It's Raining

it's raining women's voices as if they were dead even in memory

it's raining you too marvelous encounters of my life oh droplets

and those clouds rear and begin to whinny a universe of auricular cities

listen to it rain while regret and disdain weep an ancient music

listen to the the fetters falling that bind you high and low

-Guillaume Apollinaire


ôpauvreFolle! Tutefondais à luicommeuneneige au feu: Tesgrandes visions étranglaientta parole .Et l'Infini terrible effara ton oeil bleu! Voici plus de mille ansque la tristeOphélie Passe. Et qu'il a vu surl'eau. Voici plus de mille ansquesadoucefolie Murmuresa romance à la brise du soir. La blanche Ophéliaflotter.. Flottetrèslentement. fantômeblanc. Les saulesfrissonnantspleurentsur son épaule. couchée en ses longs voiles ..Ophélie Arthur Rimbaud II I O pâleOphélia! bellecomme la neige! Oui. III .Et le Poèteditqu'auxrayons des étoiles Tuvienschercher. Sur son grand front rêveurs'inclinent les roseaux. sur le long fleuve noir. couchée en ses longs voiles. les fleursquetucueillis. enfant. la nuit. commeun grand lys. par unfleuveemporté! Sur l'ondecalmeet noire oùdorment les étoiles La blanche Ophéliaflottecommeun grand lys. Ophelia .On entenddans les bois lointains des hallalis. Le vent baisesesseins et déploie en corolle Sesgrands voiles bercésmollement par les eaux. . tumourus.

carried off by a river! --oh poor mad Girl ! You melted to him as snow to fire. a white phantom. O pale Ophelia !beautiful as snow! Yes child. down the long black river. lying in her long veils White Ophelia floating.transl: Wallace Fowlie II I On the calm black water where the stars sleep White Ophelia floats like a great lily. The trembling willows weep on her shoulder. . Over her wide dreaming brow the reed bend down.And the poet says that under the [light] of the stars The wind kisses her breasts and unfolds in a wreath Her great veils cradled by the waters.. . you died.And fearful Infinity terrified your blue eye! III For more than a thousand years her sweet madness Has murmured its romance to the evening breeze.-.. like a great lily. lying in her long veils. You come [looking at night] for the flowers [that] you picked. And that he saw on the water. Your grand visions strangled your words For more than a thousand years sad Ophelia Has passed. . Floats very slowly.

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