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How To Prepare Sermons

How To Prepare Sermons

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Published by: c.gordon on Mar 25, 2011
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How To Prepare Sermons


Homiletics: The word homiletics is derived from the Greek word homilia and signifies either a mutual talk and conversation or a set discourse. The preachers in the early church were in the habit of calling their public discourses talks , thus making it proper to speak of what is in the present day in some quarters called gospel talk . From the word homilia comes the English word homiletics, which has reference to that science or art or indeed both, which deals with the structure of Christian discourse, embracing all that pertains to the preparation and delivery of sermons and Bible addresses. It shows us how to prepare a sermon or gospel address and how to deliver it effectually. Homiletics, then, is the art and science of preaching.

What is Preaching? Preaching is the proclamation of the good new of salvation through man to men. Its two constituent elements are a man and a message personality and truth. What is a Preacher? The preacher is separated by God for the specific work of preaching the gospel and is a man who from one side of his nature takes in the truth from God and from the other side gives out that truth to men. He deals with God in behalf of men, and he deals with men in behalf of God. Every fiber of the preachers moral and spiritual nature must be controlled by the truth.

Personality of the preacher 1. The preacher must not be an imitator: Let us remember that God has made no two faces or voices alike. Each one of us has our own individuality to stamp; on the work which God has given us to do. If your name is David, and you are called upon to kill your Goliath, then do not coven the armor of Saul, but take your sling and stone, and by the help of God, the boasting giant will fall. Many persons have failed in their ministry simply because they were not willing to take themselves as God made them. 2. The preacher must be a man of deep piety:

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