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A reaction paper for the documentary film named

by Gary Hustwit

Helvetica is an independent feature-length documentary film that is all

about typography. It discusses all about the typeface Helvetica, the history,
the uses, and the form. It is not easy to form a typeface; it is not only
forming it or drawing the set of letters to create a new typeface. There are
many events, about the lines, the curves, and the measurement, the
pressure of the colors, the space and many to be considered, it is not really
an easy task. One of the characters in the film which is Massimo Vignelli says
that “the life of a graphic designer is a life of fight”. As my own interpretation
on what Massimo says is that as a graphic designer (which is I’m not and I’m
dreaming of) is a challenge not to be imaginative, resourceful, inventive,
innovative and productive but also to be unique in able to stand out among
the rest.

Many of the characters (as graphic designer) in the film usually like
to use Helvetica as their favourite typeface since it is designed for everyone
to use in different ways as their medium in all types of communication.
Indeed, Helvetica is the most popular widely used typeface in the world
(United States of America).

As when I review the film, I learned that choosing a typeface is not

just selecting a font faces on your fonts’ menu. It is more relevant to
consider the design, meaning of the text to be more expressive. It interests
me a lot. Not just the design attracts me but the fact/idea that creating a
typeface must be in a passion of a graphic designer. A passion that will lead
the artist to be more creative and more expressive.

What matters most in a text or in a sentence or maybe a phrase or a

paragraph in an article is not just only the design, the color, the size, etc.
Think about also on how to deliver the message in an expressive way to be
more readable and precise. It is a fact that the readers will usually read a
message when it is attractive. But to be more striking in their mind, it is
better to have a good design, good text, good message and good idea, but of
course these must fit to the theme of the concept of the message.
Submitted to: Ms Maureen Mamilic
Multimedia Teacher