Written by: Prof. Dr. U. Durrani

I had a dream. It is a dream yet more real than this seeming reality of time boundedness. Maybe, I had a similar experience when I was 13 or 14: when childhood is flowering out into the beauty of youth. Where all is purity and innocence – when love, for the first time flutters its gentle wings – where love is all idealism and Platonism. YES IT IS STRANGE – yet not so strange – that early after half a century the experience would be repeated – repeated yes, but with a big difference. In the first instance, it was the purity and innocence of a solitary soul –surging like the waves of a great ocean, in search of a coastline, when it could bow down and pay homage. In the second instance – the present one, in all purity and innocence as before, but like a depth which is beyond the subtlest of emotions. Now the dream. I was you. Believe me, in body in soul I was you. And that I will relate in my experience through your being. Body and soul. I i.e. you are being married to your spouse. A marriage without any trappings or ceremonials. Call it a spiritual marriage of catholic virgins married to Christ. And yet it had all the realities if the whole being – physical, emotional and spiritual. Like two forms of light, fusing into one another. No words no music, can convey the glory and the ecstasy of this fusion; and this heavenly bliss is surging even now.

Yes. God bless this Oneness. and the sky part of the other is the complement of the earth part in the one. .destiny – that the earth part in ----is the complement of the sky part in the other. it seldom happens that a perfect complement in any ----.

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