y These fibres have the ability to contract. Even our tongue is a muscle! .What are muscles? y Muscles are made up of specialised cells called muscle fibres. y Muscles are attached to our bones and are also found in our stomach and heart.

.Why do we need muscles? y Your body needs muscles for movement and posture. y Without muscles you would not be able to swallow or digest food. y Your heart is a ball of muscle that pumps blood around your body.

How do muscles work? y Muscles are attached to bones by Tendons. . y When we want to move our brain tells the muscles to contract. y The muscles then contract and get shorter y As the muscles get shorter they pull the bones in different directions (depending on the type of joint that the bone has) causing our body to move.

y Smooth MuscleThis type of muscle is found in our digestive system and is responsible for moving food through our stomach and intestines. It contracts (beats) automatically to pump blood around our body. y Cardiac MuscleOur heart is made up from this type of muscle. .What types of muscles are there? y Skeletal MusclesThese are the muscles that are attached to our bones that are responsible for moving our body (we will be mainly focussing on this type).

What are the main muscles in my body? yThere are over 600 muscles in our body. for example. . yEach muscle is responsible for moving different body parts.our biceps are responsible for bending our arms.


.Quiz time How many muscles do we have? 2. 1.. Have a guess.. What are the 3 different types of muscles? 3.. Which muscle is the only muscle attached at one end? 2. Which muscle is the biggest? . Which muscle bends our arm? 1. Which muscle is the strongest? 3.

The biceps 1. The tongue 2.. Smooth Muscle and Cardiac Muscle 3. Skeletal Muscle...Answers Over 600 2. 1. Have a guess. Gluteus Maximus (glutes) .. The tongue (in proportion to its size) 3.

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