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3 Bumblebee

'Ll Bu tterfly

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7 Praying Mantis

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EVit\oVVI/. bug's ore gross! i- ow many imes ha e you heard someone say ~ 10 I A lo~ of people 'h i nk th t bugs and Insects are gross. This is because hey don'i know very much oboul these amazing

creo ures. Did you I no ot tr ele (j e more species

of insects than or y olher i I nQI in the world? ScienHs S 0 e disco lerea 1 re than 1 minion species, bu lhere mov be as many as 30 mlllio.! . Insects are small animal ho creep, crowl, swim and fly around us all the rrne. lnsecls ore rnorvelou Imle machines. They haM~ rncnv differenl ways ot Betting food one survivi n ina Iv'Orid tho isn't ollways ·jnd . 0 very small onrmols.

If you n~ to leer 0 _ obout insec's au co

slar~ by drawing them, You willl,earn why hey hove

si legs You 'II lea n e drogonly hos

561.000 lenses in Irs eyes OU wilileorn about the

oms and bees which II e In I uge colonies hat work toge'~her 0 ·survive You elsa wj~1 18O,m oboul beeries I wh lch have mo e spec I es ~ha n any Q her

in . of i ~ec,



Here is a list of suppiies that vou will need to draw lnsec s.

I-A sketch pod

·A number 2 pencil I-A pencil .shcrpener -An eraser

All of ~he insect drrawings begin with a few simp!e shopes, usually ovals or recta,ng~es. Then

you wi II add other shapes 10 ~he fl rs l' sJ1C pe to .draw each insect. For more lniormotion oboul drawing

te ms, lurn 10 page 22.

Insects ore fascinating little creoturss bU'1 Ihey

carl be hard to draw because Ihey are so different hum the cnlmols that we ore used to seeing:. If your insectsdon't look perfect righl away, don't g~ve up. Remember to go slowly and be patient. Draw carefully and keep trying,. Your Insects w111 begin to look reol, Soon they wi'll toke over your no ebook.

Ant~ I iv~ ojrnosl everywhere on Eo rth. You rnov

th tnk thot ollo nts look ali ke but there ore more than 4,500 species of ants. ltke ali in sects j c:mts< hove no bones or skeleton. They have an .exoskel.eto,n, which is a hard shell that moves wilh~he- onlrnol. Their exoskeletons are mode of u very strongj tig h I rno I'errol coned chitin. Ant5 may be tiny, but they accomplish same of the most ornozlnq feats. They are soclol anima ls. Thot doesn ~ ~ rneo n ~ hey Ii ke to go to pOilj'esIt means they work to_gether to survive.

Ants Ilive in grou~ celled colonies that con hove up to 300 m ill ion members. There a re castes, or types. or ants ~ n ecch colony. The queen ant ioys eggs. W'orker ants rind food and br~ng itto t:he cobny. They else prnted the queen and the colony,


ilm\y ilhfJ' 0I<tI\ ~nnpo!J c-} ~'nCl "u!tld, ike paclI'ILIl 1h;ape ohhlil! lliof"lll~, ~d Ihl:pot!irJly D'Iml ~~pe oJ 'lhB' cildoAW!i1'l



!:\row Ihe m~ddl.Q ~ (lIl1ll rile f,cmi leg. Nprice ~ d"le ~Q~ ~F the. JruJdle leg, ~p to cretlle ~,."

Add 1\'1l fOOf teg, l"tow mOiler ~eclions rlQ ytJu ~r:!!."l


Add w1'E,!mq",,'. Dr! ollj''e, !:inti 100 moolh, Add. Ihe 5lfICiU ;,nsrble bits" Ifre other Isg~,

Add ~~i~ (md )e'!\fui, _ Df!I;IW III '!Ihodo,w berl:ooth I (it'll d6~i"I lip ClOV 'omll~:9D. WI h yovr



Bumblebees o~e large, l lock and yellow bees, They are covered wth fh c hoi" fhot keeps them

worm They j·ve all er f vlorld but 'Ihev prefer

cooler areas. There are a 01 f) bumblebees in North America Bumb ebees a e sociol orurnols JU~ Ir e

hen cousins the on s 11 Ii 8 in colo ies OIlO mak their nests underground Bumb!ebees are responsible for pol,lliino,tling me ny pia nls Plonts need 10 hove

co f cf i lh oth -r plonts reproduce. Bumblebees

he p plorus come in conlo I wl h other plants. Thev ~Iy lrom Rower fo flower, co ec ir 9 paUlen in speciol

poe ets on heir legis. BlJ b ebees t ke the pollei 0 lheu ~ ive 10 eed lheir be 11;:5. They elsa use pollen r") make honey.

,orow the clrdfl' of IhllfllQIJ.»t, IOO\Ii"9 "",hila Md t6 heo:d, Il}'l'!~r end Qntarrooe,

~~cei'hen IlI~r ~.de wh~re Ilm wiffl9s

[Jltoc.h.Add jhe no ened em:lLoF fhe

(!Ibd~eli1. w1ll111no!!pnI:J"JIns ~£I!"lm~F\ls.

ulofvlly QUiIfi.,e,oi"e terewing alld hifld wing_ RQPl'a1 an rhli! olhar ~Lde. Ilnd ,o.dd ... !!il'l~ ro .he .,..j"9~

Add sJ"odrngl, .~odo w , and tex!m"e. NQIk:e wh,d1 pc:rfs.1' the body me ~~. aI1d ",<hich IlIi'IiI ii~fe'fl

B really lsn'l rair to lolk oboui bUI ej flies wilhou

fol Ing ooou co erpillors because hey' are the same animal. like all insects bunertlles g,Q Ihrough differen' stages or life. The slort 05 0005. Then ,hey


hatch i nlo small co erpll ors They crowl a ound j

chewing pion S ond growin bigg,el. During ~ho

'me e mol f OJ shed I e 5 i'l, severol irnes. Finolly it is hrne lor them 10 become cduhs, or butterflies. To become 0 h the lYJ llhe caterpillar wrops ! sel in olgh cocoon 0 silk. The ccrerplllor's entire body changes whil il sleeps through lhe

nter insi 'e his proec iv ccse. h grows ~vmgs.

VVhen It is lime for j to come out, Ihe butterfly pushes ils way oui of the c. oon. I S wings unfold

in 0 he spring air, read y Q\> ay.

Canrb.Jly 0 11 ma II

A.dd line$ ror Q~demlr I

~ IMe!:on:twi"W Add IMo ,,"!'WlfI - 1I:l10 al ! ~Ins CLilif bifid

• en ~ior SII1I;a()f me



DrQgonR~eswingspans, con be olmost 5 inches

~ 1 ,2.6 em ) wide . Thai is not very bi gin lhe h umon world r but it is huge III the I nsect world., These creatures are truly lhe dragons of Ihe insect world. They are amazing predators of smaller insects. The, live near ponds and streorns and sometimes in lields. Dragonflies con Iv up to 60 miles per hour (96.6 km/h), They can reverse dtrection very q_uicky fly bockwa rd. a nd hover In rhe air Ii ke he] icopters. Peop~e study them '0 try 10 figure au how to rncke beYer airplanes. Dragonf res mdY ho e as many as 28, 000 lenses in each eye. These ,comlPound eyes. allow hem to see in .every direction 01 once, Their ,eye,s' ollow them "0 rlnd their prey and snatch H from 'rhe air.

Stw-I "",nh two ~ma I tlrdfl~ t!tn Mud (mi:l1hr:m~:;:. I':II'Hi (h"Q~ .. !iIi ICIl9 ~llnl3r of 111.: o!xtomCI'l

Add ,be forewlng


deiv\r. !:JIII.hend front!e9 '_n.~ irt

If« ~ cmd~ "Of) ejj;T~


Cortl~ )'Our chowing bt- a· rlll!l'l1 IOOte' "9 and !!lI, 01'1 oad1 'W1I'Iij LIXi ~cp ~ ( Qt I . w:.omp il~ tD ~\ trm dl'tl~ thl.ml


ladybugs con be seen illl summer on tl e stalks of plants ~ n go rdens and f~etds. Ladybugs ore beelles. and they live 011 over Ihe world. There ore cbout 350 species just in the United <:'ir"1~eS Mas! ladybugs are red or orange wi,h black 00 s. The number of dots changes hom one species 0 rhe nex. All ladybugs have shart legs and linle, rl und bodies. The red "crmor" you see on them i" acluolly a hard case to protect their wings. When Ihey RYI rhey have 10 lift tho brightly colored armor,

Ladybugs are one of he most helpful insects known 10 humankind. They feed n ophlds. Aphids are liny insecls Ihal eo rees and plants. Aphids con ruin a crop of rruH. Farmers make sure to have ladybugLS to protect the bees from aphid s.


D~O\Ii' the b-ewing Cine! tile ~_ho:pe h!!ll loob I~~~ ~ hOOd, but [s l:iC1lJclly lite ptQffQMn whil;11 cover.. the heed




Add 5p!Ji5 ~ thehroot wing ami

pronaluln_ f),i'ffi't' he olill Me INiE! cif Iwo; Ihe o~er you CCln't MNi), and !Ire I)oo~, Add lohocJil'lg cod 0 ca~!· ihtldow

Moire a Ime for tl\!l ed~ of Ih€!sfuffi, rJd draw-the 1;l1k>.J Ihree legs.



Pravlng Mantis

The prayi ng rnonfis is 0 redalor II catches irs locd ill ils ,:,!ron91 S to'rp FrOnl lef s II is also a mash91 of ,e:amouRo'ge N~osl proyill,u ma n1 lses ore green or brown '0 ble d in a he gr 55 or oods here hey

live. They loy hidden nd t or unsuspectin

lnsecls to come along. As oon as the prey comes close enoug, Ihe man is I ches au vi~h its powerful legs and grabs its lu ich, T mantis as Q ery 51 ong jaw Ihot it uses 0 bue. kill and ~t Its prey. The proying monlis hves along the Easl COOSI of Ihe United Sto'tes. When it isn knling onlrnols it likes '0 sit witn Hs franl legs held n frani as Irough °t s praying. Iho: is how iT 901 irs name Paying man ises don'l hurt humons, rhan goodnessl




Draw the ~milnl5 ~ Ike -Irool ies, mi~ed an.d jfBi'ldy 10- sool'@' pra:y

Ilflaw '1M iwO Warn' I~s Look =-eFully at rha' Wr:I:f f.it;R:h ,bends

Add 'ha thoro:>! af a .!ol i91~1 ar~lliI. 'Ihe~ the ¥1. hood, i:lnd r~oo~l~pc.rl$

NCI"" .... add fne o'tlh-er ~ I"E!CIr l!!{i~. AM J,od lng, l~hmJ:, ~r,.d &altri~~


There are ore han 2 Q()O species of errniles.

About L.10 species live in rl e Uniled States. Many

ma e termites live in Sou~h Arnerkc in Ihe lropkol climo as. Termites lie in co ames. They arrange their colonies inb fa r levels. A "In arid queen are 0 the op leve~ The~· ear is so lo t 10 . she con tt move. She is blind and totally lelple5s. Depending on the species, terrni e queen c n II 'e up to 70 years and lay as many as 14 million eggs In her lifetime. Femel

_ orker ei rn.ies are oi Ihe nex level. Tl ey toke care 0 young ermiles, gel ood .nd maintain the nesL Soldier lerrniles 01 Ihe ne level hove huge jaws and guard f e ne I. Finally n p~ 5 a e t Ie lowest Ie ~el. They hove Ihe job of loyin e _ 5- if the quee dies,

CQro!.ri!JII~ d~.w e pel!' !il1ewtrll!Jdled 10 eo-th ~iol'l.

D~ C1n1'eli1f1i!:1li! Ifmj"tdiblet>, end ~er de<klif5 ~f Ihe h~d. Aifd lighl lhr:ldi nJg andll'Hl h=1r'~

Giant Be tie

Beetles are Ihe forges IOUP of animals in the world There a e Q' leosr 00000 di" ereni species, fney live veryvv ere except on polcr ice cops or rn sa ltwo ler. Sam Itve in trees, some in the ground~ some even I,ve In ierrnlte nest Some eo plants nd 0 ners eat onu 1 Sill o·hers eo whotever they con find Some beetles eo the dung,

or Ihe ~ osle of 0 her a 1 Is in foct although

~,uslrorio hod r own spe ies of beetles more beetles were broug It into II e coun ry jus! to eel the

dung 0 all Ihe sheep an ows_ hoi were being

raised here. Bee les all . e ord outer shell ho

pro,lec s their ilngs ond ies. This shaH slows

them down bu~ I oleo pr leers Ihem, AI most oll ~.Belles can fly bul mos n1, fly for sho ~ dis onces.


Dmw I~ fronl leg.!i_

Add Iha ch.lbli . ~ tmletV1p,e oil e-ilh-er ~ide c~ rhEl calter horn. Sh~c tho.:! ~!e. ret:lYllng very ~ijht ,~io m~ls ~r Icmk ;.hillY GIJ' '~Y!!I" liTt~ willi 01 ~htJ'P Flen~1' U5Je iii dull ~(I ·ru c:dd ~hcdlll!i1 tCll'ld 'a ~l'ltl~

Her are some 0 the orcs and shapes you will need to draw insects:

o Box

ru I. UJved line

~ Oval

Shading D 11 ngle

~ /cvv hne


oom-OlIHo'gfll tKJ'l,"ffilJh~laJj The LoIO{ or parr 11 J' Or'! orumol's teolhers. h1r Of skin hal h~p~ it blend In 0 ill> :51.. rDUnd1flgs

mstes ~KASTSl Leve~b or groups IY rn~1 _j co[OI1¥ thaI hove

~pedfic funC:llons.

![hitin ~KY- rnl '\ hard mote tel ,hel fCIlT:-5 thp iord pori 01 nsects shells (01::'000 ~ h- ~ON) An envelone, L suallv Cl~ 3-11 that (I bobv lnsscr l"1'lake~ CirOUPld ilseU when r, becomes (m ~ault

(1~:loni,es [KAH·luh t1ef'---zj Groups 01 li v lIJg I ::. ol r~ soma ki"d Ihot

grOVv and live logether

oompound ere~ {KOM"po,'IIl1d IYll ryes. thltl IT" made IJP of friony

wp;lfate .,.r$:iJQI Imil's,

~os~ele'f,on [e ·so~SKfl"i.ju 1-101 I 118 hord II{'I shdl d en rns .... ecrs bOLIy molt !MOj-lLTl \Nhen (]f'1 orurno] sneds T~5 ~ t or S, n.

iPo!lIen ~PAH ln A powde Ih-q~ cornas rorl h mole pklrJ Q~ 0 rlOlNEtr II

can cOUSe! _ ds 10 row r: t "f rno-lt:1 I c~ a me-.

pellino tingl [PAr-I~'h-fl~l-i.,gl MO"ll'illg pollei Ircm one fJovver 10 onolher

:,0 the- olcnts COn gfO ........ ~e'2d,)_.

predators IPRErl--duh-1erzl Al1imQ~ !hot . ill o! I r otlimnis for bod_ prey [FRAi) An ol1imallhal if> II\:Jtlle-d ~ ~ an lilt:! aMjlllol br ltX'Jd. reproduce ~ree-pmh-DCOSI 10 mtlke !nD':>' r s-ondhlng d IhE·

SamE' no

~ec:ias, {SPEE-sheez I:." single jnd ~ p anI JI mmal For exornple nil people ore oue ~p~r:: es

survilVe l£1Jr-\I)'Vl To live longel or stay DI~ '8-

wingspWl,IW1NC-osponl The dis>a ,ce' Om ng tiP ·0 NinS Ii .tvnen

Ins Yiir'lg:i are s1lar-ched 00 .





cor ouAog , i 6 cc es 6

co t lIor J ~

chitin 6 COCoon 10

col n es 6 18


draco qfe


pre( t'.lrorrs}, I? 10 pey 1 .16


queen 6 IS


reorod IJoCe;. 3




T ermi



Hew to Draw Af Jean Animals How to Q'W Anl,rnal5 of the· in F rest

He to Dr 'VI Fish

HO'Vi to ,Dra Inse,lct:; How te Ora Shark's

,How toOr betes



IE~1'SltIE_ IEI!,.E_j,ta.lTJ'lolFl'Y . S'CmI.QOL

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