Presented by Deepak Kumar Singh Winter - 09-11 Roll No - 14

popularly known as Coffee Day was formed. With a rich coffee growing tradition since 1875 . The process is carried out under the control of experienced personnel to meet highest quality standards.  Coffee Day has a well-equipped roasting unit catering to the specific requirement of the consumers. Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limitedµ.

 . Barista coffee was establishes in 1999 with the aim of identifying growth opportunities in the coffee business. Increasing disposable incomes and global trends in coffee indicate immense growth potential in one particular segment.

   . To Compare their 4 Ps. To their Differential Positioning. To find out customer perception. To identify the areas where both organizations are performing well and areas where they need to improve.

Simple Random Sampling     . Quantitative Methodology Data collection Method :.Questionnaire Sample size :-100 Sampling:.Primary Data Data collection Tool:.

Ambience & Décor 4. Strong Brand Image 2. Excellent Human Resource 3.€ Areas of excellence:1. Strong youth orientation 5. Strong base for expansion & growth .

Average taste & quality of products.  Perceived as an expensive brand.  . Inconvenient delivery process .

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