Elections A: Did you hear that Max and Andrew are running for president?

They both made campaign speeches yesterday to announce it. B: This presidential election is going to be very close. Which candidate are you going to support? A: I personally like Max’s platform more, but I think the majority of the people are going to vote for Andrew. I also heard that Andrew is more qualified for the job. B: Which party do they belong to? A: Well, Max was nominated by the Democratic Party and Andrew was nominated by the Republican Party. B: What is Max’s position on education? A: Max said that if he becomes president, students will never have to take tests again! That’s why everyone should vote for him. B: Ahh, I don’t care. All politicians are the same anyway. Vocabulary: President (n) – the official leader of something; presidential (adj), presidency (n) Campaign – (n) competition by rival candidates for political office, (v) to promote a particular cause or person; campaign (adj.) Election (n) – selection of someone for office; to elect (v) Candidate (n) – someone who is trying to be elected to a political position or applying for a job To Support (v) – to say you agree with someone and want them to succeed Platform (n) – principles and objectives of a candidate Majority (n/adj) – number larger than half of the group To Vote (v) – to pick someone for political office, to formally make a choice; vote (n) Qualified (adj) – having the right knowledge and skills for a job; qualification (n) Party (n) – political group, 党 To nominate (v) – to suggest someone for a job Democratic vs. Republican (adj.) – 属于民主党/共和党 Position (n) – an opinion about something Politician (n) – someone elected into political office Grammar: • Running for + ________ = is competing in an election for the job of _______ - Hillary Clinton is running for president. • • To make a speech = to say a speech Hu Jintao made a speech in Beijing yesterday. Close = to almost attain something He was very close to having the highest grade in school.

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