Microsoft Windows Vista Presented by Saeed Rehman Environmental science dept university of peshawat .

Presentation Agenda     Introduction Features Advantages Disadvantages .

2007 The Aim of releasing Windows Vista  To improve the state of security in the Windows Operating System Screen shot of windows vista is given on the next slide . 2005 Codename: Longhorn Final Version was released on Jan 30.Introduction      Product Microsoft Corporation Beta Version was released on July 22.

Screenshot of Windows Vista .

Monogram of longhorn .

0 Capable 32 MB 20 GB 15 GB .Introduction«  System Requirements Processor Memory Graphical Card Graphic Memory Hard Disk Drive HDD Free Space 800 MHz 512 MB DirectX 9.

Features  Visual Styles  Windows Vista supports four different visual styles as can be seen in the figure .

.     Live icons Speech recognition Windows calendar Internet explorer    Parental control Phishing filter Protected modes   Game explorer Windows defender .Cont«.

Advantages       Simplify everyday task Multitask more easily Browse the web easily and more safely Find files and programs faster Connect to company network more securely Keep the data private and secure .

Disadvantages    High System Requirements Lack of Compatibility with some pre-Vista prehardware and software Lack of proper drivers .


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