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Comments on Anna Hazare's movement for Lokpal Bill against corruption in India

Comments on Anna Hazare's movement for Lokpal Bill against corruption in India

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Comments of some known and unknown persons such as Chetan Bhagat, Anupam Kher, Kapil Sibbal, Hartosh Singh Bal, Meenakshi Lekhi, Tavleen Singh, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Open Magazine, Aamir Khan, Satyvrat Chaturvedi, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Mera Neta Chor hai, koda, kalmadi, Raja, Rani, Swami Agnivesh,Times Now,Anna Hazare, Shanti Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal, demand for civil represntation in drafting committee, Lokpal Bill, Ombudsman Bill, Indian politics, corrupt politicians, Emergency in India, Emergency, Victory of People, driver in army, Indo-pak war, Naik CD controversy, Amar Singh, Vinod Sharma, Mulayam Singh, Mahesh Rangarajan, Mrinal Pandey, Vineet Narain
Comments of some known and unknown persons such as Chetan Bhagat, Anupam Kher, Kapil Sibbal, Hartosh Singh Bal, Meenakshi Lekhi, Tavleen Singh, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Open Magazine, Aamir Khan, Satyvrat Chaturvedi, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Mera Neta Chor hai, koda, kalmadi, Raja, Rani, Swami Agnivesh,Times Now,Anna Hazare, Shanti Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal, demand for civil represntation in drafting committee, Lokpal Bill, Ombudsman Bill, Indian politics, corrupt politicians, Emergency in India, Emergency, Victory of People, driver in army, Indo-pak war, Naik CD controversy, Amar Singh, Vinod Sharma, Mulayam Singh, Mahesh Rangarajan, Mrinal Pandey, Vineet Narain

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Published by: ddevarshi on Apr 07, 2011
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People's reaction on movement against corruption in context of Anna Hazare's fast unto death to press demand to implement Lokpal

Bill in Indian Parliament and allow civil representation in drafting committee

(Comments of some of the speakers may not be exact) Devendra Pal, Delhi If a 73 year old can fast for us why cant we support him by observing one day fast? Renuka Chudhary, A politician, Indin National Congress (8th April 2011)

Kapil Sibbal has won with margin of 4 lakh votes. Aditya, A young articulate indian If one has won the election it doesn't mean that he has license to do anything that people don't want. A girl on Times Now (8th April 2011) We want you to take care of us but since you have not taken care of that is why this anger (addressing all politicians through Renuka Chaudhary) If we do not pay our taxes it will be doubled in one year (on delay of years of Lokpal bill). Renuka We respect Anna but tomorrow someone from Andhra will stand up and ask government to do something.

Aryama Sundaram - 3 important things (about entire movement) 1 How history repeats itself. Cesar was only afraid of Mob of Rome. 2 Involvement of youth in political process. 3 Involvement of Youth in non-violent youth. Perception is that the Government is busy negotiating and haggling. Abhay Aima

I know I am not a politician but let me speak (To Renuka on her interruption) Pritish Nandy

I am not convinced that we are not the same side (on Renukka's comment that we are on the same side). I have been in journalism for forty years but have never seen something like this. I came to journalism because I see emergency happen. Shahshank, Bnaglore A nation is not defined by boundaries. A country is defined by its people. India Belongs to youth. If youth doesn't come and join this movement who else would Aamir Khan

http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/aamir-khans-letter-to-anna-hazare-96871 Tavleen Singh, Abhishek Manu Singhvi This is not done. The task of making laws is of legislative assembly not of people. Tavleen Singh

Even NGOs are corrupt and NGO's do not represent civil society. ( Tavleen Singh and Abhishek Manu Singhvi have a view that The task of making laws is of legislative assembly and not of people. Let us take an example of a person who is seriously ill or wounded and no doctor is attending him for quite a long time. Tired with neglect when he tries to treat himself all the doctors jump on him and allege him for usurping rights of doctors. They brand him as irresponsible because he is trying to treat himself which is not his assigned job or area of specialization!) A volunteerWear the T-Shirt with slogan MERA NETA CHOR HAI until the bill is passed. perhaps took idea from Chetan Bhagat's blog http://www.chetanbhagat.com/2011/04/mera-neta-chor-hai/ Chetan Bhagat

India is not a democracy. You were taught wrong thing in schools. India is an elected monarchy. Satyavrat Chaturvedi

All politicians are not corrupt. Swami Agnivesh

Agreed, but the one who does not speak about a corrupt fellow politician is also chor (thief). A politician from Maharashtra

Argument: Public has elected us. You (Anupam Kher and all raising voice against corruption) do not represent people. File nomination in next election and get elected first. Counter arguments• A corrupt official on same lines shall tell UPSC (or State PSC) has selected me. If you want to change things go and get selected by PSC and only then you get authority to question). An MP/MLA does not represent entire country neither s/he represents all MP/MLA or all political parties. Moreover, even in he/his constituency s/he does not represent each and every one. S/he gets only about 20% votes(only about 40-60% voters come to vote). How can an MP/MLA claim that each word uttered by her/him bears endorsement of all people s/he represents.

http://openthemagazine.com/article/voices/the-anna-hazare-show Manu Joseph "The Anna Hazare Show: The comic revolution of an obsolete man If you happen to watch television news or read the newspapers, you may feel that the nation is on the brink of a revolution unleashed by an austere man in a white cap not many wear anymore. Anna Hazare, a former driver with the Indian Army who has the useful Indian talent for sitting cross-legged for long periods, is right now on a thin white mattress by a wayside in Delhi, having vowed to fast until death or until the Government agrees to set up a potent anti-corruption body made up of good people who would have power over all important arms of the Government. ............" "But there is much that is not evident on television. As this column goes to press on the second day of the fast, the number of people at his protest in Delhi is just around 300, including journalists. They are on a 50 metre stretch of a roadside that is between a public urinal and a wall. ........................" "With Agnivesh dressed like Swami Vivekananda and pantomiming Gandhi, the scene resembles a college skit." Hazare

"We must not underestimate what television can do to an absolute farce." read more on website of Open Magazine Counter arguments: • How someone else can steal the show? Can one not take patent or copy right of exposing corruption? This journalist had worked so hard to expose corruption. How can someone do this to him!

A person who has never seen death from close quarter cannot imagine thought process of one who has experienced it. All lessons are not learned in four walls of high ranked colleges. Read real story of Anna after the derogatory write-up about Anna

http://blogs.siliconindia.com/adventurecamping/Anna_Hazare_The_Indian_Army_ veteran_NKDvr_Anna_Hazare_of_65_Indo_Pak_War-bid-vxuYHOil67777345.html http://www.annahazare.org/biography.html http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/who-is-anna-hazare-96883?from=NDTV http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?202375 (23 Oct 1996 Outlook) • I hope you are wise enough to read the lines and read between the lines in write up of Manu Joseph. See the attempt to highlight "driver". Elitist mind set cannot easily digest as to how a driver be so wise to lead an intellectual sounding movement and how can elitist, urban people, literate can follow this person with ordinary background and lineage to lead them! After all Gandhi was a barrister but this man was just a driver! Journalists should ideally report and not judge the events through their own narrow vision.

(People have given a historical slap on the face of custodians of corrupt who tried to undermine the people's emotions by coming in large numbers on 8th April. Thanks Mr. Joseph for your instigative write-up.)

जजजज ज जजजज जजजज जज जजज जजजजजज जजजजज। जजज जजज जजजजज जज जजजज जजजज जज जजजजज।।
Jati na poocho sadhu ki pooch lijiye gyan Mol karo talwar ka pada rahne do myan TranslationLet's not go into antecedents of a austere, ask what he know, value what is within, do not get distracted by what is external

Padhi padhi ke pathr bhaye likhi bhaye jun eent. Kabir antar prem kaye lagiye nek na cheent जजज.जजज जज जजजजज जजजज जजजज जजज जज जजज जजजज जजजज जजजजज जजज जजजजज जजज ज जजजज

Pratap Bhanu Mehta "Sometimes a sense of unbridled virtue can also subvert democracy. The agitation by civil society activists over the Jan Lokpal Bill is a reminder of this uncomfortable truth. There is a great deal of justified consternation over corruption. The obduracy of the political leadership is testing the patience of citizens. But the movement behind

the Jan Lokpal Bill is crossing the lines of reasonableness. It is premised on an institutional imagination that is at best naïve; at worst subversive of representative democracy. The morality of fasting unto death for a political cause in a constitutional democracy has always been a tricky issue. There is something deeply coercive about fasting unto death. When it is tied to an unparalleled moral eminence, as it is in the case of Anna Hazare, it amounts to blackmail. There may be circumstances, where the tyranny of government is so oppressive, or the moral cause at stake so vital that some such method of protest is called for. But in a functioning constitutional democracy, not having one’s preferred institutional solution to a problem accepted, does not constitute a sufficient reason for the exercise of such coercive moral power. This is not the place to debate when a fast-untodeath is appropriate. But B.R. Ambedkar was surely right, in one of his greatest speeches, to warn that recourse to such methods was opening up a democracy to the “grammar of anarchy”. ------------------------------------------------(Where was this great man when all the money was being siphoned, when Jats and Gujjars were sitting on rail track?) General Argument: One may also say that the Lokpal will not come from Moon. The bill will not have any impact of gross corruption in India but that is not the reason for not doing anything. Is it not true that in spite of having meals we will be hungry again after a few hours but does that stop us from having our meals? We can keep fighting till our last breath. Are people with Anna Hazare. What if he betrays our expectations? Is he doing this for some of his political aspirations? I don't think this is the issue right now. People are apparently with Hazare but they are certainly with a fair India, they are for a corruption free India. If you promise them a corruption free India the same people with you as well. Politicians of all major parties have failed to capitalize on this sentiment of India. They are not at all in synch with the people of India). A placard at Delhi 200 Crores = 1 Koda 25 Kodas = 1 Kalmadi 4 Kalmadis = 1 Raja 100 Rajas = 1 Rani (Some believe that Anna's movement is anti politician tirade. Who said it? The movement is against corruption. Are politicians and corruption sound synonymous to some?) Abhishek Manu Singhvi on 8th April 2011-04-08

There cannot be a parallel parliament. (on activists demanding 5 persons in bill drafting committee) (True corrupt people are allowed to run a parallel government and parallel offices but people are not allowed to raise a demanded to politicians who have not attended the issue for 64 years. They are raising issues related to procedure) 8th April 2011 around 10 PM: Anupam Kher on tone of government negotiator Mr Kapil Sibbal announcing government's proposal - It appears that Mr Sibbal was also amongst the persons who were sitting on fast. Anupam Kher If cricket can unite us so can war against corruption. This time no anger was there. Warmth was there.

Kher also quoted - Harivansh Rai Bacchan

Lehron se Darkar nauka par nahin hoti, koshish karne walon ki haar nahin hoti Nanhi cheenti jab daana lekar chalti hai, chadhti deewaron par, sau bar phisalti hai. Man ka vishwas ragon mein saahas bharta hai, chadhkar girna, girkar chadhna na akharta hai. Akhir uski mehnat bekar nahin hoti, koshish karne walon ki haar nahin hoti. The translation: You cannot take your boat across the sea If you are afraid of the waves, The one who tries Never fails. The tiny ant carries a small grain in its mouth, Climbs up on the wall, slips and falls a hundred times, The determination in the mind fills your body with courage, Then climbing up and falling down does not hurt, Ultimately, its efforts do not go waste, The one who tries never fails.

लहरो से डर कर नौका पार नही होती, कोिशश करने वालो की कभी हार नही होती। ननही चीटी जब दाना लेकर चलती है, चढती दीवारो पर, सौ बार िफसलती है। मन का िवशास रगो मे साहस भरता है, चढकर िगरना, िगरकर चढना न अखरता है। आिखर उसकी मेहनत बेकार नही होती, कोिशश करने वालो की कभी हार नही होती।

हहहहहहहहह हहहहह Harivansh Rai Bacchan

Rishi Kapur

Agar inke man main chor nheen hai to dar kis baat ka hai? Hartosh Singh Bal

"Jai Prakash Narayan has come and gone but the corruption is with us." Shri Hartosh Singh Bal (Journalist) and Meenakshi Lekhi (Supreme Court advocate) were not apparently very happy in a penal discussion. Meenakshi had doubts on integrity of people around Anna Hazare. She said that for two days she was with the movement. She adds- When people say Anna did it- I am not sure. Rest of the panelists tried to convince them on the assumed victory. They had an opinion that bill is not end of war against corruption. True, it will not at all be. May be we have mistake persons on both the parties1. Those who think that it was first and final battle against corruption in the country. 2. Those who believe that all those who are celebrating believe that the work is all done.

I have no grudges against the two panelists. They were cautious. I know many who believe that if they celebrate the happiness will vanish (I refuse to believe that they were simply jealous and were not against corruption. How can one who wrote this - Lies, Damn Lies and Kapil Sibal be unhappy). It is true that mere passing of the bill will not put an end to corruption. The corruption is going to stay. Lokpals and the ones who select Lokpals will not come from moon. Even if they do, they will find too may irons in the fire .Then what are new finds?
• • We have got an opportunity to vent our feelings. This is very useful for stress management. We have learned to show concern for certain issues regarding which we used to express our feeling very silently and once in five years through a secret vote. The secret voting does not give a chance to the government to take corrective action but such movements do give them chance. One may argue that after getting re-elected the voted out party may take corrective action but I believe that time gap is too long and the reasons for

discontent are forgotten and a re-elected party becomes boisterous by its victory. • We have learned the trick. We have learned that if an attempt is made, people do follow and come out to support. Earlier people were afraid that if they initiate something no one will follow. The people have learned not to be over dependent on opposition parties. They have learned that beneficiaries of a corrupt system cannot be expected to change it. Those who believed that the fight against corruption was a mammoth task and were not able to put the first piece of jigsaw puzzle in place have learned that it does not take great wisdom or Herculean effort, but just a sincere one. It had happened with Indian Cricket team. Up to a certain time the team did not have confidence in itself. It did not believe that it can win. But once it won the confidence grew like anything and victories started coming more frequently. Arjun Rajtunga said on a TV channel that watching Indian team win gave Sri Lankans a new confidence that they can also win. The new generation has got a new confidence that they can do something. Dear pessimists, think about the confidence of the young lads who have participated in this event. They will return to their homes with a great sense of achievement and also with the confidence that they can turn the table. The generation of Devdas may be about to go. I have closely watched college students. When their cooperation is taken in tough and challenging tasks and when they succeeded, that movement of success changes their life. You may be jealous of Hazare, Kejriwal etc but just, just for a moment think about the moment of joy that these young lads have got. May be nothing of that sort will ever happen. But dot you take a mourning family to some function just for a change though you know that ground realities will not change. If it achieves nothing even than a momentary and false joy is better than frustrating feeling of helplessness. If promised things do not come true we can always rage another battle with previous success back in mind. Anupam Kher quoting his wife Kiran, told the panelists' that some people do not know how to feel happy. A very good analogy of World Cup victory was given by him. May be we have won the cup but what about next time after four years. We have not won it permanently. It will not ensure that the standards of cricket will go higher since now. A rest a little fanfare in the night does not mean that the gang will not get up for the next day's work. So Mr Bal and Lekhi throw away your caution for a while. Even an idiot knows that it is a wise strategy to break down a challenging task in to small and manageable pieces. To keep the motivation of the fighting team high the teams are allowed to rejoice on achieving

intermediate goals. If a stoic observer feels that s/he is gifted with clairvoyance and can see a tough task ahead, s/he should plan to keep the momentum going and shaping the winning spree and should not mar the enthusiasm of young ones who will become go-getters of the society. I feel that it has been major problem of our country that the senior and experienced ones are too cautious in their approach and are not at all risk takers. What have America achieved by lading on moon? May be nothing on moon but a lot on this Earth. • If we fail we will learn a lesson that we should be persistent. Without making a try and failing in attempts we cannot learn this lesson. It is inevitable milestone in the journey. If Rome was not built in a day how stubborn corruption can leave the country overnight. We will see more Kejriwals resigning for princely administrative services. We will witness more Annas in near future. The nation has learned a true socialist lesson. People are not concerned about the lineage, designation and education of a person who leads a movement. People have become more objective. They are not worried about who has given the idea, they are concerned about what is the idea, what is the merit of the idea.

• •

Joint Committee to Draft Lokpal Bill (announced on 9th April 2011) Government representatives Pranab Mukherjee Finance minister Veerappa Moily Law Minister Kapil Sibal Telecom Minister P Chidambaram Home Minister Salman Khurshid Minister Water Civil Society representatives Shanti Bhushan eminent lawyers as co-Chairman Mr. Anna Hazare Prasant Bhushan SC lawyer

Santosh Hegde retired Supreme Court Resources Judge Arvind Kejriwal RTI activist

Text of notification

“The Joint Drafting Committee shall consist of five nominee ministers of the Government of India and five nominees of Shri Anna Hazare (including himself). The five nominee Ministers of the Government of India are as under: Pranab Mukherjee, Union Minister of Finance, P Chidambaram, Union Minister of Home Affairs, M Veerappa Moily, Union Minister of Law and Justice, Kapil Sibal, Union Minister of Human Resource and Development and Minister of Communication and Information Technology and Salman Khursheed, Union Minister of Water Resources and Minister of Minority Affairs. The five nominees of Anna Hazare (including himself) are as under: Anna Hazare, Justice N Santosh Hegde, Shanti Bhushan, Senior Advocate, Prashan Bhushan, Advocate and Arvind Kejriwal. The Chairperson of the Joint Drafting Committee shall be Pranab Mukherjee. The Co-Chairperson of the Joint Drafting Committee shall be Shanti Bhushan. The Convenor of the Join Drafting Committee shall be M Veerappa Moily. The Joint Drafting Committee shall commence its work forthwith and evolve its own procedure to prepare the proposed legislation. The Joint Drafting Committee shall complete its work latest by 30th June, 2011.”

Events after formation of Lokpal Bill drafting commitee Here are certain statements that have been given either instantaneously or purposely to sabotage the Lokpal Bill. If spontaneous said these may be reflection of mind set of our politicians. 1. Kapil Sibal – Agar dilli main bacche ke pas school jane ki koi vyavastha naheen hai to lokpal bill us vyavastha ko kaise door karega? Lokpal Bill will not solve problem of a poor person to get a bed in a hospital unless he manages recommendation of a politician. (Anna: If Kapil has no faith in Lokpal Bill he should resign from the draft committee). (is it an attempt to alienate people from the movement? Does he not know that if pilferage is stopped, there will be more money available to open schools and also if there is no corruption a child will get admission in school without the recommendation of a politician?) (N. Vittal in his book on corruption writes- Corruption is anti-national, anti-economic development and antipoor. so it will certainly help poor.) Later Kapil says- Hazare ke saath baith ke ek badhiya bill tayyar karenge. ( I remember a dialogue by Asrani in hindi movie Parichay about such 180 degree turns in statement- Bhagwan ne haddi bhi to nahin di zaban main) 2. One politician from Maharashtra: Anupam Kher has made derogatory remarks against our Constitution of India. Who has financed the movement of Anna. This was money of Baba Ramdev who is now not happy with constitution of committee. Why Anna has said that hands of thieves should be chopped off? This is a fascist approach. 3. Baba Ramdev (and also some others): Why Father and Son (Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan) are in drafting committee as civil representative. Now even civil movement is struck with nepotism. (AnnaYe prashna uthega, ye committee panch das sal ke liye nahein hai, agar draft banane ke liye ek hi ghar ke do admi hain to kya bura hai? donon pahale se study main lage hue hain. Kejriwal- By raising this question you are demeaning their contributing, Are they getting salary or red light car? This (father –Son issue) debate has been very successfully planted by government media. They want pliable members in the committee. These two (father and Son) are hard negotiators who are not likely to yield. I seek support of media and people not to get in to this trap. We needed persons who have studied the matter thoroughly. Kiran Bedi- What they (father-Son) have got. This is not a cabinet position. The committee is just for 2 months. 4. Mallika Sarabhai (and few others): Why did Anna praise Modi and Nitish? Modi is communal. 5. ??: The banner behind Anna showed Bharat Mata that is worshipped by RSS.

6. Tariq Anwar: Bill pass ed in haste will not serve the purpose ( I feel this was the biggest joke-42 years is' haste')


D.B. Tripathi: Who is Anna? Anna ki haisiyat kya hai. Jahan se Sharad Panwar MP ka election ladte hain wahan se ek ward member ko chunav to jeet ke dikhayen. Who says that they represent people. Do not insult JP nd Mahatma by comparing Anna to him. Has he ever spent a day in Jail. When emergency was enforced he was driving vehicle in army. (When it comes to Libya and Egypt we preach them to respect voice of citizens). (Anna- if I contest my deposit will be forfeited. The Indian voter does not realize power of his vote. Mujhmain bapu ke pas ke panv ke pas baithane ki bhi haisiyat nahen hai. Neem ke ped par itne patthar naheen padte jitne aam ke paid par padte hai.

8. Sandhya Jain (Pioneer): In a coalition government Congress has put all its members. NGOs are also non-transparent. 9. One of my colleague on all this: Gandhi ji acche time par Mahatma ban ke nikal liye, agar aj wo hote to unhe bhi controversy main ghaseet liya jata. ( It is good that all this did not happen at the time of Mahatma Gandhi and he was able to enjoy great respect and came to known as Mahatma. If he were active now he would have been dragged in to one or another controversy.) 10.So we have the following circumstantial and direct evidences not to support Lokpal Bill- (i)the committee is constituted by Son & Father, (ii) there was a picture of Bharat Mata worshiped by RSS (iii) Anupam Kher supported the movement and he said derogatory words about constitution (iv) Anna has praised Modi (v) Anna has said that hand of thieves should be chopped off (vi) SMS during the movement were sent using money of Ramdev's Trusts (vii) there is no representation of all parties, all castes, all regions, all religions in the committee. 11.If you have any other pretext on which the bill can be opposed in public, media or Loksabha please chip in your contribution for this noble cause. This bill is an attempt to destabilize the country. Corruption forms backbone or the system. 12. 15 April 2011 http://epaper.hindustantimes.com/PUBLICATIONS/HT/HD/2011/04/15/ArticleHtmls /Protest-takes-several-voices-at-Jantar-Mantar-15042011004008.shtml?Mode=1

a. FAST AGAINST JAN LOKPAL BILL Metres away from where Hazare and his supporters fought for the Jan Lokpal Bill, Keshav Dev Mourya, national president of the Mahan Dal, and his supporters are on a fastunto-death against the bill.

b. Mourya called Hazare a `pet of Manuwadis' (followers of Manu, believed to be a proponent of hierarchical caste system) and his supporters as representative of a feudal mindset. c. “There is an attempt to bring in rajtantra (feudal/royal rule) in the garb of loktantra (democracy). The Jan Lokpal Bill is an eyewash, as after 63 years of democracy, India would see a dictator in the form of Jan Lokpal with infinite powers,“ Mourya said. d. Taking a break from shouting the slogan `Anna Hazare murdabad', another activist, Naresh Kumar said, “Why should the elite dominate everything? On Babasaheb Ambedkar's birth anniversary, we find there is no representation of the oppressed even in the Jan Lokpal Bill.“

13.April, 16 2011 http://epaper.hindustantimes.com/PUBLICATIONS/HT/HD/2011/04/16/Articl eHtmls/Shanti-Bhushan-lands-in-CD-mess-16042011001008.shtml? Mode=1

• • •

• •

• • •

HINDUSTAN TIMES GOT THE CD FORENSICALLY EXAMINED. THE REPORT SAID AUDIO FILE WAS NOT TAMPERED WITH An unseemly controversy has come to haunt former law minister Shanti Bhushan on the eve of the first meeting of a joint panel he co-chairs with Congressman Pranab Mukherjee for drafting the Lokpal Bill. At the centre of the storm is a CD delivered anonymously to newspaper offices, including Hindustan Times. It contains a conversation apparently between Bhushan, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh and the latter's estranged majordomo Amar Singh. The conversation is about fixing a judge in a matter relating to Andhra Pradesh on payment of R4 crore. The talk allegedly is between Mulayam and Bhushan whom Amar Singh puts on the phone with his then leader. Bhushan denied the purported conversation, calling it defamatory and an act of forgery to malign him. He filed a complaint on Thursday with the Delhi Police on being approached by a journalist who had the CD but refused to give it to him. An FIR has been registered under section 469 of the IPC (forgery for harming reputation). “I have never been to Amar Singh's place. I have never spoken to Mulayam Singh on phone,“ insisted Bhushan. “Let the police investigate. Somebody has to go to jail for it. I can't say (now) as to how many people will go (to jail),“ he told HT. However, a forensic analysis of the CD revealed “the conversation (on the CD) was continuous -without any break and (the) said audio file appears to be not tampered“. The report by an agency that specialises in such examinations says, “It was noticed that the CD was having an audio file, named as 1.MP3 recorded on 15/01/2006 at 12.16 hours of size 2,260KB. The duration of the recording is of 1 minute and 55.559 seconds. “The file 1.MP3 was burnt on the CD on 15/01/2006. The analysis further shows that the software 'itunes' was used for recording the said file and CD was burnt using an Apple Macintosh System,“ the report continues.

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When told about the forensic report obtained by HT on its own initiative, Bhushan said: “Only a part of the voice looks like mine. If you are saying the conversation is continuous, then it is a case of somebody having imitated my voice.“ Amar Singh refused to comment on the plea that he had no memory of it. “I don't remember anything. I didn't make the CD,“ he told HT. At another point, he mocked Bhushan's advocate son Prashant Bhushan, who is seeking vacation of the SC stay to bring into public domain some earlier tapes in which Singh figures. Recalling his own stand those tapes were fabricated, Singh said: “Ask him whether what's good for Peter Amar Singh is good for Paul Prashant Bhushan.“ Also a member of the committee for drafting the Lokpal Bill, Prashant, too, finds mention in the CD in which the senior Bhushan is heard telling the SP leader that PILs were his son's forte. Prashant made money from such cases and was good at “managing“ things. Bhushan talks at length about rampant corruption in the judiciary. He specifically mentions in this regard the then law minister HR Bhardwaj and the chief justice of India who, as per the conversation on the CD, sought money for appointing judges. The voice that resembles Bhushan's is heard repeating the demand for funds for Prashant on again telling Mulayam that all judges were corrupt and were after money.


15.On 18th April 2011 Hindustan Times http://epaper.hindustantimes.com/PUBLICATIONS/HT/HD/2011/04/18/Articl eHtmls/CD-DOCTORED-TO-MALIGN-US-SAYS-BHUSHAN18042011001026.shtml?Mode=1 Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan on Sunday said the audio CD containing a purported conversation between his father Shanti Bhushan and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and his former party colleague Amar Singh was “fabricated, doctored and spliced“. “In the CD, Amar Singh has named a Supreme Court judge who happens to be the presiding judge of the bench which has to deliver judgments in two important cases, and this amounts to contempt of court,“ he said. http://epaper.hindustantimes.com/PUBLICATIONS/HT/HD/2011/04/18/Articl eHtmls/HT-relied-on-govt-lab-report-18042011012003.shtml?Mode=1 The agency relied upon by HT was set up with huge investments to fight cyber crime. It based its conclusions on “waveform analysis“ done on “sonic software“ that isn't available with any private entity in the country. The equipment and software cost around R2 crore. In response, an expert in the agency that gave HT the report said: “the chunk of the conversation on the CD furnished to us isn't tampered with

though it could be a sub-set of some other CD. This does not in any way alter our original conclusions.“ http://epaper.hindustantimes.com/PUBLICATIONS/HT/HD/2011/04/18/Articl eHtmls/Bhushans-must-quit-Lokpal-panel-till-CD-probe18042011008021.shtml?Mode=1

The Shanti Bhushan CD controversy escalated on Sunday, with journalist and anticorruption activist Vineet Narain calling upon Anna Hazare to remove the father-son duo of Shanti and Prashant Bhushan from the membership of the Lokpal drafting committee. “Ideally, the Bhushans should resign voluntarily from the committee for at least the period of investigations in the CD case. This would be in the best interest of probity in public life“, Narain told a press conference. http://epaper.hindustantimes.com/PUBLICATIONS/HT/HD/2011/04/18/ArticleHtmls/FIGH T-AGAINST-CORRUPTION-Forgive-me-if-I-have-18042011008010.shtml
“Forgive me if I have been bitter in my letter to you. I am too old (97) and critical of parties CPM and Congress for governmental delinquencies,“ wrote the veteran jurist. Gandhi had responded by telling justice Iyer that “like most right thinking Indian people, I feel exactly the same way as you do. I spend a lot of my waking hours thinking and working to improve what I see as a rotten system.“ 16.http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/story/anna-hazare-movement-againstcorruption-lauded/1/135548.html Mahesh Rangarajan • Anna Hazare's movement against corruption has divided citizens and commentators alike. There is an active debate about the validity of its methods and its implications for public life.

17.Read what Mrinal Pande has to say about this movement-

माखी गुड मे गडी रहे, पंख रहे िलपटाए हाथ मेल और सर धुने, लालच बुरी बलाय ||


Maakhi gud main gadi rahe, pankh rake liptaye Haath mel aur sar dunen, lalach buri balay TranslationThe fly (or bee) cannot resist indulging in jaggery, look it has got stuck its wings in it. Now it is cursing itself, greed is a bad habit.

“Bright future awaits the honest. Shady past haunts the corrupt.”

Greedy eaters dig their graves with their teeth. A French Proverb

What Next o Anna's Agenda 1. Complete decentralization of political power 2. Electoral reforms 3. Judicial reforms

Compiled by Dhirendra Devarshi http://www.scribd.com/doc/52311281/Corruption-in-Indian-context (presentation) http://www.scribd.com/doc/52341429/How-a-Common-Citizen-Can-FightCorruption http://www.scribd.com/doc/52339831/Why-Be-Afraid-of-Lokpal-Bill

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