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Upg46c Sr2 Unix

Upg46c Sr2 Unix

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Published by: Syed Ahmed on May 25, 2011
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At the start of this phase, the upgrade control program R3up stops and waits for user input.


If you have chosen upgrade strategy A_off, you are prompted at the beginning of this phase to
do the following:

• Isolate the central instance. For a description of this, see Isolating the Central Instance.

• Verify that you can recover the database to its current state at this point.

• Disable the ability of the database to continually recover data. See also Changing the
Database Recovery Mode.

If you called transaction ICNV when you prepared the upgrade, R3up checks whether you have
already converted the recommended percentage of the selected data (see Incremental Table
Conversion [Page 30]). R3up informs you if you have not. If you ignore the information from
R3up, the rest of the data is converted in the conventional manner during downtime. For details
on the status of the incremental conversion, call transaction ICNV.

Then confirm that you want to continue with the upgrade.

Upgrading to 4.6C Support Release 2: UNIX



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