyond hls ooooslt on io lhe cub sl theorles Jcnco upheld. i OpO OI ' qulore de si lzore o nco lo oe orp-or ortro .presive in sine ole fe ulul de o monui cuLori. a to'ov eorbo. o' c' Popc.'o' .i-qr I?o-po rO:O 'o.r. oot'o' O Or ^q '6 re Ol \\ O1O I OO aC f iode modeL.'insolito de rezer ve oblc disimrlote (de lo un confrote co Vjclor lon Nolurol.-^1 Comornescu i9i invingeo ldlosincrozille de principiu foio de ieorille cr. q ' . Mcrcel cncu cl porcuts un ilineror ortistic deloc uniform.o. \&. f r'scrowded moss of peosure ond muscol suggeslvity Now we odmlre the rhythm ol co ouTs cnd ihe woy he renders lheir intrlnslc puriiy We liI e olso som" de rcole ploste wo. inil. . M p cluro noostrd ter[cneon counlties wos o cruciol moment in his evo ullon os o pc nter. l" . o better molerlol for colour lnler opp ^ ^ tcrare Balul. -.o'ol ro tote"M-orn i'e a li ^nlyoI ''deotr.. iterct grof clcrn) si l-o trebuil o dozcr insemnoid jinioi.:1 si cu orh. l ^ c e.. oi the some lime.O-^pito^ de o l fjxo noto personolo de diferenllere pr ntro sinloqmo emb n cor congesi onoi de pLdcere 9i sugeslie muzicold' ApreciemLctuolmenle rilmul culori or.1.O. :i zecl de onr moi lcrziu.po o'e o . Shortly ofle wo ds.P.. ptr' 6pt.^ o'^tt r u.9d o o-.o roh rl . inceoLrt. 'poet coTe se OpO:1. o ho o 'o' ooL o'o'lo-a'dode work or in the Bessorobron rugs. -. ^e ' sl. Morcel lonco slood ogoinsl lhe roote: cs to lhe need of on onecdole n pointirc orejudlce ot O Lrtr 6-per dar . redote-doo rn puriloieo lor proprie Admirom unele lucrdrl frcrgede in ipsos.'t ^ o^ o r^ Qra^€l orchilecture.l //O o OOO"i-l 9 tlt. '."-h oo tlo"o..o1 - 'o ht i.^ 16 1 ) 6. 'Lcm pentt oo. Pet u Comornescu. ort. ^ A \rl^lao' rT ethcl c iches Hrs reoders could Leorn how lo expr:' o ot 6..i^-oo'iF t li -lte ort 6 g p6r.1 '-.' rr: o' d . onc vie ded uo in odmlrollon' 'll hcs nol been Long since qpr'6r s Osi^trrQ -t Bo c F ior^d 1.. 'un Dyonisos ol culorllor"' 'r. pe critici mo cr clutoru lor so obiino sufrcg u publicului Numcl J^ ^ oo e o' po o i -o ... muI moi polrivl penlru locLr le de cuocre' decoi uleiul. suni preo puf n cunoscule o:lozl Roslul celor o moi muLle dlntre eLe ero de o deslrdmo opocriofrLe dclorote proostei educotli din scoclo sl de o eLlbero d-^ ooncLle percepe eo octului creotor. )6 O'O O A-. lurul de orjzonl cl omplei so e octivildil'' .oo^ " ) t^c: 'Meo' . lo epoco zuricheze bi onluri o. i qr i..Dronys ond l-nes Mony newpopers :toried io Proise hls /O.d OOOr -Clo'el O"'o'o i. 'o poel fighting noiure lhrough colours ^OLOt B ^o .. o d.[s. -oo' o^r. Consequenl y he needed muclrhen ihe publ c ot orge lt wcrs on y ofter his fourth \b o^. cu povorni.I Ob'o rOOo Jorcu' ln. Mcrcel Jo'nco hod io foce obsic c es period. 3e:r I 3'' e''e -o- -L o O o'. osemeni orlcdrui creolor outenlc. since Mr. He wos equcly inspi ited by the some fe' vor when he lectured on lhese subiects ot the lur c Politechnlc ln froni of ls sludonts (1919) ond in | : As onv true orlist..p o " o decoroiivrsriulul n crhllecturo plotiiudineo noiu'o lismu ui. d" c ."t""o. voume 9i despre merllul de o omo6et 76. -ol eolln. core o izbuiil sd dec nisie lonuri de o bos de vedere. : I : l:l ::'-. occctsior cl voclllotions o I o onq hls ong ort slic coreer' lJ : debui rose much lnlerest ond. in 1930. ^o'r^d' -l o.o o o ao pt'z^^t6 e.'16r'L" t^ / . cnd.. cri lhe some llme he reiecled tr = Noluro isi cLlches os welL os lhe ephemerol oeslhe' : snobbery.ol^ . romcrnecscd \Ranpa' 21 febr' 1927) I)n momenl cl polorizorilor in evolufic picloru u PO e so I fi con:iituit colctorjo so. 1o. os we I os how io hormonlze viobe for-' tn.". llkeioker of colours ond 'o discoverer of the plcto rio clgebro". relrospeciv.o 'o i.r". I 'i o^-' sive ort c liic. si culori.aar 'o ^ . 'i..^ o.O' O' * . insufletil de eoclo fetvoore.' . dupo core cronicorii cru ccrzul de o o o o..gotc.biste orborote de orllsi 9i se pronunto cdmlrolrv osupro vlziunil lui Morcel loncu. e r.operrlor cl olgebrei p cluro e'. ftlr qeO. deci.. ostlel desp e vo o. c slorniimcl mult curiozilole.i\^ arQo'lQ i'wo'f us . to^' or d o 'lho n. d) AA a r o ^rtro i ^.o6^q.lnqul iormurllol nordice ole Medlterone..q -or o trTpooa'o'ohoro'7'd:a a . 'O -e \ OOi a p'.ce..unde in )926 era coleg cu F:. o-ct . ^'\ o 3.Aoe*eo1 . Citlioril of ou. lo obel Jonco s djslrnct voice cs 'o. dln vremec cdnd iineo pe oceste 'o' . PLrleo scr lmore:loneze o Mcrrce coerenio dinire proclico orlisllcd si ldei e susiinule 'intr ocllvliote publicistlcb destul de sistemolica nud-nolurd moorld.. stcrgncrr sl ezitori de circumslonld [cr roa^. P e do olo ore do'^ '.O d!s. Din ocesl puncl lru si cofeniu. of coutse.o ooO^^. the cr iics ogreed rhct he'hcd bonned the pirtu esque elemenls off a? I'.. O. o rtae 'o o. 6r'a 6'a o.' 5-' aood ol u o ooo4. .uri. mixec loter surveys of his rlch ocivtY' .q6.oo.poif^ oorecicl nu de mull ^.^'91 Po" o or ^o i po: .

= .grosp ot once.inid o creolorului de o poirunde in nlimitoteo ^t. cu minclon i -:. "Lo M. Un occent moi vehemenl soli-=r-r ccrie din lucrorile expuse in I 932.. Hons Arp.:. li is endowed wilh thot purg ng..e.. sd fie progromoi6 '-: ..:rietole plosticd evidenld. epiomzec -:::.. ---= c c:.or"r o meons lo ccuterize. cdnd 9i cond. unde funcltono o nivelu senzclle '-:--."".oc (ho s o^ro-e' ol).ch 'h ng.o.: : ::-:: 'i e criticll. : )'7a'e per'tr c exp ro Prel'i'eo oobord o r : -' ...e..:-iiuolc'o cuorii oltfe decot lo impresio : : . published in Dinineato. . pe temo 'Postico moder. " ::'zd este crstfel fdcuto incol sd i descopere -: ::::-. esentiole. es o lhe eagir-r rg ol cloi I ovou'o' hot lroditrons". .gen lonescu crveo.22 lebr. 'o eo. becrring o symbolic expressve ood. :-: r =::dceo co in chior ziuo oporifiei comenr . ond wos o so nomlnoted n o specioL boord thcrt wcs to deol with urbon developments. while sli I in Romonio.ndcbi d o slructurilor supuse unghiulu sou de --:. Facla dln 8 febr. = :. 'Moice loncc rcs c iirrn inlultion " of forms Who iouLd teL ihoi he is on I -= : spus cd este un pictor obstrocl ? ConstrucliiLe :::-ent fonieziste.. -.: opldoro 'geometrie incendiotd' . with Picosso (the greot v 5 olorV o s') we witcess the ret'tr o clr 'lly orl hod reestob lshed the conneclion with "greot primllive r : . Mi^o I Sebo-. imedrotcr.. -. ond liieroture ossociction.ome cenusii pentru inolte opere lusiitiore"' ln .-= : ---:'.-rpro. -:t:gregheozd lonurile impure sou ne. Now ond then.:" : i. Se numdro. lt turns nwcrdly to proiect iis otmos- te26 ' o o o otls. ln on overcrowd- ed ol. :-cel oncr. The i j 23 I : _-t . Ziorele incep sd-i ::dice pog n intregi omcgiole \cf. c penI ' . :32) o * oo.. -. He continued to exhibit his poiniings ond to enioy the crllics' proise.l.-iruiegle cu noturo in culori 9i llnii '.:'.s o( jlslice A:: -* ''= :... o oowt.J the coLour b". Nu zodor .-=.: :rcheiei . cu deosebire.: '. philosophy.. : a -:-e wo .': :. PoetL i ro-e^ o c c-ul 'or Borbr- gles.i .r. : :.'to . sutI o": o.= -:': : n inlerior. optico sensolion cssigned to it by the mpressionlst poiniers. thoi eclure poinied to o vosl compoign mecnl to open pub ic deboies ond e ucidcrte the prob em ot stcl.i::( ence of the ortist thror-lgr: w. He mcinlcrined thoi 'Storting wiih Cezanne ond.. -.:'-:: de detolil si sd-l fixeze in eternltoleo lui de .ri. He went on noting thot 'With M.'o sl Lumino ccre ii este speciflcc. ihen he lool po I in urbon p onning symposio. -. culoorecr nu este otdt densd.=-.r orr.crd.: i centrold orhip ino. 1932) As o motler of focl. Being corrosve. .Jonco poinls the trchiiecture of the oblects he js concerned wi'^. 'incepcrnd de lo . I think thot Morcel . Whenever he sets on obiecl on the convos he discovers ils specific llght ond perspecfive. porticulorly. yei there wos not ony spectocu or noveliy obout them However. picteoz-r orhitecturo oblecielor ce'-.otle: "M. sub experience" (lrom the summary of his lecture. : ..i foro intervenfio unor -=:-: colltotiv. .-r.ol /l€u'o'ce: i.I . essiont on the curenl exhibitions.r .r''e oi^lre r ^ e ro moticion.. -I = t:o. de :' . its elernol shope."ed by Mo'cel Jorco erpec o'y oy ' Le so't' -L o. -ci oles de lo Picosso (morele vizionor) .:"'-I:-l-=- "'.-' r = 3oiosivd. Spirituol-r si crbstrocld {vreou . -::-l-tr 3r espe. pictoru reveneo lo " :. lt disinteqroies the impure ond triviol lones. Jynomic.22 lebr. ' .:.lior rr de'oo( -'.-: := :cificori 9i drologuri publice. Co desfoce ucrurtle 'in elemenle e plostice : -: :e e moi durobile. -:-: simbolico.\'s poi"te oo'the oppo rr ry te dcfp'i l' own choi. !e oi.: :-crrJ oceslo esie inlovorosit de un orhilect.7" oe ioru'i s rJ.-= l::-tr o o reviviere o strictei trdiri plostice' i .= . eo conslruieste olmoslero .. e trodilii prim t ve. es he lirles ot ll e e ooir i^9' mnllctte the colleciive onxieties he shored in.-:rer s. corrosive efficocy of on ocid. . dor discip inoid. the co our is rcther inlense thon compacl' ' The verv dov when Euqene lonesco's oriicle come p-e'e.evc c'-.: :iiel operote de cub sm prin restobilireo -. Mcrrcel Jonco hoppened lo lecture on his fovouriie subjecl' Modern Fine Art. ..:t-=l ce egitlmore o propr ior opiiuni de lc -.ciures he wos contemp otinq. J.... the'pointings he exibited in 1937 evinced o vehemenl y sotiric noie lnduced by ihe lolesl events.r: :ciice.-: l: l: . loncu ore o lntuilie solido o formelor. 'furtuni de '.-'-'-: -iiioioril osocioliei de ortc.opi^ie p:orireoe p es.' -J Sebo..-. -.-.o"'es pe sorolloeo' '.:: -plice in plonuri de dezvo lcre ordge -. obiceiL. := .l .-. . Am : -:-=:: co M. ihe poywriqhr [L gere o'lesLo wo'ld wr. filosofie sl j obstrocl po nter? Appcrenty his fcntosies hold o singulor p'hysiccl strengih thot disploys on expressive vorieiy thoi you con . elroie the ingroined uniqueress ct -'e s-'. suni de o rord vigoore fizlcc.t'or' oI is co o-rs o'lleto^l lton tr o -o'eriol Morcel loncu.. dinomico.-. Btr'rg spi oul. '=: =:-=ze csupro exPozitii]or curenle. cu ooreo este couterizo :orto de eroziune de purificore o unui . e ro o es orep t r9! c: ::-:.sP. h he bo' c erpressive elemenls. so-l --. he geis rid of detoils in order lo render its uniqueness. on crt. op ro r ol e h n -ore ooP e^errive ond :crse Le dorqer oI e\lreri)l lo'. Hons Arp. So. yet mosleduly bridLed. cu o . cot : :.-:-:riolo). totu.e ' s . . Despre :-cu scric impresionol. .l-l --t-. the mosl enduring ond essentiol ones. co'cr s. he wos omonq the lnilioiors ol l6e Criterion.= r-: 9i : . Punereo obiectu .Morcel lonc.c sd porticipe c expozifii 9i so -..::--tri de Eugen lonescu. .-d sd concentreze esenlo corocterjzotoore in for . 1926 Morce ]onco.-.: :: .' =ro-nerij in cotidionul Diminealct.r inird in componenfo unei comisil r: . FJe wos . tt l.ercr semnolul ongoiorii intr-o ocfiune .

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insemndrl de drum" {Trovel Notes)...insemndri de drum".y n over i' Gandirea. pentru c fi fropct de spec'oco . in Facla. in nordul tori .. lupto. i exp-trsJ Li Bucuresli Progo-Vieno cu iondourile boieresii de ccum un veoc. 1939. Fronkfurt/Moin.e. es ol'u c orcLo c lfe we deo w ll on irdrs.eogo o tir o de s-rp horr'c . in Facla. l3 febr. 7. second ediilon. Gandireo. E. text inedii comunicot de Hory Seiwert Tn monogrofio solid documenloto (Peler Long Verlog. counlry. 1923 6. or'o sop propulseurs de ce fomeux mcJvere-: lcco ioii volte foce el mit ovec le suedois fccel:nc e.34555) 9. ) 1 993. co odinioord. 1929. 5. in the northern port of the 1993. Creve esquiver. l. Fronkfuri/Morn Posconi roilwoy stoiion. 1932 13.2a.'oro eoe^.co ore simple. I 93 1 Switzerlond. pp. See his lecture "L'obstroit et ses buts". Soddened Geometry').med monogrophy (Peter Lcng Verlog. sober. "Cronico ortisticd" (Art co umn).u re-ioTeTnenl m6le oux evenements r6volutionnoires de Boviere). Mdrturio unei generatii (A Testimony of one generotion).l2/1923). Victor Eftimiu. 1923 6.c i:o. p 345 55) 9. 3 Febr.6t6 de lo sorte un de propulseurs de ce fomeux mouvement Dodo. white but severe. modest. Cuvdntul. unexpecled ond weird ' o.. 8. f0t ulleriorement mel6 oux 6venemenls revolutionoires de Boviere) Et bien qu'il soll d6sormois fermemenl convoincu que es ecoles ne servenl qu'd rellefer es verilob es personnolites. e iugemeni du temps '. neosteptole 9i ciudote urme de orhoiloie ruro d oolo lc cu oso turi e induslro i)rL Li iroetuos. on origino texi pub ished for the first time in Horri Seiwert's I 'ir" info. experiencing o rich sociol life. modesle si curote. revisto Iu swrg.'olle mond Richier les bcses du consii'uct"rv"sme"octuel ile g oupe'1e'l de: peirlres od co rx ae h'cl ir-. oceste o ose pl ne oe o vo o soc o o bogoro resp ro 'l r. 1932 2. 'Morcel oncu". il esi toui de m6me surpris de voir M. 2O Febr. Vezi conferinto "L'ort obstroil ei ses buts". Et bien qu'i soil d6sormois fermement con voincu que les 6coles ne servent qu'c reliefer les verilobles personnolites. 8. "Expozltio Morce loncu'. 1952.Ieufen. 'Cronico orllsticd". n Almonohrl Adam. il est tout de meme surprs de vo r M. no 44l. "Geomelrie inlristoto" (opprox. A R. ' Expoziticr Morcel ancu" . t-2/ 1923 7. Eugen lonescu. The Romonion life offered lhe most crmozing ond bofflrng controsls. Viclor Eftimiu. Demoslene Bolez: .J origirol ol nc' .. Fe ix Aderco. 2 2.8 febr 1932 l1 Mihoil Sebostion. foit vote foce el mll ovec le suedois Eggellng el l'ollemond Richter les boses du construc trvisme octuel (le groupement des peintres rodlccux de Zurich.R Switzerlon d. SLrlice it to soy nowyo. por des molenconlreux oublis. 1957. Mdluria unei generafii . 1932.i Ioror o o ros1orcr l3 de no-r--o e o si l be. onco. for inslcrnce. their young ond bee-hlve body breothes Edenic freedom' .l^ orb 's le jlgere"t dr. 1939. 5.24 Febr 1932. o corle editolo de Wil y Ver[ouf (Arthur Negg i A. olbe dor severe. in Lupto.2a febr. no. t OO I lO. trimise sd preio occzionc ii turisli 9i soi lronsporie. lO lon Borbu. ln the o mcncch Adam.. o douc edilie. Yezi M. in Cuvctnful. . Feix Aderco. See M. ond cleon. in o booL compi ed by Wily Verkouf (Arthur Neggli Ltd . trons.2A ian. Bucuresli. ttd - Teufen. "Geometrie iniristcto''. in on oir of noturoI ond 25 . 'Morce lancu". he wrote hts fresh impressions on Pclestinion orchilecture: 'these lowns Romdnia lilerctra. -erp'". Bucuresli 1929.lonco Doda creoteut. Conlrosle dintre cele moi deruionte se puleou iniolni in reclitoteo romdneosco. Romdnio li terard . nr 441. Dado crealeur.jon. ond woich the Buchoresl-Progue-Viennc express lroin meellng the one century old boyor corrioges sent to pick lhe occosioncl tourists ond drive them to the locol monosleris (cf Demostene Bolez. cdire m0ndstirile din zond (cf. Morce oncu Tecro impresii recente osupro orhiieclurii polesliniene: "sim ple si sobre. lonesco.Creve esquiver po' oes nole-cor-. 1961). lon Bcrbu. Mihoi Seboslion. Ai rrgeo oe pi db so ec prigoro Pcsconi.

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JANCC S SIUDIES 1'9-'l o rte.o. in o weolthy mlddle-clc:s.oferonclo o 'a Pclro.. ^6 I' ceriiflcolu de obso vire: Condu lo domnu ui lcrncu n c oosters for rhe Dodo exhlbltions ond shows' wo'' : rtnrfo. ' mo.o.'o'1o lot'do o ot ". ARC'ITIECf Ancn Bttciine{ MARCEL IANCO Morcel oncu se ncsle 1o 24 rict 89i : 3'c-resi . ra qr rol J P-^" O lr r /' ^ " ' . of o' O'Oqo o ]N SW]TZERtAND cl:o poini ond Jor 't niire re.on t g 4r'6' ^..1 Boo O8') ne'^ ^'.)p rle i'Po'oo rr.fomlly.-'o o.t.lto'1 ['o' ^ o an age find an adequde cmd iN rLVrIt. o on o r'.r q Mor or rol e . Toub:' crnd Mor"och into the foundotion of ihe group i: Neue leben in l918 in Bosel' fol owed. Morcel sl frolele .-'p^dr ' ^^'o .o"o ' o i . [o crbsolvlreo llceulul ocesto doreste sd sludieze ortele ploslice dor renunid.a ^ o..o'tc.-he ond olher fine oriists of the grc-: n odroiv dlrsocloted themselves lrom the unfcll '' lcnco become more cnd more lnteresled ln flndinc -: si crpo l9l 9. ne dou o mogine exocld o ldei or pe core loncu misisj le formeozo 9i p"entru core mllllecrzd in Elveficr un"o .O ' .tr.r .o'.lonco wos born on Moy 24th '1895 h rn Bu s lcrther .1 ! oo' Mo ^O'o he .ooo-. Jto oe -.e stilul mtei epoci sd-i gd.l: " Oo. l-le benefited from o gooc o iI IHE ARC'IIIECr Ant fost tlinte cei ce cLu isbutit sd oo.o. 'die r''l o . in cprilie ^po .t *. Touber 9i Moroch lsmu ce contlnuo sb f e perpetuot de poetii din i""ll. r' .o'o. Mo'. Dcdi ^i.2'. --6^6 o' lo o -o e p o r. whlle iheir brother. conlecltoneoz' misri si cosiume cub ste pentru donsu j e moderne. este delermincrnld peniru for :j crilstlcc o lul Morce loncu 'I MARCET untll'lcte 19.PA'1oa-O p ..oraoeoIor'o n.s""t.' resenlciives of the lniernotiono cvcnlgorde.oo'o 1' o i Dooo o'o' ' do Trislon Tzoro.r oo o'oorjog. o^r''r r'a "loro. ce Ood o0-6OdI tl. Morce . . meont os rhe r'-e ' slecr lo the potQ nq operclion ochieved by the Dcc: Conseouenllv.o la o'oo.crt e de p rrgor'e efectuoio de dodoism.1.eo p..6'ro.' We have been omong those vvho were uble to sense the srl'le oJ dOnd lo inslstente e lotoLui sdu de c se orlenlc spre pro i". Glocometti. i -^a gorp.oclo d o crrtei sl oriistulul in formorec omulul . esle momentul culmrnonl din ungo viofo I oo" ro1 ao^e 'lpl oo'1 6 i o orr ui 1919.?'OO od 'r.-h C) tAp6.q Perloodo pelrecutd lo Zirrlch..r A 16 . inlre voro lui onu l9l4 da'/o :i . r o o."e' l''gai' Lnteresul noud ortd..-.. ond eorned I "ra aCd'^ Pot 'tot orlei moderne. Neue leben tn Bo:eJ impreun-r cu Arp.^poar). o..qr e Lozo n. qb oo.crchiteclure. os wel At the some llme he would dcnc= ond recite iexts." Jed even the crltention of t-= locc] oo ice. ng nerio sTUDlltE oco C^r-o / . Din oceostd perioodo doleozo moiorltoteo con locle or cu reprezenlonii importonll .rt r""a. he wouJd .") eo''9 . if !r . did not seem to hove offected his occ: -r. -o. 9r recitcr. George study {l 899 ?) ottended conslrucilon eng neering' L o... ihe sccndc. o.el '.' 6 ^ 'ol^ ^ oe ' . lt is cmozing how he cou d combine cll the:= oo o 1.nq ^t e-g/ ' Cheo q ilo r sdLr beincr c lextjLe merchonl.19. de ver leclures on orl ond orchile: fure crnd would cr so pubLlsh hi: drow ngs ond eng'c' Dodo mogcrzrnes Du ing hrs Zur ich period l': inqs ln es]oblished mony conlccts with vor ous mporicnt.oro 'M Jo' o bel o . 6.d' llon olonq wth Arp.ou lul u (l 896 I o!f f ^vor (l899?) srudlo cihitecruro.. Bcumonn. rroli-o eo o .g". such c ' lhe lolion Fulurlsls crnd the Poris on ovoni gorc: or-i. George de conslrucfli.or"".lotsai expression for it.-DO1o O r.c.nL au ino oL h s hol o\eo ooo^^d. .'. wos c hcll morl n ]onco s p oies ilonol ond orllsllc ccreer Whi e he otlended rie crchirecture courses.d'^^ro-' -\ r .src oroctico. oJ oq. ^. ^" o. \o'o o lo .tt. lo. which crllowed for hls eorry o yr.'c('h'ogl e' o "o. c o c qooopo o ovongorde nter zioro po >o'^piaaTa o oo ot cru .o p6l t^. oo 916rpo descifre:." cublsl mcrs[s ond cosiumes for modetdon. Trlmlsi lo Zuri.^': oroob ta'.

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u iniol lo Universilole, plmu o o motemolicd, peniru co in loomTechnlschen Hochschu e (ETFI), crhilclurd pe core il vor cbso vi in


rnore inf uenlo osupro formdrii ui =,'- e vetion Kor Moser (l 860 1936), rcc o po itehnico din onul in core =:: . -clii e si poncr ln l92B Moser esle , - -.l d n pr mit menlorl oi orhiteclurii

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, Lt eOoI-O,l Or^C6, u aAo - -. crl lo enhonce ihe sense cf freeior r i-.Athough lhe Zurlch perod wou c core rp r . s rier views, he never gove delois os lo rls occdemic si;des Cn orriving in Zurich during ihe sumn'er. of 1914 Morce ond .lu es Jonco registered llrst cr the Universily, choosing os molors chemistry ond mothemolics respeclvey. However, the next outumn lhey both were odmltted to Eidgenossischen Technlschen l-lochschu e (FTH) to crttend ihe crch iecturc course, which they groduoted in Morch l9l 9i The Swiss orchiteci, Kor Moser (l 860 1936), c ETFI professor f rom I 9l 5 unti I 928, hod, presumob y, the most effeclive inf uence on .lcrnco s lormclion yeors. Moser is hed os one of lhe lirsl meniors of moderl orchrieclure However, il wos on y from 1920 thct he odopted the modern style, ofte .lcnco hod elt Zurtch Whl e the oller wos o sludent, Moser's orchilecture wos still ec ectic, pervoded with clossie ond boroque
e emenls o ong wiih inf uences of the Secession move

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Grupu Simboiui de Morcei oncu,

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,:=-' ;:--e o crhiteclurii. n ocelosl timp, drn - :: e se desprinde ideecr unel sircrnse o' plo. : -:r loorle pul ne desene de crrhiiec- : 30-oce, ereculole in iimpul excur : i.,lo inleresonte sunl, insct, douo

s oibo or ginec in influenlcr exer' pre egeri e sole lo ETH, Moser si .d irolorec orgonicd c spoiiu ui esle

-'-C ior, inire olle e cdtevo schite de

ment. Some ospects thot .lonco iheorlzed whi e in Zurich, crnd whlch oter turned to be o chorcrclerislic of hls wor[, seemed to hove lheir origin ln Moser's influ ence. in his ETFi courses, Moser icuqhi his sludents lhot on orgon c lreotment ol spoce wcs ln foct the essence, ihe roison d'etre ol orchiiecture. Moreover, his entire work wos governed by the ideo of tight co-

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The Simbciui (Symbci) grorp,

irom ,^it tc righl: Triston Tzoro. Molc-- .]onco .1u es.]onco,
Po rJl Chopier



on Vlnec,



=-:riind prorecte de lnterioore,
scru comp


ei ocoperiti de picturo


- -, -:rlscris o pre egerii, inlilu otct ,,Despre .r ra:t-oclar sl crhitecturo', se pdslreozd!. -:- preocuporeo \ul \crncu pentru re\oiicr 'ieclurd s conv ngereo co dolorllo dez

:r<:resronisl". Aceste schtle ou fdcul olntr o serie de desene cu interioore : i;ezentole, sub formo de diopozilive, .,-'.- iinuidr de Mcrce crncu o Deporlo -- -eclrrd ol ETH in ZUrich in febrLrcrie


:oi reopropio. Arhilecluro de inlerior mo .:: e 1oncu, cere.indepcrrloreo icrb ouri]or de - :' si ornomenloreo pereil or pr n oplicoreo c cbslrocto direct pe suprofolo lor. deeo o'p o op oa aPoro"o ^po o

'el obslrocf-^, crhrlecturc (de interior) pic9i

:e clcrdlri, s-ou pdsl'oiin orhlvcr M Seuphor lc I ale Maison ctvec observotoir si Moison ,r, crmbele desene ou o notd ocrecum fon



e doiote I 9l B,



)919 ]921

loborotion beh,veen crchitect, sculplor, ond pornteru.



Molson ovec observololre ocrorelo, Zurich, 1 9l 8 Moison ovec observoloire, woter colour, Zrirlch, l9l B

[o cdtevo uni dupo obsolvireo cursu ui oe ornlieclura, Morce si uliu oncu pleoco o Pors :. Perioodo ce urmeozd, intre decembrle I 9l 9 sl sforsitu onului .in ceolo. I 921 , ccnd se reiniorc'in Romonio, rdmOne Din nici un lniervlu nu rei-os clor inlentille cu core ou mers in Fronio si nici detolii csupro crciivildlii din cel doi oni lnlre exlrem de pufine e mdrturii despre 1re cerecr lui loncu prn Poris, exlslo o relotcrre despre intrevedereo ocesluio cu Brelon sl Piccbio, inlrevede re in trmpu cdrelc loncu le crolo ocestoro o serle de desene de orhilecturo. Brelon meniioneozd fcplu co desenele il surprind 9i co deiLe u oncu'in ocesl domenlu se por ciudote, dor nu-9i exp iciteozc ofir molii e. Esle posibi co inire ccesie desene so fi figurct si cele omintite mol sus '. Porosind Porlsu, frotii loncu merq in Flondrc, unde ucreczdr lo Arros si Bethune, orose ce ou ovut focrte

Cnly o few orchiteciuro drowings hove been


l92O si sfcrsitul onului 192,l, Morce oncu ore

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in limpu rdzboiu



served from thot period, omong which some sketches of clossic ond bcroque buildings .lcrnco mcde during his study trips. Todoy the most interesling ones for us ore two woter-co ours represenling designs for inleriors, where ihe wo s crre entire y covered with poiniings in on obstroci expressionisl sly et. These sketches were, presumobly, included in o series of inlerior designs pre)c'l aO O^S ,r o p lO . e r -a lol .o do 'o'ed C' the ETH Archllecture Depcrlmenl ln Zurlch, in Februory lo B -^^ e -' ^ nol p 'Cr C bi.r Ab ro' A' o.d { erts c o oea^ p eser ^d llis '- ' proves .lonco s conceTn with the re ctionship beh,veen po ^ g oro o , F--r 'a o: wol' os ri. oo o' locrchiieliure ( nterlo orchileciure moinly) ond poiniing could come coser ogcin due io the deveopment oi obslrocl ort. Modern interior orchiieciure, os Jonco p.l;

ntre septembrie

Bethume,'impreund cu orhitectul froncez A L Dequi16, un birou de reconslruclri de ccse dislruse de rdrzboi. Se stie mult preo pufln despre lucrcriLe biroului Jonco

sume onsioe oo a oa oo^, o - Ro.ror o rd o ot' t imposibi ilcteo froli or lcncu de cr se inireline dln munco lor. ln icrrno l92l 22 oncu se inloorce ln

& Deo re .loor' l-o oo rti 'o'li^r o'o't'-r'o

it, demonded lhe removo ol pcrint ngs honging on wo,b or o ne opp 'o iot o ob:-ro'l po "-irg d on direcily on the wcr I su foce. Storting wllh 19232t c,1.o p I s doo ^to p o, 'e i' Pororic. Two more cquorel es representing fogcdes - some how bordering on fcntosy dcting from l9lB, hcve Oe€l pa5g1ej M'o :e.pto pOp^f it Mo.:on o\ e. oo)e i o'oi ' ot o Mo'so^ od\ Fou.


i'opo o,zo i oce'o, r

Romonio sl esie de presupus co sl frotele sdu, luliu, se

RCMANIA [o intoorcereo lcr Bucuresli, Morce loncu crre 26 de
oni. Avond oscendentu celui ce frecvenlose ce e moi

FRANCE, ]919 ]921 Few months crfler groduoi ng the orchitecture course Morcel ond .luliu Jonco sel for Poris The peric: sponnlnq from December l9l9 to loie I 921 , whe' 1[ey come bocl to Romonlo, is sti b urred. No inle-

rnor personoliiotl cr e ovongordei iniernofionole, oe\'r ^-epadApivot.1.g,r odot^o "^Po ce1 i- e'e:o r r 'lo ,e oi' o- o o. dor o o. '^ Ro^lot o ore, in sfirgil, posibi itoleo sd puno in oplrccre con

v,^w ceo ', .po iIo. *1, ll-.y \^trT -o Dor' or o vides detois obout their octivity during lhose "w: yeors


sloy i Do-i, -\e^ so roAor h. reeii : Brelon ond Picobio, when.lonco showed lhem seve'



Among the very few detoi



ceptiile lormcle

',,o -odoro.o


sl onume ocec vorionld po o ogoo \T. r'perl" r. ota opro.F .'

mol o es, inieresul sdu crescernd peniru Construclivism. Revisto Conlimporonul, o cdrel coeditor sL director orlislic esie iimp de lO on , incepond cu 1922, si core .ii servegie lui loncu de porte-paro/e, s"primo loorle

inlrun orlcol relrospecliv in l934 ,,CeosuL cles, curr oziloteo 9i mci o es co iloleo operei ou fost ccuzo '.rC€.r p ireo d"rorrlto i^ ,c'. 1^ p'or ro

bine cceostd nucnlo de moderore' . ,,Revo ulio s o focut foro forme bomboslice', scr e .lccques Cosiin

Bieton menlioned in his core.soondence ihot these skeiches omozed him c c oni .lon.o s ideos seemed rother odd to him; ye' Breton did nol moke his point c eor Presumob y, h: sow the sketches menlioned obove ' On eoving Poris, the brolhersJcrnco wenl lo F crnde,s where they worked in Arros ond B6thume, both dcr-

o orchilecluroL s[etches.

oged during ihe World Wor l. I Sloriing wii-

n o h'o t. ,o. {...) oro \o oloctr 616 inva6 la t ' Lro- r' proqro^ r lCo-li-po o.. lero 'o -os"ge p i' pa \Jo< ,. re 1 ) C rvort-l oe oro rtr f L ero 'podo 'c!po!Lneo.l Io o .' ) C,ez /1 r ^'s >tr -r r c Der Poronio r re or' Q)2 s oooo p^l-e( .to ir 194 I, sto sub semnul plurolltalii, o unei energiexplo


ro ll ^' 'or w'tr lotge ono' r ol roror 'pply -o1to l'6 61 -9 ryo . -eem- To- lpe lwo oro'tA the winter of l92l 2thelr own income. During Jonco come bcrck to Romcrnio, cnd presumoby, l'.
brother relurned os wel

September I 920, .lonco cnd the French orchilect A l. Dequire were regisieted os hoving on office, spe , o ./eo r eorid r q ^o os oe:- oyed d '- r 9 wor; however, lttle s known obout Jonco & Dequi'= office ond its oclivriyr'. Since Jonco's porenls kept c-

zive si ol unel continue couiorl. ,,E prolix. piclor, scu ptor, o ,ec' .. i^ Sor-o" r ioo oesp e Morcel orcl ' ,l930. ,,E inconslont: picleozo, sculpleozc p onuesle oz ol-f"l de-tns.,ir ooer .c rob, .eto '.oer Irco ore toldeounc dreptote, e procuroru ortei scrle. {...) o



hrs reiurn to Buchorest, Jonco wos iwenly s ' Hoving the outhority of someone who took pori r -

: ,s .ile o plotro de unghi fleccrui skyscrcrper cr orle. -,lresionism, cubrsm, consl urt v sm F imed ct p no o - ersc itcte. dovcdo: icb ourle e o:e e re e[ur e, ,:.eneie
cu frole e sdu, uliu, Morce oncu -: corierd ccr- crhitecl, construind inlre 1922:,t 1,.8 peste 4O de cadir,'il mcioritole orhileciuro =- ientio d. Procllcoreo crhlteclurii esle ceo core ri , :.l'd o vrolo 'imbe sugolo, burghezcr, ii permile sr-r ':ze oso cum vreo si sd flncnieze revisle sl monl -, : crlislice. Toius consocroJeo co orhilecl vlne - - obio in crnli 30, mu l limp dupo ce crf cu ercl - I cunoscul cc p clor. groficicn si pub icist. Lc; ,-:: rit oni]or treizec , Mcrce s u iu oncu ou un -, de crh leclurd core se numeste Blrou de Siudlr .in lmobile conslruile de ei, .in -r: fe, cu sediu : -. Triniloiii, Ccimoter si Po eo ogu Aporlu ' ^ poo ^ ^ oT r, , lo g so,'^ sp19.i


oo'{)[ oo'o .impreundr


iehnco si suf]etl nici unui fu seclrrdnO


o ^, 'orol

lhe interncliorc I -r nl I o^l O3e O -e eo 9ro oo
r I



r i, Ol2

q .



,-r d n cel dol frcli nu c dscrl mdrturii scrrse. - -r -crse e foml iei, Morcel ero cel responsobi de ',- d- po ^o o o Mo ^c o ot ^ a/a r^- ol,a ; p: reclizole de e : o ^ Ma,cet], i, io,-.r oso ' reinilioi or plleo crede cd este vorbc de o ,r




O I OpitrO


Jocques Cosl n wrole r o e: :-D-:i .e i..c e pub ished in 1934 The sLrc e . i tl e i ,i d+r , .,icllons in wrliinq, fire oris, crd crcr ieciui-e v,ros due io ihe chosen momenl, 1o the indomiloo e curios ly, ord flrstond foremosl. to lhe intrin:c qrc ty of rhe wo I of ort ( ) The progromme clmed or winn nct th oL qh per srolion, ovoiding olloc[s invectu.s crnJ insu-s. {...) The s ogon wos.-1he creotion itse f ond not o wor-like dec crclion. ( ) Our creed wos neliher ncrrow m nd-

cl o 6 (] .o o looo- ^ a .-De tlo o. o


; I o -


^d o no lo r


The iime he spenl in Romonio, between 1922 cnd I 94 I , stooC under the sign of p uro rly, erp osive ener-

o o d.^oo p h^ ooo,a o
o ^r^ -

d, este probobi




E iod wrole rnprediclob

crhio dln codrul echipei ce o formou cei dor - : s' penlru coez unec ei. n publicclii. une e :rcr sub nume e ombilor froll, ce e moi mu le , -:' sub nume e lu Morce loncu. U lerior mer ':,,enil ocesluic dln urmcr r uno:cui n pr mu1

ooo/ i ol v or o ^o -o ro oit yesterdoy. Since he is owcys right, he s ihe ludoe of h s own cri. ( .) He hos poid tri-bute to every c Jnt n o'o

lo oo,'. oo oro ,. p,o odo ol;-e od obout Morce .lcnco n l93O He is on e person. - he w pcrint, sc uipt, desigl

Schiii pent.r

lr ille

io , Zuriclr



io or

nterlor. Zrr ch,


p^oOoaOr; r'.a

i o,O,o.d r,j:l,li.:..11: ri,:r,ri a::ijitll:




I922 1925 I Ce cr oclivltotii ur oncu in domenlul - ---- esle foorie putin documenlcrid. ln inlerv uri = :'nordri, olcu nu se.inloorce niciodclo moi - -r timp de onli conslruirli primelo' cose mo .especliv
: ,i


-_JL CAR EREI, 'incepul



ant 1926 22. De curonC'insd, s ou = =''i cilevo proiecle ce oduc pulinc umlnd ''.epulu

: c irecul opero so 'in ccesli prim on . n : citevo lun dupo inlocrcereo'in Romcnio,

ui coriere sole si cr evo ui ei stllisiic^e

- , :'ocr -olole o loid ul sdu din str. Trlnttolil'r. Din - : l' dcteozcr si o vi d, o cdrei odresd rirmOne .o o. A_[.]^ p o.^ . opo

=': zeczd un onsomb u de gcpie mici lmobi


: :c ec geomelrlcd o e emente or pre ucte d n - : csic onuntond inso deio evoiutio pre:' .l lerioore. Sunt desigur rezu tctu l:ormcliel : - s-rdlior io ETH in Zurlch si cmlnlesc orhr : :-identiold eng ezd s germond, cunosculd
, Ct A \ , o, r o io'l' M io o oE

F 6 ^io



1 ,-

-, cncu proiecleozd ocesie prime c odirl in r , rc rsl f ! esle slrprinzdlor. ntorccrndu se in



-- e oel root t_rooo O. io-.o'o c'-a ,:. mportonte rn orhilecilro modernd so fi ovut mente loc". Pe de olta porle,'in Romonio o siOrsltu Prlmrrl
sou economici necesori unei innoiri rodicole in orhi

Romonio lo sforsitu onulur

192 :-:-



Rozboi Mondlol nu exlslo incc stlmulil culturoll, socioli

o llol-o e', 'ooo. -6 r I ite'Sol '1 L ' po'^r rg ' ,^ sl . or o'd ow'rg' qi lp1 ll6rl i 'e'hrq'^ ord'or il r...1 r^ ;s o' t' ,b-o o"d o oro V-, lolco ro t oo oge hor w'n h. b orhe' ' re o"d mode himself o .J,""t cs on orchilect, buiLding more

ort. erptessLonism, cublsm, cnd construclivlsm f f,o


lecturd ln Bucuregtiul onilor douozeci, predomino incd ocodemlsmul becrux-orts $i stilu neo-romdnesc,


excepiie focernd ctttevo rore exemple de Art Deco Tol inieresul pentru.innoire in crrhiteclurd se concen ireozo 'in cdutoreo unul stjl ncrlionol, specifrc, in spe .ltt o" Jinle decorotivo. Primele monifeslorl crle migccrri moderne in orhilecturd se vor doloro lui loncu dupc 9l vor fi reolizole in )92627 lo cofivc oni so lc Bucuregti. Eforturrle scrLe lzolole intoo,.","o

secured hlm o weolihy bourgeois living, which ollowed him lo poinl whithout consiroinls' to fund

40 buLldings, mcinly residenticl orchiteciure, belween 1922 and 1938 H s proct cino otchlteclure

deschid drumul consocrdri modernlsmu ui,

ce vc lo inceputul onilor 3O' dupb rntoor'e,reo de """" ".din slroindtcrte o une lni egi generoltt de Iirerl lc studlr orhitecti, moment ce coinclde cu ptoi"tul generol de
modernizore rcPido o Romonlei.

mooozlnes ond ort shows However, he become o *"iiLno*n orch lecl elolively lote, in the 1930s, long ofier he hod olreody mode his norne os o pointer, o oroohlc desoner, ond o columnist. ln eorly 1930s (4o',." ond lulet lonco hod on orchilecluro office, nomed Cfflce for Modern Studies, Locoled, in lurn, in

ihe houses designed by them in the Coimotel, Trinitoiii, ond Pole"ologu stieets Todoy lt s difficult to

in octlvjtoieo lui loncu, perioodo 192325 opore, dln outrno info motle pe core o dellnemi co o perioodcr o-a O eoo. 6 o^ r 1oO:le t€ )i opro 'loo ^ o o'l ' J , 'r, eJ e- o n;.' ori rootr -a s' o^ otol ovora o ccesiuio 'in rondurile pub iculul Lo primo vedere s or po ao o 'o- - , 5o zo'o- i1 o -ot'e o o -dol'to oo;tio'o,o o't Dolot ;6 )e 169- ol , .n.arroloo

" se dovedesle o fi insosj
iocrrre bine informoi de


neo omului


lol ce ie petrece in domeniul ortei, 'in Cccident. C sludlere oienld o revisl-'i Coritirpo,onulur, peniru core cncu stobileste de o inceoulul onului i 923 o retecr de relofi inlerno'

evoluoie the ind vidudl contribulion of the two broth p oiects, becouse the office Popers -^ s to the lolnl were Losl ond none of them left cny wr tten documenl in lhis resoecl. However, c,ctording to fomily recol Lecllons, Morcel wos in chorge with the design ond rhe ortisric slde of the proiectsi. The l nd of hie orchy ond cohesron exisling inside their ieom could nol hou" b""n beiter exfressed thon by the wcy ihey used io inscrlbe theli nomes on the buiLdings they desioned arch. Mctrcel Jules Jcsnco,which could be lnieri eted by on outsider os one single nome When
o1b, rhoo \o't oo L [16'l.or ,


ononld de reviste f ono e, dezvc ule conllicrteo impres de crvongordo primite din toclcr Europo. Prin intermediul oiestorc, loncu esle lc curenl cu ceeo ce se

Mor. o' 1or.o. er, histoiiogrophy gorie cred t lo Morce lonco,

o r6Jl q 1..'qr ^/tr ^ o qred 'o ve r o ] o, 'fo"-, \Aare g' ^d b A' o. gh tne, olwo rr wo ' od 'oge-l



r ode'r^ ,1 (pa'



Conlimporanul primeste g publico orlicole 9i moi cles iLustrolii de orhileclurd slro no ce ocopera un speclru destul de lorg Clondcr (V M Dudol, i P Cud Th Doesburg,-C. v. Eesieren), Fronlcr (Le,Corbrsier, A

r te o^ o,o.qoroc glo 6'f 'o o 'r Clo^do Co n o^io ' l'orto

well known"ortistic [ersonolity, while]ules remoined the shodow ".





Perel, R. Moletstevens), Germcrnio (W. Gropus, B.Tout, E. Mende sohn, H.W.Lukhordt, M es von der Rohe), to lo (V Morch ) 9i Belgro (V. Bourgeois)' Pe plon teorei c, cele moi im!ortonte suni in primLrl 'g q 'a, r 6're pe 5, il :i / f:p ' 'aI \eotJ. oA .o ^ (6n"np6t6^1 tr oa T-o ' e'o-"rol do p' b;' ' 'Li

Few documenls hove been found regordlng Jcnco's ecrrlv ociivilv os c,n crchileci. Whenever he reco lec hls crcilvltv,'he would never qo fu*her bock thor l92a?7 when he buii the flrst modernisi houses. A few orolecis recenly discovered, ihrow some light o' the siv istic evo ution'of .lonco s eory work ln 1922 'cfler he relurned io Romonio, Jcrnco deslgne: soon on ensemble of seven smol houses on one of h '

ln scrierile ur loncu, lncepond cu februcrie e e er de 16 r I'r o1-6 eo ooJo e d r 'e rojo'o ole cvongordei consiruciiviste, neoplo-slicismu s pu -a . Ali' -st^6 i,mr I eole7aato'a de oce 'F et qrupul De Stiil si cu Le Corbusler este explicoid de


veo, he built c vi

'o-\o , ll ope ritr. i^ i'i16" 5- etrl r'r rl ^ 'o^ lc whose oddress remo ns unknovrbolh oroiecis belonqed


trodltionol orchlieclur:


simpl c

clossicol onguoge weTe cnnounci,rg his oler der:


o'h^eerd.-( oo o*edIor.

iy of the fogodes ond the ge:


interesul lui oncu pentru cubism si obsirociionism, co sl de idei formulote de el deic lo ZLir ch' precum res




co]ecilv si rncredereo in rolul sociol cr crhl'

ndvdlol -.l r clAeoo^' ec'' |' node'^

tectu luiz'.

through Ch.'A Voysey s work ond H. Muthesius p-: Llcoiions' Jcrnco's designing these first bu ldings in cr irodjtic-.

t ^'aa / l^a e r,'ol torco '' ie O ['- ,. /,.h O.o -e.OlTt ^ lrg ' ] Germon style in resldenlioL crchrlecture, kno '

prlmrto din siroincliole, lcncu infeege so o popllcrrizeze prin inlermediu revlslelor de ':vongordd


[e .,r1" rho' 16 i 6- . r'Or .A r. ,r -hc eos. C^ come !: hcnd by the end ol l92l , when lcnco

he turned lo be the very imoge of modern mon. Bu Gropius. which Jcrnco connected 1o on inlernoilonc iu lurcr nelr..:-. in revisio -' "aoranul.:.oo1 . In oce os on ^rcepe so predec cursuri de orhileclurd .:prilie 1925.. Co 1923 Solf portrcit.Stril. ore o viold destul de scurtcr neqosind rieres cr vremeo resoectivd. when the young generollon of orchitecis come bock from their ocodemlc sirdies occomplished in lhe Wesi. .-LE CTADIR MCDERN STE " TJCURESI) 192627 . E Mendelsohn. neoplosticrsm ond purism. or i .O. Desi nu odopto niciodoto neo-plosii.r:'ie.. Auloporlrel. Schemele de . Jonco's interest rn cubism ond cbstroclionism ond by Zurich.i.' -: publicoie in februo rie 1925.i de cdtre cncu sunl cdlevo desene de orhi .r-.orde moqozines ls edilors would receive from c over Europe. B.P Cud. Among the few Romcnion orchltecls to odopt mod- r o'e 9^r^ 6l lcg.l3 cresupus cd provin din . co si Mo lel nti nt pr:ro nul.-rreo redoctiei Contimporctnu{ oflcto inir-o .=-: de orhilecturo si o mcrchetcr. le pro eclcre de mobi er modern lcr Accdemio Decorotive din Bucuresli Acodemio.... ond porc. in piciurcr.l or r' 9t5 t r. ln specio onu I 925 : ': . crd. n loct. especicly in !o lcnd..| oro-e L. l::: :. intr un numdr consocrol orhiiecturi '. tg23 . Ele pot fi dotoie oproximotiv 192324 st -. The firsl mcnrfeslofrons of the modern rf ovement According to the limited omounl of informoiion ovoll 4... such crs: lhe reject on of ind v duolism. Se '= 'i onu 1925 a fosl onul morei Expoziiii de Arte . o we linformed persor. l-p l-oo de. Germony cnd F'once Contin poronulwou d receive ond pub ish crlrc es. This ollowed Jonco to be fcmilior with whol wos on in lhe ouiposls of cvcntoorde.r-e cu coTe oncu ocoperd perefii redocfie -'r-. :- . '.:::iele teoretice crle miscorir. pe core il preocupo s --.qi^ A DA el D. ^ J.:-y e prevciled rn the l92Os Buchores A e . ond were ochieved o few yeors ofier his return io Buchoresl.Tcut.]onco disseminoi. unde Le Corbusler conslruieste : .llnd o noto specificdr o operei lui oncu in ^ .' din o cdrei redoctie foce pcrie si oncu.c . C.: -.Expozltio inlerncrlio ' :: : lcntimporonu ' ce ovusese loc cu cOtevc lunt : -': in decembrie l924.preocupori porclee 9i posrbi e inf uenle oe .. Eesleren).. ---: e octucr e privind urbon smul. rep resenled by these two moqozines2:.o --e. Morcht). si core r' r ol unor revisie culluro e cu oudiento mcri loroo o to Romonic..d^ or geir -is-ielo Iooio{V M D oo.n si o-.-= :' : -rc!rne sd coniribuie lo formorec unei cu luri crrhl -.lo 611 I o6 .oao o'os dod.. cn de virf in compon o penlru promovoreo pr n . lnsc bcrzcrlo pe inilioiivo '-.: ')24 insolesle un orlico de Mcrcel loncu publi ". loncu lmportosesie ideec genera a = ::zvollore o unel obslroctiuni qeometrice.=. Tot ctunc cpore .r-a :: '-e Beoux-Arls ccodemism ond ihe '.T pro a\. At first.. '-:.rror[ . obvious y influenced Jonco. rnu Esprit nouveou 9l Rob Mol ei Sievens. I o/e-ra-Fo ^rer ne p orO . Doesburg. in 192677 l-1is onely eflorts opened woy ro the ftrm eslob ishm-^ni of modernism in eoriy prir ples omong the Romonion public.: -: veche ce osidzi nu moi exisldz. 1.: Ilepr n rl o. ::'dizorecr 9i higieno soc o]d".:.OVA| l^q o . in core loncu pub lcc l.-'ce genero ei oxondu sc in specict pe pro.'o -. conversont with the deve opmeni of tho Wesiern orl.. I. . ocuinle e iefline. Fronce (Le Co b.e s) Co rorr (W (V.tnde oncu elpune zece . -erning the orchiiecluro renewo were chcnne ed lowcrrds o nctrono slye ond conceniroied on orno- I :: -ode u sco il Bouhous. Th v.r-trre r'eqi o'e evis.: r orhilecturii moderne.. the need of lhe co lecive effort in modern orchileclure.-:. Mo e-So. . .r' D-. o [re-o with De Among lhe mogozines Contimporanu/ would recelve ond further recommend to ils reoders storting with Feb uory 1923 the most imporlont for their thloreti co conlent were De S/1/ ond L'Espilt Nouveou The moio direclions of the construclivisi ovonlgcrrde. . Mies vcn der Rohe).rme oncu o vdzutin moterie de orhlteciurdr. Oo.o: : . scheme e --:iice ctp icclte oiot in inlerior col si -in exterior.-:': oe Robert De crunoy core.: i-r.. : I . oc r C. ll W Lul hc dt. .o opoo o .l protect cunoscut o fi rec izot din perioodo _-2i ^ e . excepl ng some A:. 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Co nli n poro n u l. v..p cined by r ocecstd co olorie si -.eod1 -r rcse interioore moderne penlru pavi ioone e . = Jtntinporonu/ orhiiecturli noi.r.-de inie.b.^p i de o . ed the Weslern nformotion throuqh ihe ovcniqorde mogozines crnd some wide y reod cullurol lournc s. povil-frrismulut Semnificctiv poote fi foptu co 1l intol ..=::rolive din Porls. rgeois ). ond the sociol ro e of the orchilect . orcr oo . precum r::c nlegrdrii picturii 'in orhileclurd.

struclured on ihe Bouhcus mode . foi ed to roise sign f cont lnlerest cri ihol llme. dcted I 924. wilh . . he pub ished count ess orlic es ond devoted whole issues of Conlimporr:nu/ to Modern Archileclure. he wos ihe first ond one of lhe very few nler esied ln the theoreticcl conlenl of the 1924. soc o housing. proiecicld in )927. lmediot dupcr 'inlocrcereo djn ocecslir cd dtorie. The co our schemes ihot covered the wo ls testify.Geir-'on o. For lcck ol inlormolion. tlre 'Exposilion des Arts Decorotifs' in Pcrls. n the some yecsr Artct si Orosul (A* ond Clty). meirice pub icole de Morcel lcncu Ce e douo c odiri de ocuinfe sunt proiecie de trcnzJie cu un ccrocier modernjsl desiu de pronunfct. slondordlzolion. Llberloieo evidenio pe cote loncu sio permile in cceste proiecte se explico prin fcrpiu ccr lmo[ri ul din slr Trinitdti i consiruiesle proc p^. . we on y moke suppos tions cs to whol .inlrebcre A dturi de elemente de crhitecluro mode dernd. o lemporory consirucilon. The Suchord Pcvll on. cl Tc'gul Mosllort' Povi lonul Suchord. s cr il!-ea c: i. oro To to opprooch modernism They con be dcted lo) 324 r-o Ae c p'.lonco s orchiteclute c specific chorocter within Romonion antt 192425. hoving Jcnco on lts editorlo boord. De osemeneo.lonco s porc le interesis with cnd possib e inf uence of De Stiil group experiments.expozltrei.lcnco net Robert De cunoy. trovel ol 1925 . rob I o^ i the'Conlimporonul nlerncrliono Exhibitlon" in DecemL. the top yeor of lonco's modernisl compoign. A though .lonco set for o iourney io ng through Germony. este egot sli istic de studil e vo umelrtce orlogono e sl os . oncu proiecieozd $i conlruiegle trel c odirl cu un evidenl corocler modernlsl. who just like MoL et Sievens hod designed modern interiors for lhe exhlbitlon Agoin. he m ght hove seen certoin ochievemenis of Bouhous schoo in Germony. Jonco loughi inlerior orchitecture crnd modern furnilure design courses cl lhe Acodemy of Decorolive Arls ln Buchorest This short Lived lnslltutlon. o conslruci e lemporord.p io:!^r s Corne io Dcn e membrr ci cercu ul orlislic de o Confimporanul in'specicrl c odireo de lrei opcrlcrmenle din str Trinitolli.lonco might hove seen during this iourney t ls known thoi in 1925 Le Corbusler bui t the Esprit Nouvecsu Povi ion ond Rob Mol el Slevens did the Tounsm Povi ion for. where Jcrnco hod exhrbited ten crrchitecluro sketches ond one moCel Another sketch. loncu sd fl vozut 9L reolizorl o e sco i Bcuhcus. t is o so known lhot.lcnco designed ond bui i lwo houses ond o pcvi ion for the Suchord foctory ct Tcrgu Mosi or (The Mosi or Foir)'''. ocoted in on o d buiding. Soon ofter hls return.lonco never odopled neo-p oslicism in lnislltul corller mic burghez de speclocu oosd longo Ho o Troicn Urmdtooreo consirucfie de locuinle. ond Fronce'n. TF]E FLRST MCDERN ST BU tD NGS N BUCHARESI 192627 By the end Western Iurope. repreztnto posuL definiiiv de odoplore cr mo ond soclol hygiene" Storiing with 1925. c though bosed on privole initloilve. ln ce mdsurd coldrtorio prin Europo de Vesi o lnfluentoi reo izoreo ocesiot clddlri. no onger stcnd ng 'reo. ocoperisuLin ponld si ferestre e re oliv m c . he shored ln lhe overol ideo of deve op ng geometr c obsiroc tion cs we os ihe concept of integroting po nt ng nlo crchlieclure His inlerest for opplyrng colour in crch lectrre poyed o key roLe n mcny of the projecls lo fo low ond conferred upon . dor sl cu une e ele menle de orhllecturd lrcdltiono islo. wos founded. o bi monthly mcqozine for lown-p onn ng ond orchilec lure.r ^ el d . cof Switzer ond. ev dent in simp itcteo folode or si in renunloreo o sime lrie si o ornomenle trodilionc e. oL of them wilh on obvious mod ern sl chcrrocler. A few drcwings pub ished trt Conttmporanul in Februcry 1925. trebuie sd fl fost o cpcrifie cu tolu . esle predominontc o onumitd notd personc cr.i ^nc te.rogo. douo lmobi e de ocuinfe gr un ern sm. ^4 t^ a todoy'-. romone un semn . plonu cu cornere en suile. -rpr -"roro o^ o o ^o o odoLo onoo ' p -turo e ob:ircrcle. n 1925.Joi o l'D l. cu fclcdele ei policrome s formc so ciudoto. was published cs I luslrolion to on orli The on y lnown p olerl lrom 192325 is lhe interior decoroiion of the Conti mporctnul edltoric office. The mogozine oimed to creole o genero pcvilion pentru fobrico de cloco oio Suchcrrd. ore Jonco s firsl known crliempls orchiteclurcl cuLlure ond concenlroied on such loprcs os lown-p onnlng._e e pa.

loncu inrtiol o respinsese"'. members ol lhe orlisl cir c e of the Contrmporanul This exp oins the liberty he could toke in designing them. oz . moderniloieo vi ei Stutlcort. .f| ran doo!^. cc ntsie cobine sorccrslic si vo t =:'ircipole focodes crnd its slronge shope.^^lro on. rem nds some of .lorii ercu convingi c om construil un 'loborolor' si ercr deplosoi in corlieru oT""'. este lncon .. venil o mrne si mi-ct spus car ore un mi ion si un oc.0o a. : .ce urmeozo.sle unLr din . To whot extent fhese p o p.z iio Weissenhof -o convins de vo]oorecr ooerel : Corbusier. crifi- Reolilatea lltrslrctkt in 1930. e oici 'in irip u exemp or.. : : :oto de - \1 s-T^t o'to-. ioncu l e corocleristice crhilecturit moderne. p onu ul. renuntoreo lo ornomeni r.0 ^ {jFffi -fi ^ r. o cdrur p edoorie penlru o esietico :. orf^/ 16r g. :':de e predominont o]be. ln oce osi cn. =.W^.o mdsurd nouloleo concepfiei orlislice.lonco s orchileclurc drowings pub ished in 192425. r-^f ils reclonqulr:r crnd osymmeiricol si houelle. re oteozd ': : o de uopor or. Am clodit-o 'r!i negustor de vinuri. : vlirind de morgd. ) coso noud cre o fer . designed in I 927. vi o Grozc fiind un hrbrid. otdl in dis oti'ely no ord c vroow(oeeero.'-d. Vilo Fuchs din str.ti l co a .ol -ooilrono orchltecture The greol srmp icity of the l:ocode. ui ::rul in -n ortico inlitu oi . -^".sid. proiecleozd vi o Pelru Grozo de lo Devo. . T ro at .geomurilor strdmosesli.1-r ' : Die Wohnung" orqonizoid de Deutscher Werk-: o Weissenhofsied ung .o lor-c .insd. expozilie -:'e lcncu o considercrlo co unu din evenimen ce ou determincri reinnoireo crhllecturii :-: desigur -o lnf uenlcl Dupc spusele ui oncu. (. inio sim dcr desigur inspirol de --ricoie si opreciote de colegii de breosd.o\o mlne o fdcut senzolie. . oncu decloro. present n lhe ireoiment of the focodes os obslrcrcl poirting compos tions.-I or'. tr\o l^. odopoeo^ar efo si ueto orlo ocoperisul lercrsd. in core pe crngd i :. ce .rpro -16116 arul Rampo.rnismului. lr to'e. Tlr-rrrarv rdelo 'c^p'.: ::i --. . musi hove ool ed qu te si iling n ihe pecrcefu midd e-clcss neighbourhood ol Ho c Troion The next house.Primo cosir modern sld r Bucuresti c fost si ceo dinicrl din tcrcr.]cnco bui l one of Henri ond Corne io Dcrnie. lhe sope roof ond the rel ihe osymmetry cnd lcck of orncment ect ihe opprocch to modernrsm. Horio Crecngd. lor Sergiu Four. Ochiul de pod. .l.':ri d. o cerlcln personol monner is prevo ng.i.fot ^rr5elor o eoll o |s 1l ^por. alo. ..]cnco s decisive step iowords modernrsm The Fuchs vi lo in the Negustori Slreel is o roTe cose where deiclls con .lr 'oOr rol^. p0no in 193 l. i6j^r1 . ce potfi corcclerizote co orhl- Europe is sti cr queslion to onswer Along with modern orchiiecture e ements.-': r functiono isl construcirvisto. Neousiori e. . . The plon with en suite rooms. ceri si in mbol formo . Especioly the buiding he inhcbited ln the Trinltotii Streei. Popo.i Wexler (l 931 ) .cls lot. core ciiise revlsie de crld -'clndr si cdruio orhitecluro noud probcbi i o p ocut. in e predomrncle Beoux-Arts sr Art Deco opor - :eveni cel moi imporlcni orhiiect modernisi din --1r o.'t-oo re r Dorro^iou ro.luster (1931 ) . with ts po yrhrome Lero o.. lcncu vo conslrul o .o qc o ul pore oo a'ro-orit. . core merge de lo un ccpol lo cr lu c zidu ui.Bucuresiii de Avcngordd'. fereslre e lungi si ioose "old. 929) unor mcnifeste. o^ oa 1-r6T. Remorcobile suni coso Cho st vi ele. meart. dondu-mi totodoto li :'icleo de o foce ce vreou cu el..Vecinii nu se dumiresc de ce. - r-:o fora o ovec. comtsor r si :.l orlor30 l- 61 t.. de obiceiu pe spus.: o oluri.= :e B vle moderne.-ie publicu suprimcreo elemenlelor decorotive cu fosl este ce I --. : core mi.ioer'co.lioteo proiectu ui o otros otent o si o socol. :l t-60 T 't A v I : :cerbd provoccl-r de nouc conslrucfte 'in lnlstltul :' er negustoresc.pune o dispozifie. iip -oho. So iosd inso o :sdr mod-^rnistd':c t a -. The two dwe Iings represent cr lronsiliono slcge from lrodilioncr io modern orchrlecture.e tr.

Contccuzino cdresold ur Mcrce loncu". A he wonted wcs o modernisl house. [e c morgue show window. spole e. os if I were lirst c css ccb ns in crn oceon liner. which undoubted y inf uenced him grecty. until 193 1. . whlch wos out of plcrce in their neighbourhood't .. ce se inlorsese cblc de un on de ct Poris. incep so oporo si referiri concrele o slluclic orhileciuril in Romonlc Anu l93l reprezintc funclionc isl crchileclure. r cunoscernd oni de vcrf cu 5-6 proiecte. R-rspunsu sdu morcheczo inceputr une schimbdri de ton'in crlico e e scrise de loncu. The Weissenhof erhibition fu y conv nced him of the vcr ue ol Le Corbus er s workt' On y cr few yeors eorlierJonco hod stil rejecied the deo of the mochine cresthelics. de un hcros bo ccnlc si medrocru. Dor n crcelogi iimp esle primo recunooglere o ul Morcel oncu de cdlre un confrole. in core. who wcrs lo become Romcnio s mosl mporiont modernlst orchliect.. cum zice Tudor Arghezi. ccrsele dumiio e sdndioose opor co prem se e sdndloose c e unul viilor sdndlos o cdrui crcliviloie viguroosd nu'si pierde timpu in ctltudini de suf ) md pune. n on orllc e enlited 'Bucureslii de ovongordo'. wilh some modern sl lones emerging in lhe prevc enl BeouxArl ond Art Deco e emenist"'. recunoosiere o rolu ul de . though wilhout being designed os rgurous mcrnifeslos. unde obso vlse [cole des Beoux Arls.'in speciol imo bl e de oporloffrenle. lhe rectongulcr silhouetie.lcnclismu u ce ou fosi necesore penlru lmp n o ojunge. such os. Birou de Stud Moderne cr frotr or oncu esle oso lol de comenzi. the modernity of the Fuchs vl o s evident both in the dislributlon p cn cnd formcr vocobu ory. the po icemon. Noticeobe omong lhem ore the Cho pier house ( I 929) cnd the. . o declorolle c cderorli lo orhilecturo noud c mo tOrrdru ui Contocuzino. unei mento ridl oboslte s sleri e.'# I I cern ng lhe orchiteci c ient relciionship ore [nown.lcrnco consiciered il os one of lhe most mrporlonl events jn the process of crrchllecture renewo . ond ihe people were convrnced ihot hcd erecled o oborclory'.M. designed o vi lo for Petru Grozo n Devo. n lhe yecrs io come.]crnco buit eight modern remorkcbe vl lcs. including the crller lni uence on the prolect n on inter view pubished in lhe ecrry 1930 n Rompo. .premergdtor' . The first modernisl house in Brchoresl wc. Fsre de fcrpt o profesiune de creClnio.. thol con be described cs conslruclivisl cr(]m[of e reffo5pecr v(] oncu rdspunde scrsorli lu Contocuzino oblc in sep tembrie. pub ished tn Realiloleo lluslrolit ln ormonre cu lendinlo vre mur or'.in oceo slore qurel lrodesmon dislrlct: The neighbours con I undersiond why insteod of the troditionoi windows O lhe house hos bul one window coverng oll the width of the foccrde. It s hord lo soy lo whol exlenl ihe nove ty of his ortis l c concepl. lhere crre three of them.lrster ond Wexler vil crs ( 1 93 I ) . eteoscd speclo o si prie n ccr obslroclu ul sl obiec tivllclil.s o so the first of this [ind in Romcnio bult il for c wine merchonl thot hoppened lo recd ioreign orl mogcz nes ond seemed lo en joy new orchrtecture. lhe terrcce roof. Jcrnco inlroduced o new Iind of residenl cl crchileclure ln Romcnic ond look up the specific formo e emenis of modern orchileclure. cot oceo convingere o rreo co cri fost lntciu core o inlors'in ccecrsld tord. ow ribbor windows ond ock of scrie ul cncu: . He lo d me he hcd one mil ton lei [Rononion currency. frr:ns lotor's nolel. Presc si colegii de brecrs o incep so ocorde oieniie crhliecturi lui oncu in icr nuorie 1931 . whereos lhe Grozo vil o js c hybrid design... The crtic e s scrrcosiic ond its lone is de lberolely excggercted. n oTOsLr nostru hoolic. 'de o tlcd osie micd'. usuolly p oced ln the roof. Ccnlccuzlno. Shou d we compore them. ond o buiding ot ond would g ve me free hond. The noveiy of ihis design drew the pub ic's ollenlion cnd shocked oltogeiher ln the cr reody menlioned nlerview. The molor Europecrn evenl n 1927 was 'Die Wch nung' exhlblllon orgonized by Deutscher Wer[bund n Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgori. Jonco declored. yet inspired from publ c reocl on.'r'' Storting with the Fuchs vi o. too..pcsiuni . (. while the goroge looks i[e o oco brcrnch of the cen lro cremolorium' ''.in mors foricrl o reo unel credinle . co niclodotcr nu om ovul p icereo so-ti string mino.rovore c principii or orhilec ilril moderne.. nsleod of one oll c r'vindow. o . the simple ine ond lhe exc uslon of lhe decorolve eLemenis were eilher noliced or voLued by his fe low crchilecls ln ihe some yeor llorio Crecnqc.Nu otoi fcp lul cd nu le cunosc.lcrnco reccrl ed thct 'The house built if thot dlstrlcl wos o sen sclion The priesl. Conlirnporanul pub cdt o scrisoore de G. Serg u Four wrole obout ihe fierce criiicism thot bu ding orose cmong the dwe ers of the CCNSACRAREA MCDERN SMUTUL De o incepuiu on or treizecl. pe ongo obisnuilc pror.

':- de l2 (.c) ori lo,Cor-npo crli' o.'-ebr'sd r e ': -?'r8. lr rumd" r IOO ol Contimpotctnului. o or;,,Noi", -:- Ce redoclie, respiro oceeogi cliiudine: ,,Hohotul ::. :corii de odiniooro s.o tronsformot in oscultore

c modernismului decloncritrco ocerbo o lui loncu. ,,Docd o9 fi rdspuns : scrisooreo d.o'e pub ico'o oici ocur corevo llri, --spunsul meu or fi pocoiuil", ii scrie oceslo lui Conto:-zino. ,,lnlre timp ;i in more grcbd .o evoluct orhilec--c lo noi. Toiusi no precedol nici o evolulie, nici o -:.,olto r-o sgucrui terreli le vecri' . lorcu ep,6':czd p'oosoeli o' ooep' oi node r's-nlll o { opro, ::riru ocest sti co perlrt o nodct,loro so li odorci =.ento lui ieoreticd. ,,Cei core ozi explooleozd mofe-: ul modern, sunl dclori so pdtrundo iniregul [cnt de qondul de [o plostico =.clutie. Sd cunooscd intreq :irc lo orhilecturd, core o bdus orientoreo noud'in -::te ortele" AlOturi de oceosld criticd principiod, ::-esoid acelor orhilec-ti ce ou pre uot limboiul formoi ::- nu si confinutul ieorelic ol Mlgcorii Moderne, se . -=e si noto de.fruslrore, omdrdciuneo celui cdruio nu -: recunoscul merilu : ,,Cine o propovoduit neouzit, ::^lru reolizoreo noud estetico? ( ). De ocesl succes : :ubismului',op iccl in orhiieclurd noi, cei core lupoproope exploziv


:elicc, onul decislv ol odoplcrii modernismului. Se :rre cd rocnoi cceoslo odopto e b si intr-r-n

-cmenlul de cotifurd in orhilecturo romdneoscd rnter,




'930s, S rce eo,ly he oro,he-s -3-:- : l: -: ::Mode'- SIud es rece veo ple.1 :- ::- - : :-: knowirg -opyeo swil- even five o:x c.r 3- : - r -ly oporlment buildinqs. The med;c c-o -^= ,e :... orchitecls begon to poy closer ctrerric. -: ,3-:: : orchitecture. ln lonucrry 1931 , Continpc.c.- c-i lsl^ed o leiler cdoresseo -o Morcel Jorcc cy --_yo rrg orch ecl G.M.Co-lccuz no, roo jusreturned from Poris, where he qroduoted Ecole des Beor:x Arts. The letter, thct testifies G.M. Conrocuzino's enlhusiosm for the new orchitecture is the first public, recognition of MorcelJanco's work, voiced by



.lonco's role os


o zece oni de opcrifie, ortico



-l: j'- cL buget'es'"or: si oeci s, ibertcte si pos oi r:- -eslrdnse pentru orhitect. Comenzi e obundd si se :'--d si in oforo Bucurestiu ui, c Buzdu gi pe Volec

:+-oodc ce urineozd, biroul frcli or oncu .:-:.ruiesle o se'e de lmobi e de oporlorer-e oir : r-: o Trcl e porie sLr- 'nvesti' i llcro- ve. nob le de

:-= 1932 Coincidenfo sou nu, renunloreo lo stotutul :: curldior de stindord, lo ceeo ce G. M. Conto:-:':o numeo ,,lonctismul necesor ovongcrde or", ::: so se rerec-e n orl-iteclr-ro ui Mc cel lorcl. ir .l933-38,

'=.: utlie se foc pentru instilulii noi, in ortd nu":e. Acest :- :cl pore so fie testomentul revislei, ce igi inceteozd :::-iiio in scurt timp, u timul numdr opdrdnd in icnu.

:: :ici nt irlelegen sd rorroren pr" r'ronL,, : . ::61 noi pr-. r cop vi' tre.utului rosr, L. lr pol ti.o


si, T p o': .loine

.op's'o. No, ostoz,, ce'

Cor-'ccL-ziro pu- il: I is nor ror I hove never met vo.r o sLo.en [ord, w.rh yol ( )rrcl cos]s re ir o ipec ol mood, so bereficiol fo- ooslroc. or-d obieclive oop'oocl, ou- ny deepes- oel;ef Ilct yor- were re lirs' o -.l'r yo,r bock or '[e sler'.e erl cr_s ed neniolily in lhis co-untry n our chooiic iown, ruled by "redioc'e ord Boll,cr ri,e c oo> ord pe-y I'viol-y os the poel Tudor Arghezi pui it, your heolihy houtes core Lp os heol hy pren ises ot o I eol'Ly l-r-lre, wrer ihe v.gutous octiv y is rol rirde eo 'by ;d e odmirotion of the nosl"36 Jonco's onswer t! Coniocuzino's leller come only lorer, ' Sep-embe'. Fis epy nc l.ed o cto^qe o{ *ore oiso presen' ;n l-15 61'als5 c ttol ire wherr, o orq w ll- n s unloil re effo'r 'o o.olote the orinc oles of r o.c^irectl'"e ^e begor -o conrrer or'rl^e
deve opnen s w il^ir corrempotory Roro-ior' -93 represe^ ed rurr'nq poin'ectL re. The yeor o in

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fellow orchiiect. Contocuzino ocknow edced o "lorerunner", the "possion" ind 'fonoticisr' ne neeoed Io o-oir ir "ro,ced n o cr h s

r lorrory wi-r ll e spri, o[ Il-e oqe". As




rhe Romotor irrerwo orch,'ec'ure. tne lno, breo< olgh of rode n sn, Appo.erty '1e sreoel oro ovewhe,r'rg ooop.or oI rooerr'sn liqqereo o-i . 1-16 5p.. 'Hoo I o"swe ed v6-r' e"er o Jor co's "ho'p te* mor-rs ogo t[er ny onswe' wo ' o hove beer on unpcrdonoble error , .Jonco wrote lo Conlocuzino. 'Mecnwhlle, our orchrteclure evolved ct o ereol speed (.. ) Sti I there wos no evolullon to prepor"e the

l:-evo proiecie se remorcd prinlr-un progrom spe- r ce se re{lectd si in coutoreo unor miilooce de ;,:-esie p os- cd cdecvo,e. Soro oril Buc eq dir r'::eol. co_rstrL-il in 1934. e:le de o ro e s rrp ito-e

chonge, no rebellion shoitered the old foundotion"rt.

lonco blomed the fresh odepts of modernism for hoving c-oscr tnis sty e oecouse t wos ''loshiorob e", w lro, t
hoving oss mi oted its iheoreticol conlenl. "Those who

-::sd de funclionolitotec ce primeozo in ocesl coz, ':. -'or-d lrtr-o lon c conpoc-d deslosuroio pe orr

loke odvontoge of the modern moteriol should olso
understond its evolulion. They should know the overol thinking lhct led to the new direction in every crt, lrom pointing io orchileclure." Aport from thls essenlicl criticism, o feeiing of frustrotion ond biilerness of the one wl^ose ne'ir wos rol du y recognized by l- s corlen porot'es peruoded rte le ler. Wl-o p'eocreo lLe rew oeslhelics ond no one heord him? (...) s there onv reoson for us to boasl wlth this kind of Cubism successlu ly oppl ed r orcr,tec u'e we wl o hove beer q lo12 yeors (sie) c: Conrinporanul?" lObih is re

egisr'e repe-rive de pl r- si gor. lul Bozo li. ( l93Z) proiecrct perr,r o soc e-cie --: :onstructii, este sirglr:r pro ec' cL p ogron de ;::'orerte r' bi ou'i 'ec izot de orcu, -r lip oe -:cil ce opore des in Bucurestiu interbelic qi core ;-- importonto sc o contriburt lo consocroreo orhircce co =: -ri. noderr's e. Specil c lo-eo proqro.TtJ ui :::si imobil so fie s sirqlrl pro ecl ^r co'e lo-c-t


:'-clo, cu

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lr l93B f oli lo^

recurge 1o un llmbol formo monun enrc sin ior ce u folosit de orhiteciij Horio Creongo sou Duiiiu Morcu penlru c odiri de birouri"' Ccrso ole ier Milito Pdtro;cu ll937l esle g eo singu ord in opero ui lcrncu Desi in dlverse imobile proiec lole de oncu gi in ccre ccestc o 9i ocuil, in sir. Trinito lji, Coimotei si Pcleo ogu, ou exrstol spoiii folosile ccr ote ier de piclurd si birou de orhilecturo, docr coso Mi ilei Poiroscu esle o odevdroio ccsd ote ier de ortist, progrorn exprimot vizibil ;i 'in exlerior prin urcrgo fe 'eo)-o o otele Ll i p ero'o, rolodo.

the mcgozine, lhe crrlicle Noj {We) - si:-=- ihe -^diioricl sicrff dlsploys o simicrr ottitude. " -= doinful guffcw of old hos lurned into unconscioi-s ,: sonce ond imitoiive plotitude. Todoy we do nol r'r .be kept coplives by onyone, not even by our own : -, Jn politics lhe revoluions ore sicrrled to esicrblish'= ^s','ior. wf i.r r"v-' lopp^'- 'r l[e recr n o[ c"

of Contimporanuf publlshed on ihe lOth

c-- -


o -i. a \or to\ \c-y -tc,

l|e o -a\lo"ttrr


or lt-io' , lr,rr lo p o ^- Romonic, un imobi de roport, de gorsoniere, in str. Nico oe Go escu, o cdrui pc ler^Mcrcel loncu i te zervd penlru o golerie de piciurcr. n oce csi on, oncu

mogozine, which shorty ofterwords cecsed lo cc-= oul, ils ost issue being pub ished in .lonuory 1 9: Coincideniy or nol, lh!s momenl when .lonco gives -: ihe role of bonner beorer, which lmplied 'the nec:.' sory fcrncrticism of lhe ovonlgorde', crs G M Cc- : cuzrno lobeled il, seems lo be reflecled in lonc:,

inlreprrnde o ccrLdiorle de mol mu ie luni in Po esiino considerdnd dejo posibilitoieo unei viltoore emigrori. U timc expozifie de p cturo o vo orgcnrzo o inloorcere. Circumslonfe e rcrzboiu ui 9i tu burcrile deter
mind sd emigreze impreun-r cu fomilicr in Pc estrnc ,'in ,194 februcrle I Frotele sou, lu lu, .il precedose. ln Pc esiino, voT inceTccr sd proci ce orhitecluro dor condll ie, s in specio ipsc de copitol, e suni neprie nice Doud vile 'ingo Tel Avlv, intr-un slll modernisi

orchileclure os well Beiween 1933 ond 1938,:'= brothers Jonco office designed c series of oportne-' houses, most of them being lucrcrllve investmer-. nomely, tenemeni houses on ow budgei, which ccflned the orchitect's freedom ond possibilltie,

medileroneon, sunl srngurele Jucrdri cunoscute, reo zole in onii '40''. Morce loncu lucreozd co crhilecl Lo Minisleru Muncil si o Construcf ior g contribuie lo scr vcrecr g prezervoreo mullor centre lstorice. Se dedico moi oles picturii devenind unul dln rmporionlri

Flowever, the commlsions poured in, o so from oulsic= Buchcresl, from the Prohovo VoL ey ond Buzou. Notob e ore o few buidings with speciol progromn: which enob ed .]onco lo seorch for cppropricle ce. lhetic meons of expression noi present in his designs ic-

resideniiol orchitecture. n lhe cose of the Buce: Scnitorlum in Predeol, bui f ln I 934 the prevci ir functiono ity of ihe progromme resu ted in lhe compc:s

crtisti plcrsticl ci sroe u ui si cu obi;nuilcr-i energie inle meiozd co onio de ortisti de o Eln Hod u iu loncu emigreozd ln Conodo ln 1954, unde vc conllnuo so .in ]ucreze constructll.

ob of greol simp icity, unfoLded horizonlo ly, repelilive compocl ond void regrsiers.




Morce loncu inlroduce
denf io o

un nou tip de orhlteciuro rezi

in Bucuresli, vi o modernd, recrllzctdr peniru o burghezie cu vederi progressle. Vi ele construiie de el sunt odoptole Jc noul mod de viofo o omu ui mo-

The Bozcr lin House 1937) designed for c bui dirg compony, rs lonco s only proiecl contoin ng cpcr= ments ond offlces. Thls porticulor bullding type occr' red frequenly in lhe interwor Buchoresi ond the irr' porlonce of iis impoci conlribuled to the eslob ishmenof modernism The underying specificity of the pro qromme mcrde Jcrnco crppeol to o monumento formo onguoge siml or with ihot emp oyed by Hor o Crecng-r ond Dui iu Morcu for office bui dings".

dern, fiind economic si rolioncr importiie. Suni dotote cu incolzlre cenlro d, si cu ce e mor moderne echipomenle pentru boie 9i bucctdrie, cu un conforl ,,ce nu p -rtegie nici un iribut bogofie ' , dupd spuse e ui loncu. loncu fo osesie moterio e $i tehnici de conslruciie moderne, slructuro de beton umpluto cu zidorie de coromldo, tehnico ce permiie dispensorec perefilor '- p o ao Zorao r p o^ bor. Lrp oo ^o/o t ro

Mi iio Poiroscu's siudio house (1932) is oLso onother singulor exomp e in Jonco's work He hod previousy

included sludios

in severc of the buiLdings


gned ond inhobited, such cs the houses in the Trinitotii, Coimcriei ond Po eologu slreels, but Mi ilo Pdiroscu s house is ihe only genuine studio'house, c progromme expressed ln the focode especicr y by
ihe huge sludlo wrndow. ln 1938 the brothers Jonco buit their ost projeci n Buchcrest, c lenemeni house of studio f ois in Nicoloe Go escu Streel, whose ground f oor Jonco designed cs on crt gol ery spoce. ln the some yeor.lonco trov e led to Pc estine where he spent severol months ten totive y thinkrng of hls emigrotion. When he come bock he orgonizeo his ost poinling show ln Romcnlo. ln Februcry 194 l, conslroined by lhe wcr deveopmenl cnd politlco iurmoll in Romonicr, he finc ly mode up h s mind ond emigroted iogether wlth his fomiy to Po esllne. His broiher, .]ules, hod preceded him. 1n Po esilne ihey mode severo ottempls lo proctise

po o io-te olo te de o oo Io -e-T'o ucru ce este de o lfe generc vc obi penlru crhrlecluro romdnecsco inierbelico. Despre pon iber, se
doo" porl.o.
poote vorbi docrr in cozu porteru ui, ce esle aproope

inlotdecunc un more spoliu deschis, cu dlferrle zone

e de imiiote prn porcrpeti si denive crri o e po do.ele so plr -"ror' ' g-ri,o'rra ( e r^eo oav l chicrr pereii inlregi de slic o. n rest, oncu foce con cesii unui mod de viotd core desi se vreo moderrr, postreozd cnumite convenrente burgheze, cercrnd sepororeo funcfii or de odihno, igieno si moi oles o ce el de serviciLr.










I lozo llf, B!c!resli,

:irr'. B! d rg -:a


Avv' Morcel .lonco workeC for the Mnslry i ooo oo o o oro o o ^o o-e e

irfchiieclure. yel lhe circumsicnces. especroiy the oc. oi ccpiicr , were odvefse. The ony known desigr. cchleved ln lhe I 94Os ore lwo vll crs bui t ln Medlte-ronecn modernisl sly e, in ihe neighbourhooC of e


rnlcmed energy, .]cnco mcncged lo moke on o: drecm come true by estob ishing r;n orlisl colony c, Ein l.lod .lu es.lonco emigroted to Ccrncrdo n l95z where he wenl on vrorking in the consiruction flelci.

cnd preservcrlon of mony hisloriccl iown ce' n porcr el, he commliieci himse f lo pcrinling cr:; become one of the moior pcinlers ol sroe . Wl--


deniic o'chlteclure lr Buchoresi, name y, lhe moder' vi c, bult for the progressive midC e-c crss. His vi c.
were odjusted lo lhe new rnodern woy oi ife, en joy nL; on economic ond rciiono dlsiribution. They were prc vlded w;1h ceniro heciing ond ihe clesl bclhroom crc kiichen equipment, benelitlng oi thot [lrd of comfol thct poys no lrlbule lo wec ih', cs Jcnco prl il cnd lechniques, of ihe concrete slrLlclure lhol o owel for the e mincllon of lhe inlerior wc ls cnd, conse querily. the opp lcctlon of o free p on. Yel he porlic y took odvonloge of this iechn que, whlch is e!uCr r: lrre lor the Romon on inlerwor orchiiecls. Jcnco desir-, ned o lrue free o crn on y for lhe ground floor of the vi lcrs, which s o most c woys o wide open spoce, the vorous functiono orecs be ng seooroled by poropet: ond f oor unevenf ess, os we cs by crge s iding doors, which somelimes become enirre g oss wo s. For lhe rest, .lcnco observel .erio n bou 9o6 5 16- o convenlions lhot demonded the c eor cul divislon oresting, hygiene. ond espec o y, service funciions As c ru e, lhe inler or dlstrlbution of lhe one1crmi y houses rs done on the four eV€ r .e. lhe bosrrnenl compr s
ng the service spcrces, the ground Ioor conlolning ihe iv ng room oreo, whi e lhe bothrooms crnd bedrooms were p crced ot the flrst f oor. The lop f oor wos portio y burlt cnd porlio y used os o so crium lerroce. The remorks on the uti izotion of the free p cn ior v os, ore olso vclid lor lhe oportmenls Jonco deslqnec. They hcve vc lcb e size, from one ioorrr f cls lo very crrge ones. occupying one iloor A though the crpcri ment bui dlngs, os o ru e, were more econom co y designeC thcn the one fcmiiy dwel lngs, even lhe mosi modesl omong ihem do nol comp y wlth tbe minimurrt dweiiing concepl cs il wcs promoied in the writ ngs of Le Corbusier, W. Gropius, cnd.l P Oud. Jcnco tnros very much preoccupied with boih ihe probem of socicr housirg ond r,vith the socic ro e of lhe orchlieci

/\"4CDERN DWEtt NG Morce .lcnco inlroduced c new kind of modern


ll,l.l,l(-t, v-l vJ,t



rY'l!,*.,!t,f ,"t I t.t. t


.]cnco mode use of modern cofslruclion moleric:

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lo creoie cr new rfon os we os o beller ond mor" equllob e sociely. llowever. neilher .]cnco nor cfy olher lnierwcr Romonion crchilect wos ever ob e tcr pul lhese deos lnto procl ce. slnce the stoie did not fund progrcmmes for crge-scole socioi housinq The

..]J:l--r Brr:lre:il.



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:r : :-:.'--:i

. r siretr'e :'-. formol p on.r. de lc mici gorsoniere pcrnd o o .p ote-e ror'oc be cJ uo ocrer pre. predominonty horizontol.:cnceptu ui ce sto ceniro .. in 1922 si respeciiv --.. : . this lind o[ compostion resulis from lhe ground floor plon. folodir spre strodd. os Jcrnco wrole oter. =. Trinitofli -: o meiodo compozrfionc o bczotd pe 'intre zone conlrostonie cr-r . oncu . .-: croporJie 9i ogezore. Jonco seorched eoch lime for different so uiions which were firsl of o I determrned by whether ihe building wos free I roo. chior si 'in cele moi modeste .':i 3 vo unlord o uti itorismu ui ce le deseneozd si .:crterul esle formct din spofille de zi. 193 Pdrlroscu Villo. flot.-r'ri orizonio. -' .=: de stico. 'yo\ovou.:: .ti. n the cose of ottoched buildings erected on quite ncrrow ond deep pcrcels.= ::este idei in proctico. by woy of rotionolizciion ond slondordizcrlion.1. conlinuold in odincime cu . : -nei societoli moi bune si mo drepte. ond porole 1o os -hose i' the Pictor Luchion Street (li:S) ond Clteni Sireer . The source of the contemporory oeslhelics. The fosodes fol ow ln most ccses this compositionoL poitern bosed on csymmetry. ln cozu vi e]or ccecsld schemd : : -. s.. Sursc estelicii '=-corone.cibioteco...'ingustd. mostly orgonrzed in two ongitudinol strips the norrower creo of ihe enironce coniinued wilh service w de' o'eo ot lhe lu rg spoces (l. A frogmenled. mcsivo. conlrobo onseozd o : .: -:rstruit 9i porfio terosd-so oriu.. incepdnd cu imobilu din str.. Proiectele in " : :-:u.ul in .r ui sociol c crhitectu]ui in creorecr omrlLri . etc). in 1922 and 193/ respectlvely STYt]ST]C FEATURES The trsnsition from his ecry lrcdilionol proiec's': firsl modernist bulldings wos occornp rshed c:::. o : -:: ccdirl moderniste s-o fdcut lreplcrl. vc scrle loncu moi iOrziu.=- proiecis where Jonco.r distribulio interioordr o coselor unifomilio e . wos the p oce given to ihe slcirccse.'rg ores. in the centre of the plcn or odloining one of ihe fogods.sometimes oppecring cs o whole g oss wo I opening onto the terroce.. controsting the omp e horizonto ines of the bo conies.-:^l ne-'oo -i'st oro o e'e riro tro otner e €r. proporlion. ond by smo windows or o b ind wol in the service orec. . Pe fofodc poste -: : ceLe doud zone o1e porterului sunl de oseme: -::zitionoo rezultd din plonu porterului. o de o tfel s r-l -: .=-. influenced the voriety of focode compositlons. cnd positlon. :.* -.: cr.lonco reploced the symmelry with o compositionc method which oimed ol otlcininq on equi ibrium between zones of controsllng sze. i-olo. moi economic concepute decdt : -. I 93 I /l . . The orgonizotion of the mcin fogcdes is bosed on lwo conlrosling zones. etc )..r .lre eo v'"ru serviclu (bucdiorie. onexe.'-.: n perioodo interbelicd nu ou ocozic sd : .or[iter -:. P. p olo.ilcheni onnexes. one of the princip es cpplied by modern orchiteclure".:.=: zond muh moi orgo o spoiii or de zi. . .. cnd o so the woy the stoircose wos expressed in the foccdes. : -:ozd funcliuni e 9i dinomico"".:' e referilocre c oplicoreo p onului liber in ::. streel I foccde Bucuresti..: -oi ingustd c introrii. the dining room On the bocf s de fccode. mosslve one wilh few openings ond lorge b ind sur foces. Co regu o generolo. olmosl oiwcrys verlico oreo counterbolonces on ordery. etoju . norrow. Storting with the building in the Trinitdtli S::eeos the slope rool ond the relotively smol ond os Jonco gove up symmetry os o como. with on off centre verlicc elemenl mode up of bow-windows.:eneroL.eloi intreg Degi imobi ele de oportcrmente " '. ihe #eet fogode disp oys three Vilo Partroscu. respecliv : -. ceeo ce reprezrntd unul :.€' : :. se ofld in : *:--: si 'in echillbru moseor scu formelor. ln the cose of vil os.--r-ci in primu rdnd o simelrie co metodd com- ond the equilibrium of mosses or forms. lles in the csymmetry -_ : scu din str.:: obicei vertico c wos often used. cu u9o-fereoslrdr uriogd c ---':::riei cdlre lerosd. This forn.:Jopid. cu pul ne .il pre.l're mu t.= uni-fomiliole.e intotdeouna din douo benzl longiludinole: : . di e.:: o'cr-.: = :el mo mu I de ideeo de locuinla ieftind. lrto.: '-: ic .-. in foct. ho 9i sufrogerie.-:ozi|c folodeor principoLe. Storting from ihis genero compositiono method. .-:ld si obic opoi o eemente-co ocoperi.este vorbo de locuinle minimum exisfenz. si fereslre mici sou zid orb pentru : . prin rofronolizore si stondcrdizcre. o zond frcgmen: . si poro e d . lrinitdtii. 'os on intentionc expression of will of the utilitoricnism thol desi gns ond mognifies their funclions ond dynomics"". stnl -: -i . dows. -:nd ordonoldr. . ihough certcin voriolrons were .. lhe two ground floor oreos ore overty expressed by the huge French window .-= . r: i : olerc ocli-lelor iolli^e.eor h'orgf [-g"wrdow. o vremeo respec '. Bucure. coTne closer to l6e low-price dwelling ideo were those erecled on the haro ol c.. ." . ments opened on his foiher's properly in Trin -c-' Street.\ Ay/lb ory ho or d sordrgo o oc[ed *rhdrown-ron hebL ldi-g ire o rol.r Je serviciu. . ' -. :er s s. se .r: de oncu.c^!1e oe p'oori':-dlui .1937) where the corner is rounded ond stressed by over opping p ones s idlng crround the corner. in conslructio operoted The opcrrtment bui dings ocoted cl crossrooos o e he ros ile es.:ei e ui Le Corbusier. . W Gropius sou .:-iiinile finoncicr de cotre stot.:--:ipiile crhitecturii moderneo'. din ipscr unor pro . poiru niveluri: subso u confine spofii de r.. A secord tocode Iocor *h. Mdrimecr oportomentelor poote r .L lro-n wi -ir he =r:xprimole expliclt. :ere. : =-:-vol dormiloore or 9i boii 9i ultlmu nivel esie : : ..r cee do:o po eo de.:--R SIIC STITISTICE -:'rr de lo proiectele trmpurii irodilionoliste.:. sunt vo cbi e gr penlru oporicmente e . Dor rici e s r 'c ur ol.'r'=r unui echilibru . uneori formOnd un pereie : . j.: .

dlferenllol'alo r tg rq'e ) od.l 1.: 1roo" ^ s devlne ocum orizontoo. z-='e'':' : sir buiio -o veriicol regislers different y lreoled. od^: .ll ^as -^pot contrczrce chior evolulicr onlerloord. eor^o de o. li. eor'or o r^ooow o^ct iqh o'ie. Legote de moduL de trotore c voLumului.r. The Fuchs. Cclmotei 93 1 ). precum ceLe drn slr Piclor Luchlon (1935) si O ieni (1932). Lipso de dogmotism esie eviden tc in ibertcleo cu core fo oseste p inc p ile lunciiono ist-construcllve. unde oncu odoplo compoz lri On the whole. Din ce e c nci conocne ole orhilecturii noi.nan'l e o r'-qr6' tB' [oe. This wos reflecled time ond ogoin in lhe ireotmenl of the vo ume crnd the oLosticriv olthe focode. thouqh without oltcrining o PUre or. rq rle fo. er6 re OAS| pr 65 '6 <1[t ^' !. on extremely rore eLemento be found with the Romonion modernism.^. -er I' ro.lote \ loolA ''o tr Io' r-ocr Ft L t-r r+Vilo l-icssner.or-ne5rbt.o('0]61 Hossner Vlllo (1932) g. lo vilo Reich (1936) Ei vilo Hossner \1937) unei subiile reLleforl. 193/ Hossner Villo. precum vlle e Fuchs 11927) Lombru (1928). de obicei decolole'in oddncime sl docr roreori slmetrice. Ce e mcri interesonte sunt lmobi ele sltucrle lo inlerseclir. t eeo e .. clterneozd cu oLiele cu folcrde plote. to* eue '.'o ro o6a . loncu odopto door ceeo ce convine monierei sole pe sono e :i. o core co fu esie rezolvol pr n rolun!ire si occentuot de g isoeo ee:Te.lonco designed c symmetricc fogode. usuolly uneven y recessed. sustinulcr de finiscrreo in lexluri 'o di ^. lhe use of colour schemes oi lhe .nlol. tl e. -e' " i' si formol de bov ndou i. in ror". Linio fronld."c' torooo o '' ooo o. si in ciudo controzicerllor ce opor temporor. .ro po^t i.. c. ol ^.-oo -A u"'t1. oo. grornd lloor p cn BLrcLrresl l93Z . i d rq wi-^ :c tocooo. ond o most olwcys osymmeiricol. '[o"to^ o co o. Sometimes c design conlrodicts even stronger lhe orevlous development os ii ls the cose of the Kiselefi !wimmjnq Pool (1929) ond the Chihoescu Villc ('1930). construiie In 193637 oncu opteozd penlrLr occenlueoreo orizonlo iiol i.-' o lotg. wi-h or 7 s gttlv p'o trudlng oreos ond subile use of finishings with vor ous texlures.-olgy (tL PAO Oy prolcr-19 oe'ret O e10 w'h o.^L . Loncu nu tsi ino to vllele pe pilotis' i . oceeogi schema compoziionolo bozoto pe o. cl d. those thotwould meellhe occ Lrirements cnd condilions.1-o poli. deschideri rnierioord.. ocl. formu oie de Le Corbusier. o'etoc oo'ce1 -o-o c Peler-e a ies puternlc in decros.v^5ta .-r. zigzogotc ce dolb. )anco chose ic emphos ze horrzontolily Thus the bro[en zigzog line thoi verticollv divided the focodes ln lhe 1920s nov' b".oloro-e 6'[c sg le " oco J( ro'.Jcrnco unexpectedly re.'e oc 661. nu in t 'ti^ .ol o . . ro o pro: '.o ro dor'se is p o e 05 -'ror rl.\m tlo^t Ie . " d.*t :treiching house were moderoteiy used.. lost but noi leost.o 'o'eg^' 1irs \6. Jcrnco s orchriecluro work did not folLow one steody direclion of development He obondoned cr certoin monner ony lo return to ii crter. mcrinly due tc ihe compcrct qround floor ond the relotively smcr fo' e l1 o 1 1 ooenincs o o'-'"o of o ^or e1l. e in folode exprirr- e:'l: l:r'-crenie.tho s 'rgly o'll ot. The solotium lertcce y ovetAo b^ r9 '' rod ' o c wo. Folodee suni mo pote. Lombiu . elor si de multe ori gi o imcc : {i : I [< od"l^ ir ooile o d^ oporlo-er te 'ei e ''o mojoritcle. -ro. cu o reliefore sublllo. bozote pe s melrie. lhough wiih c slrong y osymmetricol ground floor. de p o:liciioteo lotode or' de oo. - ( 03l) Di . lcrncu nu isi concepe proieclele co nisie monlfeste ole orhitecluril moderne. os the Chopier ond the Wexler houses.v i'' woq o -.. Exlslo inointorr 9i reven ri. ol ro'ooe'g v to Oo.\ p-eo a.oro r o-d r. r'O .o...p'ocr.o npozit'e bozo o po 11 rl r1o11 'r no'nroi.-.r reqr r'is co^r.oroo e.o-e'ol:o[ r^Re ^V'. o doqn ot . co'in ccrzu oroiecte or penit u strondul Kiseleff ( I 929) sl viLc... buil between 1936 ond )937.. t' p de r'r o i .. se ooote totusi consloto in orhilecturo lui loncu o evolulie generolo de lo un volum frogmenlot spre unul moi com"poct. L . ln"theory. ne a ^ e'reit verli. dln core pornesc linil e orizon to e omple o e bo cooneJor.tor. -1 roro Ctop'er I o?9): z o Wq (1 oorod or "-'n^ -y'.lcnco woulc noi rlse hls villcrs on pilotis.". while surfoces. plon porler. ln u tlmeie prolecie de vi e. The Mogo llouse ( I 932) s the single instonce where . o' os. The fogodes cre f otter.lusier vi os or ihe Co noto cpo. whlje on\ e ooo ' 'ne detrp . ]crnco subscribed to the princip e demonc aq ' a e i. rendering on oeslheiic dlmension to some pureTunclioncl elements The bo conies ond bowwindows were frequenily used cs Brcure:l]. t o'o pe ror.a po.e p. 'incepul sculpturo ltoleo otol de occeniuclo de lo focond loc drn nou. foro c oiunge lnsc lo o prismo puro. For instonce. d. o leo po ro qe "o' loeq o .lt^ lo I L'o oo ou le C orou"io lonco chose those thol suited hls persono Tnonne' tnd. ' he" did not keep the dogmo. e ozolvorc or't lroloreo o trei registre verlico e. ror e o.oi^q o ho. e r^ 5Lpop. Aceoslcr formuld este re]uolo odeseo. de reo or' con be seen in the wcy he f'eely hordled-the cor slrucilvls|functiono ist pr ncip es Out of lhe five ru es o' -\^ r e w o t^. cu onumite vorrcfiuni.t conlrosl verticol-orizonlol o o opliune cloro penlru o zontolilole. The s houetle of hls vll os is rolher mossive. lo'too 50ao Aalore . lo imobllul Mogo {1937). Un singur exemplu de fotodo simelrico esle' o. over the whole width of the Alr *liJ.e-o h61i79r1ql ry."t" nolit.loi lo de o o . simelrie de lo core de olt lel porterul se susiroqe Nu se poole uorbi dL o evoluiie lineoro in crrhilecturo lul oncu. ond desprte shortfived conirodlclions we mov notlce lhoi lonco s orchilecture wcs chorocle' lzed by o qenerol evo utlon from o frogmenied to the more compoct vo ume.ed '^rl' o ro 70-ic Jor cLcrsice. tirhere .l Chlhoescu ( '1 930).o 't 'e e t' conditiile^'l \ -odo oo' o o'r pos lio ' ."o lg o 166g6o 5.o. iuster {193I ) ei imob lu dln str.urred io clos (o ao lg . ol p'o .

CO J.F tr-6.= .:t o c cdire conslruild de loncu nu se Doole -. 1935 ..-:. though they hove the some orchitecturo bosis. . .:simeiric si festivilolecr orhltectonico dolor 'rmiului lui p oslic.c . .g^)... whlch ed him to o sort of ececiicism underiying c speccr personol louch.-. si mici supropuneri 'oapor'e.locul voriot ol vo ume or.. Din ocecgi cofeqorre fcce porle .'o' o.OIF\OO. . = ..". oJiernonlo ver : :..3iL.nd c or penlru obtinereo unor efecle esleti . - g 5-y lo9 Io 61e c todiro eg o oulri posblo ^ l^hrr a rpero.c.ric]. they o I owe fhe sym "elr rco o'do. Bucrre5ti.' oe-oi through . PAINTFR I prove his concern io flnd new oestl-er c ' = :::cnlrnurldti ce nu sunl necesore din puncl de . si 'inirepdtrunprn core se oblin efecle de lumind si =::rurl.-izontolelor.'-r. since lhe r :.vea\y'/e. Another defining e e. lhe scme cotegory could be inc L-c:: .^\ c. Kor Moser.ynrF Lo eqrio'r oroo |tr turol pioylu ness on y to his ortislic sensilivity. . cldl .= .lcnco's orcrlec lure to be owcre of his belng boih o pointer ond on orchitecl.:sele lui : -onrd foorle personold.---ic t de nevoi e interiorului ou echi lbru r ^o-e r-rLr nu seomdnd uno cu c to. for which funciiono lity .oerq1. Vi io11a3 Jo-o'reDo. o ihough issued from the hophozord d ctoted by the lh-^ requrrements of the inlerlor.-. por elol curent.ii reuseste. Furlhermore. :-'.e r plo' . pe : iimec cosei. ':'ee 'i bo'rool les-r'l loor eooqse6 61611e ' . the f crtroof line by elther sho otu ^a-ar-e p .eiizoid priniro onumild mosivilote. the c terncriion of verliccrls ond horlzonio s.lonco s ccreer vorrous sources of inf uence ccrn be lroced. . o strrct obser vonce of the lows I hove mentioned crbove lc ty reg bi lties. rgoie . ond then De 5rr1l cnd fino"lly to Le Corbusier. presumob y..-: rlei ocoperisu ui p ol prin usooTe sou occenf ' ces'-:: =t='. insd. ': teptezentond. formo or si mcniero in ccre They o rneons. -:.l-e - :^cu c preluot oce e sobru cu e emente Secession o profe. o-'rp .ieO^OAla rrp. Fereostro bcrndo..l:e de expresie esletico. C^r e ol y tl e ec -er' dAo or . decorolive feolures. Jo o' P'y5.l:: with the focode wos more thon s'-:' .er (03 ls ?o) tr \o otdoor^o . oiing insieod sculpturo ond coniinr ti-^s. From cmong . con be o so oc ed r I s oo ly po I g oro g'op oar. treo5: 5' iClO )-p l eta o ^g le pe -it o one doer not occouni.o po s- - A P CTOR AR! TECT corlerei ui Morce loncu se pol detecto .lcrnco s coniemporories. millooce derivole din p osti = ::incime.ncliunecr cu fclodo depogind slricl uncliono. Storting wilh Kcr Moser s sober c cssicrsm wrth the Secession e emenls cnd pcrssrng. ond mostly derived from obstroct poiniing. lrecdnd cpoi probobi o )e Stiil si.. integroreo : -osfero strdzei. lhe ort critic Sondu Elicd wrote lhe mosi insightfu remorks on the origincrlity of . ihe successfu integrotion of the building in the cimosphere of the streel cnd ondsccpe is due to l-i' bo rq or o.1935 Hoimov cl Brildlng. : reprezintd dovodcr preocupdrir de o gosi .. . o. Siluetc vlleior este ' . Ce ^et ea I. -:.' : Simpiicity never lurns inio dryness - r- - r: - recessed pones. crrlicu] Scndu comenlcrriu cel moi c orvdzdlor c :irc ildtii orhiiecturli ocesiuio: .. lorn such elements os round corners s:-: : zigzcrgged lnes dividing the foccdes . -: lcncu susiine principiu renuntdrii c orno=. comp emenlory lo functiono isl orchlleciure. Flrst of o l. . . to the f uiur .: e Bucuresliu ui.e r-"rpo r 'o od^. Al AND ARCHITECT ' : .tiOrO-. element mu i mor polrivil peniru verile ..rrsiructiv.ient in the fogcde composition. .1 r i . troting p cnes resu ting in ight ond shcdow eireci: . cu loote co nosc din ho . peisc u ui. un e ement exlrem i 'r.r. 'in genero. upper loor pon. degi bozo or F o. through cpp ccriion of succes sive over opping elemenis..-moi dotorlto ochiu ui sou de colorisl io be inleorcled in lhe orch tecturol wol .o.=-.. =- [v^r -te ros sob^. Bucurest. incepOnd de lo cu interesoi. .este ce pufin poriio ocoperild si ironsformcld ':': oggie. . inco co litera dogmei dOnd o . I t-' . ond sighty overoppirg. dor cu menrreo de o echilibro -:porturi compoziliono e in rilmico -: : c golurilor si suprofete or.1eo co o I rs crucio for our understcnding of . the dor ng rhythm of voids ond compocl wcr is.=-ente decorotive. . broken lne. rezultolu fiind un ecc ec- ::ot -:mporoni lui Mcrrcel cncu. thot is..orocllcd. this occounts for his inleresl to opp y poiniing ln orchiiecture The ltnd of libe ty he took ln the use of functiono isl-conslrucliv si princip es ccrn be o so exp oined once hls orchilecture is con sidered in conneciion with hls poirting cnd especicr y wilh the crbstroci re ief: creoted in Zu lch The locodes bui t in depth.. in fino . lo Le Corbuster. .. esle folosito cu mdsurd. ll eo'^l o reliefs which were mecnt u Hoimovici.... Tercso . determlnoto : : r--eTU p in 9l de deschiderile re otiv mici in com r : cu suprofoto folode or. rem nd Jonco s obstrocl lmobi - - --.4 loar'o ll^ro-e'o ^ hr.tro e.'d. Pe urmd.s.]onco s orchilecture : "None of Morce lonco s houses seem to look o ike. complementore ' iunciioncr modernismu romOnesc. De o e emente teoretice si e surse de inf uentc. the economic demondr] The diverse nierp oy of vo umes. the Z-shoped.-l :sie de o simpliiote dusd pcrno o oridilote.or. Jonco bo rowed lhose theoreiicol ond proctico e emenis thot he found of rnleresi.

o'oc^ 1o-o ro d"gobo o o po li o. e ord [o drror. t wos ogcin. 'w^lcor66r^l '6 6161 .with well deflned focodes. sofos.-ond it suils the hygienic ond sound spirit of the :-Ar 1o' 9' deri.o or a ^ ojo.l i. lmbinoreo oceslor doucr conlrozicdtoore si inlreqltoore infdtisori.Oboro-io :reero lo view the bui ding os o whole.oo r.i 9r.recrch the eve of his pointing'.[ eo .moniero s ml ord de reo izore . ideeo ce revine in repeloie r0nduri in scrl eri e leoretice sl onume.ersi y o ol i'ior '.:dire de loncu poote fi pocie f o oi i o-''.e f .o or o. .e ll eo ^ tr e.r.'eegaFoo-l . ^o.s o o Lo pe . l iF. momenlu in core orhliecturo oceslulo esle considerolo olotur de pic lurc so si.-. NTERIORS AND APPLIED ART . rrc : . ing designed by.oa. -:. monierd ce poote fi urmdritcr co un fir conlinuu. d^. . o>p^'t: Io"r te .. oloL d^ o. chior docd uneorr foorte subti .i.o o ll " 1o esl oe o 5.^d b. o. in specio lo vi e.lonco cou d be rciher descrrbec . Rororo |^ rr-oi i.oc- occordinq to compositiono rules of obsirocl orl c : . in spectcr . lo r ye . lntr un ortico publicot p oneozd eed. borurisi eloiere penlr u ccrii. oblinutc prin supropuneri succesrve de e]emente. tolusl.': someone who studres -lonco s orchileclure. Llbertoti e pe core Loncu si le perm ie in op Pellle crchlleclure. -l ^ i^le io.o s 'iioned. se regdsesie si eo in piciuro s grofico timpurie.mercbe. sdrbdiorescu spoce ond. thol is.Duo itcrleo picior orhileci esie esei-old o c. -- = . Cunoscdnd reliefurlle obstrocie.. olthough sometimes very subtLe. The house is buit lo offer comforl lo its or'.. dync^ e emenls which oppeor in the fogode composi. in formo de Z. o controdiciion belween the spirit thot tends to be ..q tc -. precum du opuri. pe core loncu e-o vrut de lo bun incepul tntegroie in zidu orhlteciurcr . Srgnificontly. o^r^Jor. bcrs.t de Mo' .or b^ 'eol .ideo of lhe complementority of pointing ond oic. cu o sobrd 9i pllno de fontezie.g^6 lo . e)oe. oowr-opope'. de re iefurile obsirocte reo izole de el lo Zi"rrich. such cs cupboords. decoroiie co orlslicd. Ur e o' c. -erl ol I po r '9 . Peille orcFllecl!re. t^ . scrie: .-.' o ti-ec. ^do. Wle r's ^-o. formeozo probobi cheio notei personcr e c crhileciurii lui cncu Din ccesi princlpiu decurge lrolorec fofcdelor dupo regu i de compozilie si plcstico obsiroclo. - .o'eo I o-1 t1e poi^l ol .-o red q o. Mo-<ol or . nred .o .o lor .qIi obslrocl pointing n orchiiecture.p'6 oa. r o' /ar -ioT ( r ll - unor ospecle mojore o unui inlerior proieclot de loncu: . o o5 .. Un olt e ement delermlncnl in compozillo folcde or. cu dmpi s seminee. gO sesc de osemenecr. -o1'I eli . loro a5-.r lr po e' cpL e-e ot o foc-o'y o o e jo7l. the pointer M Moxy.oL-.". wo l.pFge^erota\IeIeo-Ter ro' tr dinomice ce obundd compozilio folode or.o of Li vol .l eL"y o lApe\o'lo'oeo l'ocr'iec h' p'-.o-ole. B ne compus rollonol imporftt. eo'u c. sunl locmoi menile sdr rupd spirilul sloiic o crhiieciuril.E oproope o conlrcdiclie inire spiritu ce se vreo siolic ln orhitecluro si oportu olit de dinomic gi tempero ne11o inso ielormulolcr din punctu de vedere ol ce ui ce siudiozd crrhilecturo ui oncu. erlo . e dcrtorito orhilecluro so 9i vo ooreo ei si tol ocestei duolitoli si ^rl^p. disp c. in furniiure.193 c nivelu operer sole piciurole'.po'ocr d^or oLr vorrpLr .q.Fyr g . who thought thol Jonco s orchitecture 'dlcl .e oro o. The proiect cc- : opproximcley doted 192325. loncu se ocupd si de proiecioreo in ce e moi micr omdnunle o interiorului. 6 o6l rl'^ r l-oro o co ^oJd opp7 o' ro wol s ^: oQ'io glon el or f..e lor t . inio fronto. cstfel inc0i sc formeze un loi unilor. - de'' . I ore.. o o') o. 'o srmi cr monneT lo ochieve the orc' .\o. in ciudo diversltoiii so ulii or. ce considero de oltfe cd crhilecluro lui oncu. . lher^rgrgof t'. ond it hos bee. fol owing o iudicious use of spoce. vitrouri sl covoore lesuie dupd desene e so e...o. lop: -l erLo de 9r ^d 1e Itr o orch e lr re Corttinporanul ediiorio offlce. whot is more.t-Coc. . b' d rg.5e s. The . C c.cnd crre undoubted y ihe pointer's contribution : meont lo breok the stolic sprrii of orchiteclure A b.o wo. o y lo uiro . cu juslo utilizcrre c spoliu u . re elplctot Zurch. He c so designed :. ture hod been . penlru wriiings. Ccsc focuto peniru con- [o ''r ocoor I o^r l gier o .. o sober. luey ""1. 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--odeTnlsmu loncu o reustt sdr fie . -to..:: e personolo.olj' C.Noi (We).J Oa a\t ret iOt Cro OleCtivr 16o el6.'-'' e cubisie creole de orhiieclu frcncez .lonco wos ob e io sense ihe style of his own coe cnd find o persono tone to it. / o'^l S-ev^' s 'r or ' 20 p^a-. p 5l 69 6. I O Cn groduoiing the orchitecture studies both broth ers obloined ihe tii e of 'lngenieur' (englneer).rt o o. . rn . ln oceeosi ccsd.ovr .Ir^ . de o tfel.p.O \a O . dogmo Jonco wcrs Within the Romonion inlerwor crchilecrure Mcrce o pothfrnder. 6'. -... So-. Frcnkfurt om Moin. p.o ad'o ro co . : r-:eosi dezrnvo turo fotd de dogmo. in Contimporanul no lOO.b^.qe er periertc. . 3.g^^o C credby'hate.-t .o' o or .. l-ro -e -...i.2.' : Ce desen si piciuro luote cu losif ser (1881 : .rud leIorio'or .tor Mo.r -he Ror 01 o' ot( 1-e. Te Aviv..oloor. g dogno--L -a ^ro roged ro ea l^p 'n 6-61 or'ho o' n 916'.eo de Mo'e..: ." .rycdiorescu unui decor teolro'. credincios crezu ui sou de con -: . Wien. ''r. Jcnco fol . i r-.r^.lonco lom Jy popers while the other is known from o photo groph.o^ pore.oq.outorul ui !!.e d"e -. Arlisls of aur Tlme. Groduotion certrficcte. :. the monifesto ike ediiorio signed by the editoriol leom. dor o fdcul-o mdsurot si sensibil lo condi- osif lser os (l8Bl l95B) owed drowing ond pointinc closses with from whom he" eorned rhe .lonco fomily popers. Wien. 1926 Sloif ed g os: ro.1. r . p 242 44.. oorly 920. r . Bem.te. ( One ol the oquo e les is preserved in lhe .. Fronkfurt om Moin.. Mctcmillon Encyclopedio o{ . Micre Se rpl or 'Morce orro i. . .. NOTES L . Macnilk:n Encyclopedict of leq'o-oro' o../e.o btq mi ieu. ^ LO o e O.r .': j . roris. de core vor -.-oe..e.-j. cubisld :-O ^io^F6 aoJ (o. : .o. Berin. llarry. -r:'omenle de usi erou lronsformole n su. ce omintesc reliefuri e o Zurich si. ':-: .i ol.Z ch t2.TA.- --. moi oles.ccuorele s o pdslroi . l':rislous von. Peler Lcnd..doi orhitecli .Acuo..lcto ^ . yel he dld it modercie y toling into occounl the ocol condLtions . obstrcrcie.. Jonco senl these drowings to M. . -: rn ostfel de inlerior lrebuie so i ovut lntr-ode. 193 l. ---'= ^nlre interioore e proieclciesimilirudini evde loncu si . e ond tesltve o r ol o lheolre'l^.. oi e. n6tgett611i .epia O sou oot)t' :a:-: t: o''...6 .o o lo.J rr eie ' I -re'b'e'.blonc a o'. Seuphor from B. proved thot this lunc|ono o dio 'o o/ or y TAo.-: p 242 244 . 1' e. . B See H. Sionislous von Moos.. in Dos Neue Leben. Doco rrrr o .. Bern.ln semn de intrebcre.'.--. -'= -.1 Co 'e.^' ord oe soia -i '^rogi^ orl c.. .Dos Neue leben Ersle Ausstellung. . ' '' : le obro\ .. DadoistZeilgenosse wohltemperlerter morgenlandischer Konstructivist. ^a'eoe ' a o'\ o-.-orco moniero lui loncu.::ndu Eliod. 4 'Die Kunst muss und wil wieder zum Leben i . Forr y Mo eet Jo^. ord -^'lt.^'= deco o've gplirgl^ 'l ot1a t o . I 993. : . 17 s 1. Tel sr n'oeeooe. -o -iql i. Vltrcu.o ^ ) . enhtbi tion ccfo ogue.o.Ceschizolor de drumur. . .-o .' hi-e r we'a ee o .r in imobiiul : fo'eslre^l. 2. in specro obilitotec .-'ccle de - ..^. ccr de o tfei .. . Kunsfhous Zurich.' -t - --r-ce suflul innoirii inlr un mediu predominonl isi. -'::-uro romdneoscd inlerbelicd. foimosu . -. ' .. ^poronul r.:-Lond. foiihful y fo lowinq his"creed ^FWor IopodoLro /-roo: o. ii crpropie : . .. o. Morcel Janco. . . who hcd lhe couroqe . Seiwert.ore. 9tQ / _o ::. vol X V. Se rpnor rarars'o tl-er os: 'i 'e or. p 51 69 . : . Amriswil 1963 p 17. .: I orhiieciurii co sintezd o orie origincrl ln orhivo .e" o I 'ro-r'.o d^.. cal '-o. (on. Ports.i ' --. I 993. c douo door'in fotogrofle.o Dooc: .edo oo sorol loleo .. 00 'g? I 1oc .:osl dogmctic. ^. Morcel lcncu . ond .[c1 cOlevc linii corocleru unei forme si de o .in orhiieclurc romdnecrscd . Ber rn. l993.\roro . Wt tl oL .a ro -o OIQ o o- obillty to define in c few lines lhe chorocler of cr forrl wel os lo cotch ond oulline the persono iiy of o humon figure.r-:o. Morch I 9l 9 in lhe.:coperili de scheme de culoore.: Cesclfreze st ul epocii scle si so-i gdseoscd .ci de -r o posr. p 523 541 9.i muss und wi l wieder zum Leben zurLlck. o 9 F lol'hot s a'to c :' -or y o-he-: ^. l2l 5 2 ldlq p I 5 The jnformotion on lhe broihers lonco studies con be found in Seiwert. : cnc". ol. New York. ^o r o'^ which. Erste Ausstellunq.b. Bodensee Verlog. tno c.o. co mu le o lele eqote f . c-clo i. o ovuf indrdzneclo "po. by th-^ir light tone. Existc. loncowosdirectyinf uencec. usile si lere = ercu odevorole opere de orlo.

lpo. p 3 'B 15. Seiwert.o Co. p 455.e.. aGoorio 12.l o. Proiecte pub icote c ccre esie mentionoi co ouior door Morcel ioncu.odo -L oo e so fi fost o exceplie 1c vremeo respeclivcr. ihe Croftsmon). ll seems lhol it wcrs rouline c. . :cnotoriul Bucegi . B. o-cu luj M. o ro. J . : ino nlolcr pe nume e orh. filnd cunos cuio sub denumireo de o . T trr oTAo broho oso.i. iig dip omo prezenlole n iu ie l9l9 nu obiin noto de tre Brclo a:i Mo. M .reo teq . lii e orchitecluroi lo 'o. Mcrcel oncu isi vc semno oficicl p..^ ocde vezi H Seiwert.l {. or L o. 1993. in Foclo nr 363/ 23 unie 1930. .ctf Swir .r -. o^. e l o o' qh'o org '"ous 6 ooo. in Arts magozine.ol ot oo q I s (6''. lc irceoriu onilor 20. the Reich Vil o (19: C' rl pcr formulc orotclo in text. orod i.t.: editeur. o1s11 . Seuphor se referdr o e e cc lo. Conform egii. p 455. Pdcuiele de pe imobiiee God (193a) . lo .npo.p3 363/ lune 2: : I.pratr1 eoi 1993 p 52 qe il e o. A .v . Be. a Go or e do.obio o'l oo tata or o M. p lo oo .l .. '1e. 'L o -e. Dadcs Se slie door cd L f zaro si M.leonJoques -lonco. i^' or or . d Poris Jeon. : brothersJoncoobloinedinZurich'didnotgrc.. LrJ rr . ^ tql s le Jor'. imo ) Accordinq io Ju es lc j_ . Vezi Horry Seiwert )993 g 52 our Time. 16 JG Costin. 506 l3 Ncrumcnn.inginer fAro diploma oblinut io Zrjrich. L Rosenthol. sunt mentionoti omondoi frolii .ro. Vezi H.o. Pcuveri edileur. H Seiweri. Me5terul Mcrce lcncu'.: wcs nol menlioned in these records. ' t. Bodensee Ver oq.o o cL L Ro.o I Archiiects wos esioblished ond he wos enlerec . C.. 16rq11l-a ct Ioo . o o Co. p 16370 e pa. 19.o Vi.o.lngenieur'. 506 13. n er - (t93 ")b.r. bullding (1926).o oirq r rrer elor- .Frcrncis"..lto e-e Ae tu 10 o cl p oro ti j.Ar rTO oteoqor oode )ea'ro" d o.'ta. o co-npo .Iono Do.. in Arfs mc:gc:zine 1982. po-e . . l. t o' i^r oo'o / p .Jcrques Por. ered lhem imporicni enough lo ioke lhem w-- o'dr.-ro or a.b.^ { o25) -r" i -.oiecle e obio incepdnd cu decembr e I 934 ccnd..o.o^. . imobilul coso Choprer Trinitcfii \1926) Coso Donie (1926J. a \o' 22r loj/ p lZ Sondu E tod.. schito de vi c o ioro pen M Sorb ( 9?o) povls L 5 loo{1026) uio We^ e (1Q29). /22 the Bucegi Soniiorium llS34).rq{o28) -l eClopo 6i. Seuphor.^ Cont'irnporc:nul maaclzne ccrme out ln Buchc-= beiween 1922 ond 1932. Ju es . p.1934).in cozu urmdioore or'l ^rlq6. berng finonced byJc-_ l ediol wF a rp po^t lo V reo o o Mor o Jc' in Mcrch i92O I 2.we to93 p 3o3oa od oroie.(o o o^e 'l-^ . .go .Oeoa a(O^\li . in mortie I 920. noi thot lo lod o Desene 9o..o ( oj4l o^o . loncu fusesero o o Por s si co poetul Pou Dermee.pac'eo ro-r .rod^.-p plon.^ o-o redcctio Contrmporcnu) 11925). ptr OO \ pte . . o.semno plonuri de com p ezenid'. Coimcrtei Street (193 I o-b b o.^ o.'1e.l o. Cerereo de outorizolie Ce conslructie este b Coiro . 01 .vo. na .( 91 ) llSZol coso Chihoescu (1930).o.o.lor 'r Co" .oeol ll elolow c: iecis: lhe sketch for M Sorbul's cottcge (1i Suchord Poviion llS26) ihe Wexer Vilo (19_- - n publicotii. ' ql -o d o* ..or d o.'q oo.luliu loncu. nu insdr ce de Drp om ngenieur '.''o. Jonco/Dcrdo: crn inierview wiih Morcel lonco '.o orrh^-iFo-"tor gwiIM. ^. Wo lro* P. b7 Le g or-p Se. p BC 11. tiiiul de.: Mo.1930. or.o lo / or d A' ." o.loi q. in 1993 p :2: a! e sunl trimise ce i. vol XlV. 1993. p 393 94. ^^ f^ \o. deoorece proieclele or de I Artisls of or -to ll ^ oo. Duo .the hecding of ' recognized crchitecls'. 2 C.o^lo i. poio. interioore I l9 I Se. Beor Do.ot-Cd.. sirondul Kise eff esle opercr tctolui sou (S. inciniond cererile de oulor zotie de constr uclie pe r -^ "le o L i orli'^ Acoo. Amriswil 1963 p )7 lO Amondoi frotil cbsovd studii e de orhiiecturo oblinond ln l9l9 titiul de goa Q.Vezi Seuphor Michoel. .D^^11 . vilo Reich (1936).\eo o'loiTe o ic. I ! l chemofi de Piccb 6(e ^ . Dodo )5.Jt ^aror ol orl. de o Bucuresli.e lad o.. 1982.vo. des Beoux-Arfs. 47 noe )Q34 p 7 l/ Sondu F tod.o. Cor'o n -eo'or. BO B6 a Pc:ris. Jor .^ e Mo7 2. coso Lombru (l9ZB) . owr o _ )e ^1[^ I Q31 wl o.Ap>crpor-cpclooe'poz o ..col Jor o o -o 'o q1 Ii.-1.]onco/Dcdc: on interv wiih Mcrce lonco . D^po..l-.. nu dodec frolilor oncu dreptu de o infoc mi plonuri De oceecr ou recurs lo un sublerfuqiu.rA -o 1 8.t e Io l-o " . 'Megteru Morce loncu' (Mc.o . Edirorii sunt poetul lon Vineo si Morcel oncu. eOO..s ord I \or a c \LTp'o'rr co be .-o no.oo o '. A' Olt^r p.. -r e '9[ to. S" *e -QQ3 p ot-/a. l. 1965.9 (lojol l^ bio o'r . '.g Poo . Hoimovicr (1937) ii mentioneozd pe cmbii orhitecli .r:weei'. the Doniel buiding ll926t .. Froncis Noumonn.ri oore 25 rroi loo5J 20..^ oovod l-or lrs | 'o^o o'ooio oy ony meons exc ude the possibilities of humour'i 9.Reporter' in Conlimporonul nr. Revislo Contimporanu/ opore o Bucuregti inlre 1922-1932 fiind finonloto de oncu.DorlDo. 1^ their o' orqor .o. Miche Sonoull el.[1o*"o 'o grpc]-\o.Oo5l 20 Tl-e b' r o 'o oe'r oppt oiior s qr^6 rl e ror . in Fcscla no.^D-eo o ooa of Diplom ingenieur (Diplomc Engine: tre o ry Soir: ' .rl . 1965. Sonouil o i g Mor . Marcel lonco..^o 'r .

- r ocestei cd olorii esle DOrlici I OOJO OOlZe.. Morcel ' . 1927 the "Welssenhof" exi ciio: .tot' . in ' .r r .'-oo.-_. whose pub wos Th "l-er Doesburg. o... Ernst. o .. g o p ro .or 1ot 06 lo Stu.. esle'inscris . --rs o^ ioodo.:-:r r moqoz ne deo cc el ir reDo osl l9lZ. Ozenfont si si : E.o i ... -::-.. on l. p 3.ti r -: oncu oduce cu sine lo Bucuresti mcri .r oto ._r- 23.lonco. -9.r--' r :25 expozilio de ..: -:doctiel.. Leger.'.. Brdncusr. 're.. de importonle penlru o e luo cu sine si ..r 29 S reo. L6ger.o I -e1 :' d Au jo. in Rompo no 46Ba.' -. Arlicolu esle insotit .. O. in Cont'rmporctnul.Bosel <'^. no. in specio de revisle de .i rospdndite...e :. deos e..rtdrii Corpului Arhitectilor. wcrs 53 lmprimeriei ole Ios^ ro1'r o'. e(hrblon wcs opened n /c': t-t . p . 18.-"-. A.-.o lul Muthesius.e crtic/e "Une bose o cr6er pour o nouvelle co loborotion" by Morce lonco. I .ea. :e ocdo r. - ' o De ounoy. e o cdrrui co oulor e crtei moderne similcrrities between the mcrnileslo of the.o. elc.-o. in Conlimporcsnul.:. : . where the mosl resounding nomes of modern ort rio^ o were exhibilinq: Arp. 'o'.. -inpoton' r'. '-ceo dro 'o'oepro olo'rRoro ' . o^i ^ o'pJ. os we con mcke il out from ihe mcqozine...c:/.iuro noud '. when he emigroted io Pc p 395 )2 C^ly -il-reo.o.. tn Arlo si Crasul. lullu loncu nu .lud ri proqrorcrti.d^ Stufigort. : -..r'^ !. r3. : .. v.: - -. :.-r -..In Arla 5i re o r-pt' De 5. orr'(o.i: Mo.tooo lQ?A 42. Pto ogtop 5 Oi Le i1 a1:O. 1925.. Februory 1925 27 Ihe crddress of the editorio office. 92J . .a^ oooar rpoi^c i l-. e:'-= visuo] informcrtion wos disse. a : r ce e moi mori nume o e orlei moderne: : 1925 moiiv osr p 'bl co. Prcrmpolini.De Siii ' lcr . o to. corii pe core e-o con .r: -. Miro.- -he ouo^..Jne bose d cr6er pour io nouvel e co . Plcosso' P.r.. ^ooo. -l e Do'sio. Picosso. :rhiteclllor recunoscuti'' ( ll-e \ow S-V o A l^i-ec .. Ernsl. . Doo or re pr_ . Archileclurct . lronsmis de criticul de si Arhileciuro nouo (New Architecture). . -ao p o. o-o o./c: :: .'. ) -.o. pe core se poole descifro '. - :n. ^ ^J l9l 8 ond the princip es of modern crt lounched by De Stlll in the some period. oso cum reiese din revisld.te. deschiso c 30 noe. Vezi Seiwert.L.. n .cril Nouveau.aO r..-.pre in hondwriiing Bucuresil 1.e 1924 See . o o e oL po t:-:: Mondio.l__-.Conslrucfivism si Co. Gris. 'Cu Morce oncu despre el s despre c fii" (Chotting with Morcel lonco obout himself ond olher peope). yet independenfly..--: 'Decorcriive Arls' exhibliior !. Ve. Czenfont ond Pou Derm6e. o. ]onco oflen siressed.. crs .z . o lion 'L ori d Auiourd hui' ot the Syndicot des cnti quore5 go ery opened on November 30.oJ ir Co' -ooto. 30 Al Roboi.t Rod I.Tribune el moison ovec terrcsse r r..r. Vezr.:-.:egistre e oficicle a" ort^'il".ce -. .r le2o in 1922 Around 1926 he presJmoby designed o vcrcclion house rn Brosov.. 25. 48.: curosculo Das englische Hous.Co. I lo' lo. pe Le Corbusier.po l9?2 oobob r : cosar de voconidr pentru fomilie. ' Arhitecluro noud". Mondrion..lo' Architectura.. ::' . in Bose si principii .. do' 'o o r ' o leqo-.Arte Decorotive'.r-. Jr^-. o apo. wos honded in bv tre ierrosse d ovions'.... . p 3-4.o o-"d ro I e r.1.. De cuncry. _ r We s. 24. oor etc.l .. Berlln ' . Klee. T.l cv ons'.dezvol-oroo or-e o.. lounded in.-" . 5'i I or .o oo lo.. nr.:nii ce uTmeozd informctiile teorelice si . 3l See Note 30 cchieved 29 These cre the first known projects fo lowinq those .j. Vel.'f wo po . o'go. I p t. 57-:B Apri 92. a rtrl-o A ve y' -.:-..i. p I 26 lf.-COAOesppOri-er:Oproi O./. nr I .lune were : ..' Conslruclivism Arhiiecluro" (Conslructivism ond Architeciure) in Con timporonulno 5354. Adolf Behne. lo gdsit inco documenlolro in eqdlurd cu o rl. Revlsicr porizroncr d-^ crid . published criicies of o s qnrficont rmpor- rooo--- ---: -. O e. . lnp me.. K i.: crhlleclura' . p r. no evi dence hcrs been found on it so for.eio o oie. I 993.-:' '925. i dico .o-ol e.d I r'' o^ o golo o Sy:-':uo res". ui Rodikale Ktinstler. *6' . . nr.See 'Cuvinl incinte' (Foreword). r -.go. Gris. )3 1l eo. ' :--iu : -.rg 't o In^ i' e-^ot.rr.r. ro. A. doted Germon orchileclure criiic Ado f Behne The oriic e hod os i lustrcl on o sketch nomed Tribune el mcison ovec L'Esprif Nouveou wos founded'in le2O its dTectors Le Corbusier.:-: .ompollnl. which he oublished in 192425 Jcnco pointed to ihe proqromme tor.mpo o^ 28. Apri I f. n lhe first crtic es on orchitecture. e rol ... este infiinloto 'in 1920.e r os. e . po.Bucoresi 1924 .o oi o--e Wo o Wo C-^. e fo | ^ oav^ op-e.g. ot .t . . r : =: in Po esiino.. 1925. etc. edroo oe 11.l923 ore loc expozifio . : r:-'ron.e r Co-. o p's'^odirRo^oro r o . Aug 1933.e. A possib e reoson for this trip wos hr: porlicipo .lespre crhiiecturc englezd si qermond. o2: p lA2.. ro-og o-i o .inl inoinle .o l.. De 5t4l the v cism. 1925.

with he designed lhe most purist house: . Morce 1oncu.. p l '- 38. Doesburg. nr 442. p 3 liusiroiie lo ortlcoi vi o Chihdescu. in l93 l:.Contribulii sumore c cunoostereo miscdrii moderne de o noi '. H. Dui iu Morcu ( I B85 I 966) este principo u reprezenionl o unui modernism monumenlo. ole oe. However.persono ione. the colour schemes of the house where she SD-. 33.-rooyB. 42. 9698/1 93 1. Adino Reich he ped io reco.Noi".p he o. Bec. Unul din princlpii e enunloie de Th Doesburg in nrmee grupu ti De Stiil Vezi Th. sd proiecieze exemp ele cele moi purisle dln orhitecluro inlerbe icd rom0necscdr. no... 4l . in Rompoi oug. 44. stoied by Le CorbusLer on ihis occosio' porty odopted by. l9i45.ocest proiect. Vezi nolcs 37. Sergiu. 32. in ion p3 33. tv1 I alnTClaLlT no JCt soore aclTte 1. Mrs.t() t. tn Conttnpc': yeor X. n I 947 Marcel. . . 1933. M H Moxy. Seiwert. nr. Reolifotea tlustrota. p 6/12/ of the Romonion interwcrr orch. on X. 4B D no Adinc Reich o reconslituit pentru expoziticr . odopted the modernrsl slJe Joter.ved i1 lle . rl ^ e we e o ( . . 100. .. 15.21 See Note 44.. in Conlimporanul. ond iheir youngest doughter However lhe com. cnd quite often rece .. Yezil. Selwert. .'. an 'X) nr 99/ 1931. ovongorCc Avcrn\ gcude Buchores\\. lancu oveo in orhivo so orlico e de Bruno Toul 20/)7. . v 20/17. p.::He deve oped his own theory deo ing wiih p'=crpl lo creole o notionol sty e bosed on funciic-: ond Romonion fo k crchileclure oeslhelics . dor inslouroreo repub icii populore in decembrie o oce uiosi on il deiermlno sd renunfe o plonuri e de blleosco definitlvin Po estino repolriere si sd se sto-l993. 32 30. Despre ortele p 2AA2O4 p ostice si o'luro noud" (On flne orls ond orchiieclure). oi ix tw tfii' I enunfote de Le Corbusier cu ocozio cceslei expozilii. 39 . no. P6.Scrsocr re . v. oncu' {A Leller lo Mcrrce loncu) . dotond din lg2 l. Ghlco. p 9 l O mcrior theorist 35. 44. .05 )924 43. ond lhey permcnenly seit ed down in Po e. p 3 )J ' C'eor 90 ( BO2 a13) ^od r . schemeLe cromotlce din coso ln core o copi dril.. no. Duiliu Morcu (lB85 1966) is ihe moin rep-= lcriive of c monumeniol modernism wiih closslc: 40 noe. ... E vo odopio stiluL modernist obio 'in 1931.: on beholf of De St4l group See Th v Doesburc Nieuwe Architectuur' ]n Bouwkundia Weekblc: p.lolreover of December 1947 made them give L-: p on. Bozo tin. ond P ' 'Morce . cesc-e e. 193 I (oct 40.roTo a. unde siudicse lo Eco e des Beoux Conlimporanul. V t=: . p . in Foclo.o. in Bouwkundig Weekblctd. op lccri in specio in prorecle pen 1. sunt odoptoie de Loncu door portiol. Contocuzino.. oo-rg despre culoore si 48 Cn the occosion of Exhlbition'.9 Faur. 3l . cu e emente c osicizonte..642 24 morile 1933 p 7. 2 46 Yezt nola 44. de mu ie or ccpctond o notd personc d.o c^ r! oc: v. . Doe.o51924 p miscdri moderne de o noi" (A few notes on the -. "Noi" (We).. Arhitecturo vremii (ContempArchitecture).in Reoliloteo iiusirc-: . Cci Nov.).227 42. Tel Aviv. 4/. dezvoltdnd o teorie proprie egoio de premrzeLe tt:il :lr:r: credrir unul sti nofiono . pentru co 'incepcnd cu 1932. Vezi nolcr 30.Die Nieuwe Archltectuur". in Unu. ne^ a?" oucooiod r ^e o'ooli o trLr mcrri c ddiri oLrb ice 41. p 9 lO 32. G M Ccntocuzino \1902 ) 966) becor: 37. sr despre cllir". . . Sondu Eliod. 1930.See H.e. no. v. p. "Scrisoore' Contimporanul yeor 38 See Note 32 X no 99/ 1931 p 6/ I - {Lelte' 39.6p. Cne of lhe prlncip es slcrted by Th. a7 Anor g Jor . in Fccla.Centenor Morce loncu'. 36 G M. on lV.C.. 1933. 34. oe oL-^. in Ace. 49.5 yy. Conlribufii sumoTe lo cunocs':-= orhrleclurcr.Cu Morce\ \onc.ip.Jonco Cenre-.Despre orlele p crstice 9i orhltecturo noud' . lor brg pua. March 24. 642. Poslroie in orhlvo fomiLiei Jcrnco. A\.Bucureslii de ovcrngordo'. nr.. nr.442. ctnX.lonco look on the necesscmcr iiies io return to Romonicr logelher wrth h.Il ev o e ora. Sondu E iod. lOO. 33.15 febr 1932 45 M H Moxy.]onco. 1993. : lecture.end"d f .. Morcel .-'. c bu ld f gs. febr 1938.. 'Bucures\ii de . Literar si Artistrc.1932 Sergiu lhe interwor Romonion orchileclure. lhe five fomous princip es of ne'. 43. in onu 1947.lerrc orrooep-i. . nr. Robo\ . Contimpora nul. in Contimporanul no. Febr.. Creongd (1892 1943)tocmoi se intorsese de lo Porls. nr 9698/)931. 6azal pe funcl ono ism si pe eslelico orhltecluri romdnegli fdrdnesti.-' -: childhood 49 Militcr Pdlrcrgcu s bcse reliefs hove beer :'= served in the Go d.Jcnco.. p 227.]n Adevdrul literar si arlistic. . ern movemeni in our counlry) . Morce cncu. -1930. 3l.Scrisoore' . Morce Unu. Bcrsore iefuri rec izoie de Mililcr Potroscu s-ou 2O02O4.o's rn le -Av 46 1938 p 2 popa.Xl.ool c'doc i-e. G M Conlocuzlno (l 899 I 960) vo deveni pr n cipo u leoretlcion ol orhilecluril romOne interbe ice.. Marce oncu foce formcr ltdli e necesore pentru revenireo in Romdnlo impreund cu solio sr filco ceo moi mlco.Arhitecturo vremii".

50.-:-: -o' Lr.n dedicofieo oulogrofd o luiJocques l: -. l-ior holsos.hdesc.: Jocques Costin on the volume: . -e :-' -:. I 93 I .. . Ghico.:: .l r:.:..-.t :. Buclest .imobi ele God. :* l...r: -:.fcto vilei Chihoescu exislo. i.:: volumul: Exercilii pentru mdna dreopfd 9i .-:' :.I :ie. . tr:.. Bucuresti.p'u'e .-': . Quoted from the outogroph os.epiese-. Bozoltin.Exerc-'ce-=.: . :r. A sc. -. Pictor .longer exists. dreopfo si Don Quiiolle' lfxercises '193 ond Don Quixote).. ostczi dis.' : r rJoe s'ooo ir [rorl of rne Ch. l.-ir : s-oluie de Mi1i1o Pdtrogcu.

CHtfEC7URE PROTEGfS Proe c. r'ro o[ B -o*rFoI-l . 6916o1' .o.y ' rerg ^s.oto a Drot enien.._. w.: - re . Adresa meniioneozd denumireo slrozii in momenlu construcliei.. -. .tre et..1 colo og Je or e o -16'r' ' n i'eo ouo lob t: y oo p es^-r slo e or-le o. -.oe6t o rn .stc.T colooqc-e<t161:i 6t-) loote rotoo.orCl -O-p oe. T^L. we-e r. Tl-e e. tice o il-e tire *l er ney wo-e Wne'ele'tf e ov\re S t f . 10 ot v oe swo. .oiog oohed Fzcepr'1q'l o. - notob e direclion.^ed lo ori'oiro oe nooe to i. e 'l-^..tlircoFoce. ..5 ono nte.p o.oelonq.o. lhe house wos built ond. o povn din Te Aviv comentole succini. osed lo rs . tave. 1e'llo y sJpp e< horotqn do'6 q . o-tr br r -o'e y oo eo.oo e.1 ie' rl or g^l o1o we e .TOwn -fe o.'l-. )-oqe r oe eoo. 'o deo o t:. if the ccse. The oddress menlions lhe nome of ihe slreei'. le sunt rezervote un spofiu mor cmI u 9i descrieri moi cmd_nunliie.e i'leo r iTe Sor r. tou\oue ir sone . denumirec octuclc fitnd doto intre poronteze. I 922-t 938 Anca Bocanet & Ana Maria Zahariade AR.(o' rv oo 'o y oe o'tg ine o re. tl.1 |a -e co.ut Jroue ^afi pl. io' b rloi^g Sore o ^ : roluro e rec l' or -l-e . -_o cLiren. pulinele desene orrgino e fiind foorte ror dotole nlindereo comentorii or esle voriobi d.r evo. Jo. or. ol t 6f \p 6'.or s ^ eco s.. Those proiects lhol obvious fo low o cerloin spoliol or sty istrc solution. -tio c reo-ie I r Mo'.rd . eT oleo c .cosg5 'l e p. rte ve'y 'u* o q . : Le e s ot JleqLo re r be aL .1e pop6 lr ebrohe". I os pos.o'. Most of them brought obout o gieo e spo-io r]owi.or o.ed plotoe. iy'.ol pc 'rioioo"e oro.lio- 'o'r .r -: .rp ol --lA s.€' evoluiio crhileciului Morce w ele . The dale refers io lhe reqistrction number of --= oop ( otot ror bl .o ) a . g^ir'.gr ti 6e cdutore plostico sou sunt exemplore prln singulcri loteo lor. lo r : g .o..lcre..epc e .d"-. -r. d rp oy.sli6p5 o I r'e pr'r.or.yo. Lcol or belweol 6. L. Lthe wl ch cr'o iro'o-luo.O'ECIE DE ARHUECfURA.J* M. sioreo octuo d o clodiri or 9i modificorile survenile in limp nepermiidnd d^co ro eor lotog oterec.^olior oro e5s srori n : wirl e 1r. lluslrofrile cpor gi ele in numdr inego. i i-col olel . proiecielor . corc_ ond the inodequole uti izolion of lhese vil os.s 'ALo-s tr -.g'6". in timp ce proiectele core urmeozd evideni formule onlerior descrise sunt . ttl 5'. in funclie de exisienic fotogrcfillor de epoco.po. g e wor o1o en g orior yeo.poco.le T rior ^ro A nos beer r -: difficu t due io the clterotions thci occurred in ii-: .oi-g Z. .o e (te22-te38t x cunoscul. c re:: de.riboo w l oe con n er eo o^ orie /.61'grtr 'o -e i o o'oiec .l -o ' d ir re A. e-reozc . o-nuo lor'l^.6t'64" vo.r-rfe trd seve. b.oie. The p.Jo cooc^i eqJ1 -osrtrp*ei" n. cL r lle de. c .q . d ow ng..o. r /p5. f^o c.Le -oT c o ron i'y popo .e .o -.. or sA .cor lorororl : rot o. s-o dot clodirii numele strdzir. Urfoflr 'ro'elv w^ . Mc:cel -or co avo. Jonco's evolution os on crchileci..s o-o oq-" oi" ._were portitroned in severol flols in most coses {i-= gLes.o .q: ono tnF o-e o o-..c'p'o.i c d.tfel -etr\. iis prese-fome.PR.r.rnanoo qopl cooclmovoi.)1ar-eo !er"... -.l'u.J or 'g il e o. p-. 11 . ocolo unde este cczu Dotorea proiecie or esle ceo o inregislrdrii cererii de outorLzofie de construclie. 'o or 6 6jo6 . o Plc:nurile 9i foladele ou fost redesenoie dupo copiile ... lhe. oTre siqr'-. "nr c'r o e plbi sneo . - C'odr'e ooo'o ruTtr^ a'aa e'a. lo -o I of'o . wti e tl-^ boll-roor. o eo orowi^gr oe.eo o ro fi'es'cor o .o-.) o. ir l"' Ar"u Thp pl6n5 ond tocodes we e orown oeo I o--c t e iog'op^ cop e5 61 1e.oo^5 be o. oe.^.^a -o 1. o or . ole.o. : co'1"1.spocer ll-e roio .o. C r e. SoLrce !..cep'o r olo-vo (.-l e b roi-g pe"r. 'r gere'ol 1e po'rs o to. ..o olwovs .= inlerior circuloiion ond ihe conneclions beiwee-n vonous spoces.rg oro reu b iiy o wioer r.ory er 'cred ' -.Cl.e' -^o to.rroo r o t.o^.of re p. The buidlngs were ncmed ofter their owner'. o de.we'A' rg -e e'h b e h a c" on6leqt6o rio.

in specio vi ele in moi mu ie . toto diferiie de -: 'eo izole in finol.:.i e otr co po)ib. -:-iiuirec sldrii inifioe o clodirilor cr fostingre .r 6 were prirrao ir the period publicotions ond siqned eiiher by Morcel Jor (o olor e o.if ce si I Oegrooo fl e e5 oot-1retroi. ode d ow "9.les e poparb o \e . un subterfugiu. de fopiului cd Morce oncu. e5 grq51-taaa5 5e \te'oo^15 o c t: :-l :Anotner caleqory ot dil-terences cerlhedocurelovospe : -ley'o-eotfecsorpe .'noreo-odi'or otsloo -': :.. roi^q o'. ^ e d r lre oce.r" roi -': -d ie or vI o o'go^izo eo spo-ocr. A 're presiuni or speculctive.r ho p eser . := :utorizotie. =:isesc cu un nivel regimul de ino :.: lrd c proieclul de execulle. s un pod porfiol : . i fosl -t :ereil:lllor ou losl depuse sub nume e crhi e I -. o goro . .o'. ore prinied in this colologue Most buildings. = :--'o mentionala in Bibliogrofio = . . -r.o olocr-e.or co. : -.. inointond cererile e sub nume e unui oli crhilect. for which rJ .cncu.j.-.oiet I oe lo p ro'" .o1'er o.. b o ^er .. found in the fi o 50 . one level hlqher thon the builC. orhivo -..l \' pronJ = .ot -oi'ls e)seT o o JI^ ^'tC-. :.ilo : . ovdndu ] menlionoi '.:j lo:peculo vep. ior ih " oerr oo.i de orhitecturd' ol frotiior loncu pierzondu-se .'Le orchive.'=azd : e.t-'o.-:niin Simionescu. :-r.lsl.ceoslo o^ ioodo opor ..iin : 9"r'oi'-dlo-i spo-iole.r o1'l 'l e olons or lhe ' b . ::: e din dosore e de cuiorizolie si cele : croiectele din perioodo 1922 1934.. muhe dintre time imbogofito.eqr er y to reep w rlr:1c -odi oro 'y^ o 'he s q.':-ce loncu..:ipiului Bucuresii . Co^. pen= --::-orol. De oceeo.. Aslfe.1^o oioron o p o iecl excmino.t.evoro i. zor -olo o.--.--in ceo moi more parie rezuliotu] =:. The infornolion concerning ihese projects comes o. in oceeosi colegorie se j:'ente o'"uo-..= )3u schiie origino e nu s ou gdsii.lo. .. o cor I .e eo izole. : .c.: .plom-r 9i deci foro drept de semno.lote in coio og..o-olog -'creo Corpu ui Arhiteclilor : ru si folode e din loncu esle recunoscut co crrhiieci .. -eo . J es .l e ccr'o oque eorto.. existd notobile dife ^-roi so fie substonticl schim- ::-cr id '..w ll rhe Lorrv no ol of -ro o'ojec .r.lrer 'oloteir prezen-or e ._' -.. Mo' or -re r ro -nolio.orizotie pro'co-e =..o'9 porr' \ p ei5 orli.: ' 6lprfs5y'ore o.: .oz6o L r : ole el gro-ii. s clcdirlle reo izote. etr ^a ocooes orowr lo the core s o putul dispune. ocesteo . Proiecte de exe . fundomenlo e de ocesto dcio. oblurcreo go uri or. pe lemo modernismu ui orhi -: 'cmdnesii. -^ u oveo ro deoo r^ -. \veul "r p.'o p o. he hcd lo wriie the opp icotion' under onolher orchilect's nome Most ol ilre cpp icc iions were submiited under the nome of lhe orchitect Conslontin Simionescu lt is mosi unlikely thot he shor ld ho'e I od o v . dupd toote . e t:-a co ideec inilio c i :r'r 'g. ou . :-:el 'lcre o proiectele prezenlole provin l preso vremii..m -:-e-si imprumulo nume e.. core. _ 1 .e elo --: or mori . -on'oi'5 os o r'e o 'e 'c . : -: L. ecoroeo . e ro r- .-6 1de orrnre. . docu '.rc ::-. .. : oble. in unele cczuri oldiuri de . = . penlru cdlevo cczuri semnificotive.-er o pe-lru . E e devin ostfel .: :e modificdrile surveniie'in timo si de uiii-p'oprie o r (subd'v zor^c 'r-oro di. o.- Cu primlre.:--: '^oe e oert'.nolrvofie..b'l.. penlru . . De lo ccecrstc : se pdslreozd si fofodele fol por. both the ones he signed ond ihose do:igreo '' de. otdt ce e sem= : cu outorizofio obfinuto sub o t nume. hence. eo 5-r I Ii gcti oec Jroono .Lres .=: The cdditlonol level. ond the ones Jcrcc octuclly ochieved beiween 1922 1934 There is cn exp onotion for ii: Mcrcel Jonco groduoted his crchiloc e slud'e.d" ob ce co-'rpr 5 cri-llr o -I i ole/ele ei -orere oe oo pati 5' .ooer. . reportrtionoreo -. fiind Alihough the motivolion ls quire dilre.e vewr ol d l.:'rndiurd si 'inscris in iob ou orhitectilor : 3O noiembrie 1934.-r-enle. oe-"l -e.err i.d Jo ne 'o. Mcrcel Jonco wos registered os on oulhorized orchllect on lhe isl of orchitects withoul cr dlplomo on November 3Oth 1934 Henceforword h" otrc o ly 'igred ^i) p'oie(rs o-o so boll I ' p cr'rs o'd Io. toi . : . ln mdsuro in core sunl cunos:.r.: -uind principolo documeniotie grofico de . o bo-rowao .. ode Once the Notionoi nslilule of Architects of Romonio wos sel up.e.Direciio Tehnico.l ro'n ly ir le Avv.61 9 logo -.or he e e-trr.c colii cu fost meniionole in colc og.logetle wi'^ i' . : ---e clodiri e reolizoie.oqror:l u oI -'is boo-. : _ I l'.: ) 'r ep'oiecreeoeo.--. '' e wo Roro' o'r nodern . or Lrclrri spe..o '' _ o i rroJe lo odele cote opo' i:ceosld perioodd suni desenote. . e erlr.. -:': in preso vremii.. r-: r-: r.-.:. -. .lion..e i-red i1 -l e b b. -- le . ond so he wos noi ollowed lo sign his proiects.s lhe rJs.'e in I 99 I de Ancc Bocdnet. ? formol focodes.-relege ^o r erti lo o r . Din cceostd coteoo. Al the o recdy dentilied publicotions hove been isi ed . pen :po'e. tronslormoreo boiiorin bucotorii.crhlvo fomillei Jonco din Te Aviv.-i urrule UIU)Ole OOSOielOl Oe OUIOT|ZOIte Oe 'rclie ce se pdstreczd o Arhivo Primoriei .e. ldirg pe '"r r were 'l e y o' ferer fron wl o -r'"d lo be tl-e f rol ^ ooer.r ol Anco Boconet's reseorch for o doctoro lhesis on lhe .ng lo Doss I i .-. .

l oio^ er do not only g ve stylistic unity to the"bui ding but they OO^OL'rsdi ti.. These two e ollve y slronge buildings onnounce ihe lOrOOrd t.ui spcriiu comunifor cu inlimiloleo si speciflcu sou crhiteciuro. loncu vo conslrui in 1926 prlmo cosd modernislo din Bucuresit..o ooi i. oe...oe. 29 Tfif totii Sireei (Avrom Zenove A ey).o5tr rO a oi . ribed o Mor ol or o .t J. da o re IO.b' .o o 1 ct . o ^ f16'c. elor^ '-n^e dor o ro ^'o. ^r'J or c. 1oo. . .i'r o ^o rotod o/ I o.t . They were the first bu ldings in Buchorest thot could modernisi house n Buchoresi. wo.-.n or oodrolo.r. Ol ^o oroos lior o tl e b-i o q qo'ewoy o-"rtr \ tr e g^1'y oped root '-a oow w ' dow oro . tle qob o-o le O.t"ooo^ a-pa/lo ol^oeo e). . O r.o./o 7 oro o'' 'ec .l er erot^. 1i6- (e o' '"-ro. ole.^r er ''l o. C ro h.^.e I ^deo I cpo e e . . 're.r. St . . re criiv ciudole.oe 'o ieozo:'t'"oeo'1 cratr o oo oicr^o.horo . nO .^ oDoeo or e .'. Dln puncl de vedere urbonislic. Bul T t / ding perm 1: )t|y )922.{6'r^ lor.e a\ I c "o o' obu o s otre-p 16 r og. inlerpreloreo elemenlelor ro O iO'-e O lolI5i Lota oce leo zoreo o onului si c inlrcrr Resiu cose or. O 1ed. ocoperisul ..O.o-ew o' ^ ooe. \t ope o.-"rp'c r'O Pe ocecrstd o ee se vor conslrul cdtevo iocuinie tor ra or o . ooatao o ore/ o o e. resl Proieci oulorlzolle: Lie 1922 7 corpuri de c ddire cu oclinle cuplole.oo o-^ olo od o go.o.o e o' 9l or. llousing in lancu AIIey Blcl Strodo lrin tolii nr. o.o. l^o op .lclc orhileclu ui de. t'or -he' bor . proieL J o-tr )el^O'. A.roo o .^/i't to o q' ^o lL^ o.e oa o o.'r.vo o or-ol -Ao c-€r wni. repelo cu ponderore o-^vod 1^6 6c. o o esenlio de fotmc porcelei.rorr^ Ire o ^o 10 A\ o o ro F n ooa. tel . o .iFo ''oo-o o6 pole' e'or o^. Morce lonco's fother. M. o'z L.o 6 ot t'tJ.o o-^o oc io por o qo. ^ izo r'od. 'o66^. ot O r O. orp r' 'p oe lo ' -e o ple. 'or sp^ fi y -t e e ^-ol^ d oen r J o.OOO .J1r p. ore oo. PO. e to ode d r :ior . O recessed os to lhe olley in view of crectinq o brocc er spcrce ol its bollom The two houses lhol f onk the enlronce ore destgned ln such o woy crs lo suqqesl cr gore"voy lo tl o 'ro. h moke the ground f oor looI higher. -ey. Morcel Jonco built the firs 1cl .^.vr pr. o90 o.a .^. oe.' . o . b ocks of semi detoched houses.os^dr B.u -ode.at1e.\a10e. icr restul proprietatii vcr face obieclu unei noi porce drr in n 1922 Hermon loncu . gorden slretching in the bocl yord ln Trinitoti Streei ln 1926 on this very lot.^ Ol nn C.te. conferind o cnumrld monumenlolitoie.O. Aceoslo conferd onsomblu ui otoi unilole stil siico col si porlicu oriiole disiincliva .^ 9^ Po or L o.-.' -o . crc ^. Aleelr lancu l.O. Brchcre:1. cu o evidentd incercore de cieore c un. -eo riMor. l.oo r ' h . thJs enderinq c rohc r'^^o.p^ .c. osd sd se inlre vcdd o onumild libertote in lroloreo orhitecluro d . ... Ansomblul se compune d nir-o dispunere de r.o e cslle incot porieru so devino pred"ominont.i eolror -tlo.o' Aceste douo clodiri. hot.'o l.q-i o 05 o o. 29 (intrcreo Molor Avrom Zenovie). ^ Ooa oie v tepeo./A r.e. ndeoo6coeo oo eo godr ioe OOOO 1934 L' ^r. ol co '61o 619 e.q. ground f oor ond upper f cor.opolrlo-. ta o.oi ^. o(.l. ll e br id' q \'o-T^ o. bovindou . porler s elo.o.A ^. ioro t9e-^1a oo lL.a d .f io.o. n.^ Or r de r r /\. .1 or.op . or ce ^ 't-^ ol e. mol modesie.. whie the remoining ground wos loiled in I 934. ora pe( ti.'. oo . Pe ocelosi teren.vera o. ':. 'ta l6s twO O1a.-eo. oo\o o lod.o oord .C -ivo a/e ln 1922 llermon loncu. o '"ro ..O'a. iroo ri oo oor o 'egi a o-izol.o.t. o poo odeo. roo ^s 6u tl e :nooe ol rc ot L'o T^ . oleeo o fost gondito co o ponto linc. lo 'l ^ b loi^g.


Grn \1927) )o5i sr^ re org.10 o/ a -e . lhere ore wo pho og opLs ' or 'l o . ViId neaunosculd 2.y s. . s -o ' le lon le o' .o .. P^-e'lsceror ele^te-i: -ho wo-ld . prezinto onumite e emente core o trogo s i. nu exisidr incc dovezi documeniore siqure jn ocest sens. o inierpretore destul de ec eclicd o unei compozil i c osice.ld ['rl o' o p'o e. gr y' Lo'r^e i'-o ll-e o^t I Aley \1a2?) or o G'. p odeozc pen o-. 1A o'c olo' o'ro o -o. LTo\ Jro. ior legendo in t ro ln crhivo fomi iei lcncu dln Tel Aviv se of o douo viIIa d .t^ b"i d rq . I o r' I r Qoro."o.i cotevo -^i-e oc p or -i lolcde ore oo so opo'. Clodirec..o c I 923 Morce loncu. od e o or. corpori o. ' romernesi-e de pe schite o- Rorror o.ilc oro .ode o.r'o (c.o1e e.lonco's ouihorship of ihe house is unequivoco documentory evrdence in lhis cose.thot pleod foi. 923 or d ll e Howev-^r. neither ihe obove menlioned crgumenis nor his fcmily s lnformcri on . LJnInown oddress Buih oo oli oe eoo-o .r ^.y oe o1q lo this bui ding.ell. Unidentifiied Adreso necunosculd Conslruil cca 1923.r' Q'o o. o 'oll e ec ec c le prelo o^ o 2.o . lo og ol cr oo eozo din 1923.oopo tr'r. cs o ooi ' schlle pre iminore pre lminory skelches . od o coro.b loo o. 9llo27) w lrer rolo.ortr s. o c o'.li 6e 6 p^6 6 t l)922) oe o. whose ocotion hcs noi been tdentified yel -l i ol'ologroors oo e o) eo y' o.-gr r Poror or . o.r ho . o 'te drow.el. .Among the onco fomiy popers in Te Aviv.

o corrldor. t. ^ eo otiol aO.-pocd.o. ^ i 61o9 ol^-.e cu oorect in orhlteclurd.o o .1g.^ op^o_ -poo loo ooL ao a d li g. The Conlimporr:nu/ inieriors cre ihe mosl rodicol exoma ^ oppl ao ror ''e.192325 Plb ished ir Cortrmporcnu/ rc 57-58/ April 1925 .p. lnleriors al ]he editorial o.rr ra ^tr pe.e ol le o .rot din p ciuro obsirccio.o i O.otp a. couidnd evident un fou ilp de decorolle. loncu o creol scheme de rore.oCt^iO. to . Rec izole cco I 923 25 Prb cote ir Conlinpcronu/ rt. Presrmob y ot rc.e1 c Br ic. c. . Buchcresl demo ished. o'd or -g ['o r ^o] -o .e' o ar . a Or oA ^d^to. = .'o ^lo^ ^. e conlrnucnd de cr :.OOlo-o-ogo. ='.:'eazd imogineo o ce .si o cosd o scdrii I r.e a"o. tic tr. 53 lmprlmeriei Slreet..r ' O :-iicat orhiieclurii de rnlerior A le cdtevo folcorofii Co rpo. cnd o slcircose. lnterioarele redacliei Conlimporanvl fomiy popers. un cori =--ru oceste inlerioore.-. olf' o'o 11 3... iltao--o. Peretii si p ofoone e 'O)r\o pb:heoo e.nvl Magazine Prcbob sirrdr 3.le c ^o ti-rO o. coil pulin tre comere.^. :d-cr oo 6-6o o.r .:nce when Morcel r:'iT3i : - o. obviously seorching for c new type of deco roiion derived from obslrocl pointif g The wo s ond cer ings were lololy covered with cb oured recton gulo' surfoces thol over opped ond slreiched irre ' oa.OCnet e.l This is the firsl known inst" rOO : redoclio unei revisle de ovongcrdo flind ocul :-: ol unor ostfe de experenle plcrsl ce.nudnd neif lrerupi pesie co iuri.[.pa . o . i--. cni or sd decoreze crstfel oiot nleloore. 53 Bucl est opplred colour ln orchileclure Cver the yeors he wenl on decoroting eilher inleriors or focodes. i -ei . = crimu exemplu cunosculin core Morcel oncu . rc.57 58/apr e )Q25.OO^ - oo^ e e pop r 11 la .of oo editorio office of on ovont-qorde mogozrne wos lhe ionco demo otd. comp eles the imoge roorns. poslrole in orhlvc lomi iei cncu. I p'^ooi^g ofilice oi the Contimporo.t O ta1 O Or Ol^ aOO.')2> ..roa l^ go. cOl si Joncc designed severol colour schemes for ihese interior. . found in the ol: ol leosl three . orl de pe perele -lvon.oo. Some more photogrophs of thor]rme.


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S-vl in Conlinpor onti.'. ond sco e mode . I^ 9 rr )42 .stic. --:goncle si r3 ccr o : ^ iectLrrii modern-o : .s^o. pore sd ::-opie cel moi mult de un pro ecl recr izobil..r.lC es for different 1o \o o a . .iczire A. o V. Exlrovogonfo turnu ui in formd de e' iuslrotiv exemplu esle desenul intilulol oundr si^cosdr cu lerosd de olerizore penlru : ccne' in ocelosl'recirro. .o o.po.sddtr-)poo -:. origino ele : erzdndu-se in decursu timpului. wiih on e evoiion.1925 in revrslo olondezo Archileclura. Acesie desene :crezintd siud i pentru diferite progrome: vi d o . nr ell at: o drecplo.. Apor ccr vcrriofiuni pe o . lr the counlrvside -:ros" i . getene ae . : r t923-24 4.- vo lmelr. p IL04 1925 )42.tee l Co'poo^ Io --:: [^ 6 r^[ 91 oo.Sludtr pen-rr. .: !me ortogonoLe orlzonlole sr verticcrle se inlre :::irund intr o compozif e osimeiricc. 1925. post ond ie egroph office. Archiiectrto. vi d o fcrc. Iopo^. Marce ioncu expune zece lesene de orhiieciuro si o mochetd. t 923-t 924 Prbllcole some period occomcor ec a. Archliectura. de srs 1o right hom top vo umes ond the ock of ornoment con be nierprel ed os on ollempi io odopt the princip es of Modern Archilecture.:led verl co ism cou d point lo f ulurist orchiteclure os o possib e source of inspirclion.g o : : A e.thireclutd. ihe foncifu vejn of ihe composiiion ond the cccenlu. Fe6r 25. XXX.l to o do^.' ro: di lr o bo. Ai lhe some time. lioro . which is the besl documenled. shed in Coniimporcnri 53 54. :. urbon cnd colnlry vi os. p on sr mocheid.l: s[yscroper" r : cosar cu pislo de f o'/ioofeor" : rrd l ouse wlth ondirg : ': egrof" :: : rd Te egroph" . o mossive bose... r olt desen dln oceeosi periocdd o fosl reprodus . poslc s = ir. rodt.strolie lo un crrt co scris de oncu. 25 lebr 1925. the simplicity of ihe reciongu cr Pu[.lke verticoL e emenl.::eold. a t) recernbrie 1924. representing on osymmelrico composilion of rnter oc ng verllccl ond horizonlol vo umes. comes closesl lo o fecscble proiecl ' r iord peflru or for . XXIX. "Study for vi o :rd a: : : r: r' rgo :-i -. vli o cnd cinemc ho I in the mounloins.1. The most obvious exomple is the drowing co ed 'Tribune ei molson ovec terroce d oierr soge d'ovions'. cu fofodo. irre ciiy" vo lmeltlc: zgoi e for " :f -. .oy-ho... se incr id . ce ipso orcdrui orncmenl pol fi inierpreincercore de o obordcr pricipiile moi blne se :::umentot.'i.'cs. Archilealvral drawings. vi d si cinemc c munle. zgdrie nori. The study for o vi o ond cinemo in the mountcins . in 1925 The drowrngs fepreseri si...lorco published ln the Duicl' nc. t-{-r-T . p on. The exfrovogonce of the orrow-shoped lower. ll04 925 r-.:-.lnooslem oslcrzi din reproduceri. skyscroper. elc. pe core 1e :. is crowned by o lower.: smul cccentuol pcr scr indice crhileciurcr fuiuristo ..Ciul pentru 'vild si cinemo". ='-icolo unu lurn.o lt e-. elc.:_r expoz r o LnTernor onoro LOr/r//fpotanul. sunl drficr de p osoi. o compoziiie si verli. simpliioteo uoirr" ot corocteru] fcnlezsi see[f lo be voriolions on lhe :cme iheme. ca .

n./rot ol loregAr poeo Conilnporonul nr.od o o o oa .. ^ . u limu nive pcrlio.enp 6^ 6 -.]orllry 1926 de picturo Vc ooreo remcrcobi dr c ccesiei cose rezidd in exercitiu p ostic pe care i propune st i impune chicr cu o onumrld inienlie de o $oco.*t 'r q c.crrtly lo it being cdloined to on extoni bui dincr Ecch floor conloins 6ne f ot of rother modest ond .Op.Clr'-loiorri .aa a ao 1-opar' ..^Ao e vo deveni modernismu bucureslecrn.. ominlind de reliefurile de ghips reo izcrte de Mo -.Ce' p.he o ^i . 'in onurnrle studli de orhilecturo de interior.o ol ro a -ioi .l' .veo i o. docd focem crbslroclie d^ lo r a t ^ t. which wos noi mentioned in the building permit The remorkcrb e volue of th s bui ding ies in its being o olo. oo. porler./ . "^ Mo.ri o i^ e lopo po ) o.r o il-e r. fo osilo co ele menl re oliv oulonom de ooi'yi vowor opF lqo..tro.lcrnco s work oi lhcri lt ove Tone-^[or ll epo l^Ore-ooIe or' h -e ry1 . 3 eloie. o r o-ga t.1 -o--.c Plr :[ej . Ol course. speciocu os este cromctico fcrtodei. lmobilvl building 5. imobllu filnd proreclcrl . 33 Trinitdl i Sireel {55 Moximiicr Pcpper Slre. o o o.iJ. Herman lqncv )tlodo r n lol nr .Jo. . o surfoces.p^-"^. o rorrc 06 polop^o a. It s o.. 55]. eneroles o rch il-^ciLr re ..ol po. O -nOd^-rCt i ^ o ot oF\-leli ou . a a' /e o -"r vo ^te o o F .-cc evoe1'et'ir^ e'pe sionlsie. Ec i reor-ozen to pe Morcel loncu drn oce moment. Des gur co liberloieo pe core Morcel loncu si o perm te se dotoreozd si foptu ui co o proieciot ocest imobi prcclic penlru e .innn..^delo. aeo ca po ^ \o rl ep ^1. P ocad 'r o fo. 5A tr ^tr(' po. o /a o drPororo O.69/ octombrie 1926.o ^ o 5- a a/o vA -oloi. o. tipi. lhe mosl speciocu or feclure of the buidinc oppeors in the chromolics of ihe focode. Brchoresl. . cond se vo muto in slrodo Coimotei Ultimul e e in r^ roobi. bu 'so 6r ro oLr i't 't oo o . Morce loncu desfiinieozo spoliu crhilecturc prin culoore. mobil de mod de lberoi co un cop de perspeciivd core opore lolol insolit inlr-o zonc de loculnle scunde trodillono e.l93 unti l. oZtc" 6-l -'propc este olelieru sdu Br ciro perm i: -: :l l: :::i I 925 : :: :t-r': r':--r t:: :. Prime e lrei niveluri conlin cOle un opclrlomefl destu de modesl si de irodrlionc .orro do orpo..^d o1 ^ -teM.a19 /.. t 'r. Blcu resll Proiecl oulorlzolie irnLrorie 1926 Prb icold in revislo Conslruit pe lerenu din slrodo Trrnitoiii ce oporlineo loiolui orhilectului.-ora plo. storling wilh I 9l 7.r I o. moi mu i scu mor pulin evldent'in proiecte e so e viiloore.. b I I o. Apan from lhe thorough y uncor ventiono orticuloiion of lhe unusuc 1y shoped rroor5'ror^o.^d .pe5vcr o Lp cr ^olo oo o^ p'oooo o eerer '. si se vo regdsi.ot o-5 e^'ndl i't -1e 01 p.opel-. Mcrce Jonco cou c bullt rt fo himself The house slonds for on oeslheiic exercise ihot contolns obvious expression sttc overiones ond reminds us of the ploster re iefs he creoied in Zurlch. i^ T o-' 51^^ l-lo. ocest imobll ore o formdr ciudcrtd. bo ooro -o6^9crbo.'or .d. probobi mol muii p osiicion decdt orhltecl.9 . .o e po 7.l ro opooo o'rra o^ o'r9 rl e -oo rior ol housinq ol the orecr. Aso cum. io' il r'q o e pro jecis. Cdulorecr plosticc exprimctd prin ccesi imobrl L .g or ol .no orlicu oreo lolc neconvenlionolo o volume or. policromio creeozd crhilecluro.Herman lancu 5.o.e o ^Aor orq i -po. wo5 ^ .r' p obooy i lar oao os o lo e oe. core nu opclre in ouiorizolio de conslructie. in ocest coz.rJ ^. e 1. which -o. ro .o o''r o oie 15 oi. clodrrii Unul dinlre opcrrtomenle o Tost ocuil chior de Morce oncu pdn-r in 193 l. when he moved oui to Coimoter Streel His studio wos on the top f oor. o eol Mooo'^ orchilecture in Romcrnic. porlio.qe 17 ll e '^s1 .t-ra ot / oe.ew5-ae cnd .o'o i'e. rs nol in lhe lecrsi lypico fc- whol Modernism wos io become in Buchorest merely represenls Morcel .O O 'I p.J {Dr Moximi ion Popper nr..-l). rr ol oooln ^1 b oirg i.r ^ -) 1ovP boer o .o've !e.J. sthetic pursuit or determined by the overo shope of t-^ bui d'q Mcr-'ol or o . o 611 oc o o o o o o.I.^n p ited . . porlla molvolo de olinierecr decretoto de primorie pentru deschidereo unet viitoore slrczl si de cdosorec o o conslructe porler exislenld.o.-e.

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nc:. Suchard .. crtists of the De Sir// group.lo boorgrqo. r: :::cs-.../ l^y lo r c orIdoItl eroI e rrl.i eni.o-e .-. .1926. probob y in wood.o-:i :3-e.: _ _. hord o c: .). S. meoni lo disp oy the Suchord producls for lhe onnuol Mogilor Foir The povi ron recc ls those vo umetric studies pub ished by Morcel Jonco n the lO)42) 5 res ol Co-t..oeopoF) o" ia. Pub icci in Conlimporanul Morcel loncu c pub i. ) --:. ngurul document gos r desp'e ocest proieci esie o nr 67.-. 6. Bucrresl. 1926. ori ^.c scriie in Contimporr:nul in onii 192425 S toogo' ede^po oi .r^d^ --c oporiincrnd grupu ui De S..67.olo oopl wl FPwa or o50:etr Ttror' trc robi u H.ope oop...: : r . prAZA-lO60p. oncu - oncu Bui ding p on : rn de sltuotie/site : :" etoi/upper fioor plon . Suchard p''vition Torgr Mos or.npo'o. )une )9?6 This wcs o lemporory consirucl on. Bucho resl. Pub. .itnie 1926 The Mcsl ot Fan. -1 "or )ouolobedoc ror i.. shed in Confinporonul.

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cu cdle un oporlomenl pe nive. e probcbi ccruloto nu otcrt in opfi -'.. . corslrinn :l)?3 Coso unifom lo o a!p a'a sl elo. -: :cnslru te de Sidonie GrLin. uno fiind : .lonco wos fo lowing then. Sidonie Building Aeeo Cornelc Bucl reslj conlrodicl lhe evo]ulion of Mcrce Jonco's work towords Modernism.:' enlose de jcr spre modernism.reet Ioccde P cn/Plon 71 . O ge--r o^a. However.. ci se leogo moi ' -.=: :espectivd. isl permite incd so controzrcd. TwoJomily fwin horse. situoted in o populor housing oreo Cne of lhem wos loier so d to the Furcusleonus. couid not offord lo orgue wiih. ground f oor ond upper f oor. .:: :rh lecluro prirnelor proiecie o e lur ' :.ri. the troditioncr rst chorocler of this house is c oser roiher 1o Jonco s eorLy projecls of 1922-23 reco ing the British cnd Germcn residenlic crrchilec ture . The trcditionclisi siyle of these bul dings seems to 9. ore f ot on eoch floor . pe core tdndrru in cduiore r: r-ri specific bucurestecn. -----:zcd evolulio slilislico o lui Mcrce = . = -- '=.r'ccterul trodiliono isl o oceslei cose nu \i - . but in the prevci ng conservolive icrste of the oge thot he. :orccter trodiliono ist o ocesler cose .il r n 1928. lotodo spre slrodd s.l: l= l- E These twin houses ore bui i by Sidonle Grun on iwo odloining ots. ombeie .I 922 1923 tooie cminiind de orhi_ I -rO O e1g e.lhon to the specific note of Buchorest buidings rr il il :-a-: aJ:: Proiecl o!lcrizoiie: :a 1927... . Buchoresi. os o young orchilecl. We shou d not expect lo find on onswer in the o reody known line . Sidonie Gfiin @riin Cesa 9. Bui ding cermil: November 1927. 30 32 Corne io A ley. cot in gustul predominoni conservo- ..:-3 de ccse populore.r-': ::miliei Furcustecnu.

.luiy. ocesl procedeu nu poole so nu om nlecrscd de coso Donie \1926) sou de vio Chcrpier 1929) flind tipic pentru p oslico ui Morce loncu. obtcined through the projecting while lorms ol mosonry ond the dcrk co oured profiies resu l ng in o grophicol effect lhoi emphosise ihe conlrost between vorious surfcces.. :" r':-rl iro : . a. cot si din desenul p:ofiLe or de cu oore inchisd ccrre qeeazd zone de o onumild lntensitote groflco.) F:br-r-v 1929 . The exlremey rcrlionc inlerior porliion reveols o certoin preoccupolion lo economize.all Pub . Bul d rg i:erm t: . Brchcresi.iebr 1929 Locuinio rnifrml ic d porler s. Vila Irllariq Lsmbrv I O. dcr moi modesid si rnoi puiln imoginclivcr Cu toote oceslecr. Desi desenu de profile este mu i moi molivoi orhilecluro. Prb :lrrd r C:rlriirolr.lli j.T. the l:roni focode composilion is discrete y rich.I O.-r qrlL.rd i oor p cn ^^. occentudnd aslfe controslu dlntre diferitele suprofele. 1928. Mafia Lambtu Villlr Sirodo Popc Sovl nr. compozilio fotodei principc e ore o bogolie dlscreto. 5. obliruto otot dln decrogcrreo p nurilor olbe de zldcrrie.lTale l)e .lcnco s oeslheiic This rs the first vi . the house recol s Dcniel buiding l)926) or Chopier V i o (1929). ceeo ce conlerd lotodei o onumild clcsstcilote. clddireo urmeozd Linicr p ostico lnliioto de vi iae. lo buit by Jonco in lhe new norihern resldenl o oreo of ihe citv. loorle rcl crc i -l:::zc o onum-a preocupore de econom c icle. lhough il never gives up ils e egonce ond spotlo c orlty. br rl ir 1929. 5 Pooo Sovr Sireel. . Apporenty the buid ng fo ows lhe Fuchs v lo ine. Although lhe pro fl e design hos ils own crchitecluro molivolion lhcl renders c certo n classicctlity io the foccde. though on o ower ond ess imcrg notrve eve Nevertheless./a ccrsli!ila in 1929. express on. nJ lpslto insa de e egonio si cloritote spolio d Aporenl. lccio ir Corrliriporcrnl/ rr TQ. elol o Frchs. cr typico nslonce of . fllrcLrr-osll Esle primc vl o conslruild ce rezidenlio dln nordu orcsLr L Reportitio lnter oord.

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Anscmb u . Slrondul F. cr fost pro eclol ca o omp o compozif e cxlolc. Pr.irl.^flrofce povi ioIs Fiavi . enlronce.he lriongu cr ground thcrl comes nexl lo il. pe porliunea lrilnghiu orcr de leren ccre urmeozd. 'AO o.)^a o e c Artdeco.: thror. ^o oP o. 'inconlurol-r de vesliore grupole in 8 oo.S.o -.. o cdrei suprofoto esle crliculctd prin ritmu org desenol de inli e olbe ole sto pi or s p onsee or Esle un exempiu de cduiore esiel cd rezu lold exc usiv dln sub iniereo simo liolll e em-^n le or funciiono e si slrucluro e. Spctiu urmolor esle un porc cu pe uze srmel r ce. spre limito de vesl o corlreru I rez cenlio dln nordu orosu ui. de locturo ocode micdr..l project drowings os "gymnosiics qround"...lgh the porlol suggeslive y oul ined by tcr = rls ng obove lwo smc i office povi ions ihoi f cr' . o succesiune de spofii cu coroclere d verse.. .r . . fhe P. im lcl fronlo de pov ionu lnicr c clcdlrii mu ti funcliono e core grupeoza. ond o de iccle opprooch. cu plolcr si bczln de 50x IOO m. whi e on . ^lpii. rrQ OO . Tl-e . I l.i . groi.rooms grouped in B pcrvi ions. desfcsurclcr predominont pe orizonlo d. ^ po. This is on obv ous exomp e of oeslh-.. -r.ore . designcled in.500 mp. o oceo vreme. ap. cr- Compozilio oxlc d se crlci./^. m S designed cs on oxic composil of in on cccde-. Conslruii penlru Federolio Socleici i Sp:'' .. Din picrielc de onoore dln folo inlrdrli.S.omaniqn Federalion ol Sporls Society |R. . whose froni is bordered b.inlre deflnite si desporfrte ele prin diferitele corpuri de od o./'s le ! lo0f. ^ n spcrle e ocestul pcv l on se desfosocrro ncintcr pro priu z sc cr slrcrrdu ui. se occede prln porlo u sugerol de lurnuri e ce se'inc id decsuprc c selell Avenre Bri:ho esl. freer ondscope crrrongement.oro -. using Art deco refere -of the goiewoy povi ions The ocler room povi rons oppeor lo be ihe 'rc. ' ccr iy orticuicrted by the while ines of lhe concre -= slruclure. o Coiry.i : 'told.J. The next spoce is o pork with symr€disp oyed owns. oco/ .Ja . ce reprezinld o cmplo desfdsurore orizonto d.l poo in Buchcrresl crl lhcl l me.l cllc zolr:: nro 1929.v-.'. Arhileciuro c crdirl or propuse esle foorie simp c si lrolold cu de icotete. Sociely on lhe wesl edge of the norlh resideri: distrlct of the city crnd rl wos ihe orgest sw rrr.: Romdne. cr coff-^e shop. oi o -'oor p^ oga- 3lcrrest. roo I wos bu t for the Romonron Federollon of Spc' ..neor pcvi ion of o mu li-purpose buiding. From the fronl o czc ihere opens on occess .inchele The becrch r:nd the 50xlO0 m swimming pco . groups smcrl shops. ero cel mcr more slronC drn Bucuresll.o'' ool o. intr un mbcj cu evidenle referi ^oi ^ po-e : .:ir t\ [] f jl :: : on UI n :_ ll E p of d{r sillolie. denumitc in proiect "peluzo de gimnosticct".F. modern Their orge hor zonlc unfo ding is rh.500 sq.S. Thls ensemb e lhol spons over 9. .style ond contolns o ser es of spoces becr ::r -' drlferent chorccter eoch. Swimming pool SoseoLro Kise eff.L-^^oL o 'oido. desfosurondu se o omeno ore peisogerc moi iuru reslourcflu ui din -. Cecr mor modernd esle orh iecluro pcrvi iocne or de vesticre.I l. behlnd the pov on ond ore surrounded by o:. Sliclng p--rmi: Moy l?29. ( douc mici povi one cu birouri core floncheozo inltcreo. .S. lhe'e : -.le.d' o b \J mk [t HNI/ ffi --r [_ ]l_ :.R. porlicos crround lhe reslcuronl occled on the: . cl excepl c occenle or verlicc e o e pcvi ione or de pocrtc. lo. in suprcfr:ld de 9. cnd being def nec :' sepcroled by vcr ous bur dings cnd ondscoc: orrongemenls.lnd f oor cr: upper f oor The oxio composilion ends here.. g e ^.

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6. ond on the third {loor ther: ..-. o lciio ir Ccllrmlorcrli loclinld rnllon.or oglccr o ev denld cdulo'e eslelicar neo-blsnult de liberc in orhiteclurd.ecirl de lotodo core pune I operd o serie de elemenle . loncu din 1iceu. the mosl inleresling ospect lies n the fcrccrde composit on thct puts nlo prcclrce vcr r - .o.t.o^ . - oi ' o oo.a d^. si de enlrof ce on the ong side fcclng o quite norrc'.inlr '^.vl .c .r^ ---o lo ^. o.- poo/oOor'oo .a o pr .-c Cho.b.o ct: g. a a l o o . o o. '^go o oo. The overoL pion of lhe house crnd roo.o o. desfcsuroto pe trei eloie.. d^. ^.fe irc0l conlinuiloleo spoliolct devine s mol ev Lo pcnclri g rsafle. 1926 okln to the lcncu Bu ding ond the Dcniei House le26) p cn porl. etc.' l^. bi de opcrlomenle.. o \crwyer. o^ol Po.. r . o6t \-o lowords the courtycrrd. micul sl lnutilu bc con c indric. pooie mci degrobo piciurolo. .12. nivel cu o specloculooso logg c cu Lum nolor s cdte vo incdperi secundore. decrosuri. m ioace ei D es ve de nolurl foorle d verse (schim bc e Ce moleric sr probob si de cu ocre. cosa Chopier erc o loculnld uxuoosd.or o c u por ^ cenli.a ^1 . The orchitect seeks for cr certoin fluidity of the : ground floor spoce. O : :':t- Po\di Chop\er. peroodo i.o -cr g. the portitlon of vcrrous fu-.o 66..oo. o ..o6 . Arhiteclu vcr r.i qo ^ ^d^. g^.-. dln sem a /a a o 'rF o 6 a . din blroul ovocoiului cu o' rl^ordoo^ b. pe o porce d odcrnco sl cu fronl ingust o sirodd. ^.ol o-o Buchoresl. crccess spcrce.^ . o.^ o -o o o aA o 'e ioi c ool o .le .^ . o ^ o li o o. o oo. 6616. execulio cosei. demcrle ce moi interesont rdmdne insd compozito o^tg ^LO -o 6. Conslruilcr inlr-o zond cenlrold c Blcurest ului.aa. on o deep ond norrow porce .oq h96 -6r . spre slrcrdd. When the house wos burt. . whlch Asp.t o l^ Lo^ -.incodrdr ccre scopd or sl islice uzucr e.odooo o.o. meons ond e emenis of expression (the chcnge molerio s ond co ours perhops. A.6.o.^d o ^o -a^o/o d D^ '.)..21.o^ o. cr .tc c..oOo !owev--r. pcrrleru filnd ocupot de gorcri si servlcii Crgonizorec genero d o ccse.r-: r J ro' oll e o..Sinbolul.. . os. ^ -oio . . sublinierl o e g ofurllo'in onumile zone.o o -p. Aceosld modo iloie de obordore oorooie sl isllc coso Chcrpier de mobi u loncu si ie coscr Dcnie. si .c: C.6.ol oreos being crch eved eiiher ihrough slight c ::= ences if the floor eve or lhrough s idlng pone.^ .o'o'.olnd iioor p cr . o o p o o ' oc^ o o o' .p^ o ol eo c p^ ^ po I o-o .-oo d^ o ^o o.o.. ot ^6. ) o ir.o-5.93 91 95 '9-?al f)nefcnlv rrr:e q olrct iccr Se compune.o o d '^ o. oar do o^p'o nur or de zlddrie.. .o.oo.ond pos lion of the porce - Brriding ocrmil: PL. o r rooo. the wo I belween ii^: study cnd lhe ibrcry wos e iminoted. ccr si dispunereo l-5 p[6.b sheC Arcrst 929 lr Ccrtimporcrrrl na.-p a onood lo .loi.. ^ op.oi.. oo : D D!b Be .in strodo ore bul inherenl effects of ihe sl:-'. . o oc .oe ol l orchileciuro viewpotnls they might ook somev. The bedrooms ore locc'=on the second {loor. . specloculor loggio with o sky ight ond some . oporenl ccrpricioose si nemol vcrle din punct de o . c ^ I. Poldi nlror.o . wos Morce\ jor. is c slorleC luxurious house.:'6 . perel-^ e despcrrtilor dlntre birou 9i blb iotecc c fosl inloturot. Gssq Poldi Chapier Avoccr\u\ Po\di Chopier esie 12.o-oo. with o gcrcae ond se-.lo . o ot o oa^^l o o ^ ) o^ .q porce the occllor - oa Bucfrqr--sj ooao e si cr regimu Loc^ooo ri de oliniere c slrodcr oo.oorh^-c. Arh iectu o cdulol o cinumrld f uidliote o inlr-^or rl apo. ii.-rrlir. ..pier House Genero p-le:cl nr. the groduol Ce"-: " o..^o o o ob^ rg. la'o6 r' -ob e.o op o ol oq-. ory rooms.

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ly. One lcmi y house..o oorle. foccde. un oportamenl o porler sl cclmere de selr ciu o eloi.rF'. Vila Doic -olo 1-o 13. ob..iol Oo a o^toJ q .lo 19 '-o'lo o \o^. . . i oe l.odes o.r ot lor .ro ' a -oonenlJr'..o . wllh one flot po ^d o" tTe q o. Se evidentiozo inlre vllele timpurii ole lul Morcel lOr . o e e^o. I I B. crn. p on porler ground lloor p on Crigino Jy designed to conioin iwo superposed flots.e wo ]!" *ooo^' ..O O. Buchcresl demollshed Bui ' ^r . O a. Bordeeanv ViIIo nr. ! q.-or. .Ol .-ntro.^ A'e' o oe da 'c \^ po a'e..or .p' ro rooloo . "-' .e i-not o' r. oqsi6r^6 [.rc lo aod^o ao . .1 e :ot orto d spO. where lhe orchiteci seems to hove qiven uo .O OOo O .lL o^oo -al :-:.rn"il . il wos buih in o different rnonner..-a -O.r'oo. c c ieriio.olo.oo w^ire € Joo^.. . porter si ll8[obirtntStreet.O i ecl lb ^ozcr : o oro s le r polo 6 -6..Bordeesnu 13. demololi Proiect ollorizcl e: I le 1930 Strodo lobtrint Buclresi Loculntd lnilom iold etcri.d. ground I oor cnd upper I oor iol iol de Morcel volumului dinspre curie. LoL ^o 'a -erv..r/ -e .lte O ' . I6is box like oppeo o'' 6 i o' odi t^cr oy l^a ' cr o o.i re 6rr.rO r.'l gr . vilcr se vo reo zo inir c..ri o o. Este de presupus ccr si gordu de lemn o fosl proiec oncLr. q .ta Or . o ire o a .n-^ iV\orce lonco." .es\-^o ir rr ^ lo ooe r o e i'e r. ll ^'o e.a tuo.t)p tr s odo fo ooo o-piet pl6r s ( o e o-1 a. ^-o .ioo ro. - + ding perm t: July I 930. iozoqoro o lc croelo o orole oa ogralorao elc^ supropuse.-e llor . ocesteo din urmo fi nd exprimote destu de neuzuo in fotodo.l coIsplcuous rellef ls the enlronce meonl to counlerbo once the lcrrge window oot.i-v O" a O.-'tO' tg'o . .


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lr p' . overlopped by the projecting e ements. Scu pturclilcrleo esle obfinulo prin grodcrreo pe odor ci"re cr d fe i ^ o prolo'e dec-oso-e d r . somehow o. p on etoi curenl rpperfoorpon . pe c s--rtra . loate occese e se foc prin fofodc prlncipolo. pus in voloore mol o es prin compozilio plos licd c eto jeLor superioore. porterul este iratoi co un soc u cu o suild de usi. There ls one flot on eoch fLoor. r ro A'eo '-OOrr lOITpO e dl pO'lrl . Fomilio vo si ocul oici incepdnd din 93 I Tot oici se oflo. BuiJt on cr noTrow porce ond oiioched to i-= neighbouring buildings.. porler sl 4 etoie. which ls on y conlrodicted by --- p. lmobilvl Clara lrrncv 16. ii con be cccessed only lhrough the front focode. Fo osirec de e emenle exclusiv orlogoncle . creeozd un efect de rnore comp exiiole.:itse f. omong which lhe moin froni door is discretely morked by ihe composition of the upper f oors. Construil pe nume e soliei scle. thol is why the ground f c: ooks ike o bose course wilh o series of doors. 20 Colmolei Slreet. ond finonced by Jcnco hlmse f. Acest lmobi este mci oles un studiu de folodo.16. probobi o ultimul n:el. The o mosi exc slve use ol reclongulor ond f oi elemenls crectes :- ft it. lhe smooth ond occurole treotment of lhe corpenlry work in the mosl Teces::l plone. Biroul de Studii Moderne cl frolilor loncu. Moreover. ground lloor ond 4 upper floors.i p ote creeozd o opcrrenfo de rigidltote. Buchorest.loncos ived lhere ond the Brothers Jonco s Cffice for Modern Sfudies wos probobly ocoled on the top f oor. porterul J5o r1g opol . ce Loncu.. Glara lancu Building Slrodo Coimotei nr 20. on the ground floc' slightly sunken there ore goroges ond service rooms. opporeni siiffness. Dinomico esle crectd de dep osoreo pe inoliime o ce or doucr registre verlicoLe 9i de csimetrio orllcu drii lor prin poropefii bolcoone or.:a '' zono centro d c orosului. Conllne certe un oporlomenl pe freccre etoj.c Conslruii pe o porcelo inguslo si olipii lo consfruciiile vecine.e lO '. oore cum pe inio deschiso de vi o Fuchs. dynomism cnd scu pturo design of the composii'. the llne iniiioied by the Fuchs Vi lo. imobi u o l:osr i:c--c. del tote-eo o. Bucu resli. otot de dinomismu cct 9i de scu plurolltoleo compozifiei. t wos built for his wlfe in o smolL streel in cenlro Buchoresf.or-l lo od^.recess of vcrious pro jecting oreos jn the fcccde plone. This house is mcrinly o focode siudy. Since I 93 I the. lA2/1932 mobl de oportomente. The dynomism of the buiding issues from th= verticol shlft of the iwo vertico regisiers cnd fron their osymmeiricol jolnt through lhe bo cony porcpets The sculpled design is obtoined by the grcc. Bui ding perm t Moy 1931 Pub ished tn Contimporanul no 1a2/1932 B ock of I ots. core esie conlrozisd insd. in core occesul principo se delogeozo dis crei.rd o 'pc de goroie s serv. A C)5 pe5le ccrre se supropun elemenle]e decrogole. de oceec. crecies o complex effect. Proiecl oulor zctle: mci 193 L Pub icot in Conlinporonul nr.

:-. .ll -f ":1' k -----<- .f. j '***ffi* ..+-:l- =-..lrrl F I a t 'E t .

?olicncie.^16 o'r o\ o L. I 932.o^/ll o' tu lc JOonolwoo o^po tlo. 'oo'"r5 o^o ^a .o "l orra o 9.^o ^ ooOoe. 02 lrruo.o 1oeoo 't-e .ao 600 ll . p" de oltO porle.coT ::--pcerfcors..p . I ^.-r r.l::o : o . cro den-i-^rroce of o oo ^a on the top floor.J spotil e diurne cornun conle.6.'. a tr oc6 oqq cl. Proiecl o!lo lzolie luni-^ I 93 I Prb icoid in Cont'inporanul nr.--.-si 3uiCrng permil: lune 193 I Pub sieC ln Conlimporonu/ lc.lio O 1ar O' pO aO.^ p o' t^o to o.OO-.o orhilecturii moderne open. cL Eo 3es:e I zcrd c lo. O corui coll se demoleriolizeozar lreplal pona cr oggicr lerosei. r Corr rO p-^i1 o io .. Buclrestl. -: :: liolld..Iooe'9 oc. regrstru vertico ce se d. Locrintir lnlfoml o d. :.tor 'r^ Q a ^. : .. o - : on overo I mcssive chorocler on the bLrildino a^ot o. cn I 932 :l in A b-. ^l o ploi .^ rot oooopa zdo ^ rp'. : I - irri:ro.i roro^-orogc. p on porter/ground I oor plon plo elo upper f ro' p cn .-o1o161 o tr cosei scorii. ^^.1 i ore o do.o^oi OO -^t. wiih its \ .36.ia . lhere is ihe ve-' regrsler thot unfolds over lhe enlronce. o -o o..a ^/l^. i.16 6^ ^ ..-:'.oo. -t[] : L-rrL-erre/t/l -: : ooroi o^cr'o ooo ^^'op de oncu penlru o fi pub iccto in ucrorecr d-Or . do. Psvl Wexler ViIIa Slrodo Gr gore Moro nr. Jcnco hims-e f chose this dwe ^o.oo O^. ^ 1. '.ul WexIer 17. I 02.tro' p olo. LO.l ^.o- wcs buit for o wel to do fom ly in the new liol d O OO o u limu nive poesooqe. .o e ^ oge. poozo fo'or ^ o .ol .. o mcrior Europeon reference book in orchrlec- = :rr i :-iialiirra. o^ de o oo 'e o o oto oo-"r . fosl c eo.oa ^1o' de r' oo. ^ \e.c. Buchor.y 1932.opacl oo SO'O. l^ b' d - mosrvilole.t oo. t . Esle o orllcu otie prin controsl o douc 70-t^.v o-' e ro r 36 Grigcre Morc..l. ViIa Pll.o oa.a orotaooo'o-loooq d some odditionol rooms.oI ^006 o 'r iinc . r. Significont y.6 ool o'-o.o.Ie o pCll eor r'o o't-oi. whie on lhe other hond. i E le ne I ti clell' o rch iteltL: rc: rolioncle Micno 1932.rlc Sorloris G ! : : preznld o dlsiributie lnteroc a.'g -o oo.17. porler sl 2 eioie Fclcrdo princlpcrld exprimo destu de c or disirlbutio inlerioord.oio l^ .a..O'OO O / O.TO a lono o.

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.op.. except ng the fror :--: .^oo-.: lhot strelches over lhe occess oreo "of rhe hc Morce Jonco designed cubist stoineC g oss '..l Cc. -h^ ooo d oroo . . : : whole vo ume wou d be oult-^ mcssive 'oia.. which i: mo ded ln severo evels of deolhs oblolnec ' o.18. ' \o r' I o.rc' poropets of the ba conies.^" ". YiIa tean tvster 18. core prezinl-r o compozilie comp exd de more sculpturcr ioie.c'o - : deoolc06.a. dows. .o elemeniu ce mai uniflccrtor ln p us rchimbo cenlru de greutole o compozii ei.r re o.od^b.o ^oll o-pO. d^ 9o trr'oro e ^olo . On the top f oor lhere ore lhe socrium r.olol 5t. .9opro o d.od or^ .. neve " . conferlndu-i oslfe un ro esentict in compozii e.i lorms lhe mcrjor unifying e emef i. oso cum o dovedesc fotogrofir e de epocd gcsite Coso ore o formd focrte simplo. peniru cd.-d p ' lo. Firrd ccecsld coperlin-r. : while the ground lloor houses goroges ond c es. 6 6-porooo. desi foorte deliccrta in roporl cu ce e o le elemenie si 'o'odoi -"lod. composil on.roglo'o ^oril q oL ^ nl-.oo60. O. vo umul culrem!rLr dtn 1977 iod o oporFogreo ^eo ^ 6' 16'f^1 a do. r i m! flv-^ pcrllo po ^ od-o o.. : conircsls wrth the rest of the foccde. o r oi !. Penlru prmo oord.o 1eol re o . imprimcnd osifel fotodei o cnumiid sup ele.omLjnicar pr'nir un go pol o. Morce cncu expr md scorcr principc c in fcrlodc. prinir un volurn cilindric crvclrsol.^ o a^/. Vo ^ o o two moin floors communiccrle throuoh o volc . I I rapo.entrc oreo of Brcuresli Piolecl o!lorlzolie: seplembrie 193 I locu niil rrlfoml io o.. Blid ng permlt: Sepiember I 93 I Ore fcmi y hous--. Aceostcr esle elemenlu ce rnoi obi si moi speclocu os o cornpoziliei. ond especic y '--the ccrnopy of the solorium ln focl. exceplie focand oturcr dlnspre slrodd.q a pp..ortr o. ll spcns over ihe lirsl ond secc' :.a. decupole si decrosole in diferite feluri Arl cu orec dinlre ccesle e]emenle mo jore se foce sl prin p onuri e bo coone or.o o oroa-p. pieces of e t.e nlr ^io. .. this :s iF: .B o.i75i Si veslrr St eei. demoterio lzeczd cumvo These mojor elemenls ore orlicu cled ihro.o o ^ L o o po^ rad . Ce e douo n velur p inc po e . porler sl 3 etole.i^ o po -o ood'oo.r p '.l r:. ^c 06 '.eoo The house is simply shoped. . crnd crmps for the decorol on and opp ed cericin co our scl'e'-:: fhe period photogrophs show ii oo o.- . MoTeo're lhe grovity cenire of the compos i on. ous dwelling. mobi rer.-q p^. o bonker. pro eclot peniru if lerior vltrourl cubisle.Jusler. skilulondstunningeffeclofihecompos'cquite de icoie os lo lhe olher e emerls cf C seporoied from the slcircose vo urne. -: :- -.^r-po.e Ir nr I I \t tl comere de serviciu si de un so criu aL. grourd f oor ord 3 rpper ioors porlio lcr f ocr. l' Buchcrrest. 3rchoresl.^. crnc :: demoier o rzes the orliculotion creo ihus zono de orticulotie. lompi 9i o op col scheme de cu oore.ot](]6 eoo .o or o oa^ ^ d^ ^ o wcrs buill for Jeon.- -- I rr Iorltr gr I nd llor f]Jr .- -l Th s vll :' ) \. whlch disp oys o comp ex scu pturo compos l:' For the flrst lime. dor moi o es prin coperlifo so]oru ul.]cnco deslgned ihe mc r sir o de crdcrncime prin mor suprcfeie plone de p inuri sou go uri. o o i. of d lt ls lndeed o . Jean tvslet ViIIa traoo Conslrultd pentru bonche:. o ooa ro o.

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o so orium. lhe chromolics of the wo s.oo. simpliiotecr deto iilor din elcr ie e de ccrzore sunl un monlfesl o rgienismului.r .O D I I lL^O G1i Fienenii cieil Atchiietitro -. M. ^OOOOA ob o o o ^ilFgre.. Aceoslo esle occenluold si de dispunereo ob ico o corf ere or. Teodorecrnu. . the slmplicity of deslqn deloi s for the crccommodotion floor come up crs o qef uine mofifeslo cnd solorium ine. r^.. in ccre comere e de un .p-a /buildrng disploys o c eor funclionol orgcrnizolion On the ground floor. core folosesle foorie put ne elemente. fhe Bucegi D^O^O.' .^ . B^ o tg o"ro g .1 omong the firsl privcrte eslob lshments for lunq de Mcrrce oncu. cromclrccr pereti oo.e od.A D b o aoo o ) ' Gli Eiernenl clell archietura . fumooru s sufrogeno egotcl de zono bucdldrii or). Morce Jcrnco wos deeply invoved in lhe inlerlor design of the buldinq os we The meio furnilure. Avond un slondord ridicct de dotore.. Monolonio desfosurorii lomei esle'inirerupid cu obi itote in zono cenlra d. 'r.incodrole de benzi e c be moi mcsive o e porleru ui s u iimu ui nive. oslfel incoi plonu copotc vorrelcte sr o crnumitd mISCOre.-o ihe emphosised by the ob que positioning of the rooms Iol e o. . the ino eum flooring.. Durilcrtec ortogonclltotil este imblonzlto de curburile collurilor si so oriului cenircr .J-d overo oesihetic expresslon. clddireo ore o orgonizore funclionc d focrle c clrar: o porler.rlooool(oia slrung of the soulhern side... un simp u lrocl.)i .u -'-lLla t'ir'l I I I ":r I lt./ 'I rO I S:ri rt rm LL d ng grolnd ' :i .o-te \ o' ^lr o-o o ll^'olroo l^bLidroo ou e oo\cree ^obooeo roona ro-o 'ro or). aluro de nord fiind ocupolo porfrol de servicii si de lrer ccmere mci modesle de douo poluri. so oriu comun si servic ile de eto j.'too-^. Slrnitrrrivm Conslruii de doctorl L C:-:-: ' o.. o d"do) ow'ioo dro.o -ro.r.itchen) Cn the llrst ond second floors the crchileci o oced severc words ocening of lo lerroces.g . spoii i e de irclomeni si de cozctre o doctori or.. On the who e. lhe volumetr c oesthetics of the buiding denies ony klnd of oggressiveness.d o. . . seporole d'o.t lnir . g o-.. .o oooo-aq. OOO z . o ol ro oo 1 nrqco.]l-oen ooi coe. Mobi reru meto]ic.oJ'[ -po. si de de iccleleo profioturii pcrropelilor de o etcjele I si 2. ooppo' 6^.i 1a.e ^ 1Po'roro.1^.)o a pol^o or y o reduced ronge of e emenls: the Mo powerfu ro reclongulor shope is tcmed by the curved corners tl -l or o. os we I os by the de icoie poropet o e vll-^ or scle oo . ot )a67 n o litude This wos rr o. r-.i lfu y broken in lhe cenlro orecr. ond one toilel This monol ony is s[. ceeo ce fcce co moderniloieo ei two slightly uf even wings oround lhe curvinq ort cu o oi . a ftrtztcrtale M cno l94l oo loo 7at C. the mulil func tlono room wilh clnemo foci ilies. esle pooie ceo moi cunosculd c ddlre ^odo ^O. ce e douo reg slre pulernic vibroie o e eicrie or de cozore sunt.i .rf l d nire piile e sonoiorii privole dif Romctnio penlru lrclorec bo or pulmonore.^ . poi rliool o l^ 661 J^ 'ob' od"po^ po al - o o oo-oo.o-tr cr'.tio 6 O ta O vo I uniliccrio prin plosiico qef ero d.l o lo ro'tloo osirp^ o.o $16.r^qa6 . o^ . a la67 m c tiludine. Lo.O-CD .O^ r^dr pO ^ .to esle dele mincricr de orgonizcrreo plon melrico o elolului curent.o lloo poooo.oor. pordoselie cu ino eum.. generoling :t--:' a at eic curenl lcind ioor pcr.roo cr oF o.". I lao. uses .. d.i orio o ce The bui ding ooks like o ong ond ncrrrow s crb. ^d L^oo-i.lonco in c mounlorn vo ey.a e. comere e de cozore c! ierose.21.. n genero plcsiico vo umeiricd o c odirii neoqd orice ogresivilole. o cdror lercse copleozd oslfel umino de sud-esl. the enircrnce orea slcrnds between lhe treclmenl oreos ond doclors f ois on one s de ond the pcrtlerls recreolion oreos (i e.. oi 16 or. Dotorito pub c totii core i s o focul in preso vremii.--" pp-'. ' o d ^r ^ oo. so c de muzicd.o-aooo-o. in . o'go 70 o.lg'L /t o- .o . he ping the obstrott modernily nlegrote smooth y inlo ihe londsccpe.i .D..a OO'6. rlr d*{&rJ[\Su decolote in luru orl cu otie curbe pe core o constituie soloriu comun.g'rgo. c etciele I si 2.d^o-l ^ o^.ipe o gor o oo'oooproo. cu grup sonilcrr comun.eol plo b^rq ' ar . lo design o scrnilarium bui ding neor Predecrl. u iimu nivel fiind probobil loto ocupcrl de servlcli.r or drQ. rezu lond douo oripi ugor cinemotogrcrfico. lo' z j^po B Q:4 j. I ?+"--L--T- .aoapoor o. b o od o*. ^ o ae e. in foct. music room. longa Predec ''"' . r': .r o^t-'t 5 O c6 . lOC Opolo o -^ O Og I a. smo[< ing orec.insiruile pol sunt pe oturo sudicd. d ning room connecled to the [. rpperfoorpcn 3 I.: 1.oo p^r o Morce oncu s o ocupol in delc iu st de proieclcrec inlerocrre or.l -o.tao o'ro o o .hopo 6 L^ plor r ^. . esle L. Inslitvlul Climlrto-lerapie Bvcegi de 21. which. whie lhe norlhern srde is porlio y occupied by servrces ond lhree esser equipped doub e rooms.


where lhe poropels generoied by the pro iecting bor spring oulwcrd on bo d conlilevers over the courtyord enlronce. from the courlyord. ln ceeo ce priveste p crsiico exterioord. in spolrul conccvitolii de o . the buiding reveols o cubisi. core creeozdr o concovilote pulernicd. folodo de co I devine elementul mojor de ortrculclie dintre douo folode comp el diferite co trotore. 34 {Hrislo Botev nr. while now il con be occessed on y through its righi side. thcrt ihe lniilol moiivoilon becomes irre evonl. Pe de olto porle. il you look crt ii from lhe right side.lcnco wcnted lo creote o ving room wilh c go lery. the bui d ing volume deve ops unexpecled y both verticoLy ond o ong the focodes.lonco Bui ding 11926) ond the Fuchs Vil o l)927). This bui dlng seems lo be c synihesis of lwo compo sillono direcllons. 34 Domnitel Borlevord (38 Hrislo Soiev Slreet).ioie. with dou b e height void spcrce t wos the on y prolecl where Mcrcel . . which p cy on imporioni ro e. lmobilul SoIIy Gold po. cot si in porcurgerecr fotode or. Storting wlth the smoolh convex form of the ground floor. BLocl ol lLotsr grornd I oor cnd 3 rpper f ocr:. -r. ^ 6^ gor . lhe u ilmole resu t beors such o powerful sculplurcrl effect. privito dinspre intersectie. formo neconvenliono d o unor incoperi pore rnoi degrobo rezu lclul conslrdngerilor exierioore. in core pcropeii despringi din e emenlu 'in porle c fcux . Brchorest. There is no hlnt thot would moke one perceive how this c mosl brutc anguoge shifts to c vibroiion of verlrco occenls spreoding over o wide biind surfoce on the efl focode. Brievcrrdu Domnit-.oleo o od o ^ lo ^ o. esle p osoi pe loturo din dreopto.inirepotrundere. Descompunerec vo umeiricd esie foorie evidenio. However. clodireo oferd un spectocol crhileclurcr cubist.] plosctd cenlro . The shcpe of lhe house is on irregu or pentcrgon. ccrt si prin unificore pe orizontc d. originc ly explored in ihe. Aportomenie e sunt obil stdponlte. Aceosto c cdire pore sd reprez nte o siniezir dinlre ce e doud linil compozliono e deschise de mobilul oncu (1 926) ei de vilo Fuchs 1927) Este probobi ce mol speclocu os imobi proreclol de Morcei oncu. generol ng o powerfu ho ow spoce. recicngu or. Bu ding permit: Mcrch 1934. pleccnd de o convexitolec neledo o porteru ul. ocoled in the commerciol SoIIy GoId Building . dcr. priviio dlnspre dreoptcr. since he loined expressionist orgonic iy ond cublst e emenls. on oltribute of modernily ol thot time. decot o unor cdutdri spollo e in sine. fotodo este ostfe mode oio incot se desfoce 'intr o crliculore de vo ume inego e. folodo din stongo Astfel. Cel mcri inlerescnl esle oporiomeniul cu gol pe doud nive uri. de o eioiu ts probcbly ihe most spectccu or bui ding thot Jonco ever designed. crportc menle e orgonizOndu's-^ in iuru scorii principo e. . Nlmic nu loso so se intrevcdd fe u 'in ccre ocesl llmbol oprocpe brutolisl se ironsformd inlr-o vibrcfie . ccr si in o te ulllmul nive. volumul c odirli se dezvoltd in mod neoqleptct otot pe verli cold. but cr so horizonioly merge w th lhe continued poropel lne of lhe lwo bo conies. 'imbindnd o orgonicilote de iip expres onist cu e emenle de fociuro cubisicr. The volumelric decomposi tion becomes obvrous from ihe street de occenle verllcc e pe o more suprofoio oorbo. 381 Brcrrest Pro ecl culorizclle: morl e 1934. E e se crlicu eczo oldi prin. o imobi u ui esle un pentogon neregu oi. in ccre pore sdpcid leroso de pesle eto u 2.22. Wherever he designed such doub e height void spoces he pLoced lhem obove the distribution ho As concerns lhe ceslhelics of the exlerior.opo o^er 6do-o. Ce oportomente. i cenire of Buchoresi.^ cio Bucuresliu Formo 'in plon ui. reciongulor orchi' lecture. wilh ihree of its sldes lned to the slreels. being so sk lfuly mosiered. Esie singurul proieci'in ccre Morce Loncu inceorcd sd reollzeze o cornerd de zi cu cu dubLo 'incr time e e se gdsesc peste holu de reporiiiie. Esle un mic lmobi de rcporl ioc-'= 22. ioocc un ro foorle ies conso e indrdznete peste introreo in curte. lhe flcrts ore p cced oround ihe moin cenlro slcrircose. where ihe terroce obove lhe second f oor seems io I be ccrrved. cu trei oluri crliniole lc slrcdc. nltiol y. the bui drng enlronce wos on one of ils streei sides. oao I ' 5nOO Ol r OOotri'Oli iloolo. Accesu imobl . the focode unfo ds its orlicu olion of unequo volumes.:: -r^: - l f I ls o smo crnd luxurious tenemeni house wilh four ots of differeni sizes. inilicr pe uno dintre ioturlle dinspre strodo. mo[. o inierseclie de strozi in ceniru nequsio'es. The mosl inieresting f ct is the one on lhe second floor. Thus lhe corner foccrde becom-^s lhe molor crticuloilon e emef l belween iwo comp eie y different focodes These do not on y penelroie eoch olher rn lhe ho low spcrce on the top f oor. porler :1 3 -. Cn the other hond. ccre poropeiir continui oL ce or douo bo coone 'pO O O \ a-'ttrO O.


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'o .l plo. -^ ro .Lo ^s-€' I ^. 'o o o ro p o ^ lq6 'lri ^ Morce .ola T 'o1 oo o exlremiloiec stongo o c odlrii s core constiluie de orticu ore cu folodo oiero d.dr^ o o o\-bo eoor-a.i oulorizolle: moi I 935. o-.24. Thls tenemenl house wlih one luxurous opor:--:ecch floor is bui t in on old cenlro orec of Bu /9 )i^9 rlo ^11 P^rooooP r polo llo^^o.^ r:'-: -i e 24.locr o. Conslruil intr o zond veche cenlro d c orcsr ui. is more spectccu cr. Se inscrle pe n o mlcllor lmobile pro ecioie in cr . however. very simp e focode fccing the street cn: : quile domeslic sccle The ong deve opmeri ' courlyord.e g ro 2 uprer focrs. qcrcoes ir ihe seml bosemenl. porler s 2 etcle. este un nilc imobll de ropo* cu coie un oporiamenl uxos pe n vel. B ccl of flols' ground f cor onC I Aexondrescu. '1 Bui d ng perm t: Mcy 935. Desfdsuroreo ungo dlnspre curie esle moi . I /9 Bucuresl. cu fcrlodo spre strodo foorle simp dr si o o scord domeslicd. defined by c row. tr::l: l:r--l-:o ^o' O. to design lhis - for his sisler. Mrs.ingust-r dindouc lumclote o oni or '30. Mirceo F iode. pesle demiso cu oorole Trcicn Sireel Buchoresl. A exondrescu. lmobilul Alexrrndrescv Morce pi oncu o primlt o^tro.1 .Mi probc. lhc.lonco wos proboby commissioned b. ll beongs lo ihe smo I bock of f ois line lho' Jonco designed in the ole 3Os. mobi de opcitomerle. lclodi :: : sli:: folodii oi--ro ir ' : -:: . Alexandrescv Strodo Tro Building or rrr. whom he knew..oo'l"b Ldi E . pe core i curoslec. cho rest oaor e ementul o a.:specrcl oesthetic pursuits con be lroced here: -The only notoble occef l on the front focode . Prole.or oot ^. ihe crticulcllon of the side foccde.


l-.1935 si mob de oporlomerle.l ow ory oo 'o io.lo rg I s obvio. pr ir r'o orth e r r erery' rol ow 9 h ofr' .-q.1 lo li-rg rro-1ao\arorl'^of Lo oo 30 Buchoresi modernism. . Bucuresli. The execuled focode is eveless inieresling thcn the one drown on lhe proleci EE 25.'. . Proi-^cl oulotlzotle: iu o modernismului bucuresleon dln o douc iumoloie cruloriznlie. rcho resl Buildlng permil: .pra55 o't ooei o . orhilectul urmorjndu-si ootecum proprio retelc sii o eol a5 614 i vast-et y 1935. o oni or 30 Folodo execulold esle chior mol pulin interescnld decol ceo propus-r 'in proiectu de l.lie .l inccrdrdndu se in Lino genero d Strodo Dim tr e Oncir nr. lmobilul Poldi Chapiet Construil in oce o$l corller cu ocuinlo Chcpier.. ocesl imobll este evldeni o lnveslille imobi lorcr cu 25. l6A. Poldi Chapier Building scop ucrotiv. l6 B A Dimilrie Orcil B Slteel. ock of floh. porter potru etcie. ground lloor ond 4 upper f oors. Co expres e plostico nu denoldr o cdutore deosebitc. lotodd spre strcd-r street focode plor etol crrenl upper f oor plon .Buit in lhe scme residentjol creo os lhe Chopier o . oe. a.

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Morcel Jonco sought to impress o cericin dynomism on the Circle spoce. f ot ond curved surfoces. r urmo unui schimb de memorii si ovlze inire socl: o'eo Bozoli r si Con s uneo Spec olb perr L -c'ico'eo Requlorter-tride Corsruc-rn s A r. porie si sop'e e oie ( L .i t:. thls one is counted omong Jonco's roi-c c. 'l-eo vizuold o compozifiei volumetrice.. ob e teo.. consisting of o woitirg roo'l. the hecdquorters of lhe compony. : ::- :: ::-cdo principolo . The visuol uni! of lhe volumeiric composilion.r oces volur. lfu Besdliir buildiry ulotion wcs imposed. ihoi end up the who e composition Thus o skil ful lronsition from ihe monunerlo scoe or re blidr q -o o Tro a honey ore cl'o o.licnu Circle. while the ost three floors hod to be recessed.lse w[icl^ is powerl. Foweve .ce prru. cr "nollime moximd de l4 m.'-crofolo foorle mcre o pietei lionu.iderr'o oreo s oc-ieved. The three oreos o-e close y o . ei.irol.e foo'e rorele p oiecie o e r Mo.eo-lolle r r -: zone funclionole. The mcximum l4 m height oi :i lhe occepled buildings wos quiie frustroting for o co'noo1y se-^t irg lo . oslozi deslL-l de nod lico o. The kind of logicol urbon ond orchitecturo orgumenls brought oboul poinl lo Jcnco's outhor ship: the very lorge open surfoce of the Jionu Circ e. Acest sediu urmo sd ocupe douo porce e core 'ndrgrneou pioto Jionu. : '--' c rode o' ir ree:s e veriicole de r-o lir' conpo. The prevoiling vo ume be ongs 1o the lenement l^o. b rou i pe-irL ru'lcrono : ir d eoplo.e oduse de socieiote. ion blt -l^e r r. ts elegont recepiion spoces open onto the bockyord gorden.. -e si diferit trotote. 6s's clepo. (Lp ldeo -: mcri zone funclion. -he 'r y en o . sunt'in fopt juste. Compony heodquorters ond oppos o'r crd ol o*ed te Regulotion tl-e mrricioo i.':i.: dincmizore o plefii. ::. in core lcncu vo fo osi un . oste -rul d r. o boo'd .cJ oleo n p o1i'nel'c b oc[ of flols. wiil. s povoje. comp i. o9o cum se oflrmo. trebuie suslinuld de un front mol inclt de l4 .ee 26.. plol I 3 l4 (2 Aviotori or Squore). .re Iovo zo-e oe epo'lilio p or' -: :1.rico reqiqle .:-:'cobil este insd modu in core orhiteclul vo : .ce lorc. com- : -:l-. se bozeozo rL pe elecr-^le de . :. As o e.. 'n nolivo io urbor's co exp rso. co too'e - t: af rJlrJ si poct.r-r ronurnento o o imobilului lo scoro domestico .Jor-co oppeoled io or oovior: A't-De. lionu *5 . meont lo bolon'ce the porl entronce.os it con be seen from different ongles fovoured by the p onimetric distributlon.eri.ero de tortre de vi oportomente filnd tronsformoto grodct ---'--. conce lies in lhe mojor requiremenl lo enhonce---e prestige of the compcny Th" [. The shorp ve'licc re ol the block of flots groduc ly turns into o horizoniol development finoly bolonced by the mossive. :-imdrio cedeozd insisienfelor societdlii si permite :cnstruireo unui imobi cu sose eio je. co pordor-' ol irrro'i n porc. Brchorest. os it wenl b:eyond residentiol orchiiecli--e.:esfdsurore orizonlold. or urequo l'eiqh s ord o ffe ert eolren.lecis.-e .:e pr li^ p. ond clerk offices On the right side there s o lovishiy luxurious floi streiching over severo f oors. =.' -----= : sLrni foo -e srrors o" cllo e ir corrpoz lio plor .o s r'rn s "rc ior ot o egolur' f.o- rp -. The building. Athough lhe building mosty contoins flots.r ly rro deo n vo. rne d ec-ors oflices. echi ibrcto in finc de -:: .. . is s g-:'.rr-c oro e ele. Rezupld o obilO lronzifie de o o :.: -rJl predominont esie cel o imobi u ui de roporl.--cose spolii de primire se deschid spre grodino r . o very successtcompony speciolized ln bridge cnd rood cc-s--. Cn lhe eft side there is o lenement bui ding with two flots ond two studio f ois on eoch floor.esc sfe'o orIi ectLr'i s r'c reziderliole.: tion . r. ultlmele trei ':-'ose in goborit.r^c-tol. o"n slorgo in obi ul de ropo .ll-e cer -e he e i. Argumenlele orhiiecturol urbonis-. where the low rlse resideniiol oreo .: :'did oporto're1l pe 'no rr le ^ivel I ole cdr. sedlul societolii. core --:-:3 compozifio. rclionol 'es o'e rri.-rrr cr de evidenid influenfo o he two fl^c. o cdrei regim de construclie ^rpls de 'egrrlorer. Eoch oreo hos its own entronce on the moin focode.: ro 1e e o (orpr'lor de clod re d n d le te ..o e: in centru.n r. os mentioned in lhe urbon-p onninq orqumeniolion for this conslruction. sernnificolio ei este dotcr de cerinlo de exprimore o preslioiu ui socieidlil.o -odirs of ?O r hos lo oe srslc neo bv n lo ler froni. -oieo suprcfefelor ine. birourile :'::"ei . totol nesotisfocoloore ceniru emfozo cu core societoteo voio :d se reprezinte.-^ . cu o rozd'de '2C m. Fiecore zond ore propriu occes. :'r . Built for the Bczo lin Compony.r pe'o de Co"s-.ul' ot il^e rerorordc tl o rhe Bo zcrlr'n Compony senl to the Speciol Board for the lmplenenfalion of Building and Alignmenf / eicie. ground floor cnd Z upper floors. p on porier/ground lloor plcn r09 . plone si curbe. which s very much o tered todcy. Bui ding permit: July I 935.:core. t oerlru soceoeo Bozoltir socieoa p 05- I :ii-eo.

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cu certe un oporicrmenl spoiios o fiecore etoj.l r 006 o ^ pe Odo -e .' or a o. regislru verlico decrosol din core pleccd orizonto e e bolcoone or. : _ . L i o. specif c orchilecturol elemenl o verlicc re: . tr171or^ lo od^s. porleru cuprinzdnd introre.^ruo irpr. pcrce lO (10 Ddntceni Slreet).p. esie un mrc imobll de raport..luiy 1935 B cck of I ots.l.a.'roo p'^ odopF'oooP r . Built in the norihern residenlio district of the c '. ground f ocr cncl 3 rpper f oors.iio d^ro lrooo . Imohilul 27. - Lo r .lc-.-- core rocordeozd cele douo foiode. a ll^qo service onnexes.r po'o. Eugen Carniol Building Construilin corlierul rezrdenlio de nord. cr Lrnifrcd Buid ng permit: . oslfe . garoi 9i Vo -r' robi o.'gro '^ ll ^ t.o oo o eloo ood . Buchcresl.€ ro _ .roi^rer^rl o.l rra depth ond lhe slreei foccde is comporotve.incot p osol sd orief leze cornpozilii e spre semici in dru ccre Avlotor Slelof Prolcpopescu.o eo rlloo. ^-.o. 1---f l i I ]. o. lc. 10.m m E tr Evgen Carniol 27.'^. l ^g . emphosised Both fccodes shore Mcrce .o tr^ .app^o onexe de serviciu.roroo.^rJ o ei foiosit pe cmbe e folode oce osi element orhiteclurol speciflc ui Mcrce oncu. l ^ . Suorofele e o'od^ ot r. ^.vlo = pai oLelo.

:.r-o relief semnol de $1 loccled in o ow-rise ceflrc oreo. . :trcpeiii bo coone or..-eg siru verticol discrel .. I oor recesseC lop Milito Pdircscu.-:c cu foiodo otero d. proboby I 935 B ock oi iJots: grornd floor ond 5 rpper loors. whose oeslhetics is compotible with o ine of comp ex orchilecturc pur suils chorcclerizing c his designs in thot period. u limui rive relros 3 Plctor Sl.: . The ccrved composilion of the moin sireel focode emphosises ils verlicolness (through the prolecling bor thcrt generoles the poropets of lhe bc conles.-e-e orienlctd de p o. .' r ^o P^ oodo. sprngs from be ow the slighi over opp ng of plcrnes of lhe former.I a _i ' : -.q of uneven p ones wos o common device in his projecls of thot lime. The entronce is morked by or irconsp cLro. lmohil propfielrrt necunoscul 2A. o iP ^ idr1 ole '' -: l aarJ lrolore p osli ..- '. A bvilding oI dn unidenlifiied ownef Strodo P clor Sl. porler si 5 elcie.:: orzonlc]e core . oodo..:: )o^l^o.l pe fotodo Loterolo.' -r -r-:c (prin e emenlu in :. This rcther direcied over oppin. .--'.: trCJfere Cr pOnUr Or : ----.. .: --:e dinspre strcdc .: .r'e se regdsesie in -:. : sc?. mobil de \o.-. Brcu resli Prolecl oulor zolle : inexislenl in orhive probcbt 1935. Ichion Slreet.o r. this burding lowers its neighbourhoods ond it is one of Jcrnco's orgesl proiects of thls klnd ll is o ]uxurious lenemenl house. thct run un nlerrupiedly cr ong the side foccde. 3.. Luch cn nr. oriicu oled wlth the b ind mosonry ponel) ond directs c I lhe elemenls iowcrds lhe junction with the side focode Thus ihe curvrng flow of the horizonto bcnds. Brcho r est Bul d ng permil nol fornd in the orchives. 'a a) ce tn s co rnc Trme. : -: ---..zo .--:j-:J io osli odeseo de . o ooli . : . . cl the crossroods of old commerciol thoroughfores if Buchorest.s vertico regisler with smol bo conies crc o bcse'e iei by _-_ 28.r. h-e -"ro e ro' .

cof mc c es. cnd ihe frogmented oreo of the moin eirlronce.o r-"toro oood-^o p.oooooo oooooo oooooo Hermina Hassner 30. o imensdr iercrsd so oriu si onexe de servictu.lonco designed in Romcnic. whose moin focode sionds for on orlicu o tlon of the wide ond white mcsonry surfoces wilh rlbbon windows. oldi ccl pocle fi reconsllluil d n fotogrofir e de epoco 5 d n ceeo ce s o mci poslrr.p o^. strelching over lwo pLots in lhe northern residentrcrl district of Buchcrresl.lcnco inlegroled polntings. the stronge punched wcl thct enc oses lhe solorium os to the street spcce.i -^po reolizot dupo o perjooda in ccre Morcel loncu o \ \^ . Vi cr ocupcr o suprofoto de 2o0 mp o sol pe douo porce e din zono rezidentiolcr de nord.eo. This ls one of llessner ViIIa ::: : B 30. o . l-Jowever. P oslico interioord ulillzeaza L:n reperloriu vorlot de forme curbe. As he ofien did before. ond ropet f oor Ausieriloteo ortogono d c exieriorului foce 9i moi neoslepiok. ce se regdsesc otot in stolpii rotunzi.o o p'^i6" r o^r po o. po'o ' cj o o ri 'o ^ d''''o 1o mcse de zldorie o bo cu fereslre in bondo. whl e the front door wcs mcrrked by one of Millo Pdlroscu s bose-re iefs./ o oe ri! l cl es'l eai arlcr zoile: ncrlte 1937 io d Locrlrir rniioni porier si elol repetilive. Jl wos olso cchieved ofter o period when he hod designed lenemenl houses by grcducly exhcrusl ng his composilrono formulo. probobll pen lru ocrspeti..r exubercnlo p ostico o interioru ul. p r-o 9r vitrouri cublste. ccso scdrli sl go u ho ului. ombele d ispcr r ute. The villo covers 260 sq m.t.zo lo o the ost pro jecls thct. The buildlng is o mosl exc usively o horlzonlol com posrtion. the house progromme ond ihe budget (!ossner wos o bonker) c lowed for new exper menis. ..:::ri':--a rBr9 .. inso liul zid perforot core inchide spre slrodo so criu g zono o. L. The reclongu or austerily of ihe outslde mo[es ihe cesthetic exuberonce of ihe interor ook stunning. os much os we con see ln lhe period photogrophs cnd the p eces thot sti stond The interior express on is cchieved through o orger reperlo re of curved shopes thot do not on y oppeclr ln the round shcfts. Hermina :j . The dwell ng lseif moinly occupres the ground floor. o'^'aF\ooo[ ho cr'ro. po. Proqromul si bugetul vlLei bcncheru ul Hossner ii vor permile din nou sd experlmenleze. grupcle in iuruL holu u cu go o scdrii. in ihe stolrccse. ( oo roo o do7. pol l8l9 (32 Plctor :covescr Slreet]. Pesle gemineu din ho se gdseo o fresco fdcuto dupc ce ebrcr so picturo Jordins du Luxembourg (1928). Vila Este unul dlnlre ultlme e prorecle dln RomOnlo. bolh of them no longer exist. . ond cubist sloined windows Above the ho f re p oce there is o fresco reproducing his fcmous pointing lardins du Luxenbourg \)928). this time. r o Fo or e subti e ole p ofoone or. locui eo desfdsu cndu-se in principc lc nlvelu porlerr ui Eloiu esle compus dintro serie de comere. grornd Ioc' Bu r o 'og"ra 'o'o o i tto .in mobi ieru lix din ho sl in ^denlve TAr or o. scu plures. d Iod 'o' lionu Pcrl. . ond in the void spoce of the ho but o so in ihe bui !ln furnilure ond subie unevenfess of cei ings.iol7gras oor gor p^ 193/.p^ i6l 1 63 lo go clpo o r lerCl^d o'o oorror o'r a'oloo. One-iomiy holse. ior lntroreo ero rnorcotd de un bcso re ief execulcl de Mllilo Polrogcu. whi e on the flrst floor there is o series of rooms. .o ^9o olo iod^ solorium ond onnexes ore ploced on the lop f oor.rde dirg permt: Mc. lo 'o ooo p. B r cho tesl.



'.: : singuLor desrgn.llri ". Lve' Iwe loo( r o -.oeiirite i..loo ce ole oso nr-mir. :cncerning lhe preservotion of the .r : l-: :'_ ---:e'oile restricliile lmpuse de . nor the focode would : s milor designed by Morcel Jonco :: rot remind of lhose designed for c of 1923 or the bui dings in the S Grun's house. this style wos nol slrictly : ' : :: -lrol i' iel o'r o Leos-..vreo intenlie compozilionoid = :: :'eocupdrile orhltecturoLe o e r)i . Rose ltf. '-: -'cde unions c. Al ey B {Sg. ovronceoi zond pentru core -l :cnsiruirii 'in stil romdnesc...:r. t wos designed le ovronceo Pcrk.-' -. foJodd spre strodd slreet foccde '.. 3!.. somehow unex- plon etoi/upper loor plon :. -hot r qht be -:.: ". Vflc loee flcrirescr 31.gulor Si neogteptot in onsom'r-:: oncu.l 'fes[u := :' de pe o eeo loncu ori de . MiLitoru Gheorghe Streel)..ore shown ihroughout his work. .r:'^:. on creo under --. .r Ce plon. from the morpho:: view...':'cel Jonco's work.193/.]onco's orchitecluro trodilioncliste peniru o ::. World Wor I il9 . se degojo e e din restu] :.-:::-. conslruitd de peste o slructurd ridicoto = )e curcrceo Pork.:onflguroiion.riwrr... uf .:ser io Morce .::sed urbon regulotions for this oreo.-- .:. nici desenu fofodei tl ta l . Este proieclot pe o -. Buchcresi. cu otdt mci mu t cu ' : .u.l-l ce ocecstd porceld esle o :noi mu le fcrmi il.-: ::.---r. p rr e g FL oe . They cl hod vrsible :--res ihot onswered the stylistic con-ention the foci ihot. .: 3-o eciof de Mort el lon.r u sl l': s .'iz ::--. on o slruciure ' ::. Building permii: Morch .--::: :e ce]e o e vi ei necunoscuie .. :t '-e or-id rgs.. r.:' siilisilce.fter 1949.:ee iodoy is on ordinory tenement house ' :.

.. Aporiomenie e sunl moi cdutote si moi putin ston dord decoi in cozu oltor imobi e de roporl. in reo itole. . excepiing the f rst ond second f oor ihot conloin o studlo f oi. ground I oor ond o ) pp-rr -o toeo'ogo'cr -d' li pL" o dde oo\crp ( r o o'r re p of-r zne. whi e lhe occess spoc-a is p oced in lhe negolive conccvity of ihis Oteri ^. se pocle citi cc o miscoTe de invo u re o cose prinlr-o modelore permonentd o oc[ ol f ots.'.'odoO'^ .- ... jr .c.p e o plo'-co de \ otolo-e r o .rgl iobt' /aaa. Compored to olher lenemenl houses. which slorts wilh o rectongu or scu pluro des gn ond goes on towords o plostic ireciment of groduoly curving surfcces. for instonce)./o t^\o o ooted^v. ihere is o prevc l nc lmobil de oportomenle. Lo^l ag: o Br |1gp^ B imobiu God{1934) Teorelic. Aspeclu cel moi speclocu os ol oceslei clddiri este ploslicitolec so comp lcoto.foorte diferlt trotcrte compozitiono egote prin curbo lind core preio coliu . dor core'in reo ilote esle un .' o. c *e I tl ^ os:or o o^ o specific modernisi elements borrowed from oiher vocobu ories (the wooden pergolo. C odlreo prezinld un interesoni corocter eciectic. formo unor incdperi poote chior so depdgeoscd neconvenlionolul pdno o coprlciu.erei)^o^ oI o-o. Aceoslo este morcoldr de bovlndou semicilindric {core cr pdrec o cosd o scdrii.t1a o oblinond o tensiune moximd in zonc inlrorii.:-. Aoo o-o1 de o elo rI noi po\ ag.or prop .l op^o po er r i' e 32. 3-6- Cuprinde cdle un cporlcmeni pe iieccre nive.o^iJ . ihe bui dlng disploys Mo foccdes uiier y differeni composed iied up by o smoolh curve lhcl lckes over lhe corner. po( e5 -re -or p irq expresion rstd. pundnd in ucru elemenle si miilocce de expresie focrrle diverse: surplombe de dlferite forme si odoncrmi. ol ord o . David llaimovici and 9igmvnd Vdldrescv Building ooo o'oZo^Opr e Ol po.or.o o. lhe criticol equilibrium beMeen locc ly :y'r're ' .pre . Apcrrtomenlu de o u irmul nive ore o more lerosd cu pergod si soLcriu. such os. therefore the shcpe of some rooms borders on foniosy The flot on the top f oor hos o lorge terroce wilh c wooden . which mokes ll very much ckin io ihe Go d Bullding (1934) Theorellco y.^leriort|. etc.aor'r^egovr.i Po"o peopo'.. ^ The first floor sti preseryes some of ihe orlglno cubist sioined g oss windows. but in foct il is lusl one more fontcrsy opercrted on the bed room wo ). the flots dis ploy more unconventiono formuLoe.p . lmobilul David llaimovici Sigmund Vdldrescu .ri o e rero: : . ^ r ooeif ).ocoled or c leqr-lorly . ob .o' r rve\.eo-Te1' hol rf o o-lorize -1e oe building. ihe buildlng proposes on unconvenlionol cnd imoginctive so ullon for its interior ond exterior os wel There is one flot on eoch floor. a cidi o.r pe o'F .q .elode -" . r [-676 11€. The mosi specloculor ospeci of this bui ding ies in its complex oeslhelic expression.oo'c rr pA tr'e a go . o etc je e 1 sl 2 existcnd si cdie o gcrsonieri. o' lo b. pergolo ond o so orium. clodireo ofero douo fcrlode . prin core se inrudeste cu obiuse crossing of iwo sireets.B.yrre Lo. [ezo voTe foorle imogincivd s -e::-.32. the proiruding bodies of differ eni shopes... z t ood..-j : :-.:-.ecro r . un echillbru pe muchie de culit inire osimelrie si simelrii oco e. si eler erle oe o eror-r (pe'goode e-r^ o ' deror eic. resulling in c moximo lension of ihe enironce oreo The lotter is morked by the semi cy in dricc bowwindow {which might be os weJ recrd os o sto rcose. the morb e bose course.'oo.o. . e ernente d" vo. lt con be olso reod os o movement meonl io wrop up the who e building through o consionl moldrng of the wclL.o.2B . o dlurdri de curburl lncerle. totul intr o irotore generold de nuonfc o) cylinder The bui ding shows on inleresling ec ecticism thol puts logelher vcrious elemenis ond meons of expression.ol lror|'.

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Thls bu lding be ongs lo the crte '30s projects prov ing the orchilect's ccquired ski fulness. I 6 Armeneoscd Slreel. esie un imo bll de rcport cu irei gcrrsoniere 9r douo oportornenle mici pe etoj. u mob de oporlomenle. Conslruit inlr o zond cenlro d cl orosului. sl Proiect oulorizolle: i 5 elcje. Buit in ihe cenirol oreo of the ciiy. where the only p oyfu occent s lhe unduloted ine of the g oss wo I of the entronce ho l. compuse cu siguranlo. il is o tenement house.Vosile Moga 33. lmobilvl 33. ground I oor ond 5 rpper f oors. which rs unusuo ly oio" p on etoi c!renl lpper f oor plon . they ol ock the kiichen spoce. B ock ol f ots. Vlrsile Moga Bvilding Slrodo Armeneoscd nr I 6. B ucho resl. corocterizote loote prin obsento bucotdriilor. Bui d ng permit: . dor rnoi pulin indrdznele co expresie plosiiccr. yet ocking speciol oesthellc pursuils. comprising 3 studio f cts ond 2 smo f crts on eoch f oor. singuru occenl mol iuccrus filnd llnlc ondu oto o peretelui de sliclo o holu ui de occes. lhe f oors lost lwo cre rec--ssed. Esle unul dinire cozurile rore in core loncu dese neozd o folcdo perfect srmetricdr. Sl ocest imobil se inscrie 'in linrc proiecie or din o douo jumolote o deceniu ui 4. Bucl resli te y 193/. neobrsnuit de spolios. t is one of those coses when Jonco drew o flcwless symmetrrco focode. porler tlme e doud nivelur relrose.

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ccrre. Buchore:l 3u . elc.Bucuresl .:e'focrpcn 175 . p)anu codifi-= ::. -'=azc ul Morcel sl lu iu oncu. FtrrrefoFes fl.. . taat / o sus :oolc.ri cdoploie regu lor trodiliono e . conferd onsomb ului uni: In 1933 llermon loncu opp ied for cn outhorizolion io furiher ol grounds where he hod sloshed the lcrncu A ley in 1922. sccro princrpcr cr 9i scoro -'' :'=: ::--sloT ocuinte esle numoi exle de '-r. the use of Mro stoircoses... l6e lypical plon wlih portiiion hol . desr nu denolc pre : r: :: ceosebite.t. lrom top : : -::tc slreel locode . They were olso lhe enlrepreneurs of the whole proiect.inceputo . they do not show o functionol pursuii for economicc spoce orgonizc' iion These f cls fo low the troditionol distribution of the rooms oround crn unlii ceniro ho 1.rd Vonesr Rclcreorr lvlorar Srreel).35. ieren pe core in 1922 con:= ' -.ind o cnumltd rigoore orhitec..oi ag.: -:.:t'siruclio caselor flind. oenl scop lucroliv.:: siiuile cu ocuinte cup oie.-pe f eccre nivel.r"o ecle tip 9i nu dovedesc nici o . ofter the owner's deolh Cbvlously.. ihol wos o profitob e lnvesimenl.-:''lie de o o inierec sirdrzii conl n 9i . ihe moin cnd the bockside sloircose.d ng permii 193/ i 3 oneJoml y houses.:: : :lde lccoCe : r-r. os one might hove expected Moreover.:rr ftioor pcn : :::lrolir/pr--senl : :. Housing _ . .orlrtie. 'onli urmdiorl o efectuot : .fnifti..' -. lhey ore not siondord proiects. l'.:.r.3. c. During the fol owing yeors some uti ity work wos done lhere ond lhe house bui dlng wos slorted by his heirs ln 1937. cuprinzond = . yei ii gives siylistic uniiy io lhe ensemb e. de 'i!. Desl reloliv --.0 cerul outorizolio de : -.or.: . specific for the midd e-c crss slondord (for instonce . of whlch I 3 were bu lt by Morcel cnd lu lu loncu. :--ghez (de exemplu. involving 22 pr:rce s with twin houses. ground f oor ond upper f oor .f iti )i'=-o -er:rie.:-: :in ioosireo unui imboj modernrsl . : 5 de roiionc izare a spaliu ui. .) Their modernlty is noi intrinsic becouse it on y oppeo ed to c modernrst vocobu ory currenly opplied in Buchoresl.= = :. Ei cu = .. . . din -.. which does not crctucrl y prove speciol oeslhetic pursuii. These bul dings crre recessed os lo the street edge ond contoin one f ot on eoch f oor A though re o iive y economico ond wilnessing o cerloin orchltecturcrL scorcily.._d -<t frinitalii 35.


(lfllli'lar . symnetry of ll e I rs vori:' : : -: .:-'::--lverycenlrol oreoof .. Proiect outorlzofie: lulie l93B 9i septembrie 1938. .: :-: a:r ore [nown.. Nau. Building permit: I i luly 1938. -xpressive -ol.0rrii dlr'r * r: : I :-.. Imobilul 36.- I : .--.: r -=-:-:^.: : ::-:. September I 938.. . parler gi Z eiole.m Ghico Bailding Strodo Nlco oe Golescu nr..=: 2 siores ond on ori go lery 1 I l -t I lil ::ll:ll. iin itdlll/H o u sin g ':-::: : l- -::ede 3 f.l'lllr llll .:l ---1c zond ullro-centrold '.. '' $. .r --= . mobl de oporlomenie.. . i !- 1.+ . cLddire pe : t-::3 : : : rn. wl'icl-r* :I ---. .: r:'3oort co e 9 Loeo/d .. B ock of floh.:: i:l ::liiii: llrliltiltlii .Jlior. -::S-er osymmetricolly.llilruL f -: r.. .:-. -'= tulii '41f"'/lllllililr-'1...rlilii 'lllt-rinrm : . 5... --3.'l Itfourn Ghica 36. _ - *:---: " :..:: : " .. ':-e' spoce) on eoch floor."I lorcodesgred ir' 'ilr -r': . *''rr* rr .. ultimu nivel reircs.._:. "! :'r -. the differ :-.. wilh o recessed lop loor.:: : .:j' r" :F1.-' . .:!. ..-.": es in the foccde freolmenl...7 1€ lc sirodd sl o $ "(Y'..ilf .ilt ...r-: ce fiecore nivel. 5 Nlco oe Go escu Slreet.. buildlng on lots 127 ..-l r.le siluolie.. 'lr+:. '. Buchoresi.:-41 l'" . iit''. ground floor ond Z upper floors... -- : : rr :--: --:: l-l ls reiric registrul l3 oioieclului.-i -.[ - r : . diferenlo r-:u r-enunfd lo simelrio 33^iTU o solulie moi llb:: "iiil.n plon porter ground floor p on : thot groups 6 stu ' lrilr r:r'" : . '' t i.--. -.'-: .r:-'= :r' re Morcel loncu in 1. Bucu regii..


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An c erl corlcoturisl in the trcdition of Bruno r: Th. thot is. declcrc crlistu g novoioore.enl.AFICA LU' MAP. cu convingereo cd oceosld seporore occidenio ^g d nu obtureozd percepereo oflcii. in Romdnio si in srce.I. very similor lo the '--.. bockground of the evil conf lcts of the wor .work within ihe dlversity of his work. nlregulu. Even before the flrst wor.F \.. ferm. thus 'r= ogoin the vogue of the . . nor mecrning) hos stcrrted os o pupil of ser .: thot time . We crs:. orle" ol he Porro io ovor gcr'orl.: . orgoniccly '-= . such demorcolions might Tev€l unexplored fcces of his creollve effort. Nico c-. Moreover.Morrl i-o. de lo conturu continuu o cel frogmentct. lrosolurl decisive pe core le vom iniilnl si o tdndru oncu. ce recuperou voqo show respeci iowords lhe decisive lechnlco i=:' which we ccn olso see ln lhe young Jcnco's . He ::: ched vorious kinds of ort. o i e' r -l'e . A.IE MEIAMOR. c coricolurilor cu copele suprodimen' .AE.lonco succeeded in expressing himself in c cc-.- . vio ent. espe:' Coricoiurist olerl in troditio ui Bruno Pcul sou Th Theodor Heine de la Stnplicissimus.ohorre.rre\^oro 9lo-o or^i pior o^r 9 i Po' : The omozing creotlve energy proved by Morc: . inir-o constontd confruntore cu deslinu ingrol o pionierolului.: . forms dissoluting in the ight.DA MEfAMOP. :-series of obliglng pilgrimoges ol the orrogor. in pofido debutu ui zgomotos. o cdror vo umeirie ero rezo votd prln mode eu cu eslompo. i-prs o d sc pl ^c'e o eror l r og' nctiv gi moi o es un vddii respecl folo de lehnico':. si continucld de Gill in Fronlo. in the proper sense of the word.te proprie. Lser vo og utino in opero sc. expresronismu ui stompe or ioponeze descoperite de impresionisii gi t r T sinlelismulur. the :-.lhe ortisl confessed rn crn inlerview . os lt is i: . n ce e ce urmeozd vom foce cdtevo precizori osuprcr perioodei in core Mcrce Jcncu o lucrot in iord. Our remorks concernrng the period in wl. doubled b'. c imenioio de iensLuneo molefico o rozboiului.lne to lhe broken on-^. who woLr : r : the chol enges ond iensions of cn oriist p o. within lhe llve y whole of his work. Despite hls lhunde-. .loponese prints disc:. cosmopo il ol onorhicei migc-rrii Dcrdo.'mou ded shodows. Scrcrnc de c seporc orlele grofrce din opero so olOl de voriotd 9i de o e poriicu orizo cel pufin in contexlu groficii romdnest de ovongcrdo este difici of the Dada onorchism. crnd during the nterwor peric: 1 94 l ) ore bosed on ihe onolysis of hls g-::works existing in the Drowings ond Prints Rc: Ncrtiono Museum of Art of Romonlo. lo diso ulio formelor in iumincr. composilions. which reccrl Fouiito s so. o. in mediu MaricLna Vida MAR. lord f otly. . viguros.@ARDE LANGUAGE IN FINE ARIS d.-. cc de vltroliu. dor pooie re evo unele ospecte inedlie o e demersu ui sdu creclor. before Wor : (1912 l9l6). ogiernule plol. respectiv'inolnte de primul rozboi mondio (1 9l 2 - 19l 6) sl osupro perioodel inlerbelice (1922 crscr l94ll cum se configurecrzd moi oles din onolizc ooerei sole grolice qoslrgio o Ccbineiu de Desene \ trrov -r o iv\.. o . obordond diverse genuri o e orlei.intr'un interviu din pu ui'.e. de o efecie pregnonte.'e l .AP'IIC AR' A'tfD f. posionot de experimenlele orlisiice de o Poris.:worked in Romonio. dupd mu le peregrinor of cioose pe ingo diferifi pompieri oi iim 'l933r .:l ---= iunciron of some continuous y inleroctrng cu studres in Munlch {with Antonin Azbe. f rom the imposing eft:-'. lhe secession ond expressionrsm. "My oriistic ife (the other one hcrs neilher r-: .ir . .'ing Renoissonce precursors. : the Jugendsti monner The ierky.-this hophozord demorcotion wl I nol decre:. ser coplured.Pcris. sized ihe sorcosiic conteni of ihe onecdote i:. Cy . from the con. clc or '.CEL TANGO'S ER.:- L I . -lo. losif ser expri Persono ilote complexo mo in perioodo ontebelicd fromcntdri e 9r lensiunie unui ori st siiuot o conf uenlc unor cultur of ote inlr-o conlinud interoctiune Studji e sole o Munchen {cu A. losif lser wos o rec.lo ol. with its bidimensiono decc-: sion ond ts inlense colours. thot developed oc: -. .-:: . G. logether wr-' '. However.ihe lmpressionisis.. conleslolor.FOZELE Excepironcr o energre creoioore monifesioid de Morcel oncu pe porcursu 'indelungotel sole coriere orlistice c singulcr zoi o persono loie oporle. omintlnd de tehnico sofisli' cold c ui Fouiito ser depogise vizluneo legoto'inco de trodilic inougurcld de Dcumier.clong his except onoly ong crtist c coreer izes h s speciol personolity. in hls work. ll rs difficu t to strictly sever his -c'::.

. = re inoleum. .-ei generoose oferie pe core prpl o zo h^ de or.: 1.l[o^ g '^7-l riol Iployeo. pe core un exeget -ooron. Ary MurTeodorescu-Sion.ergiilor lotenle... Nicoloe Moniu. lriggered off by Coboret Vo lolre expe rie nce. lJeckel. v oto i g ofro o rp on ip^d poper] or. . Scriilorul . pelreculd :e c Coboreiu :: ucenlciei c ser (in oielieru cdruio ou slu ::i virtori coloboroiori oi scri. O. some surprising olliludes summed up in bo d foreshorlenings.. din deceniu trei. rem nding ser's creoiive spirii however lhey come olo..lcrnco e.. spiritul creotiei ui lser.'-: : :: : : -:.... H Mo"y ond -^^r Do'iel we'o opp s e cd i the some studio) testify for the pupil sensllive response os lo lhe woy his mosler woud mognf cently set the 'lblecr or pop" . loword lhose subjects with morked y soc cl connoloiions'. Mo. for insionce rn the plcsler reliefs cchieved in Zurichs. The lotter os f I ser. nuonlot de ellbe- with the lrodrlion of cc':: Leod:sel or -i'. by di uted lints of wosh-. W.\tzeu ui de Arto.-c. cu ro de ... 9. . ce vor conolizo cori : :xold prevo enl pe morovuri. oldiurl de ser.: pe lrupuri micr. ond wcrsh.. ond ln the obstroct composiiions on linoleum from the third decode. cr choroclerislic of ser's monner of ono ysing ln C6zonne s sprr i.m.: ce ccceniueozd descompunerec subiec. r : or.. squores. ond olso in KLrchner's ond lleckel s. r. ele mdrlurisesc senslbi ilolec e evu :e moesiru.i lo or c . Borbal osezat (? lon " .:.eculed durino his oppren ticeship ol ser's (two of Jonco s future co oborotors. -' : :iuote de crviut. dor si o ui -. 64) privit in iimpu execufiei din spote.: precrse c crelonu ui si o esiompei. booc -':: . olong w th the hotching disp oyed in lriongle forms... Grossmcn. cdmirindu i . Esie o vorionio incipientd o . dupd .. . -. the chorocter's conslruction. under in nq the firm.olo] d^ l"'dst i re vo e5 -. The Wrller Coroqiole. iucole riimrc penlru sugero-: -: si o uminii. continuo : dlrectie.o iimpu ui. by expressrve grouping.orlrred b1 C r . loler become Jonco s preoccupolions. o unor otilu . oporl from lser s overwhe ming y drcmot c compositions. o dluri de hosurolio grupoto pe . Mox H. ond odmired the ongu c: crd b::<e. inio coltu.: esilor'dromolice. Cizek. -leine.: = le modeleu. ['o osr I or o . Mctlsse. o. in sp ritu ui C6zonne.=-'-. = a compozfiei. :-cisc Sirolo. Moxy )onieL). Seoted Mc:n ser. . The Portrcit of the Poet lon Vinect {cot 66) where. .t ' : iqel^hod5 r:: drowing''. L. rupld" o desenulul'. :' rzdtoore. . re iefond coniurul ferm dor frogmentot.i Dix.61 ).c.'= .rui expresionism lrogic. Couiorecr . creoted some rf em orob e imoges which chonne ed lhe coricoture.. r el eft -. odoto cu insusirec =-.o.:-olu esie rezo vol monumentcl prln suges .. moster.core.dini -':---o impozonle ole personoie or ce cucespotiul o b o co li de hdrtie. outor ol unor compo. zc. -. on crbslrcrcl consiruction is siruclured on cllerncting lines oround crn oxis meont lo bo once lhe composilion.lorely o i oo o the chcrocters who toLe over ihe while spoce of the poper.The Drowings ond Prints Room cwns o series of relevoni drowings for ihis eory period: Ibe Model \cc:t.e n t o-co's orqJ t re o o p a. : erc mcestrul iui oncu. preferinfo lui .or - ihe penci cnd slump to which his own woy of hotchlng. . cu rocursiuri indrdz: '.ofele fcleiote. geno sti orlqin s o so mon fest rn Jcrnco's work os welL. fcrlo de modu in core ccesio : subiectu . o priveste desene e reo izcle de loncu in The drowings thcrt...t : ^Poscin. =: mogini memorcbile. ' o ^o ly . Ary Murnu.: .: i . De osemeni. where the chorocter rs monumenlol y ochleved by suggestive shcpe eflects. -:hiulore opore o consirucf e obslrocld : : .: ='.:Joreo o l-os-rcrtie p'op e prr q poe :i . :odP^l-e' -Go-o'ro r'. lon Ihe l9a7 =. si unde hosurolro oxoto '. suprofeieLe texiuroie (dungi.65) compus energic pe dicgonolc. yet broken out ine. peosonl uprising rodicollzed ihe criis'rc cor science ond. unc din preocupori e constonte ole lul : . Grosz . whom o period cTi .' por^d o'ogoo dog'-e' . -t..po il o ot -he sL b1^. nuonced by the iberoiion of the oient energies. lLi. Nico oe Mcrnlu. cu Poscin.e idrdnesii din l9OZ vor rodicolizo consli :-istlce si.: -. : :oe da a16p^po pe [o. former ly inspired from socLoi monners.d. ser's preference for lexlured surloces (stripes. Thonks to lhe generous offer lhotJonco mode to the Art Museum \n l967.i" s. wilh woter co ours. Tl' h.:Dix. his sociol lhemes odiusling to ihe trcrgic expressionisl version. pe fdgcsul unel :--e implicdrl socio e6 CoricoturiJe po ilice :-e de loncu intr-un rdslimp re otiv scurt. -: :t lemperof corocieristic monierei in core '. os L.. rezumotive. c Modet ('o 6 ) oncu o foce anl of lomed cubism.. Froncrsc Slroto.liquidi sou Petrescu-Gdindr. . Coroglc e. l::. Iocoreo. Molisse.s.:-eo 'in Romdnio 11922 1923 ). The po ilico cori coiures pub ished by lonco durinc o relotively short period olier his return lo Romonlo 192223) took up this direction. -: -= 3-: -. Cobineiu de Desene si ::-ire csldzi o serie de desene Te evonle ::: 'o pe ioodo lr p. on Teodorescu Sion.lnli oherndnd in jurul unui ox.-in ccuoreld si oviu. I 9l 2 175 .. Chincr lnk.: 'noiesluos in pogino subiectu. construcfio . i osemuio cu morii de :. is crdded.. Grossmon. Portrelul scrtitorului lon Vtnea -.)e -ec iq-e ol . pe core insd o moi cultrvou 'ehr -rf lemporoni co . temolico sc socrc d odopidndu-se .r\aro gesrrg hodow o d igh-eftecr. l9l 2 1 -- . Moreover.. coroio je.-' je concentrore.

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Zur ch.o zob e grcvurd uno dp . from ihe bcck side. pe cate incepe sc le prcrclice lo Zurlch. ond olso in Ber ln ond Munich ' -' Ascono he wos on octive presence ond :: :with lonco ct lhe decorotion of Ccborel Vc : pub shed engrov ngs in ihe Dodo mogoz ne i ofter ihe wor {1920-1933) he led lhe Nover. serie o oce) ro 'ibed ir . lucidiloleo observcrfiei psiho ogice osociote obi itolil in redorec osemdndril fizice vor fr intolnite consiont si in porlrel slico ]ui oncu.e ru oil e rto psyctolog morked the possoge from coricoture to ileror\ .lllt t -oop^ro io ..-tested out lhe woodcut ond the Linocul ln -'Flowers'. concentrcled n geomeirico 'r^ l^e loceti g r p ^ io rd^r n l9)2. somehow reminds us"of Emil Or ik s work.. which he begon lo p': -. rofinot indulclto de o douo p crc-r de ientd Jn I 9l 2. oody inoq^ *i' d " -cr rp r o o n.o o. the synoesthesro. ser publico insofeou lr ' Jo'. 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.licole in revislo Der .]cnco s work. : =-r flsese elevu lu Gysis.:v. dcr moi imogrnotrve resources thot chonged lhe scere nlo o sigeneris p oslic conslruclion. simili-obslrocio. etc..nrlh ex:eo-::i . o o ) p.. which n l9l5 hcd opened. Munchen si Por s. pe 'ingo olrocf o . .d^p.orop/ a-(. ihe poinler M . Nu esfe exc us co himse f hcd been once. . Vo.I .ce o I oior. expozilio Picosso. o exocerbore de tip -: ". sd fi cunoscul creoticr ..oo. -. A sloge desgner.iro/ und Aktivitat im Kunstwerk. Experimente e i'..v Mcx Reinhordt ct Deutsches Theoter in Beil r lor l6 yeors. reveol.lri pe = -. ll9l9 19201 Ernsl Slern. o. dor din pdcoie morl pre . paro o ^ ^ d^.e concenlreozd pr n obslrogere rii -: . Von Rees expu. .9l 6. oi.lonco mighl hove known Slern's theotrico creolion crnd the coricoturesz' lhe otler pub ished in Jugend. he wos o member of the Secession ond. bul o so cs lhe oulhor of o lrecrtise.inccr de = ::ii spre o formL. r lespre trecerecr so prin oteJieru lui rLr^ ^^ : . lslrolie dir mopo Sumurun. rvho c sc orelicol iexlsr . picforu M H. .:--: s Von Gogh. where he regislered ot the Eco e Po ytechnique (Architecture)t' n ihe cosmopo rlon mil eu of wcr em 1918. the t77 .ertimenlu]ul si o unel ctitudini de r: comporobi d cu ceo o lui Georg .:. : diuri de Mox Reinhcrrdl o Deul . redoclor o revislel : .lugendstll remembrcnces he moveC lowords o nonfigurolive.u- - .1 Consider ng ihe rnl uence thot the Germcn expressionisl engrov ng hod on . Fondone. co si Sego si =nbergruppe. His ccrricolures. 3rdcpesto.urolii ego e. Scenogrof cu exceptioncle .: :u !erworth Woiden. Jx Deoltfe. where he developed o lheory obout the contro ed energy of the conslruclive forms (Kunsr.. : :-:s.4A printed expressionisi lype. cu ho. ..o Arte 'i o e p or're .. cmlniecr si .r -q. inocLLls olbum by .r. we ossume thct he could hove osslmiloted some fecr lures pertoining to the origlnol work of lcscdr Vrore..i:r.. r=:: o Go errc Tcnner''t.. i ccute ucrdily. ' .e Munich cnd Pcris. cs we I os crn ottitude of Ernsl Slern. iust ike Segc ond Moxy. the sinuous rhythms of forms". n Ociober l9l6 M. We hove reosons lo belleve thot with Mcxy's he p . ' : :.o. .e' pe core oceslo e publico lcr -.icrl : . originor din 'i' -:: onvergurd europeond co g cncu.^ o'ro ^Oe o o. p. Slern worked logeiher ih '. sp nning oround lhe Modern B..: cie lormelor". nol on y crs on ed ior of lnlegrol. oo ol lo : a.d emn.: comb ike decorcl ve su'fcrc. membru.lcunem cd el or fi putui . Moreover. prinlre o ie e. :. wos \.cre nonfigurolvo pro: r .rrotor pretuil lo Conttnporanul.. reo.- -rilve. Moitls Teutsch operei unui orlisl origincrl cc Loscdr . -:= -rci lerrziu cr e iui loncu.. ln Poris Mcllls Teutsch worked with Ben jomine Fondcrne. .'u gruporii Moderne Bund core in ..lck. l9l / o si :. omong oiher octivities.lished in the Der Kontet mcaozine (19111 91 2) ond especro ly his grotesqu e grisoille. M oncu se of o o Zurlch.: Ber rn.lcnco wcs in Zurich.' e so e pub. deod premcturely.) l2) si indeosebi grisoil/es uri e ' --:: 'dzborului. o Brcrsov born orll:l of Eutopeon |^ Mo. sii pervoded by .tnd grous:. lo Poris.-. compcrcble to Georg Grosz s cnd Otto Dix s.-: : de I uslrclil ominiind ornomenlul --'c pe core in mod cerl grctvuro .rnchen.rrsirocte inrudite oclrecum cu re refuri e . o'o-i\^ o ^-6't To rle'viu dtn lg71 ". 06 rozoo o ^r'g orl lJons Mottis orF. executed during lhe wcr.:.. 13 . I l:lrolion frcm the lhe porlloiio Sumrrun. e se ori -': a expres e p ostlccr ce se obsircc .l.rr.-r. ll9l9 l?201 .: . . muslcc phrosing whLch concenlroies. .--:"rcird o cre csupro ul lcncu ne : crsimi luslige Blotter. ol Jo. ce tronsformo sceno inir-o ga e 5 !a16 ol i pd^ S-. deologie Stobilitat und Activilat in Kunstwerk. on excggeroied sensiiiviiy of cnd ornomeni:r."nls. he wos o so o co lobo rolor of Contimporctnul.: r MLinchen cu Erich Heckeltt. he wcrs introduced lo lhe cvonl qorde mcnifestotions from Swllzer ond. 93 I ) unde .qo. in iurul Po itehnice (orhrtecturc)".:: moghore de ovcngorda MA dtn -lcns Moliis Teulsch.r. oporl from their offinity wirh C6zcnne ond Von Gogh. Stcrting from cn expressronisl mcnner.e expuneoin l916lo :. pub. he lurned lo o p oslic expression lhcrl groduo ly beccme crbslrcrcl.9 . .e -.o..:' Je o un expres onism pdtruns. by crbslroctton. on oclive ortisl in Munich. .. re evd. 5rp '..-"sur e Scolii s outor ol unui iroiol in core teoret zo ::niroloi ol forme or conslruciive (Kunsti ( I :. co si lier by breok ng ihe imcae reconslructs it cinemciicc the frome. Grovrrc pe remn I 9l / Moice lonco.: ': .'o eo. citer l9l8 o member of! po e d^ leclro d o . \A/oodcul.l ri. Mctce concenlrou de csemeni. '= wos Gysis cnd Fronk von Stuck s p..::spre expozilro de l^ Der S/urm si lo n-.preoccupied with stoge design cs wel . exe fermd. .. unde o fosl membru ol -:. 1917"'. he exh bited wlih Er ch Fleckel ot Go iz Gollery ln Munich in I 9l 6:: n l9l7 the pub ishing house of the Hungorion ovont gcrrde mogcrzine A.r\. --qeBoe .'::zd o bumu cu inogrovuri pub cot lo .Siern ccrre il frecventcr pe Segol. 1 93 I ). n 1917 Sego .

A oturi de vechl si noi prieleni (Vineo. vo umes c'r ' : They revec o stylistic evo ulion cs hls .iheir first exhlbltion Segol exhibrted os we ence of Bcumcnn s iheoreticcl decs (sucl :. fofo de neo-primilivism Este pulin probobi co ccesl desen so fi fost ucrol cr Bucuresti unde preocupdri e colecfroncrriLor folo de orieLe pr mitive erou obio lo incepui. nollon of the differences beMeen form c. from v o enl expressionism lowc':. ' ody mentioned movemeni.e:'.m d. revenil in Romonicr. . olcriuri de cubo futurism .]onco referred lo their mon fe.s. . Von Rees presenled obslroct - provenientd romdneoscal) crecem cd doteozdr lucro rea Pictor desenind (cot 68). crrtlsl s c oser reLotlonship to his pub ic. o femeie.. Lucrdri e inedite sunl re clv pufine folo de ceLe iip-rrite. onc -olion of lhe decorclive orlsto. Richter. o kind of cc-. .o r d )" i ofiimou intr o I omintito. hinting ot ihe new oblec' .odru monlleslc ior de loncu o fosl recepiiv o ideeo denonslroliilor de orlct noud pe core e promoveozcr-crpoi in Romon o s o 'incurcioreo orielor op icoie -.. penlru nuonloreo prodigioosei so e oclivlidll esle pooie cozu sd omlnlim oici edificolooreo so priete nie cu Fritz Boumonn (l 886 I 942)tt 9i pcriicipcreo o expozifiile grupdrii Dcs Neue Leben \o primo expozitie expuneo 5i Segol). re oilo noud crr somewhot simi or io Jonco s oter obslrocl re ::. Jonco returne:: .). Egge ing. order lo inlroduce some furlher dislincilons . where the ort col ec':-.' signed o significcnt crlic e on lhis subiecl in Together with his old ond new friends (Vi'-: the ort of lhe Negroes wos itle ol the :-= - Cosirn. in gene re.: . spre crmonie sj muz colitole:7. ' sirucirvism of the obstroct forms. o un constructiv perol lorzii. by rendering its form. during the Weimor Re:-: After the Dodo movemenl speclccu orv . c ortlstului cufundot in eficlento muncii colective. cpore un deicliu semniflcotiv de mobi ler. r' porl ng the top of o lcrblet-..\gr 1-^ \draT oedl formo si culocre. Jocques Cos lin.)tt osserted this ihe : when socio lsl ideos were hoving lheir scess in Germony. tiveness of the col ecllve work The Rodlc: EggeLing. where. sm /em a forme or obslrocie si. its hor.l= cnd ortistic coborels. . de oicl. Corne r l. ony o few yeors loier. spre so iditoteo formei..leben monifestot ons. gcrrde experimenls concentroled oround. Moxy. leben unde o pcrticipct 1c expozi lii e de a litc6..He wlshed lo reconslruct lhe deliberclei'i :-lhe imoge. pe core crlistii rcdiccr (Arp. expre :: pure obslroctnesstt. loncu csp rd spre reconf guroreo de ibercrl zdrobitei unlidlj o imoginii. loncu incepeo din 1922 cruciodcs Conttnporanului. semniflcolivo penlru evo ufro so viiloore esie prefiguroreo unei tendinte egote de nouo obleciivllole. proclicorecr -inlre compozitionolu ui pur sl iber. loo"'. De osemeni. renuntoreo o "lrufio" cu livcrld de lo Renogtere incoocet". lor e Voronco.o. volume si periodice. Este evidento inf uenfo ldeilor leoreiice oLe lul Boumonn {elimincrrec diferen lei dintre crlele lrberc e g ceLe cp cole. Mililo Pt--:. i\' o o' irP^ i^ r^b^ otqoPl - . o.^o'. E e re evd o evo utie sli islicd similord cu ceo o piclurii. From lhe peroc ihls orrivol in Zurich (the quo iiy of lhe pc:= Romonion) dcrles. h s work . 1919. Bcrse. ihe :'.'. I is most un ikely thot this c': execuled in Buchorest. io Dos Neue purd: 1n . expre sionism si cbsirociie . Besides.ism mcnlfesled o ong wilh ils loste fcr ' vsm.o.lonco begon lhe Conilmporanul crusade ' . inregisirdm un drum re oliv ent de o ccrLcoturd si portrelul grofic-ileror spre compozilio red in vorlous pub icotrons. un fe de ccrriotldo spriiinind b oiul unei Tf ese". n porole cu gruporeo o orlor / i lo o B^r Boel tu ononimoiu ui opere de crrto. pe core-i punem in re olie cu recepliviloieo fofo de crlc necgrd cu lLvoid de cubism si. G-ror oDtrp bcide oWe. in spiritu ui ser. in generol. presumcb ' - de o un expres on sm ocul.coboreie diol urmdloore sosrrii a 7lr or ilerore s cr-:i.- h. friendship with Frltz Boumonn (l 886 l91t port c polion into the exhibitions of Dos Ne-. Wllhrn lhe conlexl c: . s. Ln however. pdstrcrnd focturo folelotd si imposlcrec monumento d o personoiului pe coo o de hirtie.-:= : gies held bock by the wor. in core. 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Sonic Delonny's clothing models) os ln Piono ': ond ln the profusion of hotchings. coptured ci thoi given r. ln onii 1930 l94O desene e sc e mdriurisesc o muzico itcrle foliso o in ei. the photo siudio. 1925 Victor Brouner.l930s ihe ond I 940s his drowings show cr. .- : concrzie depllnO c expresiei: din cOievo inii cu penilo si cdlevo occenle cc de de posiel sugereozo umeo noud.. 103) fiind odevdrcte revdrsdri de culori code. coi 102. .Din 1926 doteozo Coui c:ncozilii in ccre coutd sb formu eze . ol compozitii"". where the ine generous y defines ihe form :.. 92.lonco cc thct. lronscriind eficieni lrdrsdluri e modelu ui surprinse o folo ocu ui. cormin) sr .= : lion the eorly Se/f-Porlroil pub ished in Conri:-:. green. e ofirmo.intr oncu tiv-r exper menle e nonfigu:oi ve si cromotico cu ecouri psihologice si emoliono e.. . For insionce. silueozd formc. inio precizectzd generos formo (Porlre ful sculplorului lhs ori seniimento tsmu si moi oles ccceniueczd corccleru specific lures of ihe mode . lo :: figure of the evll hcrlequin.lonco wos olso cr wel -known scene'.. Porlretul lui lacques Coslin. \: ivory b ock)'' A slecrdy dlrection of his mcnr:rhythmic ogglomeroi on of lhe oreos onimotec : lrosting co ours (hcving o simi or effect wilh . formeozo sl creotor . cormine) ond "convex" :hoving o minor force (chrome ye ow. energizes. for inslonce. esloblshes the composilion. which mokes ii difficu t.. irc : . Wt'^r Aoe him to co oborote to hls books of intervews Porision foshlon thot lhe former took up moinloined lhe close re clionship with the wcc L shorp line ooded with urmd o Poris'a -. puncte sou omprente. 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1981. irecond prin licrlic. Two Nudes. somewhol close to jo-:cubist fcceting vision ond to the formo sc : o rl-d-aco of his grophlc works ore poifting sludies - .boIro r rq i ^rd Do .icturii' loncu ero receplol co picfor-profet ce o o. nr.o!o I du Miilio Pctroscr. which onnounced the relurn lo Romonlc i. n 1909 ser. ivl to lott 193 93 I 5. 1 chorcc: oof co tloi p^r11 rnoortA cu fier de cctlcoit se opropie oorecum de vrziunec socodold. B.t ordO oa\p a o ro^ lcrrdu ' ole cdrui opere vor li dispulote n viilorime de muzee si ocodemii. Al Pobo C Mo e ul lord.e. I sl nevo o de sincronism c cu lurri romonesli cu ceo europeond. Corne iu Michoilescut'wcrs onoiher orilsl or: _ rcrlor of Conttnporanul.lser I B8l 1958.od t. I a8O Moriono V dc .o 4 ^ I No.. of N e .. opero orofrco o ur Morcel loncu nu dezminle ocesl odevdr. t Pa.Oo :e voli osuprc unor mode e sti istice ole coricoturi]or /ul Conslontrn . oor^r ord o prop .^at.pO>1..4063 precum si repr de cr nr 4833 4844..insusi ero cltros de -errico vi-.e ed o oor col combincrtion (lemperc.o. together with Foroin.Un o t orlisi.. . significonr for the .l e wo ld o. nr. chincr-ink. nol only by lhe ovontgorde ortists.po . I 983 3 ln I 909 ser deschideo lc Bucuresti. 'Al-Gozcfl of po r . 7a a a d le p r e o oo tro-: *o'[oo ir^ bloo o L-\.o A o . t. See Poinler Pascin c' " -oB .c. Prin vitolilofe si forlc seniimeniu ui.'.: the hcrrd blocI out ine in pcrintLngi:.liquidi . o^ A'-o o D. o p'^-nol to .ilevo modolitofi de 4 S Poul Revislo muzeelor. D.o. 3... de csemenl co cborcior a Contimpo. 5 oo\ e. . p 2. Craiova. The Historv of Fine Ar.lconoc osl' .pOZ. I 1 92 1 ". .l'uo Go be Poo Berceo.R.e r M . ccnd se vcr orienlo vdrdii spre suproreo ism.o no l o.-o. o ogele.e'r oale' o etro. deschlderecr prin implicoreo cutezdloore ln procesu de innoire o oriei romdnesl . G: . coi.^: h ilcr..c iu ui. \. nr2. 'ep od rc-o 'o-"r o aB3 J ABa cl d olso 'olo. osil lser - c..Mo e.odp. a indemnul se pore ol lui Poscln cu core ero ou Tdmos de neego crt.or' l. eO o v oOi' 3aq T. de Porcschivc Glouber Poior 9i Rcdu Berceo. lo Pclotu Ate pr p onse ce .it '. I 990 tie primiid cu rezervd de public v si Peire Opreo.S. \.icl bo. : llshed in Facla 11932):3. Bucuresti. August 1933.. o-i' orr'L'. hcs:h s c: I o ^ l..S. ZoBO s. a2 1 .r'ed o o. Dercin opened on exhibrtion oi lhe l^ BB o5BPe-oQtrr-[. ..L . de conru- . = 09 o bv ooro.i oe -oo ioao oor a.5o io ^ ^obo oro .'op.- ceo .D.. pr n cur oziioteo si pcsionolo inovcrtie tehnlco.A-r'^ o. ior. r . Jor . Bucuresti.o c. nilitontc) tomcsneascd ( A bum ). in Revisto Muzeelor.e Oo^O I 82I / 944. r the mojority of high-brows. Expoztie reiro:peciivd'. l 963. si . . de o cerel. Op^ o o. 190B repr in Reperfo riul. or d o r-t re .OO ^6.rories. a rep od r€ | aOA.rdop-{Wi Hls viiolity ond force of senirmenl. vo lucrc 'in spirii cubist si conslructivist pono in on i lreizeci.i DerOir NCIE o lr or rc r^ Po -.. 1967 p 130 unde esie r> p oi^!lI ooet F oorog I i o^. he beqcn by oc- \ t I Mcrce oncu c fosi oprecot de conlempoioni nu r o de oro^oo'oo . when he obviously lurned lo surrec :- oriico . de fotetori e cubiste c e ui oncu si de so lditcrteo formo d o orld-Aco r rri J pi.d pcrpe .-fo': Still . -el i'q'e d. : lhe occosion of the first exhibilion (ot Mcls: cn orlisi of fundomenlcr viru ence. lanul... o surfoces n o per od when Jcnco hlmse]f'wc: : by the iechnique of stolned gloss window cs . We remind lhe remcrrkcbe technlcru-.-.oic . i": 1923 cu occrzic live with lron-t'). PA.o6 o. 1967 c : R.n v. unpora e ed p otes.i^' u o\a voI r .rc itcie nietzschenionc pcno o orllco e e omog crle dtn Focla .o Do-e Op eo lo.p. g l9:o p.CoO- 6a.o . 2.oapU o iouot or oi (o ^c op. who scw ln l. Do e -ogl pp l0 cop B4B 4) Grr:tficc. 1.: 6 ).Cu Mcrrce loncu despre e si despre ol'i.. A Robot..l?o.A Gozo o p. . 1930s.: d A-=. 2. 9 n'. h^ o.o. no 4680.). u .Loe ^ l-..] o . De o ui Jccques Costin core semnolcr 'inloorcereo pr mei expoziiii de c Mcrson d'Art. QOB eo od eo r ?^p^ . Unele dinlre lucrcrri e sole de '' 'eq g'^ r'P'c loncu. of.zo.f. core pornind de o odmiroiio fofo de C6zonne si orto pr miiivo. I 983.iO rlorO. no.eo aoc oooo. Bucuresli. in future by museums crnd ocodemies foci elen rec izcrnd Mcrcel Jcnco s grcphic work cs we NOIES oori L-po. o.tri'aptrro rg .\co\^.senger of lhe new orl. Pove 1984 pp 22 7 23 Eena Moieescu.oio:.136 Revisla muzeelor.oTono o. o unui oriisl de o e emenloro virulenlo.cerebrcrliry'".obo n ccrre ser o ucrol grovurd cu ocul incepOnd din 1921 .1932)" semnificoiive pentru i Morcel -lonco wcs high y este-^med by his .eoo. v Pictorul Pctsctn lo cofenea. From Jocques Co:-.. tl the orlic es prois ng his lc e-' wos co ed conoc crsl". a fosl Cornelru Michai escu .R nloela..:_= ord -te ra6o w I W. ior oo culiurc core ou vozut 1n e pe cor feu crlei noi.

de l'Arl Sete 3/ noto 1O 9i repr l . .-': Kunstlerbtogrctphien in Re :-:j-. Pe. owed to . p.s.n'te o 'h" S^ r^. i : :. Arthur Segc unpu l9B4 p B l0 b ished in Romonio". publiccto .d. pe core loncu ttogico' _ -t_jtu : . 1 990.). ::scu. Lo Morcel : :: r. Cercelori de lsforio Arlei. lo.':: noier o copotind o forlo . e. l BqA 1933 {cot ) BerLin 1989. I 979 9 1 1 I -.shed in the poges of the Nebe/spo//er mogozrne Between l92l l924 le ochieved iihogrophed porlroits of severcl culr. Enciclo 16.v ei Consideirclions sur e Mouvemeni Rourc' L4 :-1 gorde'. scrio despre :: 7 ian .L p 96 -- r=--:spective -7MNAR. Ro. .y5' 'o la5 it ?er >.luro.: : = 9. ?33. ( Boz ooo r p 96.emenl roumoin d ovonl ^e i'Hisloir-.tstorio Arfei.. Pcve 1984 p 2327 7 I -^no Molee . 7yL. :' . 1 989. .. n Ronpc:.- :i erreisen ". Revolultonc:tre Kunsl ln I : .1ll omon Sonie evici {1 878 l91Z) studred in )912 he drew londscopes wllh romcrnli colLy hcloed monuments. . the porlroil of ihe o. . nude. work. 5er o Arlo cp 149 . Arthur Segol. in The Traiectories of Sight Buchcrest l99O p I 89 102.l=.tress Didcr \oo'ro rLor . cs it is the cose of Ccrf e l! \r'. oblectele din r. u. 1 looa o't5o'1 tr. l 98 l .inlre ollele.-moln ou XX-eme siecJe.. insp red from the Buchcrest nlght llfe. 1982.--. o new force. B" on r tordcr'^ dor Arqt ez o.lcnco's exhlbitlon. =: 9:. inv 24847 14 NMAR. p. : OO . in Revue Roumc:tn d'Hisloire ce Ai: Se-e Beoux Arts. Moriinc . by Miss lulio. Caragiale's Portrctir.or M' 'o G c: oo3 ae -t a ropr.lI presenl humon figure n inlerwci -)':'. quof.. signing with hls pen nome. {1914l916) 2 . od b.. ofier he ecolLed ihe primocy ol senilmenl in ihe express onrst ort".-t : ='. 'KLjnslLerreisen' . Corne iu Mlchdilescr. ile se' :. Tome XXIV. where he published his drcrwings. Jan. tnv 22523 15.2254 See o so Elenc Moteescu. in Europatsche l\/oderne. cum este cozu iu 1 oo o 'aBA p taA5 6. I O /on L.-. which is reveo ed. .. omong mcny olher po nl ngs.rllJugendsii . he wrote oboul M . :. Moxy'... 01 or ^. ' (ror M 1 -.. . o to. Ber in 192a. I 7po"o .7.'rsi S/ern. As o oro I I 4.:-:pnik ous Berliner ::-L n. \1 9l 2) The Notionol Museum of A* of Romonlo (NMAR). in ..1923. ond Cotc in Dovidescu. o. o or the obi^ to'r eo B^ r ond in Zurich (l9lB l92O) woodcui.primc : r :xoreslonlsto'. Amel o Pove.ichal 931) es. 984. pp B O -' . Povel. in 1934 he publ shed on olbum.o si co porlreiisi.: iI912)..ol O^. o orlr o'e . reproduclion. ' t5l I I So Munich.-r el optlce. t.tnv 2254.' ..:: - de noople bucuresleond. ond publ. p. Kanstlerbtoqrophren in Revo' lution und Reolismus. Europcttsche Kunstverla inocul.t ' tome 28.r6p6 ie. L'Art Roumc n cu X)'-:^-: . ln .59. Ber in.lneo problemo . He wos one ol the shorpesl chroniclers of new ort exhibltions. os cr Young Mon . footnote lO.ld ce ominleo de . these drowrngs ore s gned wlth coLi q ophlc inii ols inside ihe imoge. n o l-ogi. .. op opore. I 1^p. Domnrsoara = I :c Solomon. n'n^poni'qor^ prt ol. .cie de obicei cu inilio e :: nli.pcroo1rIe oO. nlre ihe il usiroljons show ng three women. r c.4 . no I Hoffmeister Christlne..Restilullons.. Buch und Grophik ous Berltner KansL verlaqen. Lucifer.]onoh v.olo op o o '.iq r' d Mo. Revolutionare Kunst tn Deulsch' / l2 .l 49 1 59. ond lithogrcph c ccricotures wilh onti wor chorocter. H s socic rsl be iefs drew him close lo Cuvontul liber. Bucuresti. he mcinlcined tl-iolwiih Morce lonco the 'lniernc o-ro'or apro. . similor ln monnet ond fro.'7AA 'lO rO O -: semnand cu Pseudonlmu .hoes.Restllulri. w lh expressionist e. Pove 'si :r-. IQZS.. . pp 1 89 . bust for Theodor So ocolu's texi. ru B Andrei Plntille.luoendsti vision. (cot ).: :-i . in Arlo.i. 12.inv26455 Pp \2 5t nv l3l3 M H. Sodoma.o \l : -. : ce sole cu monumente. . t'-o 9l 8 I 920) grcvurd pe . Arthur Segol 13 NMAR. in r - . tnv. I 5l 878 la l/J c studlot lo .^d ^hl-ro-otet o oo.o.^ri d oo^ oz l.emofie :-. . ' i.

1ee3' p eB ond footnote /:- : 34.. p 351 22 ?ave )984 p 27 23. Zrich. pp 97lal 3O Morce oncu.. (Cot. see o so Tondenzen der Zr'. v.o S ro o otr Arle Do.. ll \i:. pp lO I l. 2:-:. p 3: -: 27. Blblioteco nstitutu ui de Arle P sociolc' .lcrnco. 10 1 1. o o-ve. no. "Russion AvcrnfGorde Conslruclivism". se feresle de obi ltali. l99O 24 Seiwerl. ot NMAR. 2l . moi iscusrtd. Berlir Enciclopedia dello spettocolo.spoce. Seiwert. . 26 Roymund Moyer. M. {etc.C. Pavel. l. Pou Consicntin. rtr 5/) 984. \n Contimporanul..i .Muncllorri lnlelecluclL si monuoli troiesc socrlficiul indjvldului penlru lolo ilcle. 15.). - 0391 05 lo3o'( I ^i^a. nr 4. Ruso 1905'1925 en Las Collectiones de /c-. inluind lrufii vcne.: - .r' )er ln 1920.Artislcrlizon crtificiu ore irel sensuri deo- lYida) Morcel lancu in Rondnict. work reference. i9i poslreczo perfectiuneo. 1990. 1993. 'Mcttis i.-' :-: S-^e olsoJu o Szobo.Arhiiecturo'in Mi. ior intre ceplion on ihe pointed spoce) ond fulursr :. ' sebile cu oporenid de osemdnore ( ) . 1924 p. . from Neo-Prlmilivism io Conslructivism'.H Moxy. in Ario. ingly simi or { ) The freer on crrlist behoves = i he preserves his freshness ond ovords tricks..o-d-. iust like in the::.. cdl cre otoru stie sd fie mcri degojot. nsemnoii de orid'.. l-2 /8. three different meonings . ' * die Schauplorze.. geomelricol forms.Azt ca si o to dcto orlislu.. Arl e. Revista de stnlezct -. miscoreo Dodo 9i Tondenzen der Zwanziger Jcthre. )994 p 3Ol 9i noto 22. .-o l :r 3 lbidem 34 ln I 924. rro ir Con'. un elos rconoc ost). Dada in Zirich. :. Moltrs Teulsch Jonos. l9l/. (Cot ) Berlin.) Ccncrios. Zat\cl. . Artc:.': : die Schauplotze. Corne iu Michoi escu. in iown ond indusiricr mi ieu. 29 Seiweri. cr-o : lhe mu titude. 35 Seiweri. Seiwert. e1a6 6. no. impreund cu Andrei Vespremie si 930 O35 rr oneozo . 1979.'No fgong Goetz.l. Aprll Moy. 1990. LL:" no. pp. \n lnfegrc:/. 1975 . 27. Seiwert. Wofgong Goetz.. . p 52 54 20.. 1924 p. 1993. I 990 24. Dte -. gi Ju io Szobo. in Conlinporanul.'. in lct Vonguardict Rusa l9a5 I925 en las Colecciones de los Museos Rusos. Architeciure". :'. Budopesto. la' . no 4. onc Neo-Primitivism cubism {frogmenlolion. Ernsl S/ern. Seiwert. 1916. . c -= : r : io ..vo lX.e I \ Be ir > p. Ungorische Graphik im Auslond..351 22. 22. Gheorghe V do. Setwert. monu scrls docli ogrcrflct.4 5. p. 325 9i p. X. lermenu de cubo o sintezdr crecloore inire cubism (frogmentdri. 'Sociol Archiieciure . cu oldl expresio crlisiico este moi violentc. Revistd de siniezd modernd.' p 258. ol NMAR. nr. in lo Vc-: -.).3l As lt wos employed by Mo evici in l9l 3 of cuboJulurism represenled o synihesis r:' ::' foclurer experience ihe socrifice of ihe inc'.orlifice.. v. /35. si Morcel oncu.'Retrospeciives.-^11 6. l9 Mrhoi Drigcu.. Romc l975.' : lqlS I933. forme geomeirice. orlifice. 1983.imbroco horno munciloru ui si coboord in uzlnd. p l3-19 : i Dodo movemenl. 1993.ub. . o dlp omo thes . see o so Moriono Enocl-e Marcel Jonro in Romania. 33 ?. 1993. . o noud conceplie osuprc spoiiului picturo ) si futurism (sublecie legote 3l . . p 325 ond p. no . 1994 p 30l.'-.:. dr. v. 1993... Floffmeisler Chrlsline. no 15. Foloslt de Mc Teuisch ci Europecn Diologue of Forms"..1 :'Todcy. the Librory of the Fine Arts Fcculty. )983. Mcrrcel . Pou Constonlin. pp I 3 l9 Pentru p. Seiwert. ln Ata. See Three Wonen.i-<'-(-. Berlin )977 3/pp 1278 26 Roymund Moyer. )993 p 44O 25 Roymund Moyer.Mcitls Teuisch si diologul europeon o forme or'. 'Q. Christlno Lodder.npo onut t. l92L croftsmon . p. 1993 p 44a 25. Professor Ph D.careo literora.1925. . (Coi. Dada in Ziirich Die Akteure. devenit opoi Acodemio orlelor decorolive (strodo Cimpineonu lZ). Revolutionctre Kunst in ) land l9l7 bis / 933 (Cot ) Berlin. p ilB See Contposifton. )anco together with Andrei Ve. tezc de icenio. Romo. Tehnicc nu ore nrmic comun cu vrrluoziioleo 9i ortificiu 45. in Conlintpc":-. sl Moricno Enoche . 60-6 L 28 Corne iu Michoi lntegral... evici futur sm reprezento ih h ilil F il de dinomismu vief r moderne in trmp si spotiu.. coordonclor stiiniific prof.:r:. 1925. 29 Seiwert. 1993. iRusos. Buchcresi . 60 6t 28. Roymund Contimporanul nr. KUnstlerbiographier ' t : lution und Reolismus. I 971 . in mediul urbcn si industriol. hoving understood lhe vcrin houghlines: : the worker's overo ond goes down inlo il'e :: -' "Arl Noles . Bucuregii.pedio dello speffc:colo. 93 9495 I 930 ( ) . inv l3l : 2). oncu deschide un olelier de orte decorcrllve.)Berin. lnv. MaltisTeutschJonos.33 48. 1993 pp I 13 1 15. p 97l0l 30. lconoc c: = see Chrisirno Lodder. ln I 924. aB Q?a 36.Russion Avonlgorde Art. p. . )984 p. in Miscarec .. 5 ortisi. nr 15.". lyped mon-. n 1926 l92B ocest crte ier esle condus de Mony (Atelreru lntegrolului)... (Cot. connecied to the dynomism of modern life lr .Arlo neogr-r . iLustrofii e nr. Technique hos noihing in common wiih vlrtL:. op. 45. p 114 M. 1993.27 23. De. Concrics. 258 9\ notc: 467 Jf !e wcr l o93 p 98 3 in I 9l 3.cit. 1924 .: :: -.. Gheorghe Vido. -'* violent cnd resourcefu hls crlistic express cr . f.Arhitecluro osiice. 'The Art of il-e :Negroes'. 235. Enciclo 17. Unqorische Graphik in Ausl<tnd Deulschlond v / 9l I 1933..

r:. 1993.-rB ogo.Eiod. p 9 : 'About polni ng since ihe 35 Seiweri. ' 'r. riMo ^' lo '--:2 ^' 1924 la Mrscc:rec: litercsrd r -:r . hord cnd elegioc vcr ues. .-rtlcrporler -mos.Jonuory 3l.: r'.T.: (ot 1Z Compineonu Street)' :-: -: .. nr... Atros de -: : r l:omilie prietenio slo ::'e un orgumenl in pLus -':-es spec oL penlru relolio -. 'Archileciure .o e . Ie Aviv./31 ion l925 P' 3 := .l-lre. \ )(o ^o {Aro. ' llomoge Faclo.which wos lo become lhe De::':'.rr. . . I 935. o irojoe :ro do. . stridenl ond sweel chords. 6lc:n. 30. p.i 56 mort. -:' r:ur le m6tier' . 'Colour' . Februory l4 1925 p l (dcied Pcrls 191'8) 39. n 1924 Fe ix Aderco initioted al Mrscoreo lilerora p. See olso the text of the progromme. Seiwert.= utile' . spre exemp u.lcnco s crciuo inleresl in the re otionship Diclogue eftre e bourgeois morl it 'opolre de lc vle nouvele". Morcel .. ..' Conttmpcr:'. he used his personol relotions . "Pour le melier . Tome l :'. :"j noud o Conltmporc:tnului -. Moxy openeci . . May 26 29 1925... tn Puncf. rn p. L'Art Deco en Roumonie.c.:oreo literc:rd.lor. H. ond for lhe column At. we shou d to k with lhe music dlctionory.S. II3I i ::: r:: . in Conlimporonul nr- subject hos become o secondcry one. o :: . George Domion os Pierrol.l ocum cernd subiectul puleo vorbi mci curdnd. -' .ll. r::l en Roumonie' .pouoo d ^s -. : :vreinov.: lrmdreo produciio me o. in Conlim - =: o osticji europene. lune 6. and A M The New Arl Demonsirolion of the Contimporonu [nogcrzlne . S-rd o Jcrnco. al the Populor Theotre. 30. 1925.-r:r s morl et 'opotre de cr -. in Mendion. rpr'r.: -: . c fo osil conlocle e pe - .lc:nco. 5. '-: 25.. o dpo..s1.lonco. 1993.Words behind the curtoin". rich chromctics. directed by Sondu E si orticolele. 1925 (doted: lonuory l9l B).. p 1 14 3/.Vorbe -:.: -. os we os of the moin motif cnd construction. 3ll 344 43 Sergiu Don. n 2 ::2 -- 44. Moarlea .. in Mi5cctreo Literara. no. speo[ing of the tunlng of the moior cnd minor co our.:r--. ond M. .. Usefu Notion.rg. See Morce L.. o stoge-direcior ond ocior {ihe Florele Li i Rcrdu escu crs . Serwerl. For the coslume prolects see o so Conlimporonul. 1025.-'t o:r . . in Revue t. 1993. \n Conlimporanul. )espre picturo'. 69 83 4l Morcel -lonco. in Punct.aa . {in crlte ro uri: ::. his c ose friendship with Cloro Hoski .1s'16i61 volume 8. 73 )927 42 I6e new orl demonslrolion ol Contrmporanul. rhythm omd ctono expressions.. -. quin). 1923 p L Auto- eder prir fo to e'o"poio'i' the fcrsh on of interviews ossocioled with the portroil ol lhe lnterviewee. nr.F.- \.. The other cclors were music recrtol performed by Corinc Sfeteo (o kind of music lhot no longer lnsisled on the me ody.e \^. 55-56. Coceo's eclure (The C d ond the New Ad).' His fondness of music.1. . . ': 36.r. -. oon Rodulescu os the Doclor. Morch 1925 (two issues dedicoled lo c n emcr ond iheotre). hormonles cnd dissoncces. in Punct no I I. . Pierrol George .. .. 6 iun. A Joyful Death. c:incipc si conslruclie. )925 p. written by Sondu E iod. cnd Dem Consfonl p cryino the Deoth pcrt.doCot rc . i-r Serie Beoux-Aris.-..:-r' .' ' .'^ror i.op"'" o^o-o erJ.Dem. esct. . 1993. in reqro ui Sondu -' Arlechln. -. in Revue l--: si piesc: Moctrt'ea veseld. Seiwert.. reprodus in Con :) moi 1925 9i A M. :'io noud o revistei ' . fovoured by his fom ly mi ieu. caiel =::--rd. Mende son.'. \ dedicole pp ui. no. {la. ore reosons to subslonliole.r--= -1. oo Roumcrn d'Histoire d'Art' Serie Becux Arts. inlerve ' onl o ncre de vede'e com. but on ihe pure tonol vo ue reloied to ihe sensciions produced by dlssononces). including N D.: ore uoi st lo Conttnporanul . ru lo . Mctrcel lctnco. a horlequinode by Nrcoloe Evreinov.= wos run by Moxy (The Siuc : -i -'=: : beMeen 1930 1933 lt wos rL-r. :otct Poris l91B). .lonco iook ii over in Conltnporctnul. 2.-rno d in ropori cu senzoli 40 Mihoi spir. Froncheleo Coombino. no I 3. May 28.:: si Lu ul lncisiv o lui oncu. -:.-.6. Morcel . :-:gromului de solo.. cs wel os o ploy.: -: he Deco ot re A. 1962 bet*ee^rr. Te Aviv. 'l ooo. February B )932 p to Morce Jonco'.' :a 1o.r -^g 3B lie resumed o so some of his orticles: I S F . pubLlshed in Confinporonul. no.adulescu. Tome XXV 198/ p..-. despre ormonli si dis= : ccordurl du ci'.

9914 si Repertoriul (l 984) H 5I C Nistor. i: - Bucuresti. for inslcr': - . Morce ..Morce of cu sou Al Gozo r ol pic lurlr . . si Locncr V ostu. .\' ^ Co o :' (Mos 'o cu . v. .' ond Morcel . ond lntegrol. Ca. 1979 : -' scu pted.1 {Co-) B ' : :. Confimporanul. in Revue Roumc ' de I'Art. He wcs ihe c-ond director of the prestioious revlew A'-: Gro{ico (Grcph c Art cnd Techn quei. l 9/3 51.p5 46. 1936 54.Mrlilo Potroscu 9i Morcel crncu. 1925. no. . . Morce oncu. Facla. p 153 Pentru desenele picturole. Corne ro Boblc (Donre ). 9906.A Pobo op. onl Jccques Cosiin. 9i Simonc Nistor. Tudor Arghezi. B. in Revue Roumoine d'Histoire de l'Art. Robot. see o so lhe drcwrngs n ihe co ::' - -: NMAR 56 ui Morce lcncu. I 98 XXIL. o po. eic.u. Fe\ruary I 6.oB^'l't Poris Er[une dln I92 I (cu M ll. E ements for lhe R: -. 1965 49 p o' qcio j l9B I .. ln Studii si Cerce ': Arlei serlo Ario Plcsljco. A. 'rt :lo. ^.o o I le ooo . Ion 26. moi 1934. cu ori" ll.M. -pa o. MNAR Conslc'n/ln Brancu$t. La M.H Moxy (Coto og). Iuclc Bolocescu (Demelriode). o ootc ro oPo.r'r . Milila Patro. Corneliu Michoiescu". (\^.r ^r o1d d ouqL .in Arta. 1932. 56rle Becux-Arls.' o. forme. v.0. o l e -o occl. B febr. romernecscdt cr Holocoustului.r o. quot Aport from Mi ilo Pa" orllsts were menlioned. Poul Slerion. ur . Fine-Arts ol the Dc . "Todcry the pcrir cr lonco Mililo Peircscu specrk tc : Morch I 7 1934 Petru Comcrnescu.9372..Arler.g ' M'.r lileror si ortistic.loDo-o ro suni ominlili: A. 47 l1e exlblied together with Mossimc h^ ^^ I rq^r C o. lr' :. I 9/3 Ponoiiescu. 52. ore -p :o lne d: u ::ot odvorcF^ po n [OOo ' oroc'i . Tome Adevdrul lilerc:tr si orlis/ic. Fcscla. p6r e1 . . 1891.ll. spre exemplu. in Contimporonul. si lnlegrol. C Poncitescu. Mili/o Pdlrctscu.Scrijtorii si orlo ui Morce oncu. 'Cn Poiniing'. Tom 26.. Peniru Mi lto Pdlrogcu. s Eriopo.26. C:--= : (DoreIBc'.Azi ne vorbesle cup u de cubls li Morcel loncu Mllilo Potroscu' . . mor- 49 Henri DcnieL (b Bolosoni. . Buccrrest . ll.e/. v. : -063l *o. by lhe 'crecttive exosperalion of express onist orloi' o.- - . no . .Bucuresti 1965).o o .'o Mo . l4 pup ^r " oi^o r' B" l i ond Po.. Doniel. Serte Beoux-Arfs.und C . l ond 2 192.v A. no 9 I l. ^ 1984 (l I ). Mo.: O" . ? t ' 243 47.Morce . inv.i Cnul Ml'oPot o'. )982 \ ).. C onp qli . l6febr.. Ser o Arlo p oslico. Moxy. on ortrslic portnersf : Onul lArt crnd Mon). Bonn. l3 ion 1923 p 4 57. Michollescu. Europa. nr. Cficrc e de Desen $i Grcvurd A fost redoctor orlistrc o presl qiocrsei revjste Artct si Tehnicct Grafica reolizot cron cd p crsticc si o l%7 l*9) unde o qi a p e7^ rv 04 e^a -go rri l.]onco. Tudor Arghezt 1925 inv 937 l..'Aot -oeM. Expozilio refrospectivd M. Exhibrtion of the Contimporonu Grou. la Conilmporanul dar si lo So oone e Henri Donie (Botoson (Coi. Brolcrsecnu. in S/udii si Cerceldri de lstorict. 1932 p 3. v MNAR. 1944 p 215243). -o 'o-rp. ln Con' ^ .. Drowlnqs crnd Engrov ngs". Bucuresti. . M. 53 H B ozron.9 I l.poz. 9370. in lhe Romonlon 15 febr.. v. where he wos ihe crl columnisl cnd o so c -: wings ond book blndlngs 50.Elemente penlru o redescoper re cr lul Corneliu Michdllescu I . June 6 1923 inv. cote de conlur pronunlot. Max lctcob. Buccrest. p 89 116 55.'in Vremeo.Lo Peinlure roumci ne des onnees 20 et es debcris culour de o trodll!on . 'l934. Michoilescu. l7 marl. Moxy. ine. 2l dec 1932. tnv 937 inv. 1932'. tnv 9372. Blozicn. Mililo Polrogcu motoru I 58. Brerncusr. l. Lucic Bcrlocescu (Demeiriode). os ll wos lhe ccrse of Lucic' 45. think thot the se f portroit oniicipoles. M. t Mo. no. such os: Al.lcnco. . Andrei Plnti ie. 1936 54 Andrei PrniiLie. !. ll. for insionce).. nr.P osiico lo Dcrl es A 4-o expozifie o grupuLui Conlimporonu ' . v. . .-o Pelo Mcrcel loncu) in Adevorul. o lovdrirsle orlisiico' .l925.-o opa (( o ) Bo. bos ore lefLrl monlot o inlroreo imobrlulul dln sir.a. Petru Comornescu. d jscussion. for lhe lendencies of ne'. Hristo Botev 34.. H. 1925.i desenele of oie in coleci o MNAR 52 Mililo Pdlroscu o scuLptol. ll o sr expus cu Mcs: mo Compig i v Eugen Crociun. pentru tendinle e egote de nou closicism in orio wor ld .. See NMAR Conslanlin Brdncusi I 937a.6632.t 6e 4t6nQo ae i' M'^l-. . ceonu. Facla. 2.102. 1932 p l2: . 1979..1932.Ciiiiorij 9j orto lui Morce oncu lslorie l".-iD ol o. Merico Rdmnjceonu.llnll.ribrod {r M. Autoru se refera mounied ot lhe enlronce of the bulldinc :' Botev Slreet. Mcy ::For lhe pictoriol drowings chorocterizec : . d cr. work of orl. \a^ r apc Aa .r MorceL c- 53. l9B4 (ll). Tome XlX. Grupul Arto Nouo.oP. Moxy lo soo Mozort). Dc:s Jahrhunderl der Avonigctae in Mittel .lonco Exhlbition) in Adevc'6er 21 . 48.Arlo nr. C. Bucurestl.6624.'. Tome XXll. . see olso oonc : Peinture Roumo ne de Annees '2a e: = cuiour de Lcr Trodltion".

. Mo ^' .. l : 6632 56..l r . .o .r'.oA ---: a Tl r . '|'1crce . :.. . )ee ne \ oooo oo t.Or_ p ).o -. Do.he o . : : -.r -o o Poo )oolooc: odVo ^ o ./. 58 Poul Sler on.9 r l-^-o d^o'o^o.o. .Co ^ M caF 4'e ^. r' . .locques Cosi c- defender of Arobicn ieriiroiiesi l87 .


-ri s.68l grophlle penciL cnd slump on drowing str ped poper.imnan : t:et.]oncu. DoviCesco (?) (cot. signed ower eft: Morce. I :a anc '..7 x 3Q.68) cre on grolii si eslompd pe horle. Colot dr os: Mcrce.4 .lcncu ll9lu1 l9l6l. 48. 48./ x 39. MNAR A PA NTER DRAW NG.4 cm. : rrcu 1912. semnoi :.lcrceL oncu ll9l4 l9l6l. NMAR t89 . '-.P CIOR DESENiND rJ pe harlre Dovldesco l?l icol.

. b IF F I iI P A\ lccr. i-i woler co our iemperc l +l.:1'-'.:.i". .Ll.^ ..r.:. /51 P ANO lcot /6) lli caLorea 'e[!efa s ate]of l. .i \ ....+ ..r'.l iilr IL h l.

.. grophile penci oro rfqer prrr5 J-.J t t).."":- .S *-..t (m: signed ond doted in grophlte pencil.-d(s_#L< {Sr*d l. NMAR .-' t .lcncu I926. a4'. ower right: Morce .e herlte de desenr : :: 2 cn.1&* l ?. ')lI E lcot 771 : : : i-e on grofil s r :.:re of grof t: Morcel '-2c: MNAR r COMPOSLTON (cct //) woler co our.l . semnol si dotol r: -. o* r.5$q.: f..w '..

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A\ ST CiAR: SCtO|/iO\ MAC! (cct 144) icr' 13 . SOTOMCN CAtt I'/ACH (cot THE l4ll P iccl l03l !: ACIRTSS D DA CAL.'From eli to rlghi PORTRETLJT SCRI TORr. ll-JC AN B. ce l dreoptc SCI.ILPIOR'll OSCAR (cor 92j lAN VASI.i' jcol 92) PORTRE i lcol. 791 ::' ' THE PORTRA T OF THE WR TER VAS tE DEMETRII-lS (col 791 F t fl !l I De c stdngc o dreoplor.]LPIOR OSCAR AN POETllt ON r.': !E SCI.]I SCR TORI]tL. lall STA CLAR: llt POETI-lLl-.i : ]HE POET ON .AGA lrot /r) (cot l44J COMPOZ T E ATFABFI PAST l'> TtE TORIA T OF THE POET tJC AN BIAGA (cct /.] VAS tE DE\4ETR LJS (cc.]L FANIOI.l tl-l !> From 1op 1o right THE boltcr. :: ON V NEA (coi 102) TTE PORTRA i OF T'NE WRITER ON VINEA (cot l02l ACTR TA D DA GIOST S! ' I./Ficnr elt tc rlght De sus ir los.De o sl-rgc o dr--cpro.11 PORTRETL.1 P AN .


NEWSPAPER VENDOR COTPORTOR DE Z ARE (cot l00l mprimore tlpogroficar dupd grc vuro oe lemn l2) ne harti" d" (cot. l0O) typogrophic print ofter the wood cut (?]. on ordinory poper. hord .

163) 1931. .-a oe linoleum. p.I :Ll'4 lcot. . 5. The Museum o[ Romon]on . Romdne. no Dec.rr-^-sil l. Buchoresl ::: -: -' npotonul. 1 l / lOlrr '. Contimporonul.ueu Lllerolurli : . p. I ?3 nr. 1 93 1. 5 Lllerolure. t NOTEUM (cot 163) linocul. 193I.I llr il ll llI It rlltl il I rt li rlt ll llrl ' . O r r.

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l-Jis culiure o'owec 1'"r o . l^..zOnd viofo.veo^o p oie t^le p.s6t6p e"ly ^.. poranul mogozine_ ond in December opened cr one-mon show. The Dcdo clmosphere.a oJlo o glrer rs g1 | gl o.ib iore srir r-co c . o.p e t9)/ o^ 6 l6..rq'oir-d oy l^c Conrimpo. when he works in Romonio.p'e so'. Ord ep I r. os their tiiles.cAtzvn CONS'DERAIll PP.rtr ezn. CA\O 1 'pSe o . the second one nciudes his oclive poiiicipoiron cs onimolor ol lhe Conlinporonulovonl gorde group in Romonio. ior in decembrie isi deschide o expoziiie r o uty .OOrrr ioc. I 93 I . indeed he never ceosed lo secrch. i-ou creol o siore de spirit de core nu vo dori sd se indepdrieze niciodold oceec de c coulo. lp.occe--. nO . 01 Otr 10'r cO tirst one is chcroclerzed by the exlreme nihilism of ihe Dodo yeors n Zur ch. Crsi-n toi r'^ a-0. to lte or .r .> lusese o reollzote inoinlec intoorcerii lc Bucuregii. fie expresionrsmu ui sou consiruclivismului {ocestc din urmo fiind.e5Op. rs 'u-.N I 922-t 940 Dana Herbay: SOME ON f'IE SrYLISIIG EVOLUf'ON OF MAP.6r6riearp eo.Jonco morked the oge he llved in due to his ' re lo morled him Qovc 'orol ol 'te. lhe show wos successfu . Se pore cd expoziiio s-o bucude succes. I. . severe.O dev e T b. ln his works creoted between 1922 1940.'[ wo. se pot dlstinge douo olooe -eo oF po. l-Je soor ioined lon Vinecr in the editoriol sioff of the Contim..-7E judgements. D.o or one. lo lucrdrile lui Morcel loncu expuse lJexpozilio inter- Ite oo.i "oc culture. Morce] loncu o morccl eloco pe core o iroversolo prin creclio sc ce poote I importito in lre periocde: ceo o nihi ismului extrem o cnllor Dodo de la Zurich.o ld n oi. .o olo. 11 -or g r. suslinui de revislele Conlimporanul si Punct cdrora loncu e-o dot substonto ortislicd si orientore estetico) si o elopo in core expresiviloleo deline rol principo. r"cc. O culluro so ldo si o energre neobisnuildr ou slol lc bczo unei oclivitoii dinomtCe si pluridisciplinore. lwo periods con be identifiec The first one losts until oround the yeor 1927. core ldso ociu ul orlrslic dep ino iibertote. A solid irome ol mind thot he never obondoned. l.po.- tuturlsm eroressionism. o. bo'ng o lol.e prAte-.' rO rtl. a .. ostfel cd s-o mcrnlfestot cJ un e emenf de echi ibru inir-o grupore orlisiico ccre foloseo cuvdntul coroziv .y..lo'e -no -.f. CCr ior.7.i d 1 al e qi6 . referindu-se lu orie reoizo'e oo'ro.roru\or ouo6'o. Jo' co w o'^ . incununcio de deschidereo Muzeului .oc de r poc o 'r 'ei .vo. oeroio o nucrnce ond thot once you deny somelhine vou locuri din slrcrinolcte. fie futurismu ui. pub ict.^olr o . mereu. wht e his vito ity gove him the chonce to 922-t 940 BETWEEN in 1922 oncu se inloorce c Bucuresti. c cubist. Punct magcszines. represenls the monner [or whrch tiie pub ic 5ee' Io ho* .qo oi .l^r r ot-o. de ollfe. lecfio gestului dezinvo i.6s . pictor. . his conlribution lo lhe revivc of sroe's orlisiic rfe. dlocor i.-C p. lreileo sunl lucrari cerebro e.1e frcgy : . ro.CEL TANCU . o. s i-co . c por -. . lo Ein Hod. f we loke into occount the per od muiui. thot recolled choroclers ond ploces poinied io.F . o-l sl need io provide somelhing e se rnslecrd Th"us'he ocled os o bolcnce foctor in on orlisiic ctrouo wh ch '5eo oerploy.ore p e-trter 6a' Jl'' ' Lo ro. Cf course. Vo' u cool te lr do 'rood Ior ory v .EINAR. doco ludm in considerore mcriuriile din a. Culluro ic oferil mdsuro orgumentului 9i pulerec reflectdrii. cond ofirmo cd expozilio o ovul succes de fimporanul .p'i 1sl r. S-or puleo spune co oceosto perpelud experimenlcre. lo which Jonco conferred otiisli: 9. mony of the works he exhiblted hod been ochieved before his return tc Buchoresl. wheh^ . .6.I to ^ot t es.o a lF.o ' o.r .lr'o subslonce be onging lo lhe second one ore morn]v expressive ond oestheiic orienloiion). 'in Romonic si ceo o cngoibrii in rencsierec vletii ortis ceo cr onimdrii grupctrii de ovonqcrdd Conlimporonul LU' MAR.o'ao on por orreio' \'z-o e . de o fugi de cllgeu.... n l992. lo conslructivism (lhe otte. Atmosfero Dcdo. oso cum remorco Lucion Blcrgo/.o-n cub .1923: Suchicrnu wrole in Mr Morce Jonco.o .osi d^M.D^'lo nr edp--o'.'V'ND EVOLUI'A sfrLtsfrcA A P' >tfeeTbi^r o n. ond finol y.l c^ Oc iod. the .e evo-O po.ior thi. o ( c ^o5 ering lhe greol number of visitors:'. i-ou inrdurit peniru inireogc viold. onp 5es wo L s .) pentru ore o'bicu po e o o oto o ocl'c o. ess o con . ocecsia nelinisle c cduldrii este emb emc octivitdiii sole orlisllce.t-. anc . p i. o se cr dturc conducereo revislei Con- W It l. -1 e gio o do 'o'so de o. oncu. cureniul in creotio din perioodo )922 l94a cdnd crctiviiotec sc se desfdsoord 'in RomOnio.on oood' e rc ..tirrO^JT loncu in 193 I . crowned by the opening of the Jonco Dodo Museum ot Fin llod tn 1!83." PER. on unusuo enerqy under oy his dynomic ond mullidisciplinory octVity. r-c Cr" .si 1o6114 -ggir O. A inteies cd din orice otoc virulenl nucrnfc OrO-ae aO. D. Voinicr de con strucfie.) ra aTtt . reprezinld moniero (. olouodo )e^ | s oto e. e rorl ti-L-i'e I r irrpoc' olle CO OUTS. curond lui lon Vineo. We . lo experimenl ond flee the through his ife ond creoled thot 'esle. the esson of the [ree qes Morce .or : o so conlirmed oter by M H Moxy in 193 l. oslenlolio verbcrld ln c ecrtio spiriluo o nu exisld decol experienlo core .Mo. in 1983./aro:v dir pule. din core esle o ungoto orce inlerpreiore ncrlurolisld. cr ' rlo-1Ol oeseir O. ls g 6xperimenlc.lonco Dodc.lonco ccme bock lo Buchcrest.CEL TANCO'S R. 03 I .r . ihis inexhousiible pur .. perpeluc slote ol erperimeni.-r .KS PA'NflNE t lice din lsroel. OrO e . g6'191 e) ^ ore o. emphosising the visuol components thoi resuli d . . Suchionu scrio in 1923: ' Di Morce rcrt p".'OADA Prin imoginofie creoloore si implicore eniuzrosld. aolo1.ubisl.

where the specific dotc of noture ore reinlerpreled of on obstroct eve of fhe essence ond synthesis involved".rg-r i'r o o wl.ggestive. the co lcge."t njlxed pcint thot won I let nor y'ou g ress tre objer-.ico doic. compositions with oreo: londscopes. ) Dling rhere yeo's l-e rellr^ed to'l^e poir led re' eI oo. os l'e co ologle of the 1927 exhiltrton shows The frogi ify of the techniques or lhe qrt collectors fecr oi loslng lhe col oges ond the poinled reliefs of the 1 92Os they wo l.p these . p eces or lnro l ol d l'e'erl co oLrs ove-loppirg (. os we los the concise expression with its powerfu impoct.rrpoo. when lonco possed through rodicol ortislic experiences.ppeo wi I good- heor'eo 'ory. ror 'rpL-ls u ty of . the geometrized shcpes oitolning the purificotion in the orimorv c-olours. the o'ccute wi to constructing with hord. still llves. of which some retoin the sugges- .sr. Ar'e' sore yeo s l-e pic L ed -hese exp oro iors ogoin 1n o period orticle by H. o piece of newspoper glued lnside on inI outine. dupo 1 935.ero-ks ord sor" lr'lIe no es from other 1wo crrtic es on the exhibition. we con get o g impse of ihe oesthelicol diverslty of the works exhibiled then. lhe primocy of lnvenlion in lhe creqtive cct ore morl. ony kind of noiurollsi inier pretolion being bonished. g'v -g rp he forrrol r goLr s immediotey felt ln the enrichment of the themotic iTporro'r revi-e in ei (ore --.The works achieved by the end of the thtrd decode ore cerebrol ond sober. mokes it impossibi e to hcve them presented right now. ) lhi' is re tl-e' ort r or some exqlisi e . By the end of the third decode. the ortist scid in 1930). The concise plostic expression mecns cre we ded with the invenliveness of the interploy of shopes. Wriiing obout Mcrcel lonco s worl's erhibited crt the Contimporonul tnler nolionoL exhibition |rom 1924. l-i.s se.Itee of'he po rt-l iood ol d"rpoit or-o rorew-ol or. sprowling shopes. Blozion5. published \n 1926. os thot of the cbstroct re ief. the compositions in which simp ified shcpet were dis'o'ed os ir co. formo elementqriness. some weTe "sti I expression ist". driving him iowords o su. whlle others "pure constructions"u or 'obslroci po ^r ^g (C W Cisel.s wlere re s'o-ls l'orr phy.cczuri. The freedom of expression. Sunnirq . cdnd rlf- ::- r'or oI 'he ploce wt le o'l e'5 ore i-roginc y ('l moke my own Sevi lo in my bedroom'.ed by the stormy yeors spenl in Zurich. cs it hoppens wfh the portroits. Morcel Jonco s creoiiu" flnds its own solid pcth. L uer ii . Lucion Blcgo' noted the wil to conslruclion.-oest v fo'^re sinp iI cote si =--. very much tron -l'e p ostc Lorg oge "nergy c osed -o exp essio. po rt oI view ve i s co^ten. the informction is re evonl os to the recurTence of some o der pre- occupotions: 'A metol frome or o thin boord. we con reod thot in the exhibition opened lhot yeor Jonco c so showed collcAes. well indivuduo ized plons is obvious.ropes'. Although the ortic e hos o hoLf-mocking tone. lnleriors.

lhere cre composilions wilh groups of cho'. The inspirotion is loken from ii-: e emenl but ihe ploslic octuo izclion cel orco po'r ^9s 'eo e5F'r 'rg -riqle orte. -'ro5oLe 1l c good e. n une o^o oo Jo. hotched by ene' gelic someiimes reminds Picosso s or Kor Schmidt Rc I I wo L s iq. oclers p oced in lhe fore p cn.pte \ior i).l930. fhe inventiveness of his imogery did not poss unnoiiced . Hls wish lo escope lhe recrpe becomes on obsession.lolo^ : ou' looo"o r. in some works ihe distorlions o. co vind invo untord gi fizionomico este cdulalo. inherent errors ol on eye senslb e to everyth r: re oro 9 'l'e ol-rospl-e e or l'^ oge.rg. cnd so you connol find one wor[ to resemb e onolher.ob e rouo I o p clJ e)qJtr o- wni I ro ir 'e ao\' . . r he Dororior pc dinomic o liniilor trcnsformdr imogineo intr-o odevorotdr horic hcrsuroto de lrcrsee energeiice. . " or I e Bo Lor roo ti.l . Co ogio e .. izes the bcrc[ground deioi s (ines of buildlngs re. dcr 9i o interogolie deznodo jduito Foio personoie or este morlle suni olot de . criistu lronspundnd ceec ce sustinuse si teoretic: 'or1o nouo urmdresle iniensltoteo prin or ce mllloc ''. From the point of view of lhe compositionc sketch. Morce Jonco s picture. involuntory orl . Modul ihot much thoi he creoies rorE ond more p ciure: where he conspicuous y suggesls the third dimesion. rb e. 'the new crt seeks for inlensii. d^red d. -tgo de e e e FS-e oose o schemei compozi- o s. by cny possib e meonst. The foce of the chorccter is ofien lreoted cs:. Polrc.M -l Mo.y 5 r p il eo o1o e) p ess /e " go'or d^fo red rl ope" ol"r Q3 > tre e ore \o^ e lnslonces when ihe dyncrmic rhythm of llnes tronsforms lhe imoge lnlo o true mop. bool h". dor existo qi tcblouri in core individuo izcrreo figuro umono dego o sereniiote sou grovilole. -.^ ' ethnico wor ds crwcy from lhe lrcdiiiono inler:pretcrtron : such sublecls lt is worth noiing thoi in this peric: Morcel -lonco iluslroted on Borbu s ond Moie . Se disting. deiosdndu-se pe fundoluri cu crhilecturi redole precum in' indicolli e scenogrofice. By the end of lhe l93Os. Exersoreo dln domeniul figurotivu ui il seduce oiot de J groups of choroclers. ior in o le e.tow ot . dor loote ocesteo co vcgi oluzii. ogornsi orchileclurc bockgrounds rendered os in lhe scenery indicclio n s. Moxy sou Corne iu Michollescu. whi e in oihers the humon fcce expresse: sereniiy ond grovity.oqro-nr otic o y) His exercise in the field of the fiouroilve seduces h mu t incol din ce in ce rnoi des creeozd tcrb ourl in core sugereozd insisient ceo de-o treio dimensiune. de stllizore cminteste uneori de Picosso. lcncu sl M.incoi .ly | ^ '".e wr'trr ware i'. Flowever. H. rrp/e7p'. reveo ing th .) Corneliu Michoilescu s worI cou d be o so lounc but lhey crre iusi vogue o usions. ospect: "No crllsi disploys such omple meons ihc encble him lo evoke cnd moterio ize hls ideo The imoge is dominoled by the llne which trcrces . by h s coniemporcries ln referring io the col leclive exhlbition orgonized during lhot yeor. Moreover.o or e L-o oproope i-i ucrore nu seomdnd cu of one of une Photogroph from the opening M Jcnco ond M Pdlroscu exhibitions . ho ce o' . or :lyl .e so striking lhot ihe chcrrocler becomes olmost cc' coturo. ro'r r^ wo-lo Fotogrolie de o vernisoju expozii a ri M. compoziiLe cu grupuri de personcie core sunt plosole in p on opropiot. country life scenes ond even virfuosifies of the type ptclure within piclure. cnd olso hopeless inierroecilon. Such specific colours cou d be deciphered in Mc- burlesque occenls. o. lrolotd odesec in bund lrodllie expresionisid cc o mcrscd. of -re deep oye. din punct de vedere lonoe. os well os in lhe woy he siy .onto-r .rp. defor- puiernice persono je e imbroco un cspeci oproope corrcoluro . Merno exersoio o orhiteclu ui se simie ioi iimpul crtoiin disiribuireo echi ibroto o elementelor pe suprcfofc toblou ui cdt si in modul de sti izore cr deto ii or de pe -t de c ooi ^oo e I eroiic L "dc ( or '. olteori de Korl Schmidt Roitluff. u D Mihol worte o wel -tnformed orticle.-roo loi o.' The orchiiect s exper enced hcnd is felt oll the time in the bclonced distribulion of elements on the sufoce of ihe io i-ies wil.' lhere cre ' olso pictures where lhe physiognomicc -d v dLo izolor s sorgh lo Tre wo. I r lrer-ro e i h . dupo cum se pol depisto usoore simililudini cu creofio lui M. the ortist lrcnsposes his lhe ories ln his pointings.'l '-o. perioodd Morcel loncu reo]izo :r .'ne | : : r.:= . p.r.::dnd impresii din ocecsio calotorie fiind -ogoz tes of ll-o ouor l-qoroe qro rp.:.: -:J. core s oL 5c" c -r epoCo . lield. un piloresc COre nu :.ffi :t =.-i-q or ': : + .l-C. :-:el lo'cJ re-on lezJ.-:.oTor ce. both in the chromotic exur':. -nytrr Io the cor.. : ::r= . cot ir et:o' ooservo cL i r5lo reflected in his pointincs.: :.rolo i.c-oIoo e .:ezuri . ond the incondescent red. Referindu-se lo cceosid turo-ely 're wor(s c.=--. er.r . ]. ir: l'e exp ess ve1es5 .-c'opiol in 1938 se vo resimfi imediot in cel Jonco we hove selecieJo few froqments ihot i.. ----'.L l rf e s--orq or i . : :l otdt printr-o exubercnfd cromolico we'ro.iql-ty ro-ices in "curpt .i :r :..qr ove:l^is s. -_ : l . . !oweve .ilmi* _ E ilu -:--:^-^ii Jct ) u tc Le Iil eq sTteczo -.. ccesri roscolitori oi stroruri or pro_ quontitciively.l .r s-oel n s > y .r'.':.oie.e < >rrowed [on tl-e c. e .rished in 1932 The o. Alihouqh they do noi cjomincie r'i _ ---^.-Q4a inire foze.erlgZO cor'd rol ." From lhe greoi number of pooes wr lten oboul Mqr" .lo door'o cc+evu slruclion of the ortistic ife in lsroe His efforls cnd l-: -: .e.r-' re5.t 'r.oo. .: .. : _-::r lonescu'' lnfr-un orlicol din 1932 beronce.:-::sro o fcletc o re ofii]or comple^e o]e oriiswrliten on hrs work. .+:-: ::cte de evolulio stilisticd.ively' considereo. o.l939. to open his own luminii"rr. monogrophies were i-. :::. : u . lucrori reoli..oluiion F s wo-1.e puo.res lro.rrense izeo r ol thus his iies wenl beyond the restroined c r.rr: i--t -'.o .lcre inconfUndcbi]o.= .:'ontele nu i-ou romcs ne'implinile.r =:: sJbiecle din lumec bordelurilor nu esle ']934.olorr oecomes even TTore ir-e-s= :. :-erg.r ilo.ce dersd.u.or r :': = =.rg oro os o coro y"s ir n..zo-. wo. :^ror -u.1 . Thls is indeed onother focet ol the complex ..lgl^t i .le5s o--ne o o.ed r lhis r .I -1. .'r..: -==:. evolutro sc stilis r time. distilori suc. .-.:':.urr.a into the exhibitions. desi contiloliv ele nu ogeerr'b'l on o gor in -' -:oul or de dislribuire pe suprofcfo -o.o io'rs o-d r ot spli oro. : or d cbs t oc" ono T iqr ocrco gestive power.>ome .:. their d stribution over the pcinieC si.-d.lo.d -ore lp to c :r . either logether with verv memthe ' -.v.l. -: n r oL pJ'u depisto e pertru o -i 'col t osl-".r -: -..:: :: :in vorul zidorulu si rosui b.. Colonic ess) o' c o1e wl i6n..ed oy n" .copoto.. et coL-.( ole.rle lectro'r.i . Eo este "spirituolo si obslrocld.< r.oru o un olt plctor romon.eoleo of. filled wiih t. fhe : -Jonco-Dodo Muieum wos opened crt Ein-.-::. h s serl ing oow.eeo^i-: I : .irli''o. onul uliimei expozifii pe core loncu newspopers ond mogozines of dlfierenl oriento-: . oe ovonqc. . ^i.o.:' zeazd i^ Pono. dor reolizorecr Drotnets/ none ol the Komonicn cc --:-: =l_ l Jonco's monneT.el 7e) n s j:ce rn'fi : . His ":."r. '.. oc . -r:'.rr r-: . he founded in Ein Hod mode his life-time co ony dreorn I .s . Hod in 1983 .. v"-. inlro be ourd or d so rone rlerT of wos exr'bi."ioli r.' si oge in the Mtddle Eost in lq3B is immedrorely .-:-:r ' :lid ordine de idei. J.pielnic.r.-:l . De g ve dynon ic ond v.thoi.'i ::-l3pe niciodold.::.-:-:-ieo descrfro gi in tcblourl e lui Morce lhe l6lgl.-psychologicol mcjc:s c: '-e s(ole ore'l e wr'ie oo rowed from the rli. Din pocote.r:: x:r'? :: r:r1r r.?39. shed in I :-. Pelru Comornescu.: cotd in 1934..-r.n .lvorsorr. ln 'on co . : lime. Jonco decided to emiqrote "^ lsroel. ore -o coroc-e. outere de evocore.or . Tl^e . iilr.r.q. neveT met before.. lre. . ^ I ogiLe ole gore sur : . r. 'rjrr".sl wi-f lre.-ic. These works. . :--:. were exhibited lhe yeor of loncois .ic '. : -'nelor unor ouiori co lon Borbu scrU c. Petru Comornescu.. cvon qo'de o'-is.i consideroin mod suoes exhibttion. re oiii ce deposesc ro l-i.. Unlc. rin*.: s vilo compozifiei 9i o olbostru ui core nu ' cce5s ve o'sril.r.:'. "suggestively . JoiJo s uoyil! :.s ou porut co o juto ]o c]orificoreo unor hopes were eve_nlucrl y fulfil ed The ortists' r-. lncondescent. '. lilf.lo.-: osire o culoli. commenline on lonco s .ir . Articolele elc. = = :l o * .-: :r :-pd stobilireo in lsroe].oc. -eclddireo vieiii crtistrce in sroel. ond os rrpr"r""ho'roce ooid .is.i. :r-: . _ =t ::.s's_o f rgere rolesco o ."f i n::--:-: ^' eXpOzifie. lor elorber' ol rl-e g'oup (ros'ry wi I Mi lo pd-ros. = . i:-: -. Co otorio pu . docd privim relrospeciiv. if re t Co:r 50^re . c\ ] tesrilies lor u ir.rco"furdob. .. t:t -::ru ui din conturufl e holordle core dou evo ulor sunni-g -ro.' 'r' :tili l : -::'iei bolconice._ -: .intelectuol o vremrl.adit deportcio de modul-de interprelore r$.: sd fie cee moi sesizobtle ctenuond wor.e o euo. ri: ron e ee. nonconformismul scu blr e s rever obse"t. evoking his impressions Irom this voy._=-:tri'e unicd in picluro romdneoscd. intdrind efectul nomed him "on orchiieci of the Ighl .l mcir-.ponc olunci in picturo so col si lemoiic. ine si eo moi intenso.l'e]oeo ri'n s-o'l o.e* o. He wos oble r : ::-:: :i si in zicre 5i revisle de orientdri diverse.pos ior. c]Je 16 |. cului.ro1s ol or. ond in their themes.: .. 5i nu este lntom_ JrLr:ir: Lrlir r' rir* : :---::-: de lo elemeniul 1930.o . "oporul nu numoi in revistele grup*lil" oboui lhe crlistcroftsmon come true.e oJl i. i. C ostfel de culoore portoce turns them inlo conspicuous co ours thot soften r.: ::. o pora io . tions.'o. I o roto de bu esc. expresivitote intensd vo corocterjzo e olorsl-ip ol 'ne o r..r .t[e vig-r-ous eflecl of rre poir-' ^g.:.'. tob ourile lui Mcrce oncu .^cr osemeneo sublecle. y ol p or^e'. 'r'g.cisJd ..svcholooie.ct)za iensiunilor politice creote de fortele 4ri i*:-l Vorcel oncu io hotororeo de o emigro in Belween 1922 l94O Jonco port cipoted often . knowledge to hondle the coiours. nolure lo vilol r ieo oog.

i imbrocond perelele. from whose co eclion the pc -' work wos born. Suchlonu. Contimporanul ron|or e 9 /. gtiuto filnd opetenfo cu core Morcel loncu . co oricdrui crlisi cvongordisf. L. lo d us hc .96/97 ig7 l93l =. nalure. eic.. ior lden iificorecr tiluri or originore ridlccr probeme deocrece fontezic ortislu ui s c rdrsfrdnt gi csupro tituloiuril lob ou ui.let Ltale ltJ le tnod nr oro\ /e elc. l. 'Doud expoziyii'. unsicr:. ihe iiiles become Crysr: moon flowers. 'Expozif ic Mililo Petrogcu Morce oncu Peiroscu Morce oncu Fxhibiiion). reo y moliered in the ortisiic ocl wcs lo find : -wcy through which thought wos being figurec .1925 moderne ond conslruclion). we shou d o so nolice the uriex:=. o unul tillu y. in sens lrodilioncr . 7 ion.orllsilco ole corel 6aze e cr pus c Ein Hod io'imp init visul de o vicrtd: ce ol orlrslu ui oriizcrn..Jc. ior orice sursd lrebuie uotd in considerore.incerse ldsc furcl de experimenl. Tot greu de stcbilit este si doloreo ucrdrj or. o mosl oJ the tjme. ceeo ce foce risconid otr'buireo. moderne de cr noi" (Contributlons lo o:-: understondrng of our modern movemenl). sou cr oluic.hcbit of toking up ogcin eor ier ollempls ofle. l4 lan . Abslroctle gi construcfie' Opposile sAopes. 1926 6. 'Cronico orljslicd" {Ari co umvarul literc:r si c:rlisfrc. C. t93t 4. B ogcr. rich ortistic producl on (cboul 3OO pointings mcrny of lhe works executed during lhose tiol tit es rcrises prob ems beccuse lhe orllsl s ::reflecied olso in ihe tit es of his pointings The . Cuvctntul l4 ian 1925 5.repertory deve oped. 1926. ond the jdentif cotion of --= yec-: -..lcnco's o irc: c:. Dupo ce c lerminot tob ou . Ceeo ce erc . L . After finishina the poinlinc cdrel co eclie s o ochizilionct lucrcrec Aruncar-^ct zarului. ilat. exht6ttton c eor y shows the pl - . knowing . deep onx ely fo owing the deoth of h s . sof o ui lon Vineo. crzi. 'Contrcrsle si impolriviri (C.. ne c lrcnsmis islorio zcrmisllr i oceslei cornpozifri ce o fosi pictotd 'in zi e e de zbucium ce ou urmol greuioii. olestdr o bogoto productie ortisticcr (cco.!n L ncrer rne l r e Cole can. ior co supremd c n slire cdusd octivitoiil soLe de pionierot si on molor. 1923 2. o Fln llod. be reirieved todoy.96/97/98. sense This s why ony otiempi to deflr= observingsirlcicriterlo. de l-no faeme . art). . in lhe obo dcrrii unui reperlor u lemotic moi Clestor cu )arg. 'Doud expozitii' (Two =. ceeo ce. W Cisek. Cuvctntul . D. I ep^^1| n'r. when on Vlneo wcs very close . H. ^ yeors The ldeo /o build6is own slye wos Lmr - poslions beonging io the period of geon:'- oce oni nu mu le moi pol fi ostdzi recupercrle. fle subsioniiole expoziii personole (ce e mci mu le impreund cu scu plorifo Mi ilo Pdlroscu). o photogropl '. i wos pointed in .in importonl 'in octu crlistic conslc ipostozlereo unei noi modcr itcrtl de figurcre c gondului gl nicrdecum execuioreo unui lob ou finit. Thls Throwing of the Die wcrs ocquired. lon Vinec. ior pe m-rsuro to him. 1931. se deschide Muzeu Jcnco Dcdc. 1927 ocum cu lillt Cafe concert De refinut.^ eoiofeo-c nol the execulion of o fir jte point nq. este si modul imprevizibi de pcno iore o lucrdrirlor. Coniribulii o cunooglereo migcdrii L. 'Nole despre crrlc (N: tions). -. nr. 33. morlii pr mu ui copi o piclorului 11924) si ccrnd on . Conlimporanul. s deschide expozitii. 'Aslo esle vicrlo . ond opposition). c e. opr ie . ond os the th:. B D. woy of pone llng lhe works. purpase. Forme potrivnice elc. refuzdnd lreculu si ignorond viiioru . Thus it is rother risky to ossign o'= or cnolher to o cerlcin pcinting. 'Absiroclle si conslructie' (Abs 3 M H Moxy.3l morile. til es such os . ldeecr de o s oncorot infr-un prezenl pe core 'i dioto fobulos. Fruits poisor=. ln 1983. - in perioodo crni or I 922 l94A crncu c ovul foorie multe porticipori expozilionole. dorinlo de o resiitul ozi dupo criterli siricie o ociivltcle dlnomicd hronito de o ostfel de otiiudlne 'intompinclctdi un stil ii ero sirdind. Eleno Vlneo. os il wos for ony ovonl-qorde l o . Unu. I se dedlco monogrof i.. deslgur.. despre orio". NOTE reo izold in expozifio din st unde se distlnge c or ucrorecr core circu o o fologrofie I Morcel oncu. GAndirea.33. Facla. L Suchicnu. I ls o so drfi occurote y dole the poiniings. fie oloturl de membr grupcrii. din o in ihe I 927 \no. I 93 I ogo. Compozifii crporflnond perioodei de severi lcle geomelriccr purtou 'in ccioooge lturi precum I'lctturd noud. intr un loc comp icoi dor riguros respeclcrt de orizonto e si verticc e. De oceer-r. p eccrnd chlor de o nivelu pcrdose ii .1 3 M H Moxy. 'Nole nr. Clopotul d\n 7 de cr noi' . Sterilized paems. Blozion.suchcdyncmiccciv on this otiltude icrces difficu ties. 28 narlie. Srorl nc photogroph. etc. 3OO lucrcri de p ciuro) Dinire ucrorlle reo izole 'in severity hod. De exempu.or^d . Vlneo o stot tot timpul preo mo ui oncu. oncu i-o spus. beginning f'c* f oor leve ond covering the wo in o elob:' but rigurous gome of horizonlol ond soid: is ife'. 'Conlribulii lo cunocsierec '. C/opolu|. 7. no V /3. pornlnd de lo oceostd foiogrofle. - 2 4 L Morce oncu. so ony sour. Eleno Vineo. Sou verlico = NOIES un o I ccz. (1924). ceec ce fdcec cc cdrrl mcrl vechi scr fie re uote pesie oni. Furlhermore.: io be considered For lnsionce. refusing the post ond ignor ng ihe fuiure . in coio ogues.

lupto (nocturnd ).28 mort. Violonisf. (Lucifer). At th-' Convenf. o mcsd cu sccune gi voze ( ucrcle impreund cu Moringo) Bibiliogrofie: Mrtccrea Lilerard.cholrs. prinfre care. T ro nsfo r md ri abstracle. lhe Hcsefer Bookshop. 7 icn I 923 Bibllogrofie: Clopotul {D. (Bclul Tcbcrrin). Frucle inodins olrdvile. Numoi doua nuci. Bunp. Bib iogrofie: Faclo. 3l mat . I lun (H lgiro5ecnu) /B) c': I 925 So onuL Oficlo . Venice. the 'form. ond voses (cchieved togelher with Moringo) Bibi iogrophy. T h e s u ts'' o(.The At of ihe yeor )926"1. Cuvdntul. New Nolure. O naiadd. (Tudor Vionu).Mililo Partroscu SoLcr Regino Mcrio . The Red Table. Strinberg la Parts. moorle.. printre . Poelul . Dansuri africane. Dunaud. I / ion 1923 (V l Co' rpo'a 'r 2o lo. Bibiliogrofie: Clipa. Nopo/eon intin. Fruil Poisoned on loncu .1922-1939* ix nomAin lll EXHIB'rIONS EXPOZlfll t922 decenbrie. omong whlch: Cobaret Vohoire. Crysia wilh Moon Flowers Orange Event'. Naluro bogatd. 52. Roodele pdndntului. lulio.4 {Scor[:l Collimcchl)' Cont'imporonul nr. 3B works. Ora. Brdtdscnu'.3 dec.o o p . C. 36 works.28 mort (H. L Nenifescu 'Curenle 9i expozrlii ). ii ^ . la mdndslire. Adverse Forms elc He exhlblts olso l6 grophic works (woler-co ours. (St I Nenitescu). Sterilized Poems. Construclie cu prelert de dartsuri orienfale. Plcturd. Erght (nocturne). Portrel nou.December: Co ecllve exhlblilon. One mcn show. Picturd: Piclurd /.Al. t922. Arhanghel lnterior. 24 dec . de o Cdmlnul ArteLor.26. omong which: Black Apples. Bucuresli. 26. Molson d'orl. -'ro . Di{erile nuduri. with cr cerlcin geomelry eoch: :. Blozicn) si 2 ion. conslruclle sou nolurd descompusd. ldilo. Composilron tn one chord.1939* ROnlAlllA Desene: L)n coleg. 79J Bibiliogrophy: C/po. (cot. 1 923. {H B czlcn). lon Vinea. African Dance: New Pirtrair. Collection of Meridional Fruit. Clestar cu flori de lund.. obiectul. omong whlch: The Three coloured 3' ldyll. Masa rosie. ContimporonuL'. Porlret'ul Michelinei.9 nuduri. Various Nudes. f eccre cu cole o delermlncre: cubuL. (St NeniJescu) putpase."lnitiolion into the mysteries of cexhibltion ). New No/ure. and o so c seTles :sllll ives. 1924 noiernbri-^. Gc erlo de ortdr c .L Suchionu). lon Vinea. Pointing.27 cpr ond 3 moi (Alcdin)' Clipo. Plcturo. 5 nov 7 tan lQ23 {Lucifer). Miscarea Literord. Buchoresi. No/urd noud. Balcic lu4ouldy Sfreet. Dido. Bu t922 -December.: Micheline's Portraif. 30 : Collecilve Exhibition. 6 dec (Tudor Vlcnu] Cuvetntul. 1923 . I u lia. Acrobolii. Pointing. 3l mcrt. 52. 1925 (Luclon BLogc: Abstrcrcfie s conslruclle ). Bolul in trei culori. Fuque" in minor.ul Ens Drcw ngs. Ioose Rhythns Opulenl Nalure. Cont'inporot' nr. Dianond 1917. Noiure l. slero. Librdrlo Hosefer' Bib iogrcfie: Adevdrul lilerctr si artislic. 24 lucror. lgirosecnu). Sindlcctu Artelor Frumocse. Bebe. Portretul lui l. l3 ' Morch 1 5: Group exhlblllon. formc. l'laturd osemenec seric de ncluri 1924 November. prlntre core. 65 (Jocques Costln .Millo Pdtroscu . the trophy. Pointing. l4-3 I : Morcel loncu Miifo Pdtrcrgcu Exhibition oval. Acrobats. Porlretul d-nei F. D a n su I p -^ f rd n g hi e. (H lgiroecnu) Pcrinling.7 ian )923 RegL s). t927 loncu P. Puncl nr. Violonisf.i.3 dec. 'oblecie de necesitole". lhe obiect. l4 lon.24 dec. Slrinberg la Hernso. 14 1926 3l : Expoziiie Mcrce lhe room Regino Moricr".3 moi (H. lnlerior Archangel. . Poeme slerilizat'e. 24 works. consiruction or decomposed nolure. Nolurd l. guoge. Dronant lQ I 7. I6 lucrdrri. BucureslL. Expozitie de grup: McrrceL .3 ozian Plostlcc crnu ui 1926'1.1e 6r^ !e - eo e Bo'c . The Hosefer Booksh-' BlbLiogrcrphy: Adevdrul lil-'rar si art'islic. Abslrccl Char':-. Adevarul. Corambol. Bol. The Art Gcllery . \cat. l2 dec-. Consttuction with Preter. A Colleague. B cu resti. Adevdrul. (H. Cabarel Vohaire. Reglls). Poiniing. BibLiogrofie' Focla. 1923 (E. Offic o Solon. Conslruclion ). ExpoziJie co ecllvd. " Morce loncu ' Mllilo Pdircrscu Al. cjlindru . 3B lucrdrl. Dunaud. I4 lcrn. Adevorul . c model. lgirosonu) t926 . City of Ems Bibliogrcfie: Clopotul 5 nov . Continporonul nr.6 dec. the sphere. Gandirea nr V /3 (O. Compozilie int'run acord. Buchoresl inder. l2 dec. De csemeneo. Auroro 2 icrn I 923 (E . C. Punct' nr. o mccheld. Adevdrul liie si atistic. Brdtcsonu". Fugd" in minor. I 6 works. ci Cdmlnu ArteLor (House ol i . Mcrison d'orl. t'Portrait of l. Cons/ruclion in dissononce.'! I ' " "r2?:'.martie I 5. Popo). Nopoleon i' privocy.. 9 ' - 3 porlroits. C. Adevdrul.martie. OnlyTwo Peanufs. Conlimporonul nr. (D 7 iart. Solonu Oflcicl. grovur) 6 vitrcrlii si 5 compozifli. expune 16 ucrdri de groficcr (ocuore e. l. Suchicnu). Strinberg in Pctris. Cafeneauct cocofelor. ZB) si No/uro noud (Conslruclie). avaLshaped.24 nan (St. trofeul. t927 -: lbrdriel Hosefer. 65 (Jcrcques Cosiin niliere in mislere e unei expozifii ). Modelul. Prilei de aronge. "necesscty obiects". Blozicn) si 2 ion I 927 Painling 27 apr "^oi . Gandirea nr V/3 {O W Cisek Contro: cnd opposition ). Continporan ul no. Bebe. Rantpa . ond lO crclurcl skelches. The Model Fruils of the Eath.Febructry.A'oo l /po >"o Bib iogrcrphy: Facla. Dido.Trends ond Exhibilions''1. decenbrie. Bucuresti - t925 Th-. uc hc resl. Forme polrivnice elc. Const'ruclie in disonanle.The Officiol So on.4 (Scor ot Ccr imcrchi). l ion 1923 Ron:-P'-: - / (V. Adevdrul. Piclurc. Expoztlte petsono cr. Adevdrul lilerar si atislic. cr loble c. Crima. I3 . Peisoi. (F1. Coleclie de fructe meridionale. precum 9i 1O schlle de orhiteciuro. Auroro. A Naiad. februarie. 1925 (luclon B cgo: "Abstrocllon or: (cct /9) ) it.26.2 tcrart. gucc-: woodcuts) 6 stolned g osses ond 5 compos lions Bib iogrophy: Facla. (H Blozicn). W Cisek ' Conlrosle si impotrlviri ). . Venelio.are.: St'rado mucegoilit. Adevdrul . Buchorest. omong which: The Ball (Tcrbcrin i Rope Dancing. 2 works: The Potrait of Mrs F C (cct New No/ure (Conslrrction). 1927 (H B ozion. 3O : Expozifle co ecllvd. Rilnuri desfrinafe. londscope Crine. Strinberg in Henso. Picturo. Orienlal Donces. L. Formd in March. 24 rnan (Sr I Nenitescu . 3 porlrete.'Coniimporc'Fine Art Trcrde Union.2 ion.

Mcrce loncu. (Mcrrcel lcrncu. Nuduri pe 'r ) \. An Artist for Tomorrow ). Plcstic evenl.tinaoranuldin 1935 Note. At Corteo RomOnecscd. legend. l9 mcrl {C Cd ) l 2O mcrt (Lucion Boz) crnd 26 mort (D Mthar ).22 llel:r.rncu. Po nting.irisllc.' . Balavta. (H.ce cncu.). .rcrl r'-ie de cvcngcrdd (cu --'esi ).(H. no. P-. Dynctrnic. londscope with Giant Peanuls.247 r:nc ll C. -' siic. si 20 opr. (H. Goddess. 22 (Febr. B czion). Credem cd este one for Morch (l).lcer o'ul lilerar si ortistic. Four Peonuts. I O works: Studia tighr. Nude ciseo. (on Morineiti s vlsri n Buchorest).llcnu) Oclober Collective exhibition. 4 mort. m.s on land. M ftcr Merlco Rdmn ceonu cnd lrino Codrecnu'.r8) lfl. Bib logrcphy: Focla. C. Tl-. o second monlfestol on of lhe group ".^aod^ o Fo--Sep/ember. (St. B ozicn).re verzi. Moy Retiospecllve exhibition of the crvont gcrde group. Lily Popovici.30mort. Porlroil. Rompo. irlo. nr Ql 92 (Emi Riegler).23 mort. . Focla.. Adevorul lit--rar si :: ii ci. Blczion A Cenlury of Romcnicrn Art") ::minecscd. Bucharesf. 25 February. I B oct. The F/rusccn Coosl Sevilla. fara.e Fmpress of Mexico. I 39j Drow ngs: lwo porlro ls \cci. ' ecncr Room. Buchorest. Al Corlec Romdneoscd.oJ : 2-8 t929 :xpoz l e o - -cre.ri. Contimporonul. Cole d'Azur. lnlhecolcoguesol theConllmporonu/erhibiIons . . / a. Blb iogrophy: Unu nr I3 (St Ro ). Londscape.rrz 'Arto verde. I m pd rdt-.(DcnFaur).28 opr. 'Exposilion d Art Roumoln Moderne cr Occoslon de cr XXV eme Conlerence de Union nlei pcrlcmentoire. B. omong which: Horem.rc'. mcch-. Bib iogrophy: Unu. 30 - rrzlile co eclivi. ozion). Casles Parlrcrscu.\ /2si3 3l ion. 30 works: The Lighlhouse. We rh nk ihct there is c confus on of dolc. l4 mct ( onel . nr. t932 Mosa )itorntc. s nce no chronicle menlions this exhlbltion. Co ectlve exhibitlon. t93t : -. Fruit Baskef. October. i::r. Corteo :. Bib iogrophy: Adevitrul literar si crlrsirc . :::tr Daubler. Momenl lanuory. (one Jon. Cosle/e in : . Sc ocne e ziorului . s smu lilerorsi -=our).(H. : 2C mort (Luclon Boz) : rrori {Emi Rleg er- in Spoin. a scs :-. (Fl.35 {B. Ioro. Green Table.''x!* Pcinting: Conposition.Adevorul arfiscltc. Triesle. The Painilng.rec Lr'll/2 137 . : ?2 iEm Rieg er). IZ30: Group exhibltlon. Ball. Cuvdntul. Gandrleo. Turkish Harbour. Fruif.3l icn. Blb logrcphy: Adevdrul literar si orftstic. Exhtbtts ot the Offtcic So on. Venetian. oriistic. -: : rrslic. Tito Babes. (cot. (H. Ruins. cnuntd pentru cnnounced.3l mo't {Emtl Rtegler B Dinu) . Leqendd. t. but Unu.{Sel ).le ::= el Vo.. . ): Group exhibitlon: The 2nd Exh b ticr oi ire New Ar1 Group'. {Petru Comcrnescu) l3 opr. : March. onf ouf ces the I rd ::. Green Peors. Pointing. lB oct. Facla ) 1 moi (S.I rcnllesiore c intregii ol 1935 ond 1936. Miroge. 33 works. Foclo.Adevdrul Bibiogrophy. Pointing. F orion. Bcrzion).i o cronicd nu ::cleoschmborede mightbecsweIonovernighlchcnqe n r'. Elcrd). Exhlbltlon rooms ol Foc/o. B ozionr iie co eclivcr. Frlur smuL nosiru /Our Futurism ).' ecnc" Room Pointing.vilti :-ct st lileror si ortisltc. Accdem cr de crtd decoroi vd {Acodemy ol Decorotive Art). Swinming Pool. Feasf. Plosftc. literc:r st 4 moi (H. Arnalfi. 3 I on. Rompo.Adevorul literarsiorlis/ic. Batavra. l9 moi.:'' 'e desene. Venice elc. :-:riei Feslin.--- triase. Plaslicd. Drow ngs: The Ponrai ot' ttte Pctel TLteodor Daublet.)./eneliand Cos cu Eotres. Nero. Nymph and Faun.Un orlsl penlru Rcrnpa 14 moi (lone '"i'/ en-e Conlerence Exposlt on d'Arl Roumoin de Moy Offlclo So on. nu April. 'Fulur their proiect. Nude. Poinling: The Porlroil of Mrs. 30mort. Coasla J::sro elrusco..d^rDo o . [he Glass. Nenifescu) l! I :: :- :- . Moilne elc. (Petru 20 cpr. Amalfi.2T febr. 'cnd.T cpr. Sevi//o. M t930 fcr : Codreonu . Beach al the Swintnting Pr:ol.r) Gc. Blczion) Ultimo ord. Blb logrophy. (H. Two sighls {ron France. :e o Presse Lollne r'po o. New Art The Firsl Exhibltlon. :. Pan. there -: ' .

Sod Aninols. I / mcrrt..24 febr.ti. Ruine elene. Broslecnu . Frozen Horbour. Strond cenusiu. 12fe6r . B mort.77) st Piclura (cot. Focla. Portref. Transfigurdri (un porlrei). Io poarta omtnlirilor. Adevorul lit'erar . Marine. Galonta. Works (mentioned in periodicols). N. Arhileclurd closicd.Cont mporcnul.r Ch. Fructe meridionale. febr. Grey Swintnting Pool. I mort. Slalui plasttce. ) L mcrt. l6 marl. leonc' Rc Bibllogrophy. leono Room.. (H Blozlon).. Mozorl Room. Solo Mozort'. January.5../^. Studio lighf.. Pluilre lrogtcd. Port-Arthur elc. Geornetrte in piola publica.r^..The Conlimporonu Exhibltion ). nr l1/7 lPeric e Morlinescu).2 tar.Cubism ond Archeo ogy Facla. Marind. nr 4B lruDflccl Acvor u I. Corondino). Busuioceonu). On the Threshold o{ Renembrance.. Colendarul. crpr. Brosteonu Cubism si crheoiogie' ). C. Pcinting. Adevdrul lilerar $i artistic. Cipru.T 28. 53 works. (N Ccrcndino). (orticol nesemncl). Bucuregti.. Unu. Bive:li . t933 February. Cyprus. Proconsularo. Bucure. Porfraif.. Bib iogrcrfie: Adevdrul literar si artisltc . The Glass. aua de Pa. Vene|ano. Pn-n l. li :' - t935 februarie.24 ion. Wlth Mr Mcrrce Bibliogrcrphy: Rampa.Ihe exhlbilion. t933 februone.6 febr. Foclo. Buchoresl.Mi ilcr ) Pdlrogcu . Fetele borde[ Lady Chotterley. Eosler Colo. Miners in Winter. 29 mci (H. l4 febr. Paharul. Gallantly. B ozion).. Tribul lsorga.. printre ccre. IB febr {Don Bottc). (lone )k:nu) lo'eo oe 1.. B czion) Foclo.. Table wil't Horrnonie: Composit'ion wilh Domino. Blchoresl. Classical Architecture. Expozilie Mcrce cncu . . lv\ozorl "A I c Fxpozifie Contimporanul t935 " . Cclendarul .i artisilc. (H B ozicn). Expozifio grupului p cslLc 'Crler on'. (Pou1 Sterlcn Morce .r l-. Llnu. Bib iogrcfie. Colendorul 5 febr (AL. So onu Olicicl.5. - nr l/9 I I (P Comcrrnescu). Litere. (Pou Stericn Morce oncu scru Al Gozo i crl picturii"). Bucuresl. Expozificr coleclivdr "Curenlu ortislic" (Asoc otio orlisil or plcstici romcrnl) Scr onul de toomnd.22 apr. Bib iogrcphy: Vremea. Plastic Event' i 3.22 febr (Tonic Qvi -'The Room wl. Lunind de oleIier. So o eono". (Sondu E lcd). Arlo si omul. ( onel . Bu{fc . nr | /7 \Pericle Mcrlinescu). Busuioceonu 'Arto romdnecscd h 1932'). morines. Arlo s omul. Btzorre Event's. B ozicn). C. /B). lights of Debauchery. 2. 1. Rarnpa.. Naturd moarld Dundrea la Giurgiu. Still-life. Bis. Transfigurotion (c portrcrit).2 ian.92l st Fruclierd (cct. Medi.h. Fruils confils. Curentul. Colendotul. Expozilro Grupu plcstic 1934'. P. Greek Ruins. Sanhoi. Picturo. Busuiocecnt). (N. (C. Adevorul lileror siorlls/ic.. Bucuregli. 2B mcrrt.) ' Expoziflo nudu ui {mcrnlfeslore co ectivo). Buchoresl.ll. Shonghai. Arto nr. Arlc nr. Mrs. Bis. Bib iogrcfie: Foclo. Poncriiescu). Picturo. and wo Still lives. absesie. Pcrncritescrl mcrt. Compozi|e cu domino..24 febr (A T Cu dl Morcel loncu despre . Buchorest. The loggler's Toble. Bib iogrcrfie: Adevdrul literar si olistic. The Danube at GiurgiL Brothel Girls. 93). Conpolt'ton 1932.'11i". Compozilie 1932. Acorduri de plaid. 24febr (lone . .) "The Exhlbition of the Nude in Poiniing" {co eclve e'reMozort" Room. Facla. Polnting: Fosler (cot 92) . (A. '- T / nr l/l (P Lostic). 5le6r. nr. (N. lumini de desfrau. Pnrnrinn A. B ozicn). Blue Melody Blbllogrophy: Foclo. The Picturd. ) 5 febr. B ozic . Pirates' Hole. Adevorul lilerar si atttslrc . l5 mci (H. /l (P Lcstic) -o o. Energia sculplorei M. Masa scamatorului.l/9 I I (P Comornescu).(Aure D.22 febr. Rampa. T.6 febr. Adevitrul literar si orlislic.' Arms ). Frozen Fruif. The Energy o{ lhe sculplress P.. Blblogrcphy: Adevdrul literor si altslic. animale lrisle. moi.24 febr. Colendarul. Comcna.. l2 febr. Piclurar: Posco/d lcol. 53 de ucrdri. B az April. Easie Eggs. crmong which: Sunny Beach. Eliod). Doomno C. (H Blczlon) Focla. (N.Expozific Contimporonul'). Fele la salon. ("Acvcriu column). mc:itne. Culori pascale. Rompo.1 Seieonu).-moi (G. Tonitzc).Geomelry in a Public Square.2l fe6r. Pdtrcscu".1. l9 mcrrt. Plaslic Slalue. Ranpo. Bucuresli. Facla. B crzion). Peisaj cu {es.T oct (Sondu E iod). Sa c: . Composition. B ozicn).. Colendorul. 15 febr. (N N Tonitzo) februorie. Eliod).1.rrondino).-. February Z'28: Exhibitlon: Morcel lcrncu . Llnu.Contimporonu . Med| Tragic Floaling.Co ective exhlbition The Art Trend' {AsocicrJio crtisti c' p osticl romonr) 'Aulumn Scrlon.February. l7 mort. Mozorl Room. B ozion) t934 Februory. Curent'ul. Lilere. nr. Vertelic: The lsorga Tnbe.45. "P ostic Group 1934'.25. Mineri iarna. lB febr {Don Botto) 1934 februarie.lcrnco or Al Gozo i of Pcrinting'). Hormonies or: Beach.25: The Thlrd Exhlbition of Contintporonul . Picturd: Noturd noortd lcol. nr 4B Proconsular. Peache . Girls at the Salon. Bucuregli. The exhibjtlon of the o* group Crilerion . Dc es Room. mor (G. Adevorul hterar si ortisilc. (F1.. (!. lnldmpldri bizore. Buchorest. Dinamic. Biblogrcrfie. Scrlo Dolles. Meridionol Fruif. l. l6 man. {C. l7 mcrrt.2B mort (. Bib iogrcfie. I I 2B: The exhlbition of Morce cncu Mi i': Pdlroscu. Ex. {A oncu obout . Bib iogrofie: Adevdrul lierar si artistic. Modelul. 1 933 (AL Busuloceonu "The Romonion Art in 1932') Mqy Off ciol Sc on. larna. t936 t936 February. .Mllilo Pdlroscu. Model. Adevdrul litercr s arlistic. "The Fotrlh Corttmporan. Melodie albaslrd Bib logrofie: Facla. 1933 (A .trntin R'. Plolo solard.24 icrn (S. 5t doud No/uri moarle. 3.eDo^ Qoor Buto^t Pcrinting: Lrcrcri {menfionole presc vremii): Mosd cu armonii. Piclurd: Parcul pifaresc. (H.. B morl.:' )9 . Dynanic.. Vremea. (N. (Mircec Riegler Dlnu). Piersici.'AI'o Contimporanul to o oo""'. Cuib de pirali. (. ( one )iant). Bibliogrophy' Facla.. (S. Port inghelat Sceno de bordel. Facla. I le6r (unsigned orlicle).i Fruit'Dish (cot 93). Bib iogrophy: Adevdrul lit'erar si artistic. l B mort. Adevorul literor si orlls/ig I 8 norl. Ranpa. 14 febr. 2l febr. (Mlrcec Rieg er Dinu). Still life lcct 77) and Pointing (ccrt 78) Bib iogroshy: Focla. . Moment' plast'ic I.llonu).lionu). Wtnter.29 moi (H. Seieonu). Solcr 'Mozcrt . l5 mai (ll. . Lanscape with a Turkish Cop. opr. 22 opr. Foclo. P osiiccr noud. "Mcrce oncu Mi ltcr 1 ond 3 {Aure D. 14 mcrl. Exhibitlon . Ccrcndl' Adevarul lileror si ortistic. Pcinling: Ptcluresque Park.i. Unu. (Tonio Ovi So o de crrme ). T oct. Compozi|e.45. nr . nr. Solc ' Ieonc .. Brothel Scene. 1 I 28. New Fine Art. Porl-Arlhur elc.. Lady Chatterley. oprilie.pozi^ A^.

Archipelogo. African Beach.. Peosant Wonen.-:. Civilizo1e. i6:e::-. Peace. Nocturne. Bordel. 3B woiks.. Beirut. Porniing.Spania. . "Ghico" Room. Becc.XV/2 {Al. Visions. -lm. Brolhel. Fcrclo.Spain. Pireu. Haiffa. Asia. Mourning.. cmong which: Constontinopie..' : :':'j' i Horem.27 nallProl G Oprescu). u i I I Bibllogrophy: Universul.nlew :-r. :---: -r'3: Constoninopol. Buchoresl.Bibliogrophy: Adevdrul literar 5i otistic. Harem-.'. Escape. Furiuno. lslonds. Petters. D m i n co lo.7 Dono Herbay. c q'. :i Pogrom.-tr-. iH. Castles. Plolo '.:'. Pogron. Furluno. Gandireo. flilr+r Jr:. Beirur. Arobion Village. A{rico.cce:-- . Europectn Dance.r: -:.' - ariental Beach.:ct Doliu. Madonna. 25 moi (lon Vinec). Village al Sculori. Algerian. Duminicoic:. :cheion. Itolion. Solrde. Civilisation. Egheion.n in Bosphorus. * The list r:. {ftrhrca -. Solo - Moy: Exhlbltion of Morcel loncu Mllilo Piircsc. Widowhood. Slopover.::-. Plaid tnnan'.. r39 . i l--. Blr:zion). Vifol Space.{ exhtbilions wos compiled b. :. nr. The Meditenonean.'"io t939 Pdtroscu. Busu. lo i a n dl rud omr.: -::: = Sciarab.:.

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Aoturi de propriile scrieri se gdsesc lexle oporfinond unor nume sonore ole noii on crchLieciure in I6e Contimporc:nui - --. nervous sensotion"..'iniroduced by . gorde rcdicolism of the monifesios. 'r irismul coroclerislic fuiurismu ui: . s-:.Strlo. lo o grec :.beonging to some resounding nomes r . o revistcr condusd. esle cceeo consocrcrld pub icisticli.letc: . ole octivitotli ui Morcet loncu.vl. ond bui dings were printed to illuslrole -.AR. disseminclion of those pertoining lo mo:-' orchitecture.r:5Ti6' 6.: .o. nalist. percutonle.e ogo Tr:p rp1 o. However. in specio cee pubicoie in Contim poronul (oproope douo irelmi). Aoo r Bo^r a -. lexlee scurle./ior O O CO ^ |taot ^ Op Op- do ("Books on New Architeciure") a \ trspero. spre gcndireo si experimente e orhi tecturlr moderne europene.' .CEL 'ANGU l{icolae Lascu MARCEL TANGO's ESSAYS ON AR. 6.-' : ce e mol numeroose si mcl semnrficctlve crlico e refe rilocre lo orhiiecturo. februorie 1925).ron Morerer I. Acesleo ollerneozd. - I r'e Mo. principolele revisle occidentc e de ovcngorddr: ABC De Slill.. .-Vers une r:trchilecture. numdr de numdr.lo Aoer o .= cism Thus he would wrile ihct " ife b.. Facla. Ccrnd iese : din mediul ovcnqordist ol Corlimporctnului si se W. ii. : Sorloris. ALberto Sortorls etc. probobi . Sludy Bourgeois' lBlocks of Flals in Berchen .e e.''i. Miscorea lilerord c: ui Liviu Rebreonu. s.eo.. . o lui Adolf Behne. convingeri tronsonte. in order to [e:: ' reoder lnformed on the lclesl news '.^ o'td le. in primul rond. Screreo este opidcrd. such os: Misc:'whose dlreclor wos Liviu Rebrecnu. {C /o rorl o .'. Texiee sole.. Arlct si Crasul (printre fondotorii cdrreio s-o 9i oflot)..:. Revislo o dedicoi douo numere dub e unor teme porticulore o -^ domeniului.c. he published 12 essoys in 192: issues of Conlimporanul covered some ems in this lie d.r ' whose editorinchief. '. ' down. elc Piclllr:.' . Arla si Crctsul (he wos omonc . Ecch issue ol lhe mogozine consi: Western Avonl-Gorde pubiccrtions.vibreozd de lic cnd visionory imcaery. Th v Doesburg. Esprit Nouyeou..'= published o ong wth short excerpts fro. rodicolilolec ionu ui si o formu ori or din monifesle e ovongordisle. wiih lntense rfe in them" =- crscensoore or rcrpide sl de viclo lnlensd '. degi puf n MAR.Bor-rgeo s lBlocuri lo Berchem). {C.lonco's oct. he pub lshed the moiorily ol r . cpri ie 1925) Tentclio eseistu ui de o-qi c orifico proprio gcndire este dub crtd de dorinto de difuzore o idei or orhilecluri moderne europene. wh -. de nezdruncinol.o*o ds "rod^. [oAvv' a l-so* nul (olmost lv/o thirds) shcre. Ado irote fie cu exempe f Behne.. oe unor reoizdri europene imporlonl Europeon cchievements onC ' . Pe uhimo pogino esle inc us si orlico u . ncmey.cO OOe O \... 1925) respectrvey.E cunoscule.C. bul he oso . Th.C'IIIECIUR. cu lonu profeiic. unul Arhitecfurri moderne (nr 53 54.'[ ord eq voco opi o.o) L.'lebo t pogetloe . Pe oceecrgi pogind in core este pub icct criico u lui M oncu .r o-. Vild in oros).egropt \'llo ord ( -^ tains.-5cot .inscr in goono senzoiii or vio enle si nervoose' curso scu. opLnii foro echivoc.HITECIURA IIU ESEUR.ment bui dings "throb with e evcto./ l. ior cotevo cpcrifri ediioriole sunt prezentole cilitorulur romdn prin propr r e note de lecturo (. Deschidereo lotolo o Confimporanului st a ui Mcrce cule circo 37 lexte o e so e ccre dezvoltc probl+ me teoretice ole orhitecturli moderne o oni or l920 1930. Addltiono y. b:-- de oor d oa.. very much . unu dintre princ po ii rdeo ogi oi misccrii moderne gerrnone. in o tc porie. Edlficotor este numdru consocrol Arhiteclurii moderne o lui Le Corbusier... seectote.'orl^r ore-^ole * l p opre. lnstonce.Func iiune si formdr". icr celalo I lnleriorului nou \nr 5Z-58. eic. ou.Arhitecturcr noud'. fle cu propriile proiecte sl construcili.. v Doesburg. Modern Archilecttr: :. Vild si cine mc: lo munfe..I --.. in bund mdsuro.Cor1i de orhilecluro noud ). o si:-:: hcd his lilerar si orlislic sou Crasul. presumob y se c. r.. The essoysl oliemp-:: set his own rdeos in order. Adolf := orhilecturii (Le Corbusier.TLE LUI Uno dlntre direcliile cee ro rportcnte. Doudsprezece dinlre ocesleo sunt pub iccte in 1925.essoys printed. Cicerone Theodc-=. ofirmo cdevdruri definiilve. slou c dturi de proiecte si schite vo umelrice ole lui loncu lPo.lonco himse f os his o. din Vers une orchiteclure Proiecte o e ui Cud lBirouri -i fob ' o) O'apt lCn. lo mi! ocul cnior '30. - wi-l lorcos poo ono rolr Tei O{. on Volumes: a Skyscrope' : .: ol fieLd.Go . deseori..e . Zgarie nori. Cooi.= re evonl exomp e in lhis respeci s the s: = Archifecfure. wos o o i Contimporanu/ ond lcrnco hod o dei. elc. ct crucio ospecl indeed of his ccre: texts hove been known so for.).pe.vioto se consuma repede . esle sub inioto de insls iento prin core se semno eozdr. Ce e mci mulie ou fost pub icote in Contim poranul.'.lol de e.= wilh lheoretico issues of modern orch'=: l92Os ond l93Os Most of them weie : Contimporanul yet there were severo r. o hi'e ... de Cicerone Theodorescu.ta si o. Jonco's essoy "New A.---- Februory l925) ond l"lew lnterior (n. Ponc in prezenl sunt cunos. he pub ishe: . Conttmporanu/ esle inso revisio in core o publicol wller. A scris insd si c olle cotevo reviste o e epocii. Adevdrul Litile is known oboul Morce . lmobilele turn .t. Sludiu de volume. cu exOt -nO. sunt tiporile scurle extrose. such crs Le Corbusier... e ^1o) -"lpo lor I oe . Articolele sunl ilus importonle.o s p'o1e . run of vio eni. 5oo^.e C.Still Esprit Nouveau. ovcnfgorde poei.

which he utiery despised) led lonco to the so-co ed willtoori ideo (Kunswollen) prevoi ing in lhe Europeon orl mi ieus. o-. lexiul devine moi iung.-' se dilueozd.. u ttme e .. the emphosis on urbon plonn ng ("the socio gool of orchrleciure) ond of course ihe oes thetic ospects (undersiood "in the utilitcrion sense of the building ) We con ecsily troce here the mcjor trends of ihe [uropecn Modern Movemeni. o tronsferd si crhiteclurii (. dependenfc orhrtec. cnd urbonism") So. pe core il dispreiiuesie profund) pe Morce oncu. in .Lrc-rv c c Archiieciure". the ideo of godlike power of the ortisi ("New Stye lres in ourseves") thought of os downing romonlicism in o new wor d (unlike the unheclthy persislence of ihe l9th c. .::csebrre de prelungirile romontismu ui ' X-eo..-. the oppropriole functionol so utlon of ol orchltecluro progrommes (occording to o "truthful idec".-a whot while the lexts ihemse.-cie co otore.-j'ii moderne europene. Morcel Jonco thought it cs the unique gocr of ihe oct of bui ding.---tr '. os h s osl essoys pub lished in Romonio decrh clmosl e.Arhitectul modern esle con . o voinlo de arld = : ed o orli'ti'e e. he equo ly identified strong lies with the Dodo Movement (to which he cscribed the ideo of co crboroiion beNnreen obstroci ort ond orchlleciure).:cdoismul (de lo core strOnse revendicd ideecr .. oo ..= t"nd dediccte oproope in exc usivilcte *. . he never ceosed to emphosise hbw modern crchitecture depended on vorious e>perimenls of the Avcntqorde orl movemenis.. Tooie oceste uneorr suferind obsesiv in -' : so e u teriocre.. The bosic feolures of the modern lnterior. He oier ironsferred ilio orchitecture ("o wi to lofly orchiiecture" in "lleights.' -: s orhiiecturo decurge.. r-e or plostrce obstrocle cu orhiteciuro). Likewise o moior shlft o{ inleresl seem to hcrve icken ploce. though noi overty Ncluroly. Being utlerly involved in the ecrly 2Oth ceniury chonqes the reolm of crt. r-'itecturo noud'). toiodotc.. or torr -Te q6r6cpti co'loT O qo^fer -o ir e o r {.c.. Se poi re. :-e -- urii si urbonismului devin moi complexe dor convingeri e scle rdmdn lo fel de oo e c e gondiril soe osuprcl orhilecturii ce e dlntoi orticole (. oprofundcte.: srnu ul cfirmo undevo (. de o = -=:iurii spre ce e o e urbonismului. yet. Aso cum s-cr vdzul."Consi. mol ' r-lr-lnnefle e sunt cduloie cu moi mu ld =-=."-r .:-nifrcotivd o inleresu ui. S.-eclurd superioord'.o Lnf uence of De Still. They spinned crround such proc ems os. os he puts it). . prin ----enlele supremotisle. occe^ :.:odirii moderne esie srngurul eement : :rhitecturii ccruic ii ocordc o olenlie cu .:. -t-:. '=: qor. in timp.:pul socicrl o orhiteclurii ') si.. : -:b emele unei noi esleiici orhitecturole 't'e in The moin ihemes underyrng . spre miilocul :-nd orgumentele invocote in fovooreo ssed o pub' rc thot did noi c3 . generole de un := : privi functionoLitolec (dimensionoreo THE INTERlCR of the modern bui ding wos the only specific orchiteciuro elemeni he considered ot ength.crlonle de oplico.o o o- '-: . we shou d not wonder why Morce Jonco slrong y odvocoted the imperotive lo remol<e ihe broken uni! behveen fine orls ond orchi lect fo iowed cubism" he put it ln hrs essoy "Cn Fine Arts ond New Architecture". olignmenls. he im plied the leclu re.:.'..clusively with iown deve opment issues.lle ori ore occrzio..:'. . romonticrsm..I -.lndr timi.cngcrdd . Loler on o lhese ihemes come up obsessivey.surinid. "The modern orchl rn *ee ir-rodt po 1 -: \ " 6. r. As ii hcs been clreody noliced. os we os with conslruciivlsm ("the most vio ent expression in lodoy's building') ond consequeni y wllh ihe supremotrsl experimenis lost but noi leosl.-= de diferiie experimenie ole miscdrilor -= :. scop ol oclu ui de edificore .d ro p0\6 ' J .expresio ceo moi violento ie constructie o vremii noostre") si.Construcllvism si or :zoivoreo funclionold odecvold c iuiuror :e o l itr. lc fe de direcle.. while hls vrews someiimes seem io hove significonty chcnged...Slil nou: : Arhitecturcr noud' . Morcel lcncu il con' . : inlerioru ui modern. c tnieri . qeneroted by o new mode of undersionding funciionoiity (dimmenslonino of 213 . and didactic os the ouinc.--. o .de por :. principolele drrectri progromoti.... the importonce of ihe interior spoce ("the on y oool of the bui ding octron").Siilul nou ao romontrsm o inceputurilor unel noi . Mo' o. - sensu utr iicrrist o clodirli' ).cle tero^ €.Din oceosld necesord corelore inlre -. sn crI h s crcniie. : :.Despre ortele Archiiecture". "New Architeciure"..-ento tonului sccde lrepiol. from orchiteclure lo urbonism.ipc eo so d ta -o lo pr^'o -p tLlt de "' o. concen . lhough deot wiih in o more comprehensive monner.. occentul pus pe .r eo'. . t' ro (. nu in u ti . . in vrziuneo lur ^ p^'otiv-l iefoce' r'lo o . .rqr r :ctiunir de o clodl '). oproope :np ificote. sunt influenie e gruporii t ='eo demiurglcd o ortislu ui .e. (core esle .nui cerc moi org de citriori..'ope'le o pA. dor conexiuni -. Exlsid. - -tr5e or. = roi lArztu.

o( r'l e ^qtr po prolelr. directy connecied io orc. o tmpor orgonrzolion. os Mcrce interior spoces. f rsl de ivei-e: . esle ex presro ocesiei nol orqonizor o vleili. Thus the orchltect wos sun'r: "moro so ulions expressed through viewpoints". nerc e. by no meons Romonticism" :. ci in o ie douo period ce. cu otitudinec onll slmbo rcd o neoplos e iminoiion of decorolion. rnclls'. co obiecl orhiieciuro supus innoirii rodico e. rcctd in brosuro Cdtre a orhilectura c:t Bucuresttlor ui F-Jorio impreund cu lexle e conferlnte or . Consequent y '' = its troditlona meon ng ond was subord'-:-=tion ond oeslhelic mode ng. susl ne Morce loncu. cccenlueozd dimensiuneo soclolo c orhiiecturil moderne. pentru Morce loncu. cc un imbol occesibi oricui (. in schlmb.slilul modern cere urbonism modern". creeczd spoiiul de violo inleroordr.'= ' . ond essentrol vo ue ihci needed "ree. gcrde mogozine Conlimporonul inslecc ' = in Arta si Oroeul \1 925) cnd Oro. linulo in 1935.. dezvo londu se in doud drrecili. sidered os cn orchitecturol object.deo soluiii morole din punci de vedere sociol si esleiic' Lc un intervo de un deceniu (oiunci cand Contim por<tnul jst 'incetcse cporifio de colivc cni). ': = lhe socio dimension in modern orchlie:---be troced in the urbon p onning ihink': 2Oih century democrrrilc soc ::= by. n consecinld.) a opiitudineo de o vedeo spctic . Este lnteresont de observcri modu in cor-e coso (ocuinlo).Uiopio Bucureslilor'. pe de o porte.n.. lor coso modernd. .i e minorec decoro tiei. exponded cnd deveoped ln -. . he under ine: lure is socio due lo the urbcn imporicr:= housing.: tio ly. Arhi leclul modern. become o symbo of the ne'. dreplul o o solulie esleticc pentru or ce tip de c odire (nu numoi penlru cele reprezeniotive). este ridicoto o nivel de slmbo o no r epoci. l essoys on urbcnrsm were not publishe:. omplosorecr feresireLor.. enunlole onlerior... - 111 tecturd . lrebuie 'revizultd". lmportcnfo so esie covdrsitoore.ul ll9: on "Buchcresl An Utopicr". - see here lhe effecls of orgonic ihinking : '.lrol oorc of r'bon o ' . orhitectu coniemporon democrotice cr incepulului de seco.. core se regdsesie prrn urbcnismu socieldlir s: . Se poi descifro orci ref exe o e gcndirii orgonice. foce din orhitecturo modernd o orh modern orchilecture into o "consumer rwos considered from the siorl crs on r:-guoge ("onyone is cllowed io toke u1: -ture") On the other hond. c o::. prin urmore.l : pub ished loier ln lowords c:n Archifectr. while its pcrn. ec esle subordonoid funcliunil 9l modeloril pcstice o oceslelo. de fopl. Primo dintre ocesiecr iind. soci: -: T 1il e chemoi so .spoliilor inierioore. dor copdtc. modern ife. lt is worth noiing how the .nloe for rnterior lfe. cr o r ^ | Cr p . : wlth the goo s pursued by the "nevr :orchitect's power of creoiion. thorough y opposed to ihe onti-symb: : toining to neoploslicism. pub ln Mcrce Jonco's opinion. Ato si Cra. . io creole /Ae liilted spoce ond use :' effects in the exteror volume" {"The lnie.e le ' ond the comprehension of its spir'. Firsiy.^ spre exo loreo ro u ui urbcrnismului in viotc con lemporond.1925 Creongd . ideile ge .' tros o' e pe' tontcr semnificoiivd pentru orog.ul(1925) sr. Crctsul (1934) D n oceeosi oni 30 dotecrzo si conferinlo. Pulereo de creotie o orhitectului. in opozifie totoio. Urbonismu the some visionory monner: " is mole' : meons ore revolulionory. Arlico e e so e referiioore o urbonism nu cu fost publiccrte tn Continporonu/ ovongordei orlislice. suni idenilce pentru e. eo esie considercld. . enunfcte simu lcn in Conttmporanul dar. Cec de c douo volocre esenlioLd ccre..lonco urbcnism wos essentrolly "direcle: : "modern style demonds modern l urbcnis. "Urbonlsm.oricine ore voie sd focd crhiiecluro nouc').Urbcnism nu romcniism ). de cr concepe spoti u limiici s de o troge dinlrjnsu toole consecinlele 1n vo umu exlerior' (. inc uding height.i ecrgd cotevcr Cclcrv Doicescu. Ten yeors oier (when Conlimporanul c--:. . i uminclion. cu scopu ri e urmdrile de . rn exchcnc: c crucio signrficonce within lhe city dw"llrng o o ..lhe Dutch neopostlcrsm of De Still -lo-: o so thot the modern orchitect wos cb + - oppropriote spoce ticismului. in primul rond. copotd omp ocre. ofirmd oncu.out for few yeors). mobi orec mocern. in core crre direclo cu orhllecfuro. respec consum'. in vizluneo ui Mcrce loncu.: il I' esle. orhi teciurcr esle socicr c prin importonlo urbcrnd o Locuinlelor ieftine..Oalao 'intregu ui orzonl spirituo o epocii sunt odevdrole e dote ole orlei urbcnisiice' (. folodo isi pierde sensu trcdilioncl. nleriorul" ).esletlcc noud . 'in intregul er.. Articolele dln dln idelle urbonismului modern de ce e ole orhilecturii.the prophetic underslonding of lodcy's :: deemed be-or. de c incepul. the moin ideos.' it hcd cn overwhe mi. filtrote prin perspeclivc neop oslic smu ui o ondez o grupu ui De Sti1l. Pe de olto porte. . he proised lhe roe poyed by . 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Romonticism con be poured into concrete ond ccsi iron molded into Renoissonce shcpes. W^ perceive rother cr dileitcrntish mode thon insiqhtful creotrvily... cs we wilnessed ihree mirocles: lhe Berlin exhlbition of revolutionory crnd independenl orchilects.18.: : :ecundot. r r-e e mijiooce obslrocie de expresiune. sd e mdnuioscd. The new siye ies in ourseues cnd by no meons in the role' o s we r .oceosld otitudine moi mu t di eiontlsm decdi -t:'e si creofie.. Agcinst commeTce with ort onc er. hod indlrecty led to ortist's clooiness l-: lr-:. t .A.4oi lcrziu. ihe slone ond steel no ihe sl y scroper cnd crystol or the mochine wl ieoch us ihe new siyLe. d r We ror (Bo. ' c' ires o eroL .) omericond (vezi F..ri noiuroliste. colour. 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Wolo..'i-r loor^. n-cm inironct decdt un . esie o impurLioie.o h '.le o J[c oa e..-' ^rvdlo stilul nou.: minuni: expozitio orhiteclllor independenti mentol evenls exemplifying lhe inlerre otionship of obs trocl crts ond crchiteciure. =.r. ppor-eo oy e. ^ : :: The ortists were the first to recc' lhe new slyle: ArchiMvrc ro.^-a de mcrlericrl.-. ^ ilrdtilecluta noud _ . simple iechniccl remorks ond o ncLve possion for ihe mochine ond o childtsh worship of its a'g leer c o r lo oe l'Jp pr 1.este in noi si nici decum in moiericle. o i) This .JTq.-: rcmei lcr lcblourile obslrccle (e e nu mcri singurd orhiieclurc este cod'': -'ufier suproomenesli cr ortistului culiivotd de -. nici igheoburi. : . n ortd orice preferrnlc preconcepulo " . :-: '. cdci scurt timp dupo oceeo om rr .' poinl'. oppi eo {Mogdebr 9 'l ln orchileciure (Bouhous). Neither the oulomobile.decdi in cristo sou in belon ormol. Si in .. fExfs oN e et. Arhitectul insd ire= . nici mosinile nu . fo owed by the first cubrst city duo 'o orch.CEL IANCO: AP..r. sd -ra Arlo. :r -oo ol obsrocl cr-.primele monrfeste in I9I5 in core procc lle Dooo Movor-'t loo c' ': . These meons ore bui pure obsircrclions. to hcnd e cnd win through them.e.ra oo ro.r-:.-ro . -n oo(e sr I p.'o5e (ol Te'r. prin sfortdrile uriose c e orhiteciului i ' urmd gcoc c orlelor obsirocte op iccrte in . oricdt . h . o r. = l: OfiO. ' :r :e erijeozd in principii de ortd noud.oic inseomnd preo pulin. Agoinst crrlisl's superhumon houghiiness. I o pueri o odmirotie penlru ingineru ei. To mointcrin lhot o new house needs no roof or guiiers is even moTe noive thon to slole ihot the Moderns will only bui d in crysto ond reinforced concrete. ols iA'p Lgg^rilg R. evor . ior fonlo pooie luo - . . '-. : Dodo p' zgcrrie-norii. eic.7 remorcdm o inf uenio '. nici Here ond ihere.-t-: t-t -: .e-np : -oobo. Cctober )924. Richler sl loncu) cereom chlor ononimcrlul - tose lorte. 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in fine. intr-un sptril sdroc 9i cu ia ent redus. olmosl ruslic moter: thot kind of form thct resu ls from utilii. Sumedenio de cerinfe g nevor urgenle. by no meolns |o''/l. Modern comforl poys no iribute lo wec -' Those who wonl o new dwelling shou c on o smoller sco e.. the feoihers to o hot Wclls without openings show the moteric : . Lino eum.: = .: reseorch. -: lo . o e sinuozrtdlilor romonf ocse de ev mediu. To be modern hos noihing io do with ios. mo confortobllo o cdturre in cresiereo si intinderec orogeor. This --. core ou trecut prin nen umdrote crize orl sllce pono c scheme soiesti lipsite de orice voloore. orose e muncitoresil. overopp:: i-ond meondering forms of lhe Medrevc :-- elc. io soc I :i : comfori cnd technicol stondord. ou ovul doru sd imbogoteosco orose e cu pcrcu ri 9i grcdini schlmbond ospeclul sumbru ol cenlrelor indusirio e si descongeslloncrnd impreiurimile triste c e metropole or 'inegrile de fumu munc i prin sinuozltdlile si oeru grodini or.l l design. nu se ridicd un oros pentru o singuro generofie.y Corbusier s so ution lo the unheo lhy me. more comforiob e shcc: -opmenl ond oy-oul.iis own school ond orchitects.. Nu se c ddegie un oros inir-un on. bc': by ihe overol ospecls of todoy's ife i. Urbonismul.. orhiteciu este chemol sd deo pietrei 'infe esul ce se despr nde dln vioto noud. However. imperoiivey co ed for o oborolc. cnd decih. riimu funcfiunior voriote sociole. Morce oncu. core pono eri cresieou o voio intdmp drilor. orgonic 9i dezordonol si core nu se moi pol inloluro si odero struclurii moderne. loscd vrolo reduso . sludies.--- Urbanism. under so monifold ::-= to uiiliiy. Fofo de ne'incelole cerinfe si prob eme socicle ce se ridicc zi de zi. coordoneczo.French urbonism cnd even some o ce. however. Urbonismu s-o ndscul in limpu noslru 9i incepe in pri mul rond cu oroge e grodini ole Ang iei Adevcrclele minuni de peiscglu ortificic dcr romon iic.y lls .po.'. Americcr o ridrcct co pr n mrnune dintr-un on pe c lu . sub ototeo ospecte utilitcre sou estetice. ordsele inireg . coser to the olmost c. on lhe sc-= . crecrted c mcximum number of house: =' ideol corio-obe ord lygi"r . Nici odoio congtiinlo omeneoscd nu s o incumelot so priveoscd problemcr vcstc de spofiu 9i timp o ncrsterii. i is moslv -:. This wos lhe : -.nftctsm Our crge is cc ed upon to undersloncl :.. )931 p 2 Utbanism nu tomlrnlism Timpul nosiru e chemol co niciunul so inteleogo. pub ic hec '^ my.oclerize urbon plonning. eic. he : inside blooming porks. ond so. crnd flnc y.combusiion of present ife ony longer -= demonds cnd pressing needs. :.:=-todoy s ife Whoever wonts lo proclice new crchile:'--= oll rlght Conlimporanul . no. economlce sou socic e.r slort from lhe scrotch cnd buid ne. ihe rhi''-^socio funclions. l . l92zl sociol. studiozo si ormonrzeozo elementele de construcfie in mosse. ond hormonious y oggre r r : : of mcss consiruction thot used to deve :: rolher chooiico y. moi sonitord. The new siyle wos born ond there wcs . Ero primul impu s de o cunoos te formele nesldpdnite ole creslerii orgonizole. penlru o moi bund.:' . hyoie-= -' le up lhe vosi spoce ond time probe- -' ' We do know some remorkcble cttemp': . dor moi oles... oeslhelics. urbonismul obio incepe scr-si indeplineoscd chemoreo. Apoi Germcnic o creot.-conirol the unpredictoble. supro puse. igienice sou de circu oiie eic.' notes. . sdnoloteo pub rcd 9i economio cu cerut imperios nosiereo unui oborclor cnume de sludli orcrsenesli. cdci urbonismu esle moi degrobd fouriloru viiloru ui decoi o prezeniu ui. they on y rmpresse: : plon on olmosl decorolive formolism. ond which con ne ihe unsophisiicoted.-': . -quite o dJoshioned ccn slcnd os foshionr: ce. Yor o-lre re olido. 1924 Morce Jcnco. lino eum. Urbcnism. Modern furniture is lol ored on o smol er::r: o orger ond brighter spoce. cresterii si morlii oroge or.. Cunooglem inceputuri surprinzdloore de un urbonism in seco ului o XV L-ieo froncez si unele frociiuni de cer celdri mci vechi. cortiere munciloresii p ine de formecul obeo prevdzuie cdtre core se indreoptd desiinul belter.- growth. nor fitted inlo modern slruciure. Acecsld noud orld. Conttmporr:nul nr lOO. -y' r o/eo . wi never encouroge the schemctlc d-:. heo thier. Humon conscience hos never dored to t:. t -The o d pofierns connol fil inlo the iurn' .sonolil. lo boplize ii viciory shows how time itself hos worie: . Cricoi de revo]ullonore se por ozi incd orentoriLe super condense dwellings. dor loiul se rezumc lo incercdri de cr mprlrro plonu ui un formolrsm oproope decoroliv 5 insuficleni juslif cot de crnsomblul vietii de core esle ozi egci urbonlsmu. refocereo din ieme ie c for me or noi de violcr Vechi e tipore nu moi incop in for foteo o si crdereo intensd o vielil ociuc e. de confort sou de iehnico. economy.. sd reolizeze. Viclc se consumd repede in gocno senzolri or vio enle si nervoose.forne e cc'ocpe cscete de ozi Oricine ore voe sc focc orr ieciurd roud.

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Cne con infer the sorne ows cnd essons from lodoy's urbon experience oLl over the world. olie peniru instilutruni si o te e -. urbon plonning owes to Perret. disregordrng ihe orlslc ond scientific urbon experience.r se poole sldvi i pulereo decert peniru co :-:scd oiureo cu dub e resurse. by express troins stopping in cenlrol slo lions ond oirporls plcced in lherr cenlre. core . There ore only vorious degrees of deveiopment ond housing concen trclion. . Cne hundred floor buildings ihrust ci every 500 desfosooro ozi s cuprindereo intregu ui . regionoe si -::rru. =-z irl romontice nu suni ole oce ui lrecut ci .r sunl de ocord o genero izo exper ente. ='o e. confortului si . forcr so se lie oproope . 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Corbusier ::"il lronceze ldeeo orose or iurnuri. ihey o so c eored up the drecrry neighbourhoods of b ockened cities by introducing ihe winding shopes cnd the fresh cir of the gorden Then it wos Germcny lhcl creoted. L rc uu r J !! lent ond nervous excilemefl..-oonism regionol.rbonismu doloregle ui Perret (l).^L. higienei.pcrls procticing sporis ond enloying otuyhygenc te. Bucuresti grodino L .-. ' in lot ocul. ::-^siui spirii umon sl civilizoior se inceorcd .un mod deosebit de ingenios toote pro .6r io cc".sitce. viL cges cnd cities were rebuilt hosti y on devostoted londs. : ---'r birouri. Urbonism is iust siorting ihol come up every doy \O-Ct o 166 eu6..i. . circu of!ei.adiie . cstfel nu sed economy.: rnr peste iol locu . -. ..nfe.: :-rcroselor de czl.s' Englond s gorden clt es. Turnuri infipie o disionte . este hoidrot chemcl sd 231 . 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Our generolion rs summoned to fo:...ings do noi belong to ihe posl. over trodition ond tombstones.po o qoo"o d^ orr pp o\ o pO covc codc timpului.. . o PeL I I o o Osal^ De^o ot ' 'i cle Regelui Soore mediu co si nenorocllul lntru orhlteciurd seco Crosul. l l^ or dOr \ olO o-'to. diseose oround. 193. legoi de orto de o ' oOi. co.o si. hcsn'i been occomp ished yet.t. ^-e .. . crero' ce scurt iimp cr o v crtd reprezeniotivc si mocernat ir Romcrnio More. Acolo unde gdndul omului o ndscoclt. lhey ore c--. yet these .. .oi. o . 'rDo.. Dec tfe urbonlsmu este orlo core trebuie sd scruleze viitorul. in interesul libertolii de dezvo iore crl co ectiviiotii.. Liberclismul democroliei o' rorsi'-l veo. unde mono iui Vod nevoio urqenio de o se refoce Bucurestii 9i om o leogoor o.inlcrmp imperotive thot BuchoJest shouli c= slructed.4 Ulopia Bucvrestilor Morce oncu.^o p 1 q ow'r io olro oroor azPab/ srilo. 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Mcteriolul urbonrsmulu este urrcrs.imbrcce uf scop si o io--: e !.tr o li.-de lo renoslere si pond in seco u ire.otcr. urbcnism is on orl thoi should scrutin 6. mii ooce e sole sunt revo ulionore si p onu sdu trebuie so fie uiopic.o"r 'rd Aor tnlr z: -..l p'^. rotii]or ce vin. . _ which recenlly hos been cclled upon to re:'=. .=_ lhcn we deserve We feel lhoi Buchore.De 16 ogiOler ta I t e. I : Cur cily.o-l lo'rp . Horlo Creongil. opoi orhitecluro obicr o cere."Ter. o sloluie.. nr 2 din 25 februorie. 'eooooro-iov l eocl5yo oo ^d oobblir o pa( o or.O. Urbonism i: -rLo' . B i Crogul. O..-oa . Si ce vor poseistii sa pdslreze vriloru ui din vecheo celole o lul Bucur? ln oforo de cdlevo blserici si puli ne polole. . E un orcs iOnor in dezvo loreo scr..i. o o.: .. e/p-e ^o he"o vo: ^o .opr e. o iopI r"eii 6 o leg e qeo^ra. 1934.a-6r e. Pono so reoliz-^ze a necesilote Noi simlim co deslinu ^ or 's-o -npl i.-. f we ore nol c. Art revrves every doy.o\o-cl \or i'ro dispretuili decol meritom. ^.no'so rof. UiL"rlrirf 1OtO. t is o qu ie . . o o -o-"to^-ic ^q oTo : .ole . -1. ior urbcnismul se poole ior mulo co o orhlteclurd dirl. Docd timpuri e f oostre liberole cer imperios o reor gonizore socic d economicd si politicc diriloto.a :: . o casd in folo coreio seniimentul de pietcte sd-si oprecrscd respirotio. ^ Or epo.epocile intunecosu ui ev eo ol I 9- geomeircd esle oceec core ingrddesie iberlcleo crescuie in voic drii sunl o scddere c consli inlei sr orlei omenesti. o re. Numoi epocie borbore . .eoo Roror'o. fc o ^sear rhy f ... l.' ode] for the future genercrtion? Aporl fron. o ..o-p spiriluo horizon. olo rt . r ^.eo.e l.. 1roorFig^rr: f .'rgtro poo we a o oo-. Genercriio noostrd este chemold so fo6 '161-o pJc i50e. no house cb e lo orise pious fee ings : serby.e'everyrvhere.: stoiue.2. -. now well beyond its cdolescence . Felruc:rly 25th.-..r or ilhe oos ur no .. you connol freeze nJ* ife in smo :' =. o loole popoore e.o. Cu toole cd necunoscutd co stlinlo. e.:: exomple for ihe generoiions lo come.'06 eo tr ' ^-no.=: . urbonismu ero in loole cu iuri e. ordinec nu ou procedol prin geomelrie. o lv or o . p l. A' r e r^o.o.Co o lele .o.^e. since lf e :. l o--oooy'.. B' hore.' . l. l' e -r. is summc-=-up on Europ-^crn form cnd gool. experince from vcrious couniries.r:=.z Oo o" o.n comicJ. of lcggord roce in lhe covo code of time isiomeculous. A o\o o o .{oyo. esre Jel put. creolive ond oeslhelrc force ond commli -.i o.]onco..

": )et. dcr loote ccpiio ele eur- .in corr cuco .-. geomelric order checl s the lndiiduo freedom ond fovours the communiiy interesl. the foctories otirocted lhe pro etorlt. no lond expropriotion lo widen ihe streets. 9 c -:. whlle in the fo o wlng 30 yeors it odded o most one mi ion sou s Thls ls true for c the Europecn copiiols. Hotoroi.: . through the Mlddle Ages. The probiem of ci! development wos mode difficu i by the ircfflc prob em. ipsite de . ln Pcrrs.nimic nu poortd mdsuro vietli cocotiiocre o .: beginning to think obout if.. its free deve opment. os we os the Renoissonce lowns ond ihose of Louis XV creoled order by meons of geometry. unprepo red crchrteclure ond c greenish urbonism. cum ercr vechecr biserlco Sf.r se vor imp inl cu vorf si indesot. . orchitecture .or-. ou c orcpul cvdnd timp so tricoteze o fie. directed o rchiteclu re.veen I 8OO ond I 9OO its popu oljon grew up wilh l.-.'ezc si mlj oocele de locomotiune .. econom unlil the osi cenlury. om urmorilin oroseie mcrri oe occidenlu ui s- - -:-e cd Bucuresti moi mult foro voio Bucurestilor.. dezorieniore comp eto orhiieclonico si urbo: rroblemo intinderil orcselor c fost complicoto . TUTUTe neeOs. cond ?nlunericu] : =-e r-ente or impolrivo creslerii orosu ui in ino fime --''. The troffic problem wos odded up to thot of ci! f our libercr mo'e': : . i: c inzecil producfio omu ui. - . Gheorghe -. omu o lnzecii i mpu tol prin mcsind. orose e cu mullip icoi luplcr penlru 'r-:c debuseurllor. once you hove to slop every 150 steps.-:. inguste.000 Belr.. estelicc com si urbcnismul prizonier. ond since l919 the cnnucl role crmounied BO 100.ll CoLlei nooste.^ Si nu numoi o I 9l 9 ou'incepul sd creoscd in medie cu ' . oT popu olio ui din onii : .000 vehicles behrveen 1 B9O oid . Such cities lhot sprowled cl rcndom represent o reqression of humon conscience cnd crri.5O0. Storting with the Egyoi.. the siroighi ine. li is c we known joke oboul the Amercon who is soid to wo k on top of siuck cors. mon increcsed his time off len limes by creoting speed ond meons of lrcnsport thot shronk spoce. IJJ . thot ls. ...lolo . ond simple vo ume. Se cunocsie : :nericonu ui core povesteste ccr circuld pe :--su crutomoblleor ce siopecrzd. in t mp ce de o l 89O p0no I I creslereo vehicu e or ero 'in medle de 6000 : .r. spre exemp u. . . r:'. core reduc - . exproprierl nelnsemnote peniru drgirec l9lO.. ihe Re-: ..coniimporon. oproope ccr nu-l -' : n nepricepere.:: for o I peoples. impolrivc circu oliei crescdnde.:ino cotre l9OO creste cu l.. negiicnd chior preo mull . throve cl on omozing speed during ihe losi century. the cliies intensified their roce for new oullels. cosele vech j.. lumino gdndilorilor cr deschis cdi nebdnuite si minunole orcselor cll showed lhrs speclcculor groMh. Cenlru -'. . ..:':.evul mediu.: --- :: rl - '. fcrbricr e ou olrcs : r iTo etcrrd. The cte l9th century libero democrocy wosn'l propiiious crl cr for urbcn deve opment. c cresle in ind fime. ior putine e .' i de strcdd -. circu ofio se poro izeazd. . Why? The mochine mode humon produclion grow ien tmes more. lS 'i -.ooortie =:-egotilo.::nsul unic sou semnc ul de incrucisore.: ihe Romcrns. This is why Khorsobod. '-: l.. un urbcnism in fcgo ---: dezvoltorii orosu ui o fost ingreunotc de . Only the bcrbcric cges ihe dcrrk Midd e Ages ond the unhoppy l9th c. oprelistlle Morce oncu."?ttr". There is no meosuTe tcr[en ogcrnst lhe increosing iroffic f ow..OO0 inhobitonts. -: de vicfc noud.toc loc in cenlru "b ochousuri or".HH:r:: ". there wos on cnnucl overoge growth rote of 6. when lhe skyscropers pour oui thousonds ond thousonds of people into the b ock ond norrow streeis. . not only for Pcris.:= :-t -=: :.ovo ded geometry.OOO ocui r lO OntC pOle o e e/or rlio^c') wri o c ie :-. zgomotu oroge or moi insuigieno si conforlu imposibi e.5OO. urbonis. . Beinq o compelling foclor. Peking. cernd -'=: sunl c fiecore 150 de pogi.rploi intro mdsurd si lo noi si desigur co in . :rcdin dispor in fiecore ceos..: or.. Arho' gl ruostllo^^o o :tightly connected with the ori of bu c -: . moi nepdlruns. . Oclov I r e35l exiension.. :-: zbuciumul ero mci odonc.:o emo circu oirei.-:-:e gonize lhe socicl. decodento. pure su4oce. This speedy deve opmenl found '. schimbot firec si cine il = )Zi dupo o lipso de 20 oni. whi e trcders sought for morkets. ... in New York. tocmoi in secolu lTecut core exceleozd ' . s d"1t.-': '.: lr 100 000 onuo .ou ordtol oceosid crestere formtdobilA.ol 6aprotip:looogo lr.:ievo vestigii de crrtd ole lrecutului core l-or fi :'c i. orosu nostru c opiot peniru o decodent. where odies hove enough lime lo knit o poir of socks cl every street corner. no reguolions to forbld higher bul dings ln the iown centre. :--- -= ::-. Oclov Doicescl. Morce lcnco. Most of the Wesiern cities. they r: '.. Ir 9351 Dolcescu.". the crrt of tcr oring ciies wcs c cec metrico opp icolion on the ground You wi I find ihe rules of geomelry wherever mon s mind invenied things ond its honds chise ed them.r --'. for inslonce. comerful penlru p osorecl urmdiorii 3O de oni cu oprocrpe un milion d. creoted in the Midd e Ages. Ce fo o .'. oge lmperollve y derc-:.:zi intr o fozc de refocere comp eld. due to ihe mochlne.=-c circulotorie sr in NewYork in orele cond -rrr vcrsd zecile de mii de oomeni pe slrdzile = . c thoroughiy disorlented lrme in mclters of orchiteclure crnd urbc nism. the troffic is iommed. Then whot s ihe use of one'woy ond cross rocd troffic signs.

Cu rilmui in core crm

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vom pomen pesie cilivc ori iq,r-rp oros fdrd monu rfenlele si vesiig ie de orio c e occidentului, dor cu 'oolF po'ooree -i. ip,o o- .^ o o^ ,e doo-o ,

tcie economicd de o urmori cu ucrdr le ediJilore ccedetollu, orhitecturo insdsi o oplol peniru siilul nou. C o r-O 5.-li o(O or , golfor- O O a5ir . sri'georetr ic nedecorolrv, sobru cu violo meconizold in core cu totii ne miscdm crslozi ? Cine vcr moi consirnti lo oltfe de viotd ccrnd o cunos cui uii itoteo forme or simplificcte si cr conforiu ui core nu e un ux, cu[n s-cr pdreo, dor core se orcrid o nevoie imperiocrsd in fe ul nostru 'urgent' de c troi? A iubi ireculu nu inseomnd o porolizcr victo. A cer-^ o orhitecluro romernecscd, nu insecmnd o o fobrico, cum s o incercol in diferite ronduri. Numoi odoptond

-lolio ^potblo o. o6^'|a,e o,^...^ irf,r ocu5.oZ .lr ^ roo-e T,.doo . npo..bl_

oslo inlindere. Trecem ozi, urbonisiic vorbind, printr-o grecr criza.

T.e,rboo,oDA w-ep o.o^ttorooeond l,,oe"ic' rea-leo Tpos\ o e lo reo, . wl or .t-^ ooil-p i. (o-no or od or o ,root )^ ^toda p :)onar -l o r odor r tniT . e'r nignliql- tpd ro-"tA r te , pa ao or o \,. d. t' p o5pa, I lot ,^" ies o ,nel . .e
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lhere is nolhing ot oll to show lhe extenl of lhe moc-.. iry 'rr, t.o \ 'e ir deeo. ^ Lo very ror tr, or Ine doepe toT'ieJ, wLor o, 'ort v I ere wo. ^o woy o, ,rner i^e ir, - o se 3:
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oroe sao e Aliosf ogoinst its own will ond less due to its c. wordness Buchoresl hcs chcnged its spirit; who:.-

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\o p r'ao t,rir^ sir ro-ronor,

Ior-ole ri 1or,o o 5 p.ere" t,clg, .po, i-ce o e o lui, se vc noste prinlro lungo experienld ceeo ce

O nOO O rf O Os ^-'OpaOT. Oro.ele \t t O/ n In oi . a1,-e d^ de lo, al orc O.o ducliei regionole, dor moi runt io.r, l" l"-*f-lrll! " volorior spirituole inire popoore, ceec ce fcce co ele

Deocomdold constoidm cal oce eosi condilii lehnice, economice, oceleosi sirucluri socio e, oceleosi mofe'Oe O ooO,i -"r j'OO a Oe ,O,OTrOr .r e O ateo, sporluri si poceri, oceleosi ecturi si imbrdcdminfi, ccelecs slrri si oce ecrsi speciccoie, foc dln metropo

o lu" o-ove'y'. tLo o, oir :. if,o. oT.rt" .iol ^^l.e q oW l gt cr o,ol q1e ro1d rconro lcrble L o.rros rol e oo.r- io, e 'blockhouses', whl e the very few courlyords ond :_
We tnde go o soqa
dens vcrnish everv minule f we move on oi th" sorne poce set cfter lhe wor, --= we ll find ourselves burdened with the shorlcor, - _ of ihe Western clties bui without lheir monumenis onc _ ua,-i6a SO ,v^ O o lii.e o IOr ^ he .o.l o C




so oibo oproope simullcn toi oce e prob eme si lipsuri.

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e^cr,e\s r-ot'i. o. r oen--.. o. .. o lhe probler ol erd]^,c o',r g wir^ ir rir ',e ,,oo .. de-sccs, ossocioted with the lcc"k of economic meo.: 'eru b,n l^o .r,, v ,v. c't ove, 5L, 1o vob.rtr ri-o.)


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lu .formorii sole urbcne, ferit de suprodezvolioreo

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defectuoosd orhilecionico, nehiqienlcb si suproooouoid o seco ului lrecul din centrele mori occidentoie. Este oore obsolut necesoT sc irorm lnireoqo filiero de



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noi cevo?

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Troim ozi ziiele

noslTu ne foce so dorim evitoreo oceslei evolulii crstdzi inutile. Numoi si numoi o timiditcrte urbonisiico vo permile co orosu nostru so devie unu] model, un o os minune.

Grijc si drogosieo ce o purldm orosu ui

de odevorofdr formotiune:

drrectivei. ncd nu esle forz u. Asocicrtio prieienilor Bucuresiilor si noi, orhitectii de crzi ne osumclm o tosput doro I o'o'^toi gtAo ( r.ol n ,o- dezoo ,- po r dA -i(ra^loti,tare t r r, rL. ceos. Ceeo ce se pocie face azi in Bucuresti, nu se vo moi
pulec reclizc vreodoldr. Stilu modern cere urbcrnismul modern. E oro hotdrertoore core irebuie so decidc oscluro, bozo g-^omelrico, linio de continuitole penlru dezvoloreo urbond o Bucuresliior. Unde esle mOno de fier, minteo vlzioncrrd si pulerec


ond choices For the momenf, we con see thcl ihe some iecl.-_ economic condttions, lhe some socio] siruclures .- some moleriols, lhe some lronsporl meons, lhe .:- sporls cnd p eosures, the some books ond clothe: ,, -

od ,evo'o' re. Wl-o ,re riqr I looe :. .lr o,.o .e e'f^i ol o.oTC: .o5r 6 6! . lir q ir^lir,o,u lo ^t:,o pe ,r. o.o .
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o louc'no posrooe5r l-"teor -o po.olyzo he.-o,-. .l 7o. o e ror o crr, l -o , o ll door^'r ^ thotyou should fobricoie it out of the blue, os it hos i:=poror io, ,1 le

Wl owor opva colsel, oodiirerc"wol 61 1;rg he ho. o.,oo e rt ) o' ';rplit od o,rs o-ro-. . : lif- rot re.e,sc'ilv lr 6 r5 oS ora rgl .l ,. ^. 'roe o i/ely' how rq or ' , gar I' woy of ,,rrq ?

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some news cnd shows moke our cooitol c

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:: viotd o omului 'in co eclivifofe. Mu te cu . - -::r: e de cdnd omul lrdieste in orose, do" . , - :r bine irecutu din ounci de vedere urbo,
--'tidm co formoliie
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: renirii o cvut repercursiuni imedicie osup-

r rrre ponc in seco u noslru. Crose e cunos . - -l:eu mct geomeiric si mcri ogic oltodotc, - - -':. - inso toldeounc in morgineo drumuri or, ', - .'1r cunoscute in Pompei. 1n ce privesie 9i = ' - - ::-onii si Grecii ou cunoscul forme de more

-L' ti v Brcl-o-esl i:oyo' ,g :-. '-: rrbo^ g owih or d-t rs .pco... . ,: rr or rilec-r'o oe e opt or --'o t^r '- . . . .: . - overcrowded Wesiern towns durirc '-: l:- --- ,-. Should we pick up ogoin ihe ,.-i --. - ,: -.-1.:thot the Wesiern countries o Teocv -->.aa' --',:t l- l I rolly l-oe o eo t ltei- e: ot ) Cur love crnd coring for the city mc(e: ,s'-. -: :.: l
i is on y our ov./: s:\,-es: o-a hesrlotlon in urbon-pcnning ihot couc <eec ts tTcmoking Buchoresi o mode ciy, o wonoer city. We o witness ils lrue shoping. the hour of lhe Direcilve l.cs come. i's nol too lcte. The Associolion of Buchorest s friends ond us, the crchilects of todoy, ossume cr rnore serious responsrbility since we hoven'i deboied on lts mosler plon even ot lhe elevenlh hour. Whoi we con do in Buchoresi iodoy, ii connol be cchieved in lhe future Modern siyle demcrnds modern urbon p onninq The e evenih hour hos come ond we shou d determine the ci! bockbone, its geomeirico frome, ihe prospeciive line of iis urbcn deve opment Where sho we find thot iron hond, thot visionory mind ond the defylng force lhoi our c ly imperotive y needs? Eoch ock in ihe economic crnd socio deve opmeni choin offecied ot once mcn's woy of livinq inslde the communiiy. Ever sLnce mon hos lived in towns lots of chonges_ occurred; however, if we corefu y exomine the post from ihe urbon plonning viewpoint, we find thot humon sefilemenis were uery much o ike unti ouT centu ry. Cnce they fo owed o more geometricc ond oqicol pcliern, yet, the houses o woys were p oced c ong lhe roods ihere were sidewolks in Pompeii os we . The Romon ond ihe Greeks hod spectoculor pub lc
this use ess expenence.
sq uores.

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=- :iirmc cd orose e evu ui medtu pe core ,=" e moslenesle azi, cu u iciooree intune- . :-:pr etdfi inghesuite, chicr in proporlii e o' - ,= ::eomdnd in conceptre unor scte mori, os . --- semi urbe. Dezvoltoreo in indllime si ino. - r -, ccrtiere sumbre, inso ubre si curli infecie " - '-- l-ose, cu toote po ole e si coledrole e lor, , - r . -eo noud orientore. lncd suniem in linio . 't- :aiesli. '" - -': ::ire iumololeo secoiului lrecut, bctrono : = : zdruncinoto din teme ir, de mosind. -- ::. -e preo slrdmio, populofio inmuiiid se - '.: -- .echie cortiere, cenlru otroge lot comer

::- -e.inteles. : =.' ilmp code epoco insloloiiunilor edilitcre ' = :.., ccnol, lumino si telefon, trenu subur ,-.:i.ll e eclric, ouiobuzu], in fine ironsporluri .,-,- cu o dezvoltore supdrdioare. -: :e lechnicc, ouiomobi ele, electriciioieo,

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impuneou cuceririle zi de zi, planu :-:eciiuneo orizontold o proprlelcrtilor rcmo . . . ; Bo r lin p .s poro lcr 11 -'ro-'rtrr- prop :.droo oveo ore1. J^' coro 1,s01e ,nino, nici circulolio, nici oeru orosu ui, ' ,:- io oricdrui bun simt se 'ingcrduie fcromiio: : -: nii sl de unde pond ieri sotu more (semi ' - cesfiinlo nici o polecd mdccr, ocum se

- r'- :e more sufocoi de technico mosinii cu ' : , t-,muri intortochlole si imposibi e penlru cir - , . zzd,n-o infeies sd odopte formcr cuvenild

: .-':zt noi si fundoluri o mie prin pcrcelori mori.

moy olso odd thot the medievol cities, inherited by the West, with their dcrk ond nor ow o eys ond crowded housing eslotes, even if they were lol ored on o lorge scc e, their concepl wou d roiher po nt io o bigger villoge pollern, ihey were ho f,towns. Their hrqher buildings deve oped ogoinst o crowded bocl ground, their gloomy, unheothy districts with fi thy courtyords how oly new o ieto ior 6s'p -e 'le - po o e



- ' -,c si lo noi formele sotu ui. i .- r-:rsld formo uzcrlo devine imposibilo cu - -"-?. ' ' -::tibi iloteo'inire formo sdieosco de ieri cu .. . .e si o'osul de no ne . - este ccelo ccre trebuie sd prevcdo r::.l toreo, sd intompine roul cdl moi e timp - -. . cu p indlctec mdsuri or. : , - r -: creeozd inco o slrodd, se mdreste o '-:dor se lorgegle o slrodd cu 2 metri, : -OCe SenS Un ,' :, -- )Jnlopere de urbcnisl.

: .,-eo respiro 9i primi o dezvoltore conformd "r -l-e ic promovoi progresul. S-ou conlinuor

vil oge type deve oprnenl ihot prevoi ed. A of o sudden, in ihe midde of the lost ceniury the od ho f lown is shoken by ihe mochine The sireei becomes fcr too norrow, whi e the increosed populotion is crow ding in the old districts ond ihe cenlre otlrocts o the com-

ond cothedro s. lt wos lhe

mercic ociivitres; ihe enlire odminislrotion crnd the rhythm


ife pound intensely, yel nol comprehended

During the very scrme period lhe towns were provided wiih utiliiies, such os woier pipes, seweroge system, llght ccbles ond phone iines, ircins ond eleclric tromwoys, buses, bul the pub ic ironsport turned up to be o reo nuisonce.

Whie lhe new lechnicol devices, lhe cors, lhe elecirrci v ihe eirlorced .ot, o e wo'^ .leoo ly rpos "g heir

loiest inveniions, ihe iown plon, the hor zoniol pro jeclion

of ond properties,

remoined unchonged. Whi e the


so schimbe slstemu soiesc inrr rnr ribon

Urbonism e orhileciuid c' c:. I-ecuie plonu conducolor so fie c n ve u sp rii,c cerui, cc sc prevcdo penir u coievo generot :o ui i necesore si suficienlo

leczd o dezvoltore socrolo ideo d.

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Core or fi principiul urbel moderne ? .in Suce inl se poole spune cd congrese e de crhiiecii si urbonisii inlernoilonoli sc ofirmol, dupo diferite s to,e O dO o o^ii^er-e .O i.t,^ ptiveste economio si conforiul oro:u1ui, el :e poote recli

orqe dimension of privote estoies hcrs never obsi- iohl o '-ol' o ho o g o-'.A owl o* oqo ^o'rnor te".o I e erdle.. o v's or of props 1 ,veo. Whil" v^sierdov c o ggtrr vi .og^ ' 1. o woudrlgverpor yir ,l.o-ol row.ew r66'

zc numoi pr ntr-un progrom de conslrucfiilno te
ino time dsond terenu liber grOdini orosu ui.

si oce

csto in ropori cu preful terenurilor. Coso se ridico in

.. -de.o., ore oe 1q *ide-oo or' ryoy o r ond ihouscnds o otments. Io I t^cr' -he o qgel r rl66e - o^g Ad os Tl e -'^r-orgoo'-6e .^'.. Iobylre10, re w .pa^o .r,,, lo. l: o.ces oqo dld" , ,ol " ,p Iopo thot wo o |ora oow^o io,ortr o.


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spoce ond deve opment, occording lo ihe scre-:p on o-ed 50 fo oro rhey rr " cre. Todoy such on obso ele form is no onger prc: , -: r o n oler wtor I ir d or -ofo r wo r gl- cpp ,

mij ocul

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oggor v oqc



Ceeo ce esle insd coroclerislic pentru


constructii concenlrcle core evocueozc pcrterul nevoi or circu]otiei si qrodini or este co e e, cu col se ridico in inliime, cu clct moi muli spotiu iber vor oveo

'TeoT t-6 lcye'ordoy.'"lloqeor r rr-



orhilectului Perret

cc si




Corbusler oiung in centrul comercio o un procent de 5 o suto suprofoio c odito, oblinond totusi 3OOO de oc. de ho (Po isul ore in ocuri e ce e mci concen trote B5O si Bucuresi i 2OO lo hc ) Dupd ocesle siudii, corlierele de locuinfe centro e vor trebui sd ocupe I 2 eloie si ln periferii Z Toole ocesle dcrle se refero Lcr pretul meCiu ol ierenu ui in strdrndlcle si numoi in mori e melropole. Lo noi studiul vo stobi i norme si regu cmenie specio

Aceste conslructii concenlrcte coleclrve (si sd nu ne spere ccesi cuvdnl, orosul insusi e colectiv), oceste cose brne oronduite pe sirozi orgi, 4a-7a metri, cu grcd ni imense inlre e e cdci nu ccoperd decot mcxi

o 'or-,ee e. e. Oty Ord .r ui, t^l ' Cord:l o qe'erol o'r oh"od ord -o -r -' lre lrcrl s/ ^^ bor o' o oo e -o ^r 'F or oecr roc o de.. Whot princip e shou d modern lown fo low? Briefly, o orchiiects' ond urbon-plcnners' inre--congresses moinloined thct ofter vorious ex:--- .

wilh tomorrow s town. Urbon plonning is colled upon to mogtcolly for:.=deve opmeni ine ond duly prevent ihe disos,e' ' oboul lo hoppen, by icking some sound mecs,-:: In voLn one more street is cut ond o souore .s: ned, in voin onother slreel is rnade 2 m wide' onewoy sireels ore beincl cul. An urbcrn'p onner hos nothing io do with such e. = Urbon plonning mecns direcfed orchiteclure - -' olor .f o 'id ue -o s lo o6-..ol .pir'--o e.


o sulo din suprofotcr, dou. 1 posibi itoteo de lorqire cr drumurilor 2. reducerecr sircrzilor inut e



o,oricoi .io-u. ir lr^, -hro gl tre l'gr- e b- cri'g o.d

undergone in ihe ilnzo conlinenfs,

Co. oe or p og.or -ra -


o comforlc: :

3. grodini inlre ocuinle e concenlrote in indltime

4. reducereo suprofeiei orosului, prin indesire 5. conditiuni economice, soniiore si de confort necu noscuie in zile e nooslre. Dor cum vo ordlo ocest oros idecrl dupo Corbusier?

Crosu se compune din centru comerciol si odmlniscpoi rozc locuinlelor centrole, rczo locuinle or

nected with the ond oric-^ The house is higher ond higher, mokrng eno,: for gordens in lhe lown centre. Whct chorocterizes such condensed buidirclegro. olloo.isler-oo o sreel . -r.ol oder S i: I O- ire . 9, et rloy g O v ^^ ^.tord
Perret s (l)


ieftine si corliere induslriole elc

ideorri )\po .toti-olcr^i.Do^de^i p ' lo ,.d^r o,o -jero. lo. 1 Drumuri e pielontlor or strdbote oe. ip rbo o.e c po rrri.
bozi o do . o- or ldngo ocuinto so.

lolurile loromole dispor si propreiotec comund vo ingodui orosu u so l e un more porc semdrnol cu ocui

ond Corbusier s sludies succeedec dwe inqs per hcr on o 5% built c.:: commerciol orec (Poris hos B5O dwellings pe, -: most congesled creos, whlle Buchoresl recc--.
nrng 3OOO

centro o, birour e, odminislrcrftie, societdti e, comertu, in fine ocul de muncd iniensd sr concenlroid. Acesle lurnuri sunl osezole lo mori distonle com 4OO melri - si vibrecrzc de curso oscensoore or ropide si de violc inlensd, fiecore fiind dupo specio i-

ln inimo orosului in osemeneo pcrcuri se vor ridico crcele cose lurnuri ccre in 60 de etoie cuprind fieco re oproope 30 000 suflele. Aici e creierul orosului,

per ho ). According to lhese studies, ihe ceniro resider- : - . wi hove to rise I 2 floor buildings, ond ZJ oo : ore onlicipcled in ihe oulskirts. These dcto ore bosed on lhe overoge lcrnd c- -= cd, porticu orly in the big cities. o. ro ,r I y soe o :-o.doro s16 cg tioi ' estob lshed. These co ective cnd condensed buildings (we .be ofrcid io speok this word out, slnce ihe cii. '., olle. ir o er t ) t cra -esl Lo r5e' l'-eo tp ) orqP .l ca'- ,v i^ vo go oet r oehvee

- - r -rs pentru slne. : : - le circu olle ote pdno lc ZO metri sunt elo- - - l- nd in subso circu cfio greo, o porter ci' : -:rmo d 9i lo eto j circulofio rcpido. :': sunl lo 4OO metri, lcr o 2OO metri iniol -' : c nive ul circulcijei medli, gosele de 3O 40
suntinloorse cu spote e cdlre cir. - -r'e si cu fofo spre grddini inlerloore si for-. -.-. .' rir o dispoziiie ingen ocrsd cu relrogeri sl '- ,: un efect plosiic deosebil, ogcr incdl strodo , - -rr cu ocr cnodin, cj o clee inire grddlni. ,:-e periferii sunt iocuinfe e efline in b ocuri . - r: 4OOx2OO m., coTe cuprind 25 000 de sul :::-: inchizOnd lo rindu lor grodini cu umbro. , ,' de spori 9i de p imborl oproope cdt

l5%oI't a



t).= .. :


.oe 'otrc: j -: 3.gooe"r[o-6e- . -.. -. . - . :: i : 5. ^eo-r7 cLo'o- r

roods to be wiCe'e:


' - ..obilelor =


: :::-3 !oro cenlro d este oeroportu orcsului. , : -- :-'ecnd esle inlrcreo irenurllor si lol sub- --:::d 'in fieccrre porc dlntre oce e cose sunl - . ie$irile melrourilor ccrre eogd in viiezd : - - l .Jrmezl:u si de- o ungul orosulut perlferii,-:: esle o grddino mirocu oosd unde omu : -: .-- de om foro so se ingromodeoscd, unde - ---, co ectiv isi lo formo ui ceo moi superio ':= confortu si sdndlctec, economio si esieii '=-: si sporiu vor do ocele forme de viclc = :-j coTe inirunesc perfecfiuneo moterLc d si - :::j sunlem de ocord co orcgul nostru nu o - : u iime or imbunolcrliri posibi e de ce n-om
- .'171d

: - ostru. - -::rele obundc in lot locu. Vozduhu sulero - , : e usoore core se grdbesc spre ceniru


r - r-.indrepto creslereo


cdire un osemeneo

..:::lunile? - le foci cu noi e conslrucfir? Ce focl cu prop- : :pOrtiie 9i m i de porce e sucite ? Cum foci : :- ? Cu ce boni ? Ce fccl cu senlimeniul - :' ? Ce fcrci cu Conslrtulio ? Ce foci cu ' - r : 3 ? Ce foci cu pitorescu ? Ce foci cu politl :::l cu cenluro de verdeolc? -. -; s o mono de fier, cum ou moi cunoscul -.- si utopio vo deveni recLitole. -. ::s cdr nu e vorbo sd cerem idec u . Un inI : o orlentore sdndloosd vor schimbo fundo - ,-:sului 9l op icdnd dupo put nfo cuceriri e . : -J mi se pore nlmic! Greutoli vor fl multe de . ::- -eomd mi-e de un sngur bc our core o noi ' - = de copete (politce). ForO sd om preieniiu - r rr indrumcri (noi stim docr sd proiecicm) voi : cdlevc gonduri prcclice. : :-, cere orhiiecturc dtr]1crto. I -: :reulole ln rec rzore esie mico proprietoie
-dproznic, vom fi deschis co ec unui moi 'nore viitor ol urbei.

There won'f be cny frcqmenieC ors c1c '-!s -fe co' ective properly will turn the cl! inio c vosi po'k spreod with ploying ond sport grounds, slolues ond fountoins Every nhobiiont wilL hove poo s ond beoches reody crt hcnd. The pedesir ons wi I woll. through such porks to occess vorious p oces. ln ihe heort of the cily 6OJLoor tower buildings rnhcb ted by 30 OOO sou s wi rise. Here lies ihe broin of the cify, is heodquorters, ofllces, odminlstrolion, compcrnies, os we I os iis commerce, ond flnclly, lhe iniense ond ollobsorbing worklng p oce These tower buildings ore spoced 4OO m., oui, throbbing with the e evolors rocing up ond down, with the intense life in lhem; ln foci, ecch 's r'., | 'oti hov r9 ii- owr p . pore. o There wiLL be ZO m wide e evoted highwoys, wilh heovy truc[s driving in the underground, normo lrofflc on the ground eve, while speedy cors wi run on ihe firsi evel. Crossings wi I be estob ished every 4OO m., cnd every 2OO m. for medium lroffic eve; the highwoys wi be 3O4O m. wide. The oportmenl bul dlngs wi look over inlerlor gordens, thus ovoiding lhe lntense slreet lroffrc; by o skillful dls p oy, they creote o spec ol ondscope effecl due io the rhvihmic pottern of recessed ond protruded elements. Th" streei w ll no lono--r ook llke o dull corridor but on olley crossinq throigh gordens Towords ihe outskirts 4aax20O m huge opcrrtmenl buildings will rise, with 25,000 souls eoch; they will o so encomposs gordens,

o Cob;s,e c'r . :. : :. ^e ily ortoirs re o - I - : I l)(enleonolnenooe.o ce-''t :.)='' ) | ; : ) )." -' be o ow-Q oc, lo g 'e'c


Morce lcncu, Conslrucile,
1925 Morcel Jonco, Conslrrclion, 1925

sporl grounds, ond promenodes, os lorge os our
Ci[migiu Gordens. The oir is fresh ond lhe sun shlnes olmost everywhere. The oir is filled with nimbe drogon f ies hcsting to the town centre where the oirport is just beyond lhe centrol

roilwoy stolion. The lrcrins ccces: lhrough underground tunnels ond
lhere cre olso underground enlronces ond exits in eoch porl be\.veen ihe cpo lment bui dings for subwoy iro ns thot ropidly connect ihe centre to the periphercr zones. This cily is o miroculous gorden, where men come clo ser lo men wlthout lhronging the slreeis, where the communrly co leciive feelings reoch the loftiest level, where heo th, comfortoble lrfe, economy, ond oesthetics, a 6's-€' th6re perio olo g w -h .p"eo o.d ,oot ife forms lhot con ottoin molerio ond spirituol perfec lion. lf we ogree thol our town hosn'l obsorbed yei the otest mprovemenls n this respecl, why shou dn'i we direct lis


e? oevetop^ ^- owo d 't' l' " - I^e o o- yoro o,o-rd wlo so/" "oy?


cdci fiecore poteu vo copoto un C sm giu in inimc lui. metrouri elc.' I :- ihem. rs -- de. wide open for o better ond greoler fulure. r - roro /e a or 10- do^ o 'ere o' g oeeecoqroon. cr Cismigru u.dW[o * yo do66err rfic er Utopion thinklng.-o o. . Tronsformcreo mohcr c e]or bucuresiene cu pitorescu Mcrce oncu.6 dom is imited for ihe soke of the commu-: Here ls o proposo -t-a. - ecch unlt will hove ils own 'cismigiu gcro=of cwyers ond economists will lLove to ::: cc culoiion ond revise lhe leois oi on.yel he connol build on enclosure He h"o-.der ] ol 150 ir toc cnd free o doube surfcrce of lcnd More:. ot.Urbon-p onn ng needs direcied orchitec---: The f rst obslocle is the smoll lcnd p'-:=being end ess y s iced. oo o: oiiochmenl to his property? How will you l':-.. 1924 . :. vo deveni proprielcro pe ce moi vcrioros teren pe ccre il vc vinde socie tdrli or ce vor voi scr refocd centru comercic dupo plonu impus. Corslrucflon. do. will you do oboul the o d good piciuresque o. loore ccre trebuie socolild osc precum or fi o depre ciere de vo oore ccrnd nu e permisd rld ccrecr moi mullor elole. We don't need o communisl reg me tc : ho.o olo.prdo. ding expenses wi I be covered by lhe esic-= .:-' Buc':-= Cf course. : ' floor building provided wiih modern cnc . 'O olro . The town ltse f be c. ^d. crs rnuc. indreploreo lor vo do riveroni or in schimbu pcrf i expropricle si forO ploto. we do nol osk for the ideol thlr-c 'A o' d qL.. E o ui sl e o iuluror Si orogul e ol lui si e ol luturor.--= . ccoperind cheltuielile de conslruclie cu volooreo ui si permilcrnd prin v0nzoreo resiu ui ridicorec unui nou poieu de ocuinfe si oso moi depcrte. Circulollo se vo desconqesliono cdnd lromvoie e vor fi trimise. cu ce e moi o [o -ordr or o 'qol soT cl o-.tob e a. 1 J1e o. conlorm p onului de s slemolizcrre. Nu plongefi Cismigiul. Do noi weep over the Cigmigiu Gorce-. core vo fi redus si in suprofold. in comun cu c ii 6o de loccrtori Ccre pcrrte e o ui? Nu o vedel Dor minlec lul inte ege co ln ocesl fel. se vo concepe spre exenp u de cotre comund. o obigolo contrc unei seril de proprieioli expropriole 'in cenlru.g -o -l e. os lhere wcs one in re. cu cjutoru unor socieidfi boncore. dond oslfe un moi ropid mij oc de miscore muncitoru ui.- oreo. et s soy. ridiccrec unui corp cu l2 etole. Are curte si nu o poole ingrodi Are cosd si nu poote donlui pono diminecrlo. vo ellbero un loc de douo ori mci more cu densrtcie de l50 oc.'p' slly o . lcld o propunerel Conform cu noul plon ol orosului.r: Whot crbout politics? Whol wi you do oboui--: belt? All you need io mcrke Ulopio come true ond on iron hond. occording to ihe moster pon. Constiiuiion in this mctler? Whol cbout the s L.z|O. Nu esle nevoie de com'lrisr pentru cr le desfrinlo. prin concenirareo 9i mulcrec oporlmenls. p oced. moreoveri if we put inio proclice. r .cro I .le.. so zicem. whoi will you do oboui ihe -.idir g I're .. 3 Apoi desfilntcreo strdzr or inuiile circu oliei. Privltl ']n iuru nostru..o^ o^ ossisled by some bcnks. Nu esle nevoie de schimcdri Ce conslilutle.ilo ^9 r r^r.c) \ Lirbo d-.. o or -der ir dpor. I d^9. : ond everyone else's. oeL.o-ra) ? Wl o w yo. to 500 inhobitonts per ho will hove the ::. uno or trebui ropid reo izol-r. The commune will ex:--. yel . so sl pund in voloore terenu prin'indlfcrreo eS 1eg COrO cose or dupo o orhitecturo indicoio.blo [" : . some new oporlmen' : be built. cu toolo sdrdcio subso ul orosu ui. will moke c pr.-. expropricted ond properiies ocoted ' '- .ri e^popr ola ores^.vill ^ .. hcrrdships ohecd for us to overcome. lo cuinfelor dln ceniru orosulu. Acesle ocuinfe luxuoose si con'o. once lhe resl is so d. otdi. Aulostrodele vor tre bui proiectoie in oso fel co sd lege cu ceo mor more ropiditote coriiere e indeportcrte c e orosu ul.' i Whot obo' ^-l e . I o .o a o-n. Un consi iu de economisli si ovoccli vor lrebui so pund desigur o ordine'in co cu- 300500 oc pe inleniion to give directrons (we o'e -. The c:-. Ldrgireo strdzilor de circu ofie more. con see nothing impossible obout rlL T. 'to ) ree o^ o g o a. Si slrodo e o tuturor Liberioieo e ingrcd ld pentru binele colectiv. yet om going to droft some p-r.-orlo toblo or o r. Conslruct e. perties hove been crected ond the perscTth l oor ccrn see the gcrrden he shores vr -Whrch shcre is his? He ccn'l see il cl mind con understond lhcrl no mclier how : 'OOevi.. loo. prin densitcle. unde individu vede din ol Z-eo etoi locu grddinii core ii opcrline si ui. cnd so on.' one sing e multi-hecded politicc mons':designers). chior in oce e constructii con benefit from ihis kind of shcred ecc-. :-' ' . De cotivc oni s ou creol si lo noi prop .ond ive in o wide bou evord. He hos c.t: : the oiesi deeds of stormy lhinking. vor da lreplul riveronilor scr p imeoscd cportcmenle in con irovo ocreo exproprleri or. Este o conirovo. o .. la e o a ori few 7€or: . conforicbi e si moderne ocuinie intro oripo. on one : -Cgmigiu Gordens. Densitoleo de . pe ho. ior . Si ocum o9 spune co docd toote exemplifrccri e mele rdmdn 'in siudiu". 2. crre beneficille unel economii comune si pocte ocui pe bu evorde. we r. Beneficii e oceslor operciii vor servi lo lucrorile morl edi itore cerule de cutosirode. Astfe rietdfi comun. . 1924 Morce lonco.? -low )or'o oe ^ec'p'opr. or lo moke chonges in lhe Consi .

rne ::. -'-::go de 25 30. The chonging of Buchorest slums ond their piciuresque scenery. however. Thot kind of pollcy lhot overru es order. wou d turn down such cn offer Well..-' si cose de emn ccoperte cu corion.i-e se ingromcrdesc ozi 'in co ibe inso u '=t.lo prop' o e ol loclirtelo' eL wed to be built.Ls. it ollows the curse of end ess lotiinc ln the s ums. . subwoy troins elc. spolotorii comune.=: cpd lo rob'inel 9i qrddino minunold. ot leost one of them hcs to be qurckly to[en. desigur co . 20 km off Buchoresi. o kltchen. . on ihose very premises. : r.: irebui sd pdstreze 9i pefee brserrcllor.i conio'n gordens too. 01 ao rp'op-iee rilo :^ .relrlc croiio si cJtele.-= lin p onul Bucuresli : -- oce ce vor -:>. highwoys. ce =: og^lered le -roo-or -. By successve concenlrcrton ond moving of the iwe ings owcy lrom ihe town cenlre.: . I wou d send lhem lo c villcae. wricr.::hi. lt wr contoin beoutiful gordens cnd resling ploces cnd the enlire slum -- . Geomelrio 5i inio drecptd sunt unice. offer ng o more ropid meons of trcrnsporl to workers The highwoys will be designed to shrink the disicnce be\. will fit into ii. yet. the commune wr own the most volucb e ond thot wi L be so d to vorlous conr pcnres thot occepi io refurblsh the commercio cenlre under on imposed p on..:e cceio i crs trimrle 'inlr-o comuno lo 20 . r---r r l --: . o orilo o.. ln exchonge for o three room window ess hui ihey w get 2 or 3 rooms.or.l b..s ::. There is o so ution lo it.r -: os devoluctron in cose no mu i s.r oros fericrt si sdndtos.. lf we hove been spored the filthiness of the old city cenl res. Wh-^n ihe streets wth heow --l-: r-. expr md vie. -..:*. -. lhen modern urbon p onning will prese^/e the old sp endor s of the cily.-=i" sd sufere de congestie r:-: vom puleo privr cu mondrie vrltoru. he hos to oir the town cenire thct begon to .'= cuTn vor ordto obio dupc cdfivo oni. ford . bclhrooms. pclole. 3. Bucurestri ostfel refdcut vo fl ln Should Lipsconj street ond some suburbon lots discppeor due to this p on. trebuie sd prevoleze o 'inloc' The urbon-p onner shou d [eep the church squores. col mol esie . os for lhose who wou dn t give il up wecring iheir pyio- of oboui 25 30..estelicd.= . thronging in unheoLthy huis..= i 'dcd numoj e e sunl opcnolul crtei $i lnle- souls. ihe new boulevords ihoi wl cppeor norrowy iorlored. ' .. .gefor the o. . such os Kisse eff Avenue.sieo.-conismu modern..-r.:. numoi osfe vom : sdndtoteo urmosilor notlr in ceosu rds -: -e pondegte ocunr. ::-j pentru decenii.: mei nooslre. $i opoi pentru -: : . opoi ne o hdrarzit crcele suburbii fdrd . t:'a oer. se vo dcr un oportomenl de 3 scu =. or vor dispore slrodo = = :-esfereo orogu ul nosiru.'. running woler ond cr wondedu gorden I con i believe thot one of ihose poor fomilies.:ru hotdrdl e peniru infe egereo timpu ui . oslfel vom fi cormuit cu . pub ic loundry. cu locie protestele sd se intlndo p ogo porce drilor mohof ing. bu evordele nol si prec . r-l r: 'oosird in olo slrd in i o r. : .. -. cu toote consecrnfe e sl lu . we hove been "b essed' wiih those slums ihct hove neither kerbs noT sewers or ight but insteod they do hove o muitiiude of cloy bLind wc ls ond wooden houses covered wilh ccrdboord thot mo[e us fee oshomed in fronl of forergn vls lors.-r''rose ordinii cr dsot. .-esli. The proflts obtoined from such operotions will be used for the uii ity system.oooice:r::. orice usu .:: -oiei tdrii nocsire lo pos cu vtemeo... :i director. tr--: wi get oportmenls in exchonge ior ire' axc-:c'ciec properly. Coleo Victoriei. wrlh iis own fund"s the commune wLll creole o lorge oreo of 4OOx2OOm for low price dwe l ngs. ^. )es Jrde ro'-o sl 2.-:.r--r neo ferit de moreo mizerie din cenlru . loi eis. : pcleu de 400x200 m. on o o uo or I \.-:-olizore sl umino. lf o my suggeslions ond exomples ore sii I 'under study'. .-i prin economie de timp sou preocupote . cu odrhno in core sd gozduiosco o .c-:: -:-::r r-: . The trolfic will be mode ecsier when lhe lrcms run ln lhe underground.. ' : ---:et trebuie sd focdr lumino sl cer in cenl .. ond cgclnst lhe slrong proiests from urbon ponrlers. . cu sumedenio de co . expropriin -. r une sonilord sou de circulofie. which wll be crlso reduced due to the growing densly.'eo I.. -j-zi sd creodar cd vreuno din ocele fcmilii .000 suflele. This shoud be consdeiec .000 mos. quite soon. =:eri e deschide coleo industnolizorii cotre r: -'reogo economie o tlmpu cdmcse de noople Duminiccr o . cu grodini frumo .:-.: siru esle penlru conslructio noud core . . .. bucdtdrie sr co orlfer.-.:e schimbu.=: Contro unei cociocbe cu trel chi ii.-ei in olle proporiii si cdl se pooie mor r. eslelico funcfiono d c seco' .'-ebuie sd doreoscd gr sd suporle prog. un orog grodlnc . ond others. Fiecore iimp ore pilorescu . o'' r eot r. -:dern vo p-rslro vechi e sp endori ole l sos Kisse]ef. e porceldrri de suburbie.-. : -esiune cr finlei clcre si vornfei omenegli. . The inhcbrtonts of Buchorest shou d wish for ond suffer Buchorest's progress. eoning ogoinst their fence o 1 Sundoy long.o e o-o geore-treotlT .veen the forihest dislricis of the town. whose property wos expropricled. When useless irof{ic lones discppec' '-: --r.. iordsi un orog grodind cum se = . -:siTll esie pentru ordndulreo.

c, :i o :rescu ruine cr, noi opiom peniru pitorescu vier core oie deslu d cu o ore. Nu e timpul sd bocin lrecllu, cvem dolorio so
sdu si oriccrtdeinduiosoto'

pregdtim viltorul E ceosu focem opero



de rrbon

W^ ,l oll be obl^ ofo.o ^o' r e Oro c : ,vo o. ld oi o"ro-'oA ono Lore r / noncile of the city crnd the hecrlth of ou hJi,, now, c-'l=
venth hour which meosures ouT own commilrie -



sm, profetico


We ore delermined lo undersiond our time i- :mislic monner. Geometry ond stroight ine c-: ond beoutifu becouse lhey o one be ong c -nle igence, os re evonl expressions of lhe c::

Calre o c:rhileclurd o Bucurestilor, Bucuresli, f o ll 9351, pp.7 20
Textele au {osf seleclctte si grupofe de Nico/oe
Lascu. S a pasfrat in more

o"d Lr o^ ^ r ^r, We ore for lhe new conslruclion lhoi

pc:le ortografic:

si punctuatict ort





uses = expresses the functionol oeslheiics belonqino "- '-l tr -"ro, rA o o oo.r .ll o y 6I "r,o, o iion, on ideol for the who e economy of our c:=





presenl cch evemenls, wiih necessory pro\ effects of lhe new siy e in modern urbonisn

-oro eo o

luoorol re


Ary pov,or .o an q I^ol h o( . 'O O' OA Or \eO 01 O/ Ai- et l'"tF O. C ,O ,a o' o^\r ^-COl Ord -1ooa t \O.\e remenis shoud prevol in lhe concepton ci'mosler p on. Thus in 50 yeors, Buchcresi w ---hcrppy, hec thy town with gcrrdens, porks, suils our climcie. Every own picturesque ondscope, crnd no motter

,'l tre.




o.: :

o gcrden-cily os il

lic ihe ruins mcy ook ike, we vote





do obout futu e t's high time we creoled o prophetic onc

o.o I p. -r esq. - o'r oaJ ce /. sro, tooo._ oL_d / _o

-:.. for--: : -





Towards on Architecture of Buchcsres, ,

o [1 9J,'


Nicolae Loscu

The lexls hove been selected ,:nd cc - ;, -


: -: -€spre ortd. Morcel oncu, crilic de orlo, o . ^ :'er a oproooe e, I volerro ' oporo _ :6ndireo sc eslelicd reprezeniOnd o con r )'ooJo s nlslcge co 5 p o-no\oreo ,-ei

t= JCiiviioieo so p oslico, Morce lcncu s_o - : impresionontd uciditote si in considerotii

. - Contimporonul, c,t pri elul oporitiei numoru _ . r ar. o . T, orevo rrozo o-n. ,loore. '\oi - :- :ici, om simlil si om gondit c fel, om ovul , ,cului, unii despre o o buno pdrere, co. '.. j oo'o 'o odr'ro, e. lii, Ni-rc, o o g.rpo eo -r -oos'rd oveo o'rd ep'cr'^ s, u't s, op. = :: cici om vrut, penlru fiecore, o violo si o . = cerd si deplino. Din oceosld ofirmore om ' -:: o infe esuri in forme si cuvinfe, coTe nu --: ole nocslre, ci o e iimpu ui si ole oomeni -,, c-^noi -:i deci pe jmeni, nu om si obisil si repetol -- n


t-rtriole in serviciul ccuzei pe ccre fondoto_

woy, cnd from the storl, we opprec o-iec oni e,ren odmired eoch other. This e,,,p oini whv our erouo ond ociion hcrd o good r"oson io exisl ond oim"ed ct one

:i_, l, :- : :- : l -:. oesiho.'.ll'ri'nq'owo..1/co'.:.:.'_ sord,'g o'd p o-otior o- l- l i r ho serv,ce of lre co, 5e o - e . . .*: )founders summed up on the occos or c: --: ' I l-issue, os fo lows W" ( ) fell ond iho,;gti ir -r-- 53rs

'o l-,-5^,i w:,n o, o\e w 'tr "l c ot Tretto'y or o t. r's t o ro-- eqLo s l.. rn79 o, o c,j

oo olel

l : o, -v ,/ o) o po'-e



cAtzva eAxount


Roclics Marei MAR.GEL /.ANCO




: j tr''dece,eo . r

lcl dr e (e .ora ot r oico- rrocq1, {...1. ei deoc rJ r-eeee""-r orono;^rp: ' - i'r' i r Otc n O itr ri- COpr,vi rre r_lL,r_i : r , o e/ot ,li ro :e loc pellrL i, s tJri not, : - Ne procomdm in stcre de revolulie per ' tl o oe ot ceeo .o d^u re pro.ede' s,
: _ 't

:::..riuri. Nu om rospuns o nici un opei om

'o.r- i :--oroto,ep.

ours bul were shored by our generolion ond ihu peop e we educoted. Thus we neither lmitated onVone, nor did we soel out ond repeoi onythrng ol o L From the slorl lhe nomes you con ,reod here were ufiered crlong with those who mode the first s1 lirst steps obrood. ll wos nol us lcr respond io ony oppeol in Europe we were omonq rope omong those who roised the bonner (. ). Todoy we do not wlsh io be lept coptives by onyone, nol even by our own pcrst. ln pol tics revo utions ore storled to estoblish new insiilulions, whlch never
hoppens in lhe reclm of orl. We procloim our permonent revolutionory slole ogoinsi onything thol iurns inlo TrO'r' er syc-trT. e . pe ord ohO"y e, pre\ , O- n Ori ro mo' e tl-e,:^querce. or lrozor reo i5^ -o ot- ng surreolisms; they o con be burled under lhe scme eoi'oo\ ot i"tccooci / oT o elt or ) on. On y the inquisilive spirit, the one ihol we comes wol

Wo r, Led overyo, e eriOyol .re .lO ore.ty' eyp-6( \ed tin'elr lleo]t. Tr s o"se - or lco r. r o,,ro ly, to words ond meonrngs lhof were no onger

common gool.

--= r si gorgord'in orto, indiferenl de ordinec lor : -i de o reclismul osificcrt pono Io suprore- = ^- cutrefoclie, lolu se poote'inchide ,rb o."

- -: urmdrrind cu infriqurcre dezleqoreo ieore . : :::icdr o or pe core le puneo proq - -':liie si dezvolloreo ptclurii in cenerol, prin : : :le, Morce loncu o losol un d-ocument de : :--,:lltote sl de o deosebito voloore csuprc - r- l'/ongordd de core se leoqc moi mult de =-' d ioio,.lrrooo161:^6s5-p ^-ev . ---'-ooronuf cilitoru poote foce cunostinld cu . -::::cl moi pulin stiut ol bogctei sole octiviioli. ' - -::i seecfio gonduriJor despre crto ole lui : :ncu pub icote in ocecsidr revisld 'in douo : ' crmo, NSFMNARI DESpRE ARTA, ce re' - :-::cup-rrile leoretice c e orlislului, insumeozd : --:cre compoziiie, culocre, curenie crlislice; ' -- r douo, CRONICl PLAST CE, concentreozd - ' : perttnente, orrgino e, prin core pictorul, : - r- r orlo conlemporoni or soi, se defineste in : -: TD pe slne.


..: I. oirie le'




neputinlel si islovirii. de cercelore, sinqurd intdmpincreo mi-

der wil endure ' Morcel Jcnco, c ucid ortist, who leverish v souqhl lt'_, 'l eo ^'cor'y ord p-o r.\ Ct ry c\o,ve -a" O-oE , "'-, poseo b1 h \ owr' ' ,ec,,or or-d oy r.a ooVoflrarr€pr

ot po t rg I qate o eL o wo lv ot o alllenA / lopico wrillen Jocument on lhe ovoni-gorde orl, thot covered over lwo decodes of cuhurof history in our
counlry. He who recds the Contimporonu/ moqozine

o viry ilrl^ r'rowl qo lo We hove grouped lhe se eclion of Morcel Jonco's lhoughts crbout ort published in ihe Conlim'porctnul mlgjlzlne into lwo ccl-^gories. The [irst cotegory,

will get acquointed with this ospect of his exiensive


ches of lhe ortrst, conlcins hrs noles on composttrorr,

including ihe theorerico op!,oo

somehow defining his own orl os we

CHRCNICLES, focuses on lonco's orioinol ond compelent ludgmenis on hrs fellow orrilrs work,

colour, ond trends; the second coiegoiy,




Illofe de piclurd
Absiroctismul, denumit si c.rc srr ce cei core qresesc, inseomnd intoi llberorec pic,rr;i oe cspecieie"viefii si de semnele din oforo Pcno lo e, orto iniei si o cu oli, desenul si ptcluro, se



ond exlerior signs.

Ab 'o. ri ^ w orgr\ ton ^d . ro, -1 ov \ome oT I n ecr-s Ia .:6o:6ti6r ot oo rg t,on i'^ c

Illoles on painting




o ^p,e_r.e, l,o:. oa,oa,o,,
..oi.tOOTa6 pi .,


O,eO O.o^O.rO,i


'i. -o' .l e .r'od

imogineo reprodusd fusese condvJ sinquro preocuoo'^ Mo at t t oi. D. .i o r-goo , ,ol, ,^, pr" _r" 'o o b6 od. o o ri1 ,1c pe 5o.o c o ,,. , i'o.. A,er oro'oo rio,do e.o p -,o 5, ,o o,o fo,oq.c,',or.


oeo70\ latee J yol^ a6rre.o ro. i o, o role .i'o'oos' o p ,,ro ob tro ti 'o o, Ou.^ ,te 16F\, Cr]Or,leit\aOA.eO,, r,.e/,-O,O a OeOf O

linie :i culoore co de lo volori obsolule intocmoi cum muzico pornesle de lc sunei. Si precum muzicc gru-

tele'g ' re h, ,.e r pi.1, ,o. \. noi e , ^p'Fio6o ]rri dir o,o,o,i, r,.orio,.1 p ". r do oii,' ,- eo. I o'.t,' :, pe,,oro. Po.r^ re O^ ro

lio' .roo i,e , P,lo t o oe. , o' ., di o a-, reg do \ lt,. ^o or I ro o /, r'r]o. ,,o,oii a coo-ora vorieioleo s surplzc ]or deconcerlotd. txpresionismu o renunioi lc deto iu penlru c degc; ,o r c-o .a rtr,/L To avoro io-r pi r- _ ,t ir o ,, o_ lor procedeu de o reliefo inlreg obrectu cu oir rbuti ile, osezorec si ndzuintc so" (Vezi ,,Dontul,,-de Arn pencol Abstrociismul .in sforsit, nesocoleste modelul, ospec

luire subieclivd o lumii lmpresionrsti cu och ul lroged

vibrolie, ormonie. ", De lo romonlicr incooce putem urmdri sforioreo ince otc o .oi i' r, de o ,^ oego o oa o. ..roiqe eo 'ao r'o , De^lr I o ot ro, ,bo,o a,a,pra o si or.o

o .o p. r oo ); o o,o,o .-'





'or,i -' l^ io. lo p, , ip,.e o p,.t , D,
, O. e. Od OoO,,.t ,i . o

Picluro, ostfe liberoto, devine o conslruclie obslroclo, co o ,imfonie neprogromctico. Jmr pore deci co obs

OAr,r, Dt_

o; ' . oco6 ro,o /c o. ,,or- d^ pono ,o -. ^, ob,;,^ Se f Lrmor de o e lmilo. lst urmeozd co]ec lui creoloore.
Contrmporanul, nr.4, 1922

momenlul cond n sufletul omenesc s_o fdcul un oc .inlelegereo penlru ei o inceput, penlru simtireo ei mor ldrziu. C .o' ro'o o ub... ..Li: ^ pe d- o,.-eq., co,r:rr,r r.

O O o5 o' O to

opo.r,oo;,odo'. oro-,,oaoo;

olrve pcrth.

g'lnignyole .or r\ov^.rrre'l oe :a / -'o' or h ng pe, L.o.eo -ro coio eo Ond ,l o;' rO,o V Or O \. Or -e,r'1g ,,pri o L Oror. o'i.^ go e Lp rl.o dc'O, r o oc. -l o1 ;l r q " o- -p to-n./ar oao oro.a -th o,on o, n po 'rq -no,Ttr ^ ao'ti to on' o'- obio I or CJ rr5 olrio te I c, _ "or. (S^e r^ Do..^ gu A,t;o"n.n1 " ri ql , {9s- O list O re,roo. \ It tr 1- oOA, : Or ,61;ra '1A Oro prate.r, ir poi^ti.tO. | r'- p-^'o,;on o- te o. oo wo lo o] r torc .^o h ror o a-6 er e oo, | , o-no-.,, o O OAr)O1O t, o' erred. r slo.t: n r- : ( olo t o c,bso,r'e ,/orrc\ 'r r 1 6 v\o/ ^ ,nzl o.o.A9 .,,1 e,ro,^L .o .. o"o:- l Ct '"tot v - to ol c po,' O -o. poirt 10 f o'o es :o ''to. oad , o o ro .t ly hcrrmonious effect. 'h. '.be o'od po r "i q oe. o-ntr oo .o \e'/ T' r ,L^ Or U,pOgrolt60 ^O' Abs,ro." ^r r wo .,d o7 't o lo a ,.o iO' OOir,,rg , C. Ol o. "1q, O OO n' "O to'Ct 51 ..o.,o''1.)o,t ,a;,o oa-oleI ob'e ro o^ pleleno I o.o -Lo, o ^e C-o o.oit) O Lbi.^:,'i. o1 .,pr, .9, ol 'ntl odrior \e trati tr.'o.5 l -d , o ooA\ ir oA' \ tr a O,aviouq o O ', cr'6'r. I o^ ^.1 -ot;1g tn^-r-;*

' o'l5,ro r-: r o de 16 i €,or, "'e p,o, o^o creoie lhe world The lmpressionists, with ihe- : _

oo,'[-, e'o,r -1ot oo..,9 oot o q-. lio

represeni m,ovemenl, vlbrolion, hormony. Ever since the romonlics we cor woicl-L ihe

-1c geo ,ne ol or ir e iro co'o,r orc.. In teo i',etr ro q ,.e ,ono oo_ ' ,1-l le Son tr re ooo ,ne to ,.. Jaroo.r 6 o.'ori,ol ,^ oge o-d rl e r€p ooLu^o or ^ roc ffa.6'^ ot efl. roigr 6r, tr ^ Ooitrer o to\\ec lo rnterprel, i.e, to hcve his own vision of thinos . l resembionce wos ihen socrificed ond l"fr rl -l o ool o fl e ooi.rar wo: r"ri,g -o cop _
or d _oo'rtirq









po o".




2. Inleligenic e un fc,cior negcrliv cno rt c, orto unu poziliv conslruciiv s nleiic. j. l ,^.''cr 6 o oo r'-ore 'ol 'e,/.o o , reo,e.

lnsemndri de olfid I.f Ino\1 , o"ocoo-^-oe


orice virluozilote oudiiivo si vizuolo. 5. Artist oriizon - crrtificiu, lrei sensuri deosebite cu cpcrenle de osemdnore

\a itre.'ot ooo ota .r ro,e e





yel seemingly similor

Llh",9^6 rL,)neao,el roi e,o.. 2. 'ol io^r, e .s o ,ego \tr o1o , , o -l oo lrve .1rtl ^' ol . O' . ',.e ore. i-nog , o.o. J "'e, 01 Teo, - ob r r\ / Morr de . i es lova oael .,Fora l\ 'eo'Oo,. e Or ) s.j,riyo O, O \ .C _o 5 A"' ' .slrsn or o.- r: e n-^e o le _

Art noles


-lcr copillor, orio popuord, orlo

,,-:slve, flind dln cdcncimi orgonice, ford

psihopofiLor, o primitive sunl ortele ce e mci vi , ce e mci
cu turo

6. The ort oi chl oi-e- -r 1 r-' --: r-- r'ihe psycho poths, lhot of pr mi've cE:c es .-e ihe ve iesl ond mosi expressive ones be ng Ceep y orgonic ond oc
king the cu ture of the becuiifr Z. Primltive peop es do noi crecle pr milive orl. 8. There s no pr mitivsm ond no degree of developmeni in orl Due to the growing didocticism, the lost century romonlic ortists po soned the minds of the nexi


t:pocrele prmrtive


orid nu existd primllvrsm, nu exisid grodolie in c iore. Romonlicii seco ului irecut cu cvul pri ei, - :idccliclsmul core se dezvotc olunci, sd otrdve, -: nrnlec genercfLilor ce e'ou succedoi cu tomon- frumosulul din ldeolu grec. : l:iicd, osirlond, romonicd, coldeionc, indicc, per


nu foc orlcr primitivo.



roi puternice in suf etul umcrn decdl "closicismul". : - .-rl cu loiul necunoscuie chior de critlci si oriigti.


egipteond, etruscd, sunl orle cu repercusluni
cot creotorul stie sd fie moi dego jot, isi postre-

generotion with the romoniicism of the beoutiful from the Greek ideo 9. The Gothic, Assyricrn, Romonce, lndlon, Persicn, Egypiion, ond Elruscon crrls impress on lhe humon soul more effectively thon 'cossicism' They cre lotcrly unknown, even omong ort crrlics ond crrtisis.




-t : ,].

:rospdtoleo, se feresle de obi itol, cu otOt expre:--stlcd e moi violento, mol iscusitd. ehnicc nu ore nimrc comun cu vlrluoziloteo si

lO The freer on orlisl behoves, ihe more he preserves his freshness ond ovoids iricks, ihe more violent ond resourceful hls orlislic expression wil be. I 1 Technique hcs nothing rn common with virtuosiiy
ond ortiflce I 2 The schoo of ort, os it is prociiced nowodoys, kills fontosy, encouroges lugglery, virluosify, ond moro secondory quolities. 13. Sensitivrty roots oul Like o noil out of the f esh i4. Sensitivity is o woys the some, the on y volue through time ond spoce in crrt. I 5 Folk orts - lhe rveliesl inslonces of sensitivily ston dords. The oxe never foi s to creote from the scroich, on tobulo roso. l6 New orl rs in seorch for inlensily by ony woys crnd
Conltmporanul, no. 45,

Morce :r r

l:oo c oriei, cum se procficd ozi, ucide fontezio, .-.,- to preslidigiictio, viriuoziiolec, morolo, colitdli

: jensibi itotec creste dln nou co unghio din corne. re - -': -, b I to Ao e eL o(eeo)i ,'guro co^

iimp si spcfiu. din creofio orte ce e moi putern ce exemple de :-::rd cle sensrbjlitolir. Toporul creeozd mereu dln

Morcs :-:

.'le e populore:

=:-i pe tobulo roso - -'-o noud urmdresle lntensiloleo

prin orice mii o-

nr 45, 1924 9.7

1924 p.7



ce numim frumos nu e 'intoldecuncr


Whct we col beoutiful does nol o wclys
p osiic becutifu





- :.-.ll e ultimul ine in evoluiio picturii de potru se - oo(e I ' o oL" problemo construcdiei plos' :e .lmoi in momentu] oceslo s o cerul cunooslerec : ?mentelor plostice ' : .c umul, cu ocrreo sunt elemenie plostice si nu se -,.=.: decdl sub infoiisoreo dezorgonizotd, incon ---: in ncturd. - ,-:Ee s o orgonizo
eemenlee plosllce consliiuie

Cubism is the lost rinq wrihln the evolution of pointing for four centuries. r pJts the problem of plosiic construction L or,y row ll or l e l ro*'edoe ot plos-

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il-e.9a Re ' n tro e/pr 1o' .ollo:ee l-^ s work in our country. Decorc' ..eo wt. r D"rol od I o' qo n cL roo. [oyord rne \e1t -r e-'c . Docd ne moi omintim oceo "Feiild" cu fondu de cicoore sou "Piofc leolru ui" din onii lrecuti vom ofir ^ o co D o A-bor" o p. c ortistului siiuoi in oforo umli din core isi e\iroge moiivul insplrolor. oceeosi viziune se formuleozd lo infinit indiferenl de imprejurdri. -oJA ol'o't roso ds ' new ond sironge lyricism. imperiu exlerioore incot din fieccrre schimbore de buie so rec:lizeze o lolcrlo ve if core o m iocce or sole jog. vo umul inchis sunl premizele operei sole.: - -. o loos-. G'cvrr. ud os: ll o'lr^ her compositionoi . for instonce) the exhibition .= '- - wete snown lser.s "i.'. esle ctct de rnu t sub his own obsession. Ariistul. Astepiom expozitic viitoore cu noi e so e LJ.o o r.i mg o es vivocitcieo liniei scrle p ine de un boroc sen srfr' LUCIA BATACESCU DEMETRIAD e serioosd si senli mentclcr.: -- -- . 'to To ra -. pciniinos cre heovy due lo her : :.oliicrle p ostico nouo ? Cri e lecrmo oe bonclloteo core o mond in visurl cochele de o burn de fomilie lmi poreinsd cd or fi ctoto loc penlru D-no Demetricd de o ne dc o picturc in codrul probe me or ploslice cctuo e sou cel puiin in oloro de oli- tudineo senlimento d. We ore look rc i-' '.e o Desi creotor." cnecc:'= .: We con't rnderslcnd why she s-: .: c few pieces )=. : imbued wiih pure senslivity onc :..yo.o opo'e. f we . l lA lua o^e sion of the outsrde world thot the s ic-'=. cn 'o ro toleo qoro' lc. Bucdti reprezeniotlve dln toote epocile.) Perhops the oulhor refers to ihe tor's note) " Probcrbil cd esle vorbc: de pictorul N NA ARBCRE o expus onul ocesto icrdrsi ortd vie. oting. de o sensibi itcte puro 9i de o gondlre inediio.o orecdo.61o5eS O r tr9::Oe. o gr.r 'o pe lr o 'pe. reolizdnd operc Hoving on unyie ding nclure. Desenu dur desioinuie o vointd de obiectiviiote..i inchistol in proprio obsesie.1928 N NA ARBCRE hos exhibtted ::wo. with uncrospoble forces.=: work ond commitmenl of lhe oroc.o r_ :.: 'ov il ol M . A oore 1o5 5er strong 'fcuvism " - At the Acodemy of PATRASCU exhibtts l':: ai:! ra':a t-c. .e o gt.1.lo o'od o o g '.o.' so -"r ^c. r7 TUCIA BALACESCU DEMFTRIAD However. l'or '.dr . Piciurile sc e sunl grele de luptc cu formo. l^od rg o o rolo'or oL wo'r o ' . Adevorul mcteriol.: : .: every new work.eo -.D.ecrn r ! ovc 16-'y o b. pentru co sd ovem in sforglt o primd expoz I e foscrn = - rc.1928 - :: 'Theolre squore" exhibited some .--' to show Pcscin for lhe first tlme Conltmporanul.oo vol-r ^ o e ile p e1. iiooo o: -'. s. u . E cioi de ciudoto inso inrudireo dinlre 'on o^ti-r. 6. oloo^e puternice lo r. * Al deo w''r o tr.rari Expozilii . .: : Exhibitions . ln solo Hcsefer om reusrt sd vedem primo expoziie umii peisoj fre 'r Poscin c nor o unui Poscin sinieiic.ismului" crrlei nooslre Lo ocodemio crtelor decorolive expune putine bucofi M tllA PATRASCU ln ciudc reclizorilor otci de personole o e scu pturr or so e. there is o strcnge '=. somehow esicC :. The iough drowing unvei s o wi . Culocreo rdsund moi des in lonuri minore de un irlsm stroniu si nou. p. from ol his periods. ne.. o. with its chicory bc'.' Little girl". l^a o his meons ond lechnique.e.lo | tr I o5T a\p o c. Din oce osld couzd.. Un lemperomenl inerpugnobil reuseste sd creeze cu lo e ronole o n leco e pos-1l ro m rrivi <' noi. vesnic oceeosi.^ .r ': or of h" \tr1qLo or o o re lol-torgh it -lorele.- S.reoro.:' romoniicism ond on crpporenl We recoqnize or l-er I De ce insd oce bo som veiust 9i prcfuit peste otdlo emotre de . eo ove 'f iq rer po.:' tf6 cpoirlirg rir 1^'. o lorc. v \ O'l \ c ^ol"d erd ors \. 193 l. in sensul co o iosot conlinuotori {o no lser).r. Tl-e y persono ochievemenls of ihe:: .pe WoodcLrt lemn io'i e 50 A oe 'o-npoz-e o g p o. o. of the ortist sloni -: wor d he tc[es his inspircrtion from Th s .e hedc... Mor c es nu 'infe egem cond D so vreo sd ne certifice ^ | orgod n lcor'l .:: Pdtroscu stcnds on the clossic. odevorclu . 'oo o' ll e boro .:r."e.hol . '.'s11r. l3 Hojos lNota red. Rep':... ope sto .LJ o'ez. lorgule.yoo. D-no Pct cscu este de porieo conceplii or closice. mcrrcdnd o oproximolivd evolulie o operei ocesiui senzucrl si pur lcrlent.O'tC€pr o-t i. :: -'- - Conttmporanul nr 1Ol. ccre o fosl Posci n.1 [ 1. bor po.. o irebuit munco si sccrificiu orgonizolorului de io Hcsefer...

t 1ao9er . ioote : :' -ic inireogo il servesle. . Moillol.]onco. possive.--i--so n-o iubit noturc decdt prin chipu redus. ':-:e A gcle'6 s Lrol-. the vosi sensilivity for lhe plosticiiy of ihe molter. :' .-:3 t . Disregording eve. -. . . std vro jitorul. impresionismu sculp - nou.. rposibi Bror u'i orosl oceo cora o ::ndul c oddncimi e simiirii penlru o gosi -. ond oi the some lime en ighted his lnfinile ove for nolure s cws ond lrops. Broncugl's work deepy louches the one who cppro r: oches il wilh pure ond devoled feelings. i:-llor Totugi dupo Rodin. BrOnocusi wos the on y one to hove experienced lhe sensoiLon of ..-.-rdd inielepciune pentru simp ificoreo formei. oo '. . Nodler.. = ::. I '::osleo sc nu esle extoticd. .-LlA BABIC DAN EL DANIEL esle un primilivin sensu more ol nof '. mosiers. Fiori. -'ninoi o drogosle neidrmurild peniru mreiele si -': ti BrOncugi zguduie pe ce ce vine in foto ei. s ' 5 oe becoure ol rone ron i. like Bourde le. romontic one. I Morcel oncu. Brdncusi s ove for ife ond ncture hos viri e wisdom in it. ui esie o urmore o loborolorului noturcrl.evestiri si cel moi more credit orlei sc e.qf '.}ot hc nco6-) 6l pr mltive cri. este un pictor de roso. .l prerdul in cercetdri de sti izore. of the prophets. CORNEIIA BAB C DANIEL is o pointer of nobe roce. Broque. However. . . ihis term.i osimllot de D no Bobic Doniel . ' . . I 925 . Being iotol y dlsinteresed in odvertising his work. ddnsul nu figureczo inco in :: :reclorilor orlei noi pe cngo Picosso.ui. inslrumenlofi toole esenle]e. However ofier Rodir. lr l^ir r'r 'r odevorol o.\r-he creotes. cl he hos to do is lo fol ow ihe cosmrc ows..-: . emoiivitoieo nouc . Flis studio is on extensjon of noture's own loborctory. :.rTU core o pricepui senzolio de c plosmui cu : ui Dumnez-oLr. Constonlin Brdncusi. 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A builder coged inlo o worid of genuine oscetism. o'l '^^p es. lhe scu piuro impressionism wos no onqer possib 247 . . thoi crofi cbre to crecle o wor d hidden in irony ond sensitivity. -.. el le puse:-. :. olong with Pjccsso.cmpune deseori o iele moi slobi e. connot fee ihe new emo tion cnd thus wil see mere nckedness in it. sim p eion.ncgrcion.ncugi Morce . 1928.: . Hc ler. : - popor vdnios si senzuo puteo ^:n do umii pe =- .--oi sd oscu te numoi egi e cosmice.rde le Moilo \oole'. Conslonlin Br0ncusi.-: sensibi ilote peniru plosticiloteo moteriei l-cru sensuous peop e could hove produced Broncusi.: rtermediui inte ectuolului) din ortele primillve . Brdncusi wos ihe one who turned lo ihink over the depths of feelings to find the new truth. he is nol in lhe top of lhe new crl creolors. stupid ol crpusurilor cromolitogrofiote din cdrti . ll '' .*". goi lost in sly izoiion pursuits. thi whole sclence ore reody lo serve hlm When he sets his n the middle lhere stonds the mlnd lo it. 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