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United Arab Emirates Sharjah Educational Zone Muath Bin Jabal Boys’ Secondary School

Lesson Plan
Teacher: Mahmoud Helmi Class level:10 Context: grammar / speaking Teaching aids: Data show – worksheet - internet Learner objectives: For students to be able to : - To recognize present simple and present cont. - To speak using both tenses fluently Anticipated problems for students: -Ss may ask about some grammatical points concerning present simple and present cont. Solutions: -T gives more example to make the rules clear Procedure T writes some examples on the board T elicits from Ss the differences between sentences. T asks Ss to read the examples. Ss give their own examples. Ss do the exercises based on their comprehension of the rules. Ss speak in pairs about their daily routines using “‘the present simple tense” Ss speak in pairs describing their partners using “‘the present cont. tense” freer practice study Personal objectives: - To have more communicative activities in the class. - To encourage Ss to use English outside the classroom. Anticipated problems for teacher: - T may face problems managing time in some activities. Observer: Room:10/5&6 Date & Time: Sunday, May. 15th 2010 Expected number of Students: 29

Solutions: T encourages Ss to finish their tasks on time. Phase Warmer Timing 5 mins 10 mins 5 mins 10 mins 10 mins 20 mins Interaction T – Ss Ss– Ss T - Ss Ss - Ss Ss – Ss Ss -Ss

Procedure Phase Timing Interaction .