Never Say Never.

Intro: Ab-Eb-Fm--C#--Ab-Eb

Verse 1: Ab There's some things EbFm we don't talk about C# Rather do without AbEb And just hold the smile AbEbFm Falling in and out of love C# Ashamed and proud of AbEb Together all the while

AbEb Under you command AbEbFm I will be your guardian C# When all is crumbling AbEb Steady your hand

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus 1)

Refrain: Ab You can never say never Cm Fm why we don't know when Eb C# Time and time again AbEb Younger now than we were before

Bridge: Bbm We're pulling Fm apart and coming Eb together again Bbm and again Fm We're growing apart Eb but we pull it together pull it together BbmFmEb-together again

Chorus 1: Ab Don't let me go Cm Don't let me go Fm C# Don't let me go (Repeat)

Guitar Solo: G#--Cm--Fm--C#--

(Repeat Chorus 1)

Verse 2: Ab Picture you're the EbFm queen of everything C# As far as the eye an see

Chorus 2: Ab Don't let me go C Don't let me go Fm C# Don't let me go (Repeat)

Outro: G#--Cm--Fm--C#--

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