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...To help you perform with graciousness and poise at the table.

Provide you with knowledge, self-confidence and skills needed for a successful social and business life. Teach you how to handle meal situations

Formal Dinner Place Setting 1. Napkin 2. Fish Fork 3. Dinner or Main Course Fork 4. Salad Fork 5. Soup Bowl & Plate 6. Dinner Plate 7. Dinner Knife 8. Fish Knife 9. Soup Spoon 10. Bread & Butter Plate 11. Butter Knife 12. Dessert Spoon and Cake - Dessert Fork 13. Sterling Water Goblet 14. Red Wine Goble 15. White Wine Goblet

y Wait for the host to make the first move. y Never flap! y When you leave the table, rest the napkin on your

y When finished with your meal, do not refold the

napkin; lay it to the left of your plate.

Proper Posture y Make sure you sit up straight with your arms near your body.
y Never, never, hang your elbows heavily on the table

when at a formal dinner.

y Turn off cell phone