Support & retain denture teeth Stress distribution - surface area Improve esthetics

Materials Acrylic Resin Metal .

Acrylic Resin Bases Most common type Allows relining of the base to maintain mucosal support .

Advantages Esthetically superior to metal bases Ease of repair .

hygiene Low thermal conductivity .Disadvantages Dimensional stabilitystabilitywarpage Lower strength/wear resistance than metal Porous .

Metal Bases Small edentulous spaces (no room for gridwork Less esthetic (metal show through) .

Beaded Metal Base .

Metal Filled Space .

Retentive Posts .

Advantages Thermal conductivity ± Swallowing hot substances ± Improved thermal perception .

Advantages Accuracy & Dimensional Stability ± Minimal warpage (casting imbibtion) ± Minimal need for a posterior palatal seal ± Minimal abrasion .

Advantages Hygiene ± Metal less porous than resin ± Less food. plaque & calculus accumulation .

Advantages Weight and Bulk ± Metal bases can be cast thinner than resin bases while maintaining adequate strength .

tissue supported partial dentures should be maximally extended for support & retention No overextension or impingement on movable border tissues .Flange Extension ToothTooth.

Flange Extension Class I & II RPD¶s ± Posterior extension same as a complete denture ± Hamular notches. retromolar pads .

Flange Extension Soft Tissue Undercuts X X Deep Undercut Deep Undercut Do Not Relieve Do Not Relieve Excessively Excessively Shorten Flange Shorten Flange .

Acrylic Resin Finish Lines Internal & external finish lines should not coincide e d entu lo u s rid g e m ajor conn e cto r Acrylic d en ture ba se sta gg e red fin ish lin e s g ridw ork sligh t un d e rcu t .

modify & adjust .Replacement Teeth Acrylic denture teeth ± Cause less attrition than porcelain ± Easier to arrange.

Replacement Teeth Tooth Form ± Harmonize with adjacent teeth ± Shade. width & occlusal form ± Occlusion almost always requires adjustment . shape. length.

Replacement Tooth Modification adjust underneath occlusal surface eplacement tooth Proximal Plate palatal major connector .

the more a balanced occlusal scheme may be of benefit . to anterior disclusion As more of the occlusal table is involved.Occlusal Scheme Varies from fully balanced (opposing a complete denture).

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